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四川成都市第五人民医院是正规医院吗成都市妇幼保健院几楼英语会话800句 8 /200608/9058雅安市中心医院人流收费标准 Hi, everybody. Ive delivered a few hundred of these weekly addresses over the years. And you may have noticed a theme that pops up pretty often: The Republicans who run this Congress arent doing their jobs. And guess what? Congress recently returned from a seven-week vacation. And theyve only got two weeks left until their next one. But theres a lot of business they need to get done first. First, even as were seeing more and more Zika cases inside the ed States, theyve refused to fund our efforts to protect women and children by fighting Zika in a serious way. Second, they still need to provide resources to help the people of Louisiana recover from last months terrible floods, and to help communities like Flint recover from their own challenges. Third, they have made Merrick Garland, a Supreme Court nominee with more federal judicial experience than any other in history, wait longer than any other in history for the simple courtesy of a hearing, let alone a vote. All because they want their nominee for President to fill that seat. And there are plenty of other bipartisan priorities they should finish this year as well. Passing criminal justice reform. Attacking the opioids epidemic. Funding Joe Bidens cancer moonshot. Finishing a Trans-Pacific trade agreement that will support American jobs and boost American wages. And passing a budget that will make sure all of Americas priorities are funded without resorting to shutdown threats and last-minute gimmicks. And none of these even includes some other big priorities that should get done. Its been almost a decade, for example, since Congress voted to raise the minimum wage. None of this thing should be controversial. All of it is within our reach. This is America – we can do anything. We just need a Congress that works as hard as you do. At the very least, we should expect that they should do their jobs, and protect us from disease, help us recover from disaster, keep the Supreme Court above politics, and help our businesses grow and hire. So, if any of these priorities matter to you, let your Congressperson know. And if they still refuse to do their jobs – well, you know what to do in November. Our government only works as well as the people we elect. And thats entirely up to you. Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.201609/467565四川省人民医院是正规医院嘛

成都包茎手术多钱【中文这样说】我昨天早上碰见了玛丽亚。她看起来很健康。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I ran into Maria yesterday morning. She looked healthily.American Style I ran into Maria yesterday morning. She looked healthy.此句为系表结构,Look在此为系动词,意思是看起来,后面应加形容词做表语. /200604/6463成都市治疗睾丸炎多少钱 In the space that used to house one transistor, we can now fit one billion.在以前,可以放置一个晶体管的空间,现在可以放10亿个。That made it so that a computer the size of an entire room now fits in your pocket.这导致曾经占据了一整个房间的电脑,现在可以放在你的口袋里。You might say the future is small.也许你会说,未来东西都会越来越小。As an engineer, Im inspired by this miniaturization revolution in computers.作为一个工程师,我受到了电脑微型化的启发。As a physician, I wonder whether we could use it to reduce the number of lives lost作为一名医生,我想知道我们可否用这个技术挽救更多的生命,due to one of the fastest-growing diseases on Earth: cancer.他们都死于地球上蔓延最快的疾病之一,癌症。Now when I say that,如今当我这样说的时候,what most people hear me say is that were working on curing cancer.许多人认为我说的是我们在研究治愈癌症。And we are.我们的确是。But it turns out that theres an incredible opportunity to save lives但是结果是,通过及早发现和预防癌症through the early detection and prevention of cancer.就会有极大的机会拯救生命。Worldwide, over two-thirds of deaths due to cancer are fully preventable在全球,用我们今天已有的技术,超过三分之二因癌症导致的死亡using methods that we aly have in hand today.都是完全可以避免的。Things like vaccination, timely screening and of course, stopping smoking.包括疫苗接种,定期筛查,当然还有停止抽烟。But even with the best tools and technologies that we have today,但是就算使用如今我们拥有的最先进的工具和手段,some tumors cant be detected until 10 years after theyve started growing,一些肿瘤仍然无法被探测到,直到它们已经生长了十年才被发现,when they are 50 million cancer cells strong.这时已经积累了5000万的癌细胞了。What if we had better technologies to detect some of these more deadly cancers sooner,要是我们有更好的技术,在癌细胞刚刚产生时,在还可以被铲除时就能更快when they could be removed, when they were just getting started?监测到一些更为致命的癌症,会怎么样呢?Let me tell you about how miniaturization might get us there.让我来告诉你们微型技术,如何可能让我们如愿。This is a microscope in a typical lab这是一个普通实验室中的显微镜,that a pathologist would use for looking at a tissue specimen, like a biopsy or a pap smear.病理学家用它观察组织标本,就像活体切片或巴氏涂片。This ,000 microscope这个7000美元的显微镜would be used by somebody with years of specialized training to spot cancer cells.可以被受过几年专业训练的人用来检测癌细胞。This is an image from a colleague of mine at Rice University, Rebecca Richards-Kortum.这张图片来自于我莱斯大学的同事,丽贝卡·理查兹科图姆。What she and her team have done is miniaturize that whole microscope into this part,她和她的团队实现了微缩这整个显微镜到这个价值10美金的部件中,and it fits on the end of an optical fiber.可以把它安装在光纤的一端。Now what that means is instead of taking a sample from a patient and sending it to the microscope,这意味着无需在患者身上取得一个样本,并送到显微镜下检查,you can bring the microscope to the patient.你可以直接就把显微镜带入病人体内。And then, instead of requiring a specialist to look at the images,并且,不用要求一个专业领域的人来观察这个图像,you can train the computer to score normal versus cancerous cells.你直接可以训练电脑去比对正常和癌变的细胞。Now this is important, because what they found working in rural communities,这一点很重要,因为他们发现在农村地区工作,is that even when they have a mobile screening van就算他们有移动的检查车,that can go out into the community and perform exams and collect samples可以走进农村进行检查并且收集样本,and send them to the central hospital for analysis,传输样本到中心医院进行分析,that days later, women get a call with an abnormal test result and theyre asked to come in.几天之后,女性们接到一个异常测试结果的电话,并被要求来医院。Fully half of them dont turn up because they cant afford the trip.有一半的人不会出现,因为她们无法付路费。With the integrated microscope and computer analysis,有了集成显微镜和计算机分析技术,Rebecca and her colleagues have been able to create a van丽贝卡和她的同事研发了同时具有that has both a diagnostic setup and a treatment setup.诊断装置和治疗装置的医疗车。And what that means is that they can do a diagnosis and perform therapy on the spot,这意味着他们可以集诊断和实施治疗于一车,so no one is lost to follow up.每个病人都不会错过跟踪治疗。Thats just one example of how miniaturization can save lives.这只是一个关于微型化如何拯救生命的例子。201607/455286成都一院前列腺炎多少钱

成都哪家医院比较好Telephones 电话[电话的开始和结束用语在对待不同的对象时都会有所改变,但大致都差不多。听别人打电话打得多了,自己打得多了,也就掌握了。其中的一些细节词汇和表达都能随口而来。以下的电话对话有朋友间的,有母女间和家人之间的。大家可以听到怎么问好以及如何请求朋友帮助的表达。]NO.1选自电影:Scent of a Woman《女人香》 查理在学校出了事,他的雇主却把他带到外地度假。忐忑不安的他忍不住给同学拨了个电话,询问学校里的事情。总机把电话转给了他要找的人。单词通缉令1. be about to 正准备,即将2. shoot sb. over to_ 送某人去某地3. hold on (电话用语)别挂线,等等4. puddle-jumper 小型直升飞机5. keep one’s fingers crossed 为某人祝福,祝好运6. make no sense 失去理智7. fundraiser n. 捐款人8. hook n. 钩子 Operator: Sugar Ridge Lodge.Charlie Simms: Hi, George Willis, please.Operator: One moment, please.Harry Havemeyer: Hello?Charlie: Harry?Harry: Chaz, how are you? You just caught us we 1)were about to 2)shoot George over to the airport. Charlie: Why is George going to the airport?Harry: Um, 3)hold on. Maybe you should talk to the man himself.George Willis: Chaz.Charlie: Yeah, hi, George.George: You just caught me.Charlie: Yes, that’s what Harry said. Where are you going?George: Home.Charlie: To Boston?George: Catching the 4)puddle-jumper. 5)Keep your fingers crossed. Charlie: What are you going home for?George: I was thinking, Chaz, this asshole Trask is 6)making no sense at all. Somebody’s got to talk to him. He was in my father’s class 59.Charlie: Your father? I thought we were going to keep our parents out of this.George: This guy Trask is out of control,Chaz. Out of control. Somebody’s got to talk to him. My father’s a major 7)fundraiser, you know.Charlie: No, I didn’t.George: All right. Just relax. He’ll get us off the 8)hook. Oh, I gotta go? Everything all right?Charlie: Sure.George: All right. See you Monday. Bye.Charlie: Bye.总机:糖脊宿舍。查理#8226;希姆斯:你好,麻烦找乔治#8226;威里斯听电话。总机:请稍等。哈利#8226;哈弗梅耶:喂?查理:哈利吗?哈利:查理,你怎么样?正巧你找到我们,我们正准备送乔治去机场。查理:乔治干嘛去机场?哈利:稍等,也许你该和他自己说。乔治#8226;威里斯:查理。查理:是,你好,乔治。乔治:你刚好赶上。查理:是啊,哈利也这么说。你要去哪?乔治:回家。查理:回波士顿?乔治:赶去坐小型飞机。祝你好运。查理:你回家干什么?乔治:查理,我觉得查斯克这混蛋简直就是胡来。得有人和他谈谈。他和我爸是59级同班同学。查理:你爸?我以为我们不会把父母牵扯进这件事来。乔治:查斯克这家伙失去理智了,查理。失去理智,得有人找他谈谈。你知道我爸是学校的主要捐款人。查理:我不知道。乔治:放心,他会让我们脱离困境。哦,我得走了。一切好吗?查理:好。乔治:那好,星期一见。再见。查理:再见。句子模仿秀九十年代成长的孩子不喜欢恪守传统,喜欢任何有新意的东西,在语言上也是如此。此句就是明。说话者摒弃了传统的see sb. off 改用更有意味的shoot sb. over to…。所以说英语是不断变化的语言。需要时时刻刻注意,用心铭记。学习指导跟读背诵,最佳背诵时间为3秒钟。句子模仿秀此句描述形体姿势,近似双手合十。这是宗教遗留下的习俗,意为祝某人平安无恙。用途广泛的经典句子。学习指导背诵复读,最佳背诵时间为2秒钟。句子模仿秀此句为俗语,从字面看是有人被钩子挂住了,帮他解脱,实际意为把某人从困境中解救出来,形象生动。学习指导复读背诵,最佳背诵时间为2秒钟。 /200603/5389 One of the most common ways of dividing the world一个把人类分成两大部分很普遍的方法is into those who believe and those who dont--into the religious and the atheists.便是分为相信神的存在的一部分,以及不相信宗教信仰的另一部分--宗教教徒和无神论者And for the last decade or so,在最近的十年中its been quite clear what being an atheist means.对无神论者的定义已经是十分清楚的了There have been some very vocal atheists whove pointed out,有些直话直说的无神论者,他们说not just that religion is wrong, but that its ridiculous.宗教不仅仅是种欺骗,它还非常荒谬These people, many of whom have lived in North Oxford, have argued--说这些话的人很多都住在牛津北部,他们坚持 --theyve argued that believing in God is akin to believing in fairies他们觉得相信上帝就像相信童话故事and essentially that the whole thing is a childish game.所以相信宗教根本就是一件很幼稚的事情Now I think its too easy.我觉得那些定义太简单了I think its too easy to dismiss the whole of religion that way.我觉得以那样的说法去排斥宗教,实在是太肤浅了And its as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.那样的说法不具备说力And what Id like to inaugurate today is a new way of being an atheist --我想提出一种以无神论者来对待宗教的方式if you like, a new version of atheism we could call Atheism 2.0.我把那种方式叫做无神论2.0Now what is Atheism 2.0?那什么是无神论2.0呢Well it starts from a very basic premise: of course, theres no God.它有个最基本的前提,就是相信上帝是不存在的Of course, there are no deities or supernatural spirits or angels, etc.当然也没有神仙或者超自然的力量或者天使等等Now lets move on; thats not the end of the story, thats the very, very beginning.这只是最基本的一个开始,现在我们来更深层次地讨论一下201608/459222成都电子科技大学附属医院电话号码锦江区人民医院泌尿外科



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