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聊城妇幼保健院看病贵吗济南地区怀孕检测哪家医院最好的Iris:Im thinking of inviting Simone and Jerry over dinner.艾瑞丝:我想邀请西蒙和杰里过来吃晚餐Alex:This isnt another attempt at matchmaking, is it?亚历克斯:这不会是你的另一场相亲晚宴吧?Jerry is a confirmed bachelor and he not looking to marry or become involved in a relationship.杰里可是打算一辈子光棍到底而且他连结婚或谈情说爱的丁点念头都没有Iris:He not a confirmed bachelor.艾瑞丝:他才不想打一辈子光棍呢In this neighborhood with so many single women, he an eligible bachelor.这个有如此多单身女性的社区里他也算个钻石王老五Alex:You mean in this neighborhood full of old spinsters!亚历克斯:你意思是这个社区都是大龄剩女!Stop trying to set him up with one of them.可别给他撮合一个Iris:How do you know he doesnt want a relationship?艾瑞丝:你怎么知道他不希望谈恋爱?Maybe he just shy and needs a little prodding.也许他只是害羞,需要一点刺激Maybe he has a fear of commitment and we can all help him overcome it.也许他害怕承诺,我们可以帮助他克Alex:Maybe he just wants to be left alone by meddling neighbors and ladies on the prowl.亚历克斯:也许他因为管邻居们的闲事及寻觅女士们被剩下There are many benefits to remaining a bachelor.单身有很多好处Iris:You mean living a celibate and empty life?艾瑞丝:你的意思是孤家寡人过活还有空虚的人生?Alex:Youre making too many assumptions.亚历克斯:你做了太多假设You dont know the first thing about his life and whether he happy or not.你对他的生活一无所知并且不知道他是否乐在其中In many ways, a bachelor life is idyllic.在许多方面,单身汉的生活都是诗情画意的Iris:How can you say that?艾瑞丝:你凭什么这样说?Alex:Would any bachelor have to have this conversation with anyone, ever?亚历克斯:你见过哪个单身汉会和别人有这样的谈话吗? 70历下区妇女医院治疗不能怀孕 Faith轻松电台:Why I Love You 我之所以爱你Every time I think about you, I'm reminded of the reasons why I love you From the deep of my heart and soul.And I wonder what I'd do without you,Without your healing smile,Your words of faith,The caring and sensitive way you touch me,Lifting me just when I need it most. Without you,What would I have?What would I be?I can't imagine existing in a world Where someone doesn't love me the way you do.You're the only one Who’s ever understood me and accepted me who I am.And I think you're nothing short of amazing.Your love has always been and will always be Life’s greatest gift to me!You’re listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. I’m Faith. Love is the best and most beautiful thing in the world, though it cannot be seen or even touched-it must be felt with the heart. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds and warming your soul. 3Rueben:I never imagined walking our daughter to school could be so dangerous.鲁本:我从来没想过咱们的女儿走着去学校是这么危险Carla:What happened?卡拉:发生了什么事?Rueben:We were walking on the sidewalk approaching the intersection.鲁本:我们走在人行道上,来到一处十字路口The crossing guard was there to stop traffic so we could cross the street.交警在那里疏导交通,这样我们就可以过马路We were halfway through the designated crosswalk when a guy driving like a demon whips around the corner.就在我们通过时一个人开着车,像个恶魔一样突然冲出来Carla:And he didnt stop at the stop sign?卡拉:他没有遵守交通规则停下来吗?Rueben:No, he didnt even slow down.鲁本:没有,他甚至都没有减速Carla:Didnt he see the crossing guard or the other pedestrians?卡拉:他没注意到交警或其他行人吗?Rueben:There are several big trees there, so it a blind corner with limited visibility.鲁本:那个地方有几棵大树,造成了视觉盲区,使得视线非常有限Carla:Still, he should have stopped. Was anyone hurt?卡拉:不过,他还是应该停下有人受伤吗?Rueben:No, we were able to get out of his way, but he could have easily taken out five or six people!鲁本:不,我们躲开了,但他简简单单就能撞倒5,6人!Carla:That crazy. What we need are flashing crosswalk signs.卡拉:这太疯狂了我们需要的是人行横道的闪烁标志Maybe that would get drivers attention.也许那将会引起驾驶者的注意力Rueben:And maybe armor our daughter, too?鲁本:或许让我们的女儿全副武装再上街也不错是不是? 61聊城儿童医院联系电话

德州第一人民医院正规Voice : There have been several similar incidents in Japan in recent years. Police call these incidents ;group suicides.; Suicide is when a person kills him or herself. A group suicide involves people meeting the purpose of dying together.声音:近几年日本发生了多起类似案件警方把这些案件叫做“集体自杀”自杀是指一个人结束自己生命的行为集体自杀是指很多人以一起死亡为目的见面Voice 1: More and more groups of people are meeting on the Internet. Some of these people have lost hope. They want to die. They find other people on the Internet to talk with about their problems. Some even talk about how to die. People make promises together. They promise to kill themselves together. This is called a ;suicide pact,; or promise.声音1:在网上互相结识的人越来越多其中有些人失去了希望他们想死他们在互联网上寻找可以倾诉他们问题的人有些人甚至在网上讨论怎么去死还有些人会一起做出承诺他们承诺一起自杀这被称为“自杀协议”或“自杀承诺”Voice : Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, over thirty thousand [30,000] people have killed themselves each year since 1998. Japanese officials have created good programs to end the problem of suicide in their country. But suicides continue to happen both in Japan and around the world. It is a problem in every nation. And, it is a problem that you and I can help end, just by being a good friend.声音:日本是世界上自杀率最高的国家之一据世界卫生组织(简称WHO)统计,自1998年开始,日本每年有超过3万人自杀日本官员制定了旨在终结该国自杀问题的计划但是,自杀事件仍在日本和全世界不断上演这是所有国家都面临的问题这也是你我作为好朋友可以帮助终结的问题 译文属 97济南妇幼保健在那儿 济南市真爱女子做人流怎么样贴吧

济南妇儿妇科医院妇科专家大夫American Authors-Emily Post; American Cities-Branson, Missouri; either versus both; to do a special on (someonesomething) versus to do a segment on (someonesomething); to towel off Words:finishing schoolcharm school debutante ball boarding schooletiquette considerate common sense syndicated columnto get (someone) attentionoutlet store has-been either both to do a special on (someonesomething)to do a segment on (someonesomething) to towel off 3969 William, hi, good to see you!Thanks.威廉,你好,很高兴见到你!谢谢So, um, we got a picture I think, where is this?所以,嗯,我们有一个照片,我想,这是哪里?This is my home, this is where I live.这里是我的家,这就是我住的地方Where, what country?在什么地方,是什么国家?In the Malawian zone, in Kasonga, yeah, Malawi.在马拉维区,在Kasonga,是的,马拉维OK, now, you’re 19 now?好了,你现在19岁?Yeah, I am 19-year-old now.是的,我现在19岁5 years ago, you had an idea. What was that?五年前,你萌生了一个念头那是什么?I want to make a windmill.我想做一个风车Windmill?Yeah. And so, just what to power electricity lighting stuff?Yeah.风车?是啊电力照明的那个东西吗?是啊So what did you do, how do you realize that?,你做了什么,你如何意识到的?Er, after I dropped out from school,呃,我从学校退学后,I went to library and I a book that draw using image,我在图书馆读了一本图画书,and it gave me inmation about doing the mill. And I tried and I made it.它提供做风车的相关信息我尝试并且成功了So, so, you copied, you exactly copied the design in the book?,所以,你复制,你真的是复制书中的设计吗?Er, no, I adjust. 呃,不,我还做了相关调整What happened?那是什么?In fact, I designed it on the view of the mill, it was in the book, it had got up 3 plates, and mine have got four plates.事实上,我在外观上进行了设计,这本书中用了三个,而我则是用了四个The book had 3, yours have ? And you made that out of what?这本书有3个,而你的有个?你为什么这么做?Er, I made plates just because I want to increase power.只是因为我想增加力量OK, did you test it 3 and found that works better?好,你经过测试发现你的调整运作得更好?Yeah, I adjust.是的,我的调整更好And what did you make the windmill out of? What materials did you use?那你用什么做风车?你使用什么材料?I use a backbone frame and a pulley and plastic plates, wadding poles.我用了一个主干框架和一个滑轮、塑胶板、绵增极Do we have a picture of that in the next slide?在接下来的幻灯片中我们有一张它的照片?Yeah, so that’s the windmill.是的,这就是风车And so, and that windmill, what, it worked?所以,那个风车,什么,它工作吗?When the wind blows, it produces and generates.当风吹时,它就会制作并产生电力How much electricity? volts.多少电力? 伏And so, that lit a light the house? How many lights?,那能为房子提供电能吗?有多少灯? bulbs and radios. Well!Yeah.个灯泡和个收音机太棒了!And so, next slide.So who’s that?,下一张幻灯片那是什么?This is my fiancée. Work in the radio.这是我的未婚妻在电台工作So, what did they make of that, you were , at that time, what did they make of this?所以,他们怎么做的这个,你在岁的时候, 当时岁,他们怎么做的?They impressed?Yes.他们的印象?是的So what are you gonna do with this? What do you I mean, do you want to build another one?那你准备怎么办?我的意思是说,你想要建造另一个吗?Yeah, I want to build another one to pump water, irrigation crops.是的,我想要建造另一个抽水泵,灌溉农作物So, this sort of has to be bigger?,要更大吗?Yeah.How big?是啊有多大?I think it will produce more than volts.我认为它会产生超过伏电能So that would produce irrigation the entire village?这样会灌溉整个村子吗?wow, and so you are talking to people here attend to get people who might be able to help in some way to realize this dream.哇,所以你在跟这里的人们谈论,让人们有可能帮你在某种程度上要实现这个梦想Yeah, if you can help me and my fiancée.是的,如果你能帮助我和我的未婚妻的话And as you think of your life going ward, you’re 19 now,当你觉得你的生活前进,你现在19岁do you picture continuing with this dream of working in energy?你筹划继续为这个梦想的能量而努力?Yeah, I am still thinking to work on energy.是的,我还想为能量工作Wow, William, it’s a real honor to have you at the tight conference. Thank you so much coming. Thank you.哇,威廉,在你百忙之中能邀请到你真是非常荣幸感谢你的光临谢谢你注:听力文本来源于普特 86山东公立三甲医院是最好的泉州妇科医院济南千佛山医院是不是有主任



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