原标题: 绵阳市看不孕不育那专业华龙乐园
栏目简介:Meanwhile, two Chinese track-and-field athletes competed playfully with local high school students, part of efforts by local sports and education authorities to promote athletics on campus.201703/496718We have a fun show tonight.我们今天的节目很好玩。In the blue room, you know him from Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses and Were the Millers.今天的嘉宾现在就在我们的后台。他的成名作有《周六夜现场》,《可恶的老板》,《冒牌家庭》。The brilliant, the hilarious Jason Sudeikis is here, tonight!他就是才华横溢,幽默风趣的杰森·苏戴奇斯!Hi! Hi, Jason. Are you OK?嗨!嗨,杰森。你好吗?Oh, yeah. Im just hosting a talk show.挺好的。我在主持脱口秀。Right. I figured the late night landscape needs another white man talking to people.哦……我觉得我们节目需要再找一个白人来主持。I got Michael OBrien here, Julia in London. And there is my bandleader Wenny Jones over there.于是我邀请了迈克尔·奥布莱恩,来自伦敦的朱莉,还有我的乐队指挥温妮·琼斯在那边。Right. OK. That is also what were doing. Is anyone film your talk show?好的,我们也是这么干的。有人在帮你们录节目吗?Well, yeah, you guys are.有啊,你们就是。Also if the talk show happens in the woods and no one is filming it, does it still happen?如果一场脱口秀是在一片不为人知的森林里,也没有人拍下来?那么这场脱口秀存在吗?I would argue yes.如果问我的话,我会说存在We have been just following NCIS: New Orleans. We know exactly how that feels. Hang on. 我们都在追《海军罪案调查处:新奥尔良》,我们知道那是什么感觉。等一下。Youre Jewish, yeah? Thats great.你是犹太人,是吧?好的James Irks forgot to tell you youre our musical guest later.詹姆斯,忘了告诉你,你是我们今晚的音乐嘉宾。I am? Yeah, so learn to play an instrument or something.我吗?对,所以你得学点儿乐器或者是别的东西。OK. Im going to work on that. Ill get back to you. Jason Sudeikis, everybody.我会去学的。待会儿再聊。各位,今天的嘉宾是杰森·苏戴奇斯。201706/512304原味人文风情:Am I in the right spot?我在这里对吗?There we go.好了。Its kind of awkward.有点尴尬。We gave eight different households 100 dollars to spend on groceries.我们给八个不同家庭一百块美金来购买食品杂货。I would say Im really striving to be middle class, but I dont know if I am quite yet.我会说我非常努力要跻身中产阶级,但我还不知道我到底是不是。I live on campus with three other girls.我和其他三个女生住在学校里。We met online and it was love at first email.我们在网络上认识,那是一「件」钟情。I am married, and I have two kids.我已婚,然后有两个孩子。What would you buy with 100 dollars?你会用一百块美金买什么?What does a hundred dollars mean to you一百块美金对你来说是什么?A hundred dollars means food for a week.一百块美金代表一个礼拜的食物。A hundred bucks means, like, a couple days worth of money, or one frivolous night of indulgence.一百块美金代表,象是,几天的花费,或是一个不必负责的放纵夜晚。There are, like, families back in India for whom thats like the monthly incomes.印度有一些家庭,那数目对他们来说就象是整个月的收入。Before I had kids, I didnt grocery shop.在生小孩前,我不采购食品杂货的。Having kids now is crazy at times. No, Vincent. Stay still.现在有了小孩有时候实在很疯狂。不行,Vincent。不要乱动。Money means...getting by.钱代表着...勉强能糊口。Are you guys unemployed?你们失业吗?Yeah.对。Uh, yeah, unemployed.呃,对,没工作。Starving artists sort of thing, I think, yeah.养不起自己的艺术家之类的,我想,没错。My parents are extremely tight with money, yes.我爸妈的经济非常吃紧,对。Do you feel like youre the same?你觉得自己也一样吗?No.不。Yes, I collect Social Security—not near enough, by the way. I get 1,100 dollars a month—puts me pretty close to, if not under, the poverty level.是的,我领社会福利金--顺带一提,远远不够。我每个月有一千一百块美金--就算没有在贫穷线下,也让我离贫穷线颇近了。I would say I drink probably...at least six days a week.我会说我大概喝...每个礼拜至少会喝六天。Uh, I think weve been out to eat twice in the last year—Mexican food and pizza.呃,我想我们去年去外面吃过两次饭--墨西哥菜和披萨。Usually every day I have pizza rolls, pizza-related stuff.通常我每天都吃披萨卷,和披萨有关的东西。Why?为什么?Because its pizza.因为那是披萨啊。Im always thinking budget. I mean, Im thinking practical. If Im feeling tight on money, it definitely causes stress.我一直都在考量预算。我的意思是,我想得很实际。如果我觉得手头紧,那绝对会造成压力。I dont think Im good with money at all.我觉得我对金钱一点都不在行。Does somebody have a wine key? Are you serious?有人有开瓶器吗?你是认真的吗?The Simple Dollar—your personal finance platform.The Simple Dollar--你的个人理财平台。201703/498527

In 1965,17-year-old high school student, Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours.1965年,17岁的高中生兰迪·加德纳264小时没有睡觉。Thats 11 days to see how hed cope without sleep.累计11天,来看看他是怎么应对不睡觉的。On the second day, his eyes stopped focusing.第二天,他的目光停止对焦。Next, he lost the ability to identify objects by touch.接下来,他失去了通过触摸来识别物体的能力。By day three, Gardner was moody and uncoordinated.到第三天,加德纳喜怒无常,变得不协调。At the end of the experiment, he was struggling to concentrate,在实验结束时,他奋力集中,had trouble with short-term memory, became paranoid, and started hallucinating.但短期记忆了出现问题,变得偏执,并且开始出现幻觉。Although Gardner recovered without long-term psychological or physical damage,虽然加德纳恢复了,并没有长期的心理或物理伤害,for others, losing shuteye can result in hormonal imbalance, illness, and, in extreme cases, death.但对有些人来说,失去睡眠可能会导致荷尔蒙失调、疾病,并且在极端情况下死亡。Were only beginning to understand why we sleep to begin with, but we do know its essential.我们才刚刚开始理解为什么我们要睡觉,但我们知道这是必不可少的。Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night, and adolescents need about ten.成年人需要一个晚上七八个小时的睡眠,青少年需要大约十个小时。We grow sleepy due to signals from our body telling our brain we are tired, and signals from the environment telling us its dark outside.我们犯困是由于我们的身体信号告诉我们的大脑我们累了,环境就是告诉我们天黑了的信号。The rise in sleep-inducing chemicals, like adenosine and melatonin,催眠化学品的兴起,像腺苷和褪黑激素,send us into a light doze that grows deeper, making our breathing and heart rate slow down and our muscles relax.把我们从打盹变成深眠,使我们的呼吸和心脏速率减慢,让我们的肌肉放松。This non-REM sleep is when DNA is repaired and our bodies replenish themselves for the day ahead.此非REM睡眠时是DNA提前一天修复我们的身体、补充自己的时候。In the ed States, its estimated that 30% of adults and 66% of adolescents are regularly sleep-deprived.在美国,据估计,30%的成人,66%的青少年经常睡眠不足。This isnt just a minor inconvenience. Staying awake can cause serious bodily harm.这不仅是一个小小的麻烦。保持清醒会导致严重的人身伤害。When we lose sleep, learning, memory, mood, and reaction time are affected.当我们失眠时,学习、记忆、心情和反应时间都受到影响。Sleeplessness may also cause inflammation, hallucinations, high blood pressure, and its even been linked to diabetes and obesity.失眠也可引起炎症、幻觉、高血压,它甚至被认为与糖尿病和肥胖症有关。In 2014, a devoted soccer fan died after staying awake for 48 hours to watch the World Cup.2014年,一个忠实的足球迷在48小时不睡觉观看世界杯后死亡。While his untimely death was due to a stroke,虽然他的英年早逝是由于中风,studies show that chronically sleeping fewer than six hours a night研究表明,长期每晚睡眠少于六小时的人increases stroke risk by four and half times compared to those getting a consistent seven to eight hours of shuteye.中风风险是那些每晚睡七至八小时的4.5倍。For a handful of people on the planet who carry a rare inherited genetic mutation, sleeplessness is a daily reality.对在这个星球上携带着一种罕见基因突变的人类来说,失眠是一种日常现实。This condition, known as Fatal Familial Insomnia, places the body in a nightmarish state of wakefulness,这种情况被称为致死性家族失眠症,身体在清醒的一个噩梦般的状态,forbidding it from entering the sanctuary of sleep.禁止它进入睡眠的避难所。Within months or years, this progressively worsening condition leads to dementia and death.在几个月或几年,这种逐步恶化的状况导致痴呆和死亡。How can sleep deprivation cause such immense suffering?睡眠剥夺为何引起如此巨大的痛苦?Scientists think the answer lies with the accumulation of waste products in the brain.科学家认为,在于大脑中废物的积累。During our waking hours, our cells are busy using up our days energy sources,在我们醒着的时候,我们的细胞都在忙着用我们一天的能源,which get broken down into various byproducts, including adenosine.其中细分为各种副产品,包括腺苷。As adenosine builds up, it increases the urge to sleep, also known as sleep pressure.随着腺苷的积聚,它增加了冲动睡觉,也被称为睡眠压力。In fact, caffeine works by blocking adenosines receptor pathways.事实上,咖啡因通过阻断腺苷的受体途径来起作用。Other waste products also build up in the brain, and if theyre not cleared away,其他废物也在脑中积聚,如果他们不清理掉they collectively overload the brain and are thought to lead to the many negative symptoms of sleep deprivation.就会共同使大脑超载,这被认为是导致睡眠剥夺的诸多不良症状的原因。So, whats happening in our brain when we sleep to prevent this?那么,当我们睡觉时,我们的大脑是怎样阻止这种情况的呢?Scientists found something called the lymphatic system,科学家们发现了淋巴系统,a clean-up mechanism that removes this buildup and is much more active when were asleep.一种能消除这种堆积,并且当我们睡着时更加活跃的机制。It works by using cerebrospinal fluid to flush away toxic byproducts that accumulate between cells.它的工作原理是利用脑脊液冲走在细胞之间的有毒物质。Lymphatic vessels, which serve as pathways for immune cells, have recently been discovered in the brain,淋巴管,为免疫细胞提供路径的血管,最近被发现存在于大脑中,and they may also play a role in clearing out the brains daily waste products.他们也可能在清除大脑日常代谢物中扮演了重要的角色。While scientists continue exploring the restorative mechanisms behind sleep,虽然科学家还在继续探索关于睡眠的恢复机制,we can be sure that slipping into slumber is a necessity if we want to maintain our health and our sanity.我们可以肯定的是,如果我们要保持我们的健康和理智,打瞌睡是必需的。201706/515431Im on a desert island off the coast of Panama.我身处巴拿马海域的一座荒芜的小岛上The rains came last night,and the banana-leaf water trap has worked.昨晚下雨了 蕉叶蓄水器发挥了作用At least Ive got a decent supply now of freshwater.至少我弄到了令人满意的淡水补给You lose several liters of fluid a day through breath, sweat, and pee.每天 你的身体都会随着 呼吸 汗液 尿液而流失数升水Ill need more water before I set out to sea.在起航之前 我需要更多的淡水These sort of rock gullies, theyre often good places to try and free-dive for conch, oyster.这种类型的岩石沟渠 通常是尝试自由下潜 以捕获海贝 牡蛎的好地方Theres quite a lot of swell here,but they like that, they like that movement of the water over there.这下面暗涌很急 不过贝类就喜欢在这样的水流中生存Okay, lets try a bit of this.好吧 让我们来试试The oysters are deep and well hidden.牡蛎深藏在海底You can train your body to stay down longer你可以水上水下交替呆一分钟by spending a minute under the water followed by a minute on the surface.通过这种方式训练自己 以便在水中待得更久That way you flush out all the carbon dioxide which is your bodys trigger to breathe.这可以使你充分呼出体内的二氧化碳 以最大程度的呼吸Grabbing a rock,is a good way to counteract your bodys natural buoyancy.手中握一块岩石 可以帮你抵消身体在水中的浮力Hard to see without a mask.Get my breath back.I got an oyster.没潜水镜看不清楚 让我喘喘气 我弄到了一只牡蛎Its not the traditional,traditional dozen oysters,but its better than nothing.Come on. Lets get it to shore.这不是常见的 常见的那种成打出售的牡蛎 不过总比什么没有强 快点把它弄到岸上201607/452352TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/468002

栏目简介:Over the next week more than 1,000 science-related activities will be held in town, most of which are open free to the public. Its all part of the annual Shanghai Science Week that begins this Saturday.201702/491698First step: remove the dying heart第一步就是要移除坏死的心脏And hook up Washkansky to a life support machine.然后将人工呼吸机连接到华什肯斯基身上It will do the work of the heart.Pump on.它将代替心脏维持人的生命 开启Id never seen a chest like this before.我从来没见过这样的胸腔A human without a heart,kept alive by a machine.没有心脏 还能依靠机器维持生命Something so sacred as the human heart, the organ of our poets,心脏是神圣不可侵犯的 是我们人体的发动机the internal metronome of our bodies.也是人体内在的节拍器The thought that it could be removed and replaced,它可以移除替换 而病人却还可以and the patients still live, unimaginable.维持生命 这是难以想象的Three hours into the operation,手术进行到第三个小时with the patients blood mechanically pumped through his body,病人的血液从体内 不断流失Barnard must attach the donor heart before it dies.巴纳德必须将捐献的活体心脏在坏死之前植入Barnard jump-starts the new heart.巴纳德迅速开始植入新的心脏Clear the table.Go ahead and shock it. Shock!清理一下手术台 快去电击 电击The heart beats.But its still powered by a machine.心脏跳动了但仍然靠机器维持It has to beat on its own Or Washkansky will die.它必须要自己跳动否则 华什肯斯基就会死亡201606/447367

People often ask me what I think the limitations are for transformative technology.经常有人问我 技术变革的局限在哪里And I would say that I don’t think anything replaces sitting down one-on-one with someone that you love or care about.我会说 我认为任何一件事情都无法取代跟自己爱和关心的人面对面坐下来There’s nothing that replaces that. But we don’t live in an only one thing world.这是无可替代的 我们又不是活在单一的世界I really believe in having a suite of tools that we use.我深信我们有一系列可用的手段And so when you can’t be one-on-one with your loved one and you are forced to be at distance then to have things that support you in that.所以如果你不能和你爱的人见面你们被迫相隔两地 那技术能帮你解决这种问题And in terms of other limitations I think a lot of the limitations are really our imagination至于其他的局限性 我认为很多都是我们想象出来的because it’s out of our imaginations that we develop products.因为好多产品的创造都源于我们的想象力It isn’t really a coincidence that the first flip phones look like the communicators on Star Trek.第一部翻盖手机很像《星际迷航》里的通讯器真的不是一件巧合Like that’s not a coincidence.就像这不是巧合一样It was sort of set and then we worked to make it so.它更像是先设定成这样然后我们才制造出来的And so I think with transformative technology or any technology really it’s being of the mindset所以我觉得变革性的技术 或者其他任何的技术的实质在于这样一种心态that there won’t be one way and there shouldn’t be one input.不只有一种方法 也不应该只有一种输入So we should always prioritize real live interactions with other people.所以我们永远应该把现实生活中 与他人的互动放在首要位置We should prioritize having healthy spaces and cities where people can connect and collide.我们应该优先考虑健康的环境和城市 能让人们口头交流又思想碰撞We should have spaces where people of different backgrounds and socioeconomic levels come together so we don’t have stratified experiences.我们真的需要让拥有不同背景和社会经济水平的人有一个共处交流的空间 这样他们就不会有层次化的经历Because part of growing up and becoming an adult is being exposed to a lot of different things.因为在人们长大成人的过程中一部分是要经历很多不同的事情So we should have those too.所以我们也应该拥有这些经历And then we should also have technology that helps us work on the things that we’re working on.然后我们必须也要有技术帮助我们解决我们正在处理的事情There’s one device that I particularly love.我有个特别钟爱的设备I’m really interested in behavior change.我对行为变化很感兴趣I’m really interested in behavior change because it’s really quite hard and there’s been a couple of studies that have come out on human willpower.我对它感兴趣是因为行为改变很难 并且已经发表过很多关于人类意志力的研究And our willpower actually isn’t that strong.我们的意志力实际上没有那么强大And so there’s two products that work on behavior change that I’ve been tracking.所以我正在探索两个作用于行为变化的装置One uses affirmation and the other one uses cessation as a tool.一种是用肯定 一种是用终止的方法So the cessation one is called Pavlok and it shocks you when you do something that you don’t want to do.利用停止的那个叫Pavlok 当你做一些你不想做的事情时它会震你一下So it’s a slight electrical shock but it shocks you nonetheless.这是很轻的电击 但它还是电了你And you can sort of amp it up if you want to.如果你愿意你可以把电流加大一点Right now there are some things that it can tell that you’re doing so you can put in a list of websites.目前它可以识别你的一些行为 所以你可以输入一系列网址So if you have a Facebook addiction and you want to get off所以如果你沉迷于脸书 你想摆脱这种习惯that every time you go to Facebook the wearable which you wear on your wrist can shock you.这样每次你打开脸书的时候 你手腕上的可穿戴设备就能震你一下Or they’ve really been helping people with porn addictions它们确实帮助了色情成瘾者because there’s basically like ten words that matter and you can put all of those in the app因为大概有10个重要的关键词 你可以把这些关键词输入应用and every time you go to a website with those words in it then you get shocked.这样每次你在网址上输入这些词汇的时候 你就会被电到And they’re actually really helping people because if that’s a problem for you it’s a real problem.他们真的对人们有很大的帮助 因为如果一件事对你来说是个问题的话 那它就真是个问题And so people need to have things that help them change the behaviors that they want to.所以人们需要能够帮他们改变自己行为的东西The flip side of that is another device called Moti which I just love it.相反地 另一个装置叫Moti 我喜欢这个It’s this little ball that sits on your desk and it’s got a little face on it.这是个放在你桌上的小球 上面有个小脸And every time you do something that you want to do you touch it and it sort of – it blinks and vibrates and it coos.每次你要做你想做的事时 按它一下 它就会眨眼 颤动和咕咕叫And it sounds like a really silly thing.听起来很蠢You’re like why would you do that.你会想自己为什么要做这个But it turns out that our inner mind, our monkey mind, the lizard brain loves that. We just love it.但事实是 我们的内心 我们的大脑 本能地喜欢做这件事 我们就是单纯地喜欢做这个And so every time you do something that you want to do, every time you go to bed early所以每次当你做你想要做的事情的时候 比如你每次早睡or you dont or you get up and go and exercise you touch it and it can track your you tell it what you’re tracking晚睡或者每次你起床锻炼的时候 按它一下 它就可以记录你想要让它记录的东西and so you can accumulate rewards for your positive change.这样你就可以积累对正面改变的奖励But you get this sort of physical sound reinforcement that oh, that was good.但你可以得到这种声音强化 噢 这很棒And in both cases they’re finding that they’re helping people change behaviors that people thought they couldn’t change.两种情况下研究者都发现 它们有助于改变那些人们以为无法改变的行为And so that’s a really great example of yes, there are limitations to technologies of any kind这是个很好的例子 没错 任何类型的技术都有局限but there’s also so many great ways it can help people with private and personal goals that they have.但是也有很多很好的方法帮助人们去完成他们的个人目标201706/515519TED演讲视频:简单的洗手创造强大的力量让我们想象一下,一架飞机将要坠毁,上面有250个孩童和婴儿,如果你知道该怎么去阻止这件事发生,你会去做吗?201705/509085栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201605/431378

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