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肥城新城镇医院口碑怎样济南子宫内膜炎治疗需要多少钱A British pensioner has stunned doctors after he recorded what could be the world’s slowest ever heart beat - slower than the world’s top athletes and even that of an elephant.一位英国老人的心跳速率让医生们为之震惊,因为他大概打破了世界最慢心跳的记录——比世界顶尖的运动员,甚至大象还慢。Super-fit Daniel Green, 81, could not believe it when medics said his heart rate had dropped to just 26 beats per minute - lower than Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mo Farah at rest, 35bpm and 33bpm respectively.今年81岁却身体硬朗的丹尼尔·格林得知自己的心跳每分钟只有26下时也难以置信。因为这个速率比自行车运动员布拉德利·威金斯的每分钟35下,和英国田径运动员莫·法拉的每分钟33下还慢得多。Mr Green was having a check-up when doctors said his resting rate was 36bpm but dropped to 26 - lower than the world record.当时格林正在进行身体检查,医生告知他,其心跳从原来的1分钟36下降至26下,比世界纪录还低。The official Guinness World Record holder is Martin Brady, 45, of Guernsey, who recorded a heartbeat of 27bpm.目前吉尼斯世界纪录的保持者是一个名叫 马丁·布莱迪的男子,现年45岁,他的心跳速率是每分钟27下。Doctors only realised Mr Green’s incredible heart rate after they hooked him up to an ECG machine for 24 hours.医生们让格林在心电图机器前扫描了24小时后,才意识到他不可思议的心跳速率。The average adult male heart beats at 72bpm - ranging from around 60bpm to 100bpm depending on activity levels.一般成年人的心跳速率为每分钟72下,根据人体的活动状态,每分钟60下到100下均属于正常范围。Mr Green puts his remarkable health down to daily exercise, and has not been to hospital since 1976, when he had a hernia operation.格林认为自己的心跳速率低要归功于每天的锻炼。1976年接受疝气手术后,格林就再也没去过医院。He said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when the doctors told me. I suppose your heart rate isn’t something anyone ever really notices.他表示:“医生告诉我这个消息的时候我也非常震惊。我以为人们一般不太关注心跳速率。”‘I was put forward for the 24-hour scan after my GP was alarmed by a 15-second ECG he gave me. But there’s nothing to worry about - I’m still in fine fettle.“我的医生在帮我做了15秒心电图后发现一些问题,便要求我做了24小时的心电图扫描,所幸结果表示一切正常。”‘I go for hour-long walks every morning and do some light exercise with weights and a cross-trainer at least three times a week.“我每天早上都会散步一小时,做些减重运动,每周至少还会有三次使用全能锻炼机。”‘They tell me an elephant has a heart rate of just 28 beats per minute, so I suppose I’m as healthy as an elephant.’“医生还告诉我,大象的平均心跳速率是每分钟28下,所以我比大象还健壮啊。” /201405/301110济南附件囊肿微创手术多少钱 济南阳光医院做流产多少钱

山东济南阳光女子医院电话预约The host of an online radio show has been arrested for violating a restraining order requiring him to stay away from his former partner - after he #39;liked#39; her social network status.一位在线广播秀主持人在前任的社交网络状态上点了个“赞”,违反了法院发布的禁止其接近她的限制令,他被捕了。Thaddeus Matthews, from Memphis, Tennessee, was showing his approval of a posted on SocialCam by Towonna Murphy, who he claims is his former lover.撒迪厄斯·马修斯来自美国田纳西州孟菲斯市,他自称是多瓦娜·墨菲的前男友。他仅仅是对墨菲在社交网络SocialCam上发布的一段视频点了个“赞” 表示了欣赏。But after Miss Murphy showed police screenshots of the online interaction, the 56-year-old was arrested and charged with violating a court order.墨菲将马修斯在网络上点“赞”的页面截图后呈交给了警方。56岁的马修斯因而被指控违反限制令并被逮捕。Matthews criticised police for their action.He claimed that Miss Murphy had used social media to criticise him after he took her off his show.马修斯职责警方逮捕他是不正当行径。他声称自从自己将墨菲赶出自己的节目后,墨菲就开始利用社交网络攻击他了。He said that they had gone to court over the disagreement and a temporary restraining order was issued until March 19 after a judge found that Miss Murphy had created a social media page which claimed he was attacking her.他说两人曾因争端赴法院接受调解过。后来一名法官发现了一个墨菲创建的社交网络界面,该网络页面上声称马修斯曾对墨菲进行人身攻击。法官因而签署了一项时限到3月19日为止的限制令。Records of the arrest show that Matthews was booked on Tuesday afternoon after turning himself in at a police station, then released the same day.警方的逮捕记录实,马修斯违反限制令一案是在周二立案的,马修斯被带入警察局后当天就被释放了。 /201401/274058泰安市中心医院开展无痛人流吗 PARIS — In France, the country of Sartre and Molière, literary knowledge is considered a sign of savoir faire, and all the more so, perhaps, if you are the person presiding over the country’s culture budget.巴黎——在诞生了萨特(Sartre)和莫里哀(Molière)的法国,文学知识被认为是明智的标志,如果你是负责该国文化预算的那个人,或许更是如此。So an admission by the French culture minister, Fleur Pellerin, that she has not a book in two years has provoked horror among some members of the cultural elite here.因此,法国文化部长弗勒尔·佩尔兰(Fleur Pellerin)承认过去两年从未读过一本书的事,让这里的部分文化精英感到震惊。The awkward confession, in an interview over the weekend on the television channel Canal Plus, spawned a storm of criticism on social media and beyond, and even some demands for the resignation of a seemingly uncultured culture minister who had previously been lauded for her intellect and style.佩尔兰是周末在接受Canal Plus电视频道的采访(本文最初发表于2014年10月29日)时,尴尬地讲出此事的。这番爆料在社交媒体及以外的地方遭到口诛笔伐,部分人甚至要求这位看似没文化的文化部长辞职。而此前,这位文化部长曾凭借其才智和风度赢得赞誉。When asked to name her favorite book by Patrick Modiano, the French author who recently won the Nobel Prize in Literature, Ms. Pellerin laughed uncomfortably, unable to name any work by the celebrated writer.当让其说出最喜欢的法国作家帕特里克·莫迪亚诺(Patrick Modiano)的一本书时,佩尔兰不自在地笑了。她说不出这名前不久刚获得诺贝尔文学奖的著名作家的任何一部作品。Only weeks before, Ms. Pellerin had applauded Mr. Modiano for conveying France’s literary influence and vitality “in the eyes of the world.” And earlier in the interview, she had gushed that she had shared a wonderful lunch with Mr. Modiano, found him nice and laughed a lot.而就在几周前,佩尔兰还盛赞莫迪亚诺“向全世界”传递了法国的文学影响力和活力。而且在让其说出最喜欢的莫迪亚诺著作之前,她还在采访中大谈曾和莫迪亚诺共进午餐,觉得莫迪亚诺人很好,曾与他多次开怀大笑。Mr. Modiano, the 15th French writer to win the Nobel for literature, has published 30 works, including moody and concise fictional works set in Paris during World War II.莫迪亚诺是第15位获得诺贝尔文学奖的法国作家,他出版了30本书,其中包括背景设置在二战时期巴黎的一些沉郁而简练的小说。Making matters worse, to some cultural observers, Ms. Pellerin said she had no problem admitting that she had not had much time to a book for pleasure in two years.对于一些文化观察人士来说,更糟的是,佩尔兰在过去两年没有出于乐趣读过任何一本书,却不觉得承认这一点有什么问题。“I a lot of notes, a lot of legal texts, the news, A.F.P. stories, but I very little,” she said.她说,“我阅读了很多笔记,很多法律文本、新闻,以及法新社(AFP)的报道,但我很少读书。”The exchange was seen as an embarrassment among some members of the cultural cognoscenti, who have been basking in France’s cultural supremacy, with a flurry of new museum openings and the Nobel Prize, at a time when the economy and government are struggling.一些文化专家认为,这是一次令人尴尬的对话。目前,这里的文化专家们正沐浴着法国文化优势的光芒,在法国经济及政府苦苦挣扎的同时,新物馆却纷纷开门,法国作家也获得了诺贝尔文学奖。At the French site of The Huffington Post, Claude Askolovitch, a writer, said Ms. Pellerin’s oversight was no less than “barbaric” and called for her to resign, arguing that what he described as her crude indifference to France’s Nobel laureate made her unfit for the job.作家克劳德·阿斯克洛维奇(Claude Askolovitch)在《赫芬顿邮报》(The Huffington Post)法文版网站上发表文章称,佩尔兰的疏忽说“野蛮”也不过分,并要求她辞职,他辩称,佩尔兰不加掩饰地漠视法国的诺贝尔奖得主,因此不适合做文化部长这份工作。“Barbarism is here,” he said. “If one can be culture minister without ing, then we are mere technocrats and budgeters.” He chided her for prioritizing the ing of ministerial memos over the uplift provided by great literary works.“这是一种野蛮行为,”他说。“如果一个不读书的人能成为文化部长,那我们就只是些技术统治论者和预算编制者了。”他指责佩尔兰优先选择阅读部长级备忘录,而不是通过伟大文学作品提升素养。Others, however, were more forgiving and commended Ms. Pellerin for showing a candor all too rare among politicians.然而其他人的态度却更宽容,还称赞佩尔兰表现出了政治人物身上少有的坦诚。Defenders noted that until recently, Ms. Pellerin had been a junior minister in charge of promoting small and medium-size businesses, innovation and the digital economy, and that such savvy trumped literary knowledge at a time when the economy was sputtering and culture budgets were stretched thin.替佩尔兰辩护的人指出,她作为一个年轻的部长,过去一直负责扶持中小企业、创新和数字经济,当前经济乏力而且文化预算捉襟见肘,对经济的熟稔,当然比文学知识更重要。“One can salute her frankness, understanding that the life of a minister leaves little time for the calm required for ing, and even salute the spontaneity of Fleur Pellerin,” said an article in Le Point titled “Fleur Pellerin hasn’t Modiano! So what?”《观点》(Le Point)杂志上一篇题为“弗勒尔·佩尔兰没读过莫迪亚诺又怎样?”的文章写道,“我们应该向她的诚实致敬,要明白部长的生活留不出多少空闲时间,没有阅读所需的那种沉静。我们甚至应该称赞弗勒尔·佩尔兰的率性。”Even before, Ms. Pellerin, 41, had become an object of some fascination among the French. Born in South Korea, she was adopted by a French family when she was 6 months old. She graduated at the top of her class at the #201;cole Nationale d’Administration, the training ground for future French presidents and prime ministers. Colleagues say that before working 14-hour days as a minister, Ms. Pellerin was a prolific er of fiction and nonfiction, and that she is equally at ease admiring a Picasso painting as she is listening to a hip-hop track.现年41岁的佩尔兰,在此之前就曾让法国人惊叹过。她生于韩国,6岁时被一个法国家庭收养。她以班里第一名的成绩毕业于法国国家行政学院(#201;cole Nationale d’Administration),而那里是未来法国总统和总理的训练场。同事们表示,在成为部长每天工作14小时之前,佩尔兰热衷于阅读小说和非小说类书籍,而且她既能安然欣赏毕加索的油画,也喜欢听嘻哈音乐。On Twitter, the interview provoked equal expressions of humor, righteous indignation and bemusement at all the fuss. “Fleur Pellerin incapable of citing a book by Modiano, do you mean that she hadn’t Wikipedia that day, like three-quarters of Twitter?” wrote Matteu Maestracci, a journalist for the radio broadcaster France Info.这次采访也在Twitter上也引发了各种不同的反应,包括幽默、义愤,还有对这番大惊小怪的哑然失笑。“弗勒尔·佩尔兰连一本莫迪亚诺的书都说不上来?是说她那天没有像四分之三的Twitter网友一样,看看维基百科吗?”法国新闻广播电台(France Info)记者马修·马埃斯特拉奇(Matteu Maestracci)写道。One Twitter user, Henri Rouquier, for his part, tried to insert a sense of proportion. “France has finally confronted its biggest problem at this time of national crisis: Fleur Pellerin has not Modiano,” he wrote.一位Twitter网友昂立·卢奇埃(Henri Rouquier)想提醒我们不要小题大做。他写道,“在经历全国性危机的时候,法国终于遇到了最大的问题:弗勒尔·佩尔兰没有读过莫迪亚诺。”Outside France, Ms. Pellerin might receive even more sympathy. Although revered at home, Mr. Modiano, until recently, was largely unknown abroad. One of his novels, “Rue des Boutiques Obscures,” released as “Missing Person” in English, won the prestigious Prix Goncourt in 1978, but has sold just 2,425 copies in the ed States.在法国之外,佩尔兰或许还会得到更多同情。尽管莫迪亚诺在国内备受推崇,但直到最近,他在国外基本上都默默无闻。他的一本小说《暗店街》(Rue des Boutiques Obscures)在1978年赢得了赫赫有名的龚古尔奖(Prix Goncourt),但该书的英译本《失踪的人》(Missing Person)在美国却只卖出了2425本。 /201411/340998济南哪做人流比较好

济阳县四维彩超费用 Hermione the humanitarian: Harry Potterstar Emma Watson says she#39;s experienced sexism since she was eight in speech asUN Women Goodwill Ambassador赫敏担任联合国亲善大使:电影《哈利·波特》主角艾玛·沃特森担任联合国妇女署亲善大使,发表演讲时表示自己8岁时就遭遇到性别歧视。With her elegant outfit and chic make-up,Emma Watson looks all set for another film premiere.身着优雅的装且妆容时尚,艾玛·沃特森像是为又一部电影的首映式作好了准备。But the 24-year-old Harry Potter star wasattending a very different type of photo call–as she continued her work as aUN Goodwill Ambassador.但这位24岁的《哈利·波特》女主角这次接受的宣传拍照与以往迥然不同——因为她继续担任联合国亲善大使的工作。She was at the launch of the HeForShecampaign in New Yorkon Saturday, where she delivered a speech calling for men to play a greaterrole in ending gender inequality.周六,她出现在纽约市HeForShe运动的启动仪式上,她在此发表了呼吁男性更多地参与到终止性别不平等问题方面的演讲。At the ed Nations headquarters, she revealed the sexism she has experiencedthroughout her life, saying it started at the age of eight when she was branded#39;bossy#39; for wanting to direct school plays.在联合国总部,她透露了自己成长以来遇到的性别歧视问题,她说自己8岁时因为想要指导学校的戏剧而被人说是 “好管事”的。She continued: #39;At 15 my girlfriendsstarted dropping out of their sports teams because they didn#39;t want to appear#39;muscly#39;...at 18 my male friends were unable to express their feelings.#39;她继续说道:“15岁的时候,我的女伴们开始纷纷退出运动队,因为他们并不想看起来有‘肌肉#39;感。。。18岁时,我的男性朋友们不能表露自己的感情。”The UN Women HeForShe campaign aims to get100,000 men and boys involved in the fight to achieve gender equality.联合国妇女署发起的HeForShe运动旨在让10万名男士和男孩加入到争取性别平等的活动中。#39;Our main goal is to increase theinvolvement of men and boys in the struggle to achieve gender equality,#39; saidhead of UN Women Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka.联合国妇女署负责人PhumzileMlambo Ngcuka说,“我们的主要目标是提高男士和男孩们的参与度,努力实现性别平等”。#39;It cannot be that women will do thisalone,#39; she said. #39;It remains an important women#39;s issue that requires thewhole of society, men and women, to be involved.#39;她说,“这不应当只靠女性的力量,这仍是女性面临的重要问题,全社会、男性和女性都要参与进来”。Mlambo Ngcuka, who announced the #39;HeForShe#39;campaign in March, called on the world#39;s fathers, sons, husbands and brothersto stand up and support equality for women in all areas of life.Mlambo Ngcuka于3月份宣布了“HeForShe”运动,她呼吁全世界的父亲、儿子、丈夫和兄弟们都应挺身持各行业的女性平等问题。She said projections indicate that ifthings don#39;t change it will take 95 years to achieve gender equality, and by2020 and some 140,000 girls will be forced into child marriage.她说,各种预测表明,如果事情没有发生变化,获得性别平等将需要95年的时间。截止2020年,约有140000名女孩被迫成为童婚的受害者。 /201410/338847济南106军区医院不孕医生济南那个医院看妇科好



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