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成都市第一医院检查多少钱Randal: Hurry up. Rob will be here any minute.兰德尔:赶紧罗伯随时会来Marjorie: I cant remember the combination to this lock.马乔里:我想不起锁的密码了Randal: I thought you knew it by heart.兰德尔:我还以为你早已熟记于心Marjorie: It on the tip of my tongue, but I cant seem to remember the last two digits. It 73 or 63 or 38...马乔里:它就在我嘴边了,可就是想不起来最后两位数字好像是73,又好像是63,也有可能是38...Randal: You said you had it down cold!兰德尔:你说过你把它背得滚瓜烂熟了!Marjorie: I do know it, but it just slipped my mind. Ill figure it out. I used a mnemonic to remember those last two digits. I just need to jog my memory. The last digits have to do with my birthday, or is it Rob birthday...马乔里:我真的记得,但一不留神忘了我会想起来的我曾用助记符来帮助记忆后两位数字只要唤起我的记忆就行了最后两位数跟我的生日有联系,或者是罗伯的生日...Randal: I only let you in on this little joke were going to play on Rob because you said you knew the combination to the lock on his bike. I should have known you were lying through your teeth.兰德尔: 因为你说知道罗伯的自行车锁的密码,我才让你搭把手,捉弄一下罗伯早就应该知道你是睁着眼说瞎话Marjorie: I wasnt lying. I really do know it. If youll just stop talking so I can concentrate...马乔里:我没有骗你我真的知道,如果你停止讲话,我就能专心地去回想...Randal: Too late. Here comes Rob. Run your life, if you know what good you!兰德尔:太晚了,罗伯来了,你要是知趣的话,就快逃命吧原文译文属! 165合江县人民医院在线Gilles:Hey, what are you looking at?吉尔:嘿,你看什么呢?Nora:Oh, these? Theyre pictures from my trip back home last month.诺拉:哦,这个?这些是我上个月回家时候所拍的照片Gilles:Let have a look. So, who this?吉尔:让我们看看这是谁?Nora:That my sister and that my cousin Keira.诺拉:那是我的,那是我的表哥凯拉Gilles:Your sister looks nothing like you.吉尔:你看起来一点也不像你Youre fair and she has dark hair and dark eyes.你很普通,但她有黑色的头发和黑色的眼睛Now, you look much more like your cousin.现在,你看起来更像你的表弟Nora:Yeah, that true.诺拉:是的,真的是这样Keira and I both have heart-shaped faces, thin lips, fat cheeks, and bushy eyebrows . Gorgeous!凯拉和我都有心形的脸蛋儿,薄薄的嘴唇,胖胖的脸颊,还有浓密的眉毛漂亮极了!Gilles:You dont give yourself enough credit.吉尔:别太往自己脸上贴金了Why do you think every one of your guy friends is interested in you?指望你的每个男性朋友都对你着迷就是你的不对了哦Hey, who the little girl?嘿,这个小女孩是谁?Nora:Oh, that my cousin Adriano daughter. She seven.诺拉:哦,那是我表哥阿德里亚诺的女儿她才7岁She very pretty as you can see and has the most beautiful wavy hair.她很漂亮,你可以看到那头美丽的卷发That her baby brother who was just born in April.那是在四月出生她的弟弟Gilles:Oh, man, he so cute. That pudgy face, curly hair, and big eyes! He adorable.吉尔:噢,天啊,他太可爱了胖嘟嘟的小脸,卷发,大眼睛!超可爱Nora:Yeah, I think he looks just like me.诺拉:是啊,我觉得他看起来就像我一样Gilles:Hmmm…I think Id better stop complimenting you.吉尔:嗯…我想自己最好别再称赞你It going straight to your head.你的大脑简单的只能装下赞誉 85To the ancient Egyptians death marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another.在古埃及人的眼里,死亡标志着一段旅程的结束,另一段旅程的开始After death all ancient Egyptians believed that they must leave behind the green fertile farmlands of Egypt and the waters of the river Nile to travel to the afterlife.死后,古埃及人认为自己应该葬在有着肥沃的土地,有尼罗河水的地方只有这样,自己的亡灵才得以转世永生They hoped that afterlife would be a perfect place that resemble the beautiful landscape of Egypt they have left behind.他们希望转世后的地方像自己的埋葬之地那样,有着埃及的美景It was called ;the Field of Reeds.;这样的地方就叫做“芦苇之地”But to reach the afterlife they had to make a dangerous and frightening journey.但是想要转世,他们必须经历一段危险可怕的旅程Their spirit had to cross the netherworld, which was the land of dead, ruled by the god of Osiris.他们的亡灵必须要去冥国走一趟冥国是一个只有死亡的国度,由欧西里斯王掌管着Hail to you Osiris Turn your face to the west. That you may illumine the two lands with fine gold.向欧西里斯王致敬:把你的脸转向西边,去点亮两片纯金之田Those who were asleep stand up to look at you. to you belong eternity and everlasting.那些沉睡的人们啊,快站起来看看他……看看这个永生之人The ancient Egyptians believed that it was very important to prepare this journey.古埃及人认为旅程的前期准备很重要How would they ward off hostile spirits and poisonous snakes?他们该如何避开那些不怀好意的灵魂和毒蛇呢?How would they avoid burning fire and scalding water?他们该如何躲开熊熊烈火和滚滚热水呢?And why did the monstrous devourer always look so hungry?为什么吞噬巨怪看起来总是如此地饥饿?When wealthy ancient Egyptians died, their bodies were mummified.当古埃及的富人们死去后,他们的遗体会做成木乃伊The mummy was placed in a tomb with special objects to protect it and to help the dead face the parrels of the netherworld.放置木乃伊的坟墓中有很多神奇的东西它们是用来保护木乃伊的,帮助亡灵渡过冥国中的种种磨难One of the objects was a roll of magic spells and pictures. This is now known as the Book of the Dead.其中一样东西是一幅写满咒语布满图画的书卷这就是传说中的《亡灵书The mummy stayed in the tomb, but its ba spirit in the shape of a bird could fly away m the tomb to explore the netherworld and try to find a way through.尽管木乃伊是躺在坟墓里,但是他的灵魂会变成一只鸟儿,飞出坟墓,飞向冥国,寻找通过冥国的路In order to do this, the spirit of the dead person would have to pass through gates that were guarded by the gods and avoid being caught in their nets.在飞去冥国之前,亡灵需要通过由上帝看管的大门,要小心翼翼避免被上帝之网逮着They would have to battle with snakes and crocodiles and protect themselves against bloody-thirsty monsters.亡灵还要和毒蛇、鳄鱼交战,保护自己免遭到嗜血怪兽的袭击The dead person used magic and spells from the book of the Dead to help them overcome these obstacles.在《亡灵书中的魔法和咒语的帮助下,亡灵们战胜了这些困难Oh, you with the spine would work your mouth against this magic of mine.噢,有了《亡灵书,念念咒语就可以打败我的魔法No crocodile which lives by magic shall take it away.魔法创造的鳄鱼也无法战胜你At the end of each day, the ba spirit returned to the mummy in the tomb.每天傍晚十分,巴灵魂会回到坟墓里的木乃伊中The final and the most important stage in the journey of the dead was the trial in the hall of judgement.亡灵的最后一段也是最重要的一段旅程是诸神的审判The dead person heart was weighted against the feather of truth.亡灵的良心将要和真实羽毛的重量进行对比If their heart proved too heavy, they would be condemned and eaten by the monstrous Devourer.如果良心比羽毛重太多,亡灵将要受到谴责,被吞噬怪吃掉If their heart balanced on the scales, the dead person will be allowed to enter and to remain ever in a perfect world, travelling across the sky with the son god Ra or tending their crops in a perfect landscape that resembled the green fertile banks of that beloved river Nile.如果良心和羽毛一样重,亡灵就可以去到完美之境,并永远待在那里在那个完美之境中,和上帝之子太阳神一同飞过苍窘在如尼罗河河岸一般的苍绿肥沃的土地上,照料庄稼Are you prepare to make the same journey?你准备好同样的旅程了吗?Can you discover how to use the spells of the Book of the Dead to help you on your way?你知道如何运用《亡灵书中的咒语去帮助旅途中的自己吗?It time now to go to the exhibition and meet the god Osiris and the monstrous Devourer.来来来,是时候去看看展览,会会欧西里斯王和吞噬怪了 356359成都华西医院的微信号多少

四川省成都妇女医院新地址成都第七人民医院医生咨询All of us ought to be able to brace ourselves the predictable challenges and setbacks that crop up everyday. If we expect that life won’t be perfect, we’ll be able to avoid that impulse to quit. But even ifyou are strong enough to persist the obstacle course of life and work, sometimes you will encounter an adverse event that will completely knock you on your back.Whether it’s a financial loss, the loss of respect of your peers or loved ones, or some other traumatic event in your life these major setbacks leave you doubting yourself and wondering if things can ever change the better again.Adversity happens to all of us, and it happens all the time. Some m of major adversity is either going to be there or it’s lying in wait just around the corner. To ignore adversity is to succumb to the ultimate self-delusion.But you must recognize that history is full of examples of men and women who achieved greatness despite facing hurdles so steep that easily could have crashed their spirit and left them lying in the dust. Moses was a stutterer, yet he was called on to be the voice of God. Abraham Lincoln overcomes a difficult childhood, depression, the death of two sons, and constant ridicule during the Civil War to become arguably our greatest president ever. Helen Keller made an impact on the world despite being deaf, dumb, and blind from an early age. Franklin Roosevelt had polio.There are endless examples. These were people who not only looked adversity in the face but learned valuable lessons about overcoming difficult circumstances and were able to move ahead. 366啃嚼语段:Then she looked behind her and saw a carriage coming up the same hill that she had just climbed, with a man leading the horse. 她往身后看了看,发现一辆马车正朝着她爬过的同一座山驶上来,车上有一个人在赶着马 Soon he caught up with her. 很快他就赶上了她 ;Why did you slip away in secret like that?; asked d’Urberville breathlessly.;Ive been driving like mad to catch up with you. “为什么你要这样偷偷地溜走?”德伯上气不接下气地问道,“为了追上你,我像疯了似地赶车 Just look at my horse!You know nobody would have prevented you from going.看看我的马吧!你知道没有人会阻止你走的 Im going to drive you the rest of the way, if you wont come back with me.如果你不愿和我回去的话,剩下的路让我送你走”;I wont come back,;she said quietly.“我不愿回去”她轻轻地说;I thought so!Well,let me help you up.Give me your basket.;“我知道你会这么说的!那好,让我帮你上车吧,把篮子递给我”She stepped up into the carriage and sat beside him.她登上马车,坐在他身旁She had no fear of him now.The reason this was also the reason her sorrow.现在她已经不怕他了 不怕的原因也正是她痛苦的原因They drove along,d;Urberville making conversation and Tess thinking her own thoughts.车子往前驶着,德伯说着话,苔丝想着自己的心事When they approached the village of Marlott a tear rolled down her cheek.当他们临近马勒特村时,一滴泪珠从她的面颊上滚落下来语段精讲:第一、词汇学习breathless双语释义:breathing quickly or with difficulty[adj.] 呼吸急促或困难的;气喘吁吁的典型范例:I am breathless after running up the stairs.我跑上楼梯后气喘吁吁的Heavy smoking makes him breathless.吸烟过多使他气喘第二、短语学习1. slip away:逃走范例:I saw the boy slip away through the door. 我看见那个男孩溜出门去She contrived to slip away unobserved in the dusk of the afternoon.她计划乘黄昏时候人不知鬼不觉地溜走. reason :......的原因范例:The low salary is her principal reason leaving the job. 工资太低是她辞去那工作的最重要的原因Nobody knows the reason his disappearance. 谁也不知道他为什么不见了 He could have no honest reason complaint. 没正当的理由来发牢骚He pleaded illness as the reason his absence. 他以生病作为缺席的理由 3. have a fear of :害怕范例:If all your dealings have been above board, you need have no fear of their being investigated. 如果你的买卖都光明正大,就不必害怕调查 Mike have a fear of failing because he have little time to study. 因很少时间学习,迈克担心考试会不及格 . in secret:暗地里,偷偷地,悄悄地范例:Her heart melted away in secret raptures.她暗自高兴得心花怒放They blew the coals in secret, prompting me to revenge. 他们暗地里火上浇油,激励我报复 I tried to devour my repentance and disgust in secret. 我竭力暗自吞咽我的后悔和憎恨 They made their plans in secret. 他们秘密制订计策 5. like mad:拼命地,疯狂地范例:He does nothing every day while I work like mad.他每天无所事事,而我则拼命地工作着They got drunk and danced like mad in the garden.他们都喝醉了,疯狂地在花园里跳舞Was Bill late work this morning? I saw him running like mad the bus.比尔今天早上上班迟到了吗 ? 我看见他在发疯似地追赶汽车6. catch up with:赶上范例:Well do our best to catch up with the advanced world levels.我们将努力赶上世界先进水平You walk on and Ill catch up with you later.你往前走吧,我一会儿就赶上你了None of the competitors could catch up with the untiring runner who was in the lead.没有一个参赛者能追上那个不知疲倦的领跑者7. step up:走上去范例:The teacher called John to step up the platm.老师叫约翰走上讲台Ask Mary to step up the office is on the second floor.请刘同志上来,办公室在三楼8. drive along:一直往前开范例:The roads are too crowded to drive along. 道路太拥挤而无法驱车直行 Ive been planning to drive along the road by the Thames some day. 我一直在计划哪一天要沿着泰晤士河畔那条大路开车观光 9. make conversation:闲聊范例:Youll find it difficult to make conversation with her.你将会发现与她聊天很困难When in the company of strangers, you try to make pleasant conversation.当在公司面对陌生人时, 你会尽力促使交谈愉快. prevent somebody from doing something:阻止某人做某事范例:Nobody can prevent us getting married.谁也阻止不了我们结婚第三、写作语汇look behind her:向后看sit beside sb:坐在某人身边a tear rolled down her cheek:泪珠沿着脸颊滚落下来drive you the rest of the way:送你剩余的程到你要回到的地方think one’s own thoughts:想某人的心事lead the horse:牵马第四、语法点拨1. Then she looked behind her and saw a carriage coming up the same hill that she had just climbed, with a man leading the horse.要点1:see+名词+现在分词这个结构表示“看见......正在做......”文中说到的是saw the carriage coming up the same hill意思是“看见马车正朝着同一座上驶上来”要点:that she had just climbed是由指代物且在定语从句中做宾语的关系代词引导的定语从句,修饰先行词hill要点:with a man leading the horse是由介词with引导的独立主格结构,表示伴随状况状语. They drove along, d;Urberville making conversation and Tess thinking her own thoughts.要点:换线部分是独立主格结构,做伴随状况状语 07成都第八医院检查多少钱It is a fact that excessive herding of animals and exploitation of grasslands are responsible the majority of dust storms. This means that dust storms are largely a result of human actions; in other words, they are controllable.事实上,沙尘暴形成的主要原因是过度放牧及滥垦草原,这表明沙尘暴大多是人的活动所导致,也就是说,它们是可加以控制的 71四川第五医院网上挂号

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