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汉译英翻译训练:一句话翻译,十秒钟快速反应(6) -- :5:51 来源: “I have lived like an animal in the street, but I am going to die like an angel, loved and cared .” And it was so wonderful to see the greatness of that man who could speak like that, who could die like that without blaming anybody, without cursing anybody, without comparing anything. 像天使一样――这便是我们的人民的伟大之所在本期:Like an angel-this is the greatness of our people.本段节选自印度特蕾莎修女《Beautiful Smile and LoveAlong the way, we encountered locals who are used to the treacherous roads and landscapes that surround them. The Pangwal, descendants of the original settlers, have small agricultural farms along the route. And at higher altitudes, the Bhot people ndash; who speak Tibetan languages and mostly make a livelihood herding animals ndash; weather the harsh conditions by preserving meat, storing barley and brewing a type of hard liquor known locally as patru or rakh. Winter, when the whole valley is engulfed in snow, is the most difficult time the locals. Reaching Chamba takes two days by road, and during medical emergencies, the government arranges helicopter service the people.Taylor Swift演唱会开幕 Taylor Swift专访


小说台词汉译英赏析:《色戒英译片段赏析 -- :01:5 来源: 《色戒英译本出自Julia Lovell 女士之手Lovell 女士是剑桥大学中国历史和文学教授,已出版多部中国题材的著作和译作比如最新的《长城:中国面对世界(The Great Wall: China Against the World, 00 -AD 00)以及韩少功的《马桥词典英译本等张爱玲小说的翻译,似乎只有女性能胜任不说文思细密,就是那装和打扮的描写,比如王佳芝在麻将桌上的装扮,令我等望而却步:“云鬓蓬松往上扫,后发齐肩,光着手臂,电蓝水渍纹缎齐膝旗袍,小圆角衣领只半寸高,像洋一样领口一只别针,与碎钻镶蓝宝石的‘纽扣’耳环成套”Lovell 女士却信笔译来,举重若轻:《色戒小说英译片段赏析“She had her hair pinned nonchalantly back from her face, then allowed to hang down to her shoulders. Her sleeveless cheongsam of electric blue moiré satin reached to the knees, its shallow, rounded collar standing only half an inch tall, in the western style. A brooch fixed to the collar matched her diamond-studded sapphire button earrings.”我另外摘录小说中关键场景译文如下,作为汉译英范例,与英语(论坛)同行们共同学习:(在珠宝店,王佳芝心神不宁,在钻戒的璀璨里,为情而伤)“这个人是真爱我的,她突然想,心下轰然一声,若有所失”He really loves me, she thought. Inside she felt a raw tremor of shock—then a vague sense of loss.(易先生脱险后,余悸未消,心系红颜,悔愧交加)“她临终一定恨他不过‘无毒不丈夫’不是这样的男子汉,她也不会爱他”She must have hated him at the end. But real men have to be ruthless. She wouldn't have loved him if he'd been the sentimental type.“得一知己,死而无憾他觉得她的影子会永远依傍他,安慰他虽然她恨他,她最后对他的感情强烈到是什么感情都不相干了,只是有感情他们是原始的猎人与猎物的关系,虎与伥的关系,最终极的占有她这才生是他的人,死是他的鬼”But now that he had enjoyed the love of a beautiful woman, he could die happily-without regret. He could feel her shadow ever near him, comting him. Even though she had hated him at the end, she had at least felt something. And now he possessed her utterly, primitively-as a hunter does his quarry, a tiger his kill. Alive, her body belonged to him; dead, she was his ghost.

经典译文备考辅导:中国日报词汇中英对照 -- 1::6 来源: 经典译文备考辅导:中国日报词汇中英对照,Munro said the lighthearted dictionary is put together using a methodical process that starts with students collecting slang from friends followed by a detailed analysis to make sure submissions are spelled and defined correctly. 孟罗说这本轻松词典的编制过程有一套系统,首先由学生们从他们的朋友那儿收集俚语,然后再对这些俚语进行详细的分析,确保拼写和定义都正确methodical: 有条理的submission: 提交(物),在文中指收集过来的词Munro said the lighthearted dictionary is put together using a methodical process that starts with students collecting slang from friends followed by a detailed analysis to make sure submissions are spelled and defined correctly. 孟罗说这本轻松词典的编制过程有一套系统,首先由学生们从他们的朋友那儿收集俚语,然后再对这些俚语进行详细的分析,确保拼写和定义都正确lexicon: 词典etymology: 词源学,语源The 0-page English-slanglish lexicon includes terms, definitions, parts of speech, sample sentences and notes on the etymology and origin of new slang, Munro said. 孟罗说,这本0页的英语俚语词典包括词条、定义、选段、例句、有关词源的注释和新俚语的来源miss out: 失败Other terms or phrases include "fomo," or fear of missing out, "schwa" wow; and "obama," meaning cool, as in "You so obama." 其他的词条或短语还有“fomo”,意思是“害怕失败”;“schwa”,等同于“wow”;还有“obama”(奥巴马),意思是“酷”,比如“You so obama”意思是“你真酷”platonic: (两性之间关系)纯精神友谊的"Bromance" means a close platonic friendship. And "bellig" means drunk and belligerent."Eargasm" means, well, just what it sounds like.If all this is new, just say "I.D.K." to indicate "I didn’t know."“Bromance”指的是亲密的柏拉图式的友情“bellig”意思是“喝醉的”、“好战的”a flood of: 一大批,大量的The government hopes the soccer tournament, the world’s most popular sporting event, will attract a flood of tourists. 世界杯是全球最受欢迎的体育赛事南非政府希望世界杯会吸引大批游客前来ration: 配给量,给养,口粮Russia will no longer include free cigarettes in its food rations servicemen but will compensate by providing them with candy, a top general said Thursday. 俄罗斯一位高级将领周四称,今后俄军士兵的食品配给中将不再有免费香烟,但是会发放糖果作为补偿kit: (士兵的)个人装备albeit: 尽管,虽然However, after being issued a complete unim kit at the start of service officers will afterwards have to purchase new unim components themselves, albeit from special military stores open only to officers and their families. 但是,在役之初发到一整套制之后,军官们仍须自己购买新的制配件,不过他们可以到专门向军官和军属开放的特别军品店购买phase in: 逐步引入Defence chiefs now planned to phase in the new unims over the next two to three years, Bulgakov said. 国防部的长官们现在计划在接下来的两到三年内逐步引入新制,布尔加科夫说vandalise: to destroy or deface by vandalism(恶意破坏)Fans of the Harry Potter franchise are suspected of vandalising a series of traffic stop signs in the small suburb of Wauwatosa, Milwaukee. 日前,美国密尔沃基市沃瓦托萨小镇郊区的很多停车标识被涂鸦,而据人们怀疑,哈利?波特魔法的粉丝们是罪魁祸首Voldemort:伏地魔,《哈里·波特系列小说中的人物,也是主人公哈里·波特的对头Police have discovered that several signs have had the word ’Voldemort’ added in permanent black marker so that they now ’Stop Voldemort’ in reference to the fantasy film’s main villain. 警方发现,有人用不掉色的墨水笔在一些标识上写上了“伏地魔”字样,标识显示出来的是“站住,伏地魔”“伏地魔”是这部魔幻系列电影中的大魔头devise: 设计;发明;策划;想出Yes, according to US scientists who have devised a way to measure the happiness of millions of bloggers -- and found Michael Jackson’s death was one of the saddest days while the U.S. election was the happiest in four years. 是肯定的,因为美国的科学家已经发明出测量数百万友快乐指数的方法,并发现迈克尔?杰克逊去世那天是友们最伤心的日子之一,而美国大选之日则是他们四年来最开心的一天point system: 计分方式Each sentence is then given a happiness score from 1 to 9 depending on a point system allocated to 1,0 words. 每个句子根据配有个词的计分系统得出快乐分数,从1到9不等real time: (事件发生的)同时,即时,实时"The proliferation of personal online writing such as blogs gives us the opporty to measure emotional levels in real time," they said in their report titled "Measuring the Happiness of Large-Scale Written Expression: Songs, Blogs, and Presidents." “像客这种个人网上写作空间的迅速发展让我们有机会即时测量情感的程度,”他们在题为《测量大范围使用书面表达的快乐指数:歌、客和总统报告中说look over one’s shoulder: 看过去"They think they are communicating with friends but (since blogs are public), we’re just looking over their shoulders," said Danth. 丹佛斯说:“他们以为自己是在和朋友交流,但是(因为客是公开的),我们却在他们背后观看着一切”disproportionate: 不成比例的,不均衡的Their method showed young teenagers are unhappiest with a disproportionate use of "sick," "hate," "stupid," "sad," "depressed," "bored," "lonely," "mad," and "fat." Then people get happier until they are old, when happiness drops off. 他们的调查方法显示出来的结果是青少年是最不快乐的,他们或多或少地使用“恶心”、“恨”、“愚蠢”、“悲伤”、“压抑”、“无聊”、“孤独”、“生气”和“肥胖”这些字眼而随着年纪增长,人们会变得快乐一些,直到他们进入老年,那时快乐指数又会下降quip:gibe, sally, jape(讽刺,嘲弄)"Mew Labour is dead," quipped the Independent daily, referring to the fact that Sybil was the first new cat in Downing Street since Tony Blair took power in 1997, after famously rebranding his party as New Labour. 英国《独立报讽刺道:“工党的猫死了”,暗指西比尔是1997年托尼?布莱尔走马上任以后新来唐宁街的第一猫布莱尔上任之前,将其所属的工党重新命名为“新工党”,这在当时引发轰动inauspicious:boding ill; ill-omened; unfavorable.(不吉利的)presage: to ecast; predict(预兆,预示)

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