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Youve argued adamantly but lost. How do you back down without losing your credibility? This film, with advice from author Irma Kurtz, will show you how to admit you were wrong without losing face.你固执地跟别人争吵但是失败了。怎样在不失去公信力的情况下屈呢?在这段视频中,作家Irma Kurtz将会告诉你怎样不失体面地承认自己的错误。Step 1: Relax1.放松When you realise youre wrong, you might be tempted to try and bluster your way out of it or make excuses. Avoid this at all costs - this will only make you look more foolish.当你意识到自己错误的时候,你可能试图咄咄逼人地说大话,或者找借口。一定要不惜一切代价避免这一点,这会让你看上去更加愚蠢。Instead, relax. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and a dignified awareness of ones own imperfections can attract more long-term admiration than simply being right all the time.相反,放松下来。每个人都犯过错误,有尊严地承认自己的缺点比总是正确的能引起人们更持久的敬慕。Step 2: Tone of voice2.语调Even if you argued your point adamantly, a dignified retreat is simple.即使你非常顽固地坚持自己的观点,有尊严的退让也非常简单。Maintaining a calm, level tone of voice, simply apologise, confess your mistake, and back down.保持冷静平和的语调,简单地道歉,承认自己的错误,然后退让。Dont raise your voice or use sarcasm; this will seem unreasonably confrontational, and may make other people less likely to respect your opinion in the future.不要抬高声音,不要讽刺,这会让你看上去非常具有对抗性,导致以后人们不尊重你的观点。Step 3: Eye contact3.眼神交流Being wrong is nothing to be ashamed of, and you need to show the other person that it has not dented your confidence.犯错没有什么可耻的,你要让其他人看到,这并没有影响你的信心。Maintain eye contact throughout your admission. Looking down will make you seem submissive, while looking away will make you seem shifty.在承认错误的过程中保持眼神交流。眼睛向下看会让你看上去唯命是从,眼神往其他地方看会让你看上去躲躲闪闪。Step 4: Move on4.继续You might feel embarrassed for a while, but other people will forget the event faster than you might expect.可能有一会儿的时间你感觉到尴尬,但是其他人比你想像的更快忘记这件事。After making your retreat, move on and forget about it.承认自己的错误之后,继续生活,忘掉它。Learn from the experience, and next time someone else is wrong, be gracious enough to let them make their own dignified retreat.从这段经历中吸取教训,下次别人犯错的时候,宽容地让对方体面地下台。Done.结束。Thanks for watching How To Admit You Were Wrong And Not Lose Face感谢收看“怎样体面地承认自己的错误”视频节目。201210/204289

Three groups of dolphins live close to Lantau Island.有三群海豚生活在大屿山周围As the tide comes in, they move with it to feed on small fish or squid涨潮时 他们随着潮水利用回声which travel with the currents,在浑浊的水中定位随水而来的using echolocation to see their prey through the murky water.猎物——小鱼和乌贼They also use sound to communicate.他们还通过声音进行交流But they face a deafening problem.但如今却面临着震耳欲聋的噪音所带来的问题The Pearl Estuary has become one of the busiest shipping channels in China,珠江口已成为中国最繁忙的海运通道之一and the dolphins are constantly bombarded with sound.海豚也经常受到噪音的狂轰滥炸New research suggests that they may now pack more information新的研究指出他们的叫声中可能into shorter calls in a bid to be heard.包含了更多的信息并变得更短促Local conservationists have now set up a protected zone near Lantau Island.当地的环保主义者如今在珠江口附近建立起一个保护区So, for now, Chinas white dolphins are holding on.中华白海豚从此得以生存 /201210/202743

This Videojug film is designed to show that jogging is not something difficult. With properly planned schedules and gradually increasing the running time, it is possible to jog for long intervals.本期节目讲述慢跑并非难事。只要准备充分时间清晰,长时间的慢跑完全是可行的。Hi, my name is Richardo Macedo. I am from R-fitness in Kingston, London. We are going to show you how to do some exercise and present you with few guidelines.大家好,我是理查多·马塞多,是一名健身教练,来自伦敦。我将告诉大家的是如何做运动并给自己设定一个运动目标。So, lets get y. Jogging is not a mystery; its not a big secret. Oh my god!!! Am I doing the right thing? The main thing is getting started.预备。慢跑并没有什么窍门,而且关键在于你能开始去做。You can start like walking five minutes and jogging for two minutes. Walk five minutes and jog for two minutes. First day, if you can make different programs, lets say eight-week program, so you can aim to run half an hour by the end of the eight weeks.刚开始的时候可以走上5分钟之后跑步2分钟,按照5-2的比例进行慢跑和行进。第一天,我们要制定一个八周的计划,以跑步半小时为最终目标。Thats a good one. Each time you jog, reduce the recovery movement, reduce the walking a bit and increase the jogging. So, by day two, you can run for five minutes and just walk for three minutes.做得很好。每次慢跑之后,减少休息的时间,并增加慢跑的时间。长此以往,你可以跑上5分钟而只用休息三分钟。Run five, walk for three. So, increase each time. Lets say you can make a plan for three times a week.跑5歇3,逐次增加。可以每周做三次。Three times a week, you do five-minute run, walk for three, five minutes run and walk for another three. You do that for fifteen minutes. Could be hard in the beginning, but then your fitness level will increase and you going to be able to do longer.每周三次,每次跑步5分钟,走三分钟,并坚持这个5-3的比例,刚开始的时候连续三次转换可能有些吃力,但是你的身体承受度也在增加,所以你可以延长没次运动的时间。So, probably by the week number six or number seven, hopefully you are going to be able to do twenty minutes run. So, thats the target. Keep increasing gradually.所以开始的时候可以是6-7分钟的跑步时间然后慢慢增加到20分钟,关键在于坚持,并逐渐增加训练量。Reduce the recovery time and increase the running gradually, and I am sure you are going to be able to get there. Make sure you have the right shoes and the proper gear, keep yourself hydrated and maybe I will see you on the road sometime. Take care.减少休息的时间并逐渐增加跑步的比例,我敢保你能完成。要有一双合适的跑鞋和坚持下去的动力,要流汗,可能我们会在不经意的时候碰见,照顾你自己。Thanks for watching How To Start Jogging谢谢收看本期“慢跑健身”节目。 /201208/195727

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez DiesVenezuelas military says it will remain loyal to the constitution amid fears of unrest following the iconic leaders death.当地时间5日,委内瑞拉副总统马杜罗宣布,总统查韦斯逝世,结束了对委内瑞拉14年的执政。接班人马杜罗还是反对派执政委内瑞拉?政权更迭能否顺利?委内瑞拉这款拉美“快车”将驶向何方?Our commander, President Hugo Chavez has passed away after bravely battling his illness for nearly 2 years. He passes away with the love and blessings of the people and with the total loyalty of his fighting comrades. He has the love of all his family.Today in his homeland, we are suffering the immense pain of this historic tragedy. We, his companions, now inherit his challenges and his plans along with the supports of everybody in Venezuela.We’re live to Washington, our US correspondent Dominique Wacom who is there. Dominique, a huge moment for Venezuela.Yes, now Hugo Chavez was, a lot of people said, he ran a personality cult of the people, said he was a political movement. He’s very much like a church. And there are those who say now that church has lost its Messiah. He used a mixture of brute force, persuasion, passion and charisma to keep himself in power and the grip of power, of course he was elected to that power, but such was the adoration and devotion that many of the poor in Venezuela fell for him, that he was seen as almost sort of a religious figure. And his loss now leaves a huge void in Venezuela in politics. And look, people say he’s irreplaceable, he became synonymous with the country he led.Now what happens in terms of vocalities? The expectation is there will be elections called quickly so that the man he appointed as his successor, the vice president Nicolas Maduro can win those elections on a wave of sympathy for the dead leader, and also possibly using some of the anti-western ritual that we have aly heard from Maduro early on today when he accused the historical enemies of the homeland, Badawei Titter mean America or another western agents for the cancer that Chavez died of.So the expectation is we’re gonna have elections called quickly, Maduro may win them, he’s regarded as a former bus driver, he’s regarded as a loyalist, somebody who was a supporter of Chavez, the man and his policies, a great negotiator in terms of keeping this coalition together. But it’s a pretty shaky coalition, as there’s moderates, leftists, military figures, and the person who held that together was Chavez, with his extraordinary leadership and charisma, now he’s gone, the thing will be even if Maduro can win elections that we’re gonna see a period of instability, and possibly some kind of political chaos in Venezuela now that Chavez is gone. /201303/229374

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