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在青岛地区吸脂瘦脸哪家医院好平度市人民医院割腋臭青岛嫩肤祛斑 And we think its for all of these reasons that they take more risks with things like alcohol and drug use;基于以上理由,我们认为他们有更高的风险去做那些像酗酒、吸毒、crash dieting; cosmetic surgery; unprotected, earlier sex;and self-harm.快速减肥、整容、无防护措施以及过早的性交和自残这样的事情。The pursuit of the perfect body is putting pressure on our healthcare systems对完美身材的追求正使医保系统饱受压力and costing our governments billions of dollars every year.并且每年要花费政府数十亿美元。And we dont grow out of it.而且我们并不会因为长大而放弃追求完美身材。Women who think theyre overweight a again,那些认为自己超重的妇女—不管她们regardless of whether they are or are not a have higher rates of absenteeism.是否真的超重,会有更高的缺勤率。Seventeen percent of women would not show up to a job interview on a day when they werent feeling confident about the way that they look.17%的女性会因为某天感觉对自己的长相不自信而不去参加那天的面试。Have a think about what this is doing to our economy.想一下这对我们的经济会有什么影响。If we could overcome this, what that opportunity looks like.如果我们能克这些,将会带来哪些机会。Unlocking this potential is in the interest of every single one of us.释放这个潜能将有益于我们每一个人。But how do we do that?但是我们该如何去做呢?Well, talking, on its own, only gets you so far.单独的空谈,也就只能到此为止了。Its not enough by itself.它本身是不够的。If you actually want to make a difference,如果你真的想有所改变,you have to do something.你得去做点什么。And weve learned there are three key ways:而我们了解到这里有三个关键的方法:The first is we have to educate for body confidence.首先我们得培养自己对身体充满信心。We have to help our teenagers develop strategies to overcome image-related pressures and build their self-esteem.我们得帮助青少年想出策略去克跟形象有关的压力并且建立他们的自尊心。Now, the good news is that there are many programs out there available to do this.好消息是现在已经有许多这样的项目。The bad news is that most of them dont work.坏消息是大多数这样的项目没有效。I was shocked to learn that many well-meaning programs are inadvertently actually making the situation worse.我很震惊地了解到许多善意的项目却无意中使得情况更糟糕了。201507/386455And let us call it the Encyclopedia of Life.不妨将此项目称为生命百科。What is the Encyclopedia of Life? A concept that has aly taken hold and is beginning to sp and be looked at seriously?生命百科的概念已经得到人们的认同并且正在不断的传播与普及?It is an encyclopedia that lives on the Internet and is contributed to by thousands of scientists around the world.这将会是一本在线的百科全书,世界各地的科学家都将参与其间。Amateurs can do it also.科学爱好者也能参与。It has an indefinitely expandable page for each species.对于每个物种,都可以为其添加尽可能多的数据。It makes all key information about life on Earth accessible to anyone,on demand, anywhere in the world.可以使得地球上所有生物的信息向世人公开,何时何地都可查阅得到。Ive written about this idea before,and I know there are people in this room who have expended significant effort on it in the past. 我曾为此写过文章,我知道这里也有人曾为同类项目作出巨大贡献。But what excites me is that since I first put forward this particular idea in that form,science has advanced.但最让我兴奋的是,自从我产生这个想法之后,科学有了飞跃的发展。Technology has moved forward.技术也有飞跃的发展。Today, the practicalities of making such an encyclopedia,regardless of the magnitude of the information put into it, are within reach.今天,从技术上来说,我们完全有能力,去编制这样一部百科全书,不管当中包含的数据容量有多大。Indeed, in the past year, a group of influential scientific institutions have begun mobilizing to realize this dream.事实上,过去一年,有多家颇具影响力的科研机构就已经着手将此设想变为现实。I wish you would help them.我希望你们能帮助他们。Working together, we can make this real.携手合作,我们就可以实现目标。The encyclopedia will quickly pay for itself in practical applications.项目本身很快就会得到回报,因为会有很多实际的用途。It will address transcendent qualities in the human consciousness, and sense of human need.它也将为人类带来更深层次的精神维度,重新定义人类的需求。It will transform the science of biology in ways of obvious benefit to humanity.它将改变生物学的面貌,这样的改变也将为人类带来福音。And most of all, it can inspire a new generation of biologists to continue the quest that started, for me personally, 60 years ago:最重要的是,它将为年轻一代的生物学家带来启发去继续我60年前开始的征途。to search for life, to understand it and finally, above all, to preserve it.去寻找生命,理解生命,最终守护生命。That is my wish. Thank you.这就是我的愿望。谢谢大家。201504/367401青岛滕州整形美容医院大全

青岛热玛吉的效果好吗Here is an image.这是一张照片。Since galaxy clusters are representative slices of the universe, scaled-down versions.因为星团可以看做是宇宙的缩小版。They are mostly made up of dark matter,它们也是大部分由暗物质构成,and thats what you see in this bluish purple.这就是你看到的偏蓝的紫色。The red represents the hot gas,红色代表高温气体,and, of course, you can see many galaxies.当然,你可以看到很多星系。Whats happened is a particle accelerator at a huge, huge scale.发生的事情就是一个非常巨大版本的粒子加速器。And this is very important,这很重要,because what it means is that very, very small effects that might be difficult to detect in the lab,因为这意味着,在实验室里某些因为太小而很难检测到的效果,might be compounded and compounded into something that we could possibly observe in nature.可能因为不断的叠加,而让我们在自然界观测到。So, its very funny.这很好玩。The reason why galaxy clusters can teach us about dark matter,为什么星团可以教我们暗物质的知识,the reason why galaxy clusters can teach us about the physics of the very small,为什么它们可以教我们关于“极小”的物理,is precisely because they are so very big.其原因就是因为它们太大了。Fourth thing: the physics of the very strange.第四个问题:关于“非常奇怪”的物理学。Certainly what Ive said so far is crazy.我刚才所说的已经很疯狂了。Okay, if theres anything stranger I think it has to be dark energy.但是,如果有比那些更疯狂的,我认为就是暗能量了。If I throw a ball into the air,如果我把一个球扔向空中,I expect it to go up.我预计它将上升。What I dont expect is that it go up at an ever-increasing rate.而我不会预计它以越来越快的速度上升。Similarly, cosmologists understand why the universe is expanding.同样的,宇宙学家理解为什么宇宙在膨胀。They dont understand why its expanding at an ever-increasing rate.他们不理解的是,为什么宇宙膨胀的速度越来越快。They give the cause of this accelerated expansion a name,他们为加速膨胀的原因取了个名字,and they call it dark energy.叫做暗能量。And, again, we want to learn more about it.同样,我们希望对它了解更多。So, one particular question that we have is,其中一个问题是,how does dark energy affect the universe at the largest scales?暗能量是如何在极大的尺度上影响宇宙的?Depending on how strong it is,取决于能量的强弱,maybe structure forms faster or slower.或许结构的形成会有快有慢。Well, the problem with the large-scale structure of the universe is that its horribly complicated.但是对于宇宙的大尺度结构,问题是它复杂得可怕。201512/416423青岛整容祛痣祛痣多少钱 青岛第五人民医院电话多少

青岛滨州最好的吸脂医院I want to spend just a moment talking about我想只花一点点时间来谈论the model that weve developed, which allows us to start at the top我们所发展而来的那个模型,那个允许我们从高处开始的模型and look at the drivers of sound, analyze the soundscape看一下那司机的声音,分析下声音的范围,and then predict the four outcomes Ive just talked about.然后预测一下我刚才所说的四种结果。Or start at the bottom,或者按下按钮,and say what outcomes do we want,并说说我们希望怎样的结果,and then design a soundscape to have a desired effect.然后设计一个产生效果的声音范围At last weve got some science we can apply.最终我们得到了我们可以应用的一些科学。And were in the business of designing soundscapes.我们在设计声音范围的一场生意中。Just a word on music. Music is the most powerful sound there is,关于音乐就说一句。音乐是最有威力的一种声音often inappropriately deployed.但它经常被错误地利用。Its powerful for two reasons. You recognize it fast,因为有两个原因使其强大。首先你很快认出了它and you associate it very powerfully.然后你展开了疯狂的联想。Ill give you two examples.我来给你两个例子Most of you recognize that immediately.你们中大多数的人马上就认出了这调The younger, maybe not.年轻人,也许没有认出吧And most of you associate that with something!大多数人会联系到什么吧!Now, those are one-second samples of music.现在,这些都是一秒的音乐的样品。Music is very powerful. And unfortunately音乐很强大。但是不幸的是its veneering commercial spaces, often inappropriately.音乐总是为一些用来装饰那些不适合的商业场合。I hope thats going to change over the next few years.我希望在未来几年有些变化Let me just talk about brands for a moment,让我们先谈论一会儿商标品牌,because some of you run brands. Every brand is out there因为你们中有些事经营品牌企业的。所有的品牌如今making sound right now.都要有自己的主题音乐。There are eight expressions of a brand in sound.在品牌声音中有8种表现方式。They are all important. And every brand needs to have guidelines at the center.他们都很重要。并且所有的品牌都需要把自己的准则放在中心地位。Im glad to say that is starting to happen now.我很高兴地表示现在这一切就要发生了。You all recognize that one. This is the你们都认得出那个声音。这个是most-played tune in the world today.如今世界上被播放最多的调子了。1.8 billion times a day, that tune is played.这个铃声每天被播放18亿次。And it cost Nokia absolutely nothing.并且对于诺基亚而言他们什么也没花什么钱。Just leave you with four golden rules, for those of you who run businesses,这就给你们这些经商的人留下了四条黄金法则,for commercial sound.关于商业音调。First, make it congruent,首先,有一致性,pointing in the same direction as your visual communication.和你们的视觉画面要达到相同方向的沟通效果That increases impact by over 1,100 percent.这大概能增加百分之1100的影响力。If your sound is pointing the opposite direction, incongruent,如果你那声音和画面不一致,指向相反方向,you reduce impact by 86 percent.你会减少百分之86的魅力Thats an order of magnitude, up or down.那是上下数量级的差别啊This is important.这非常重要Secondly, make it appropriate to the situation.其二 ,将其变得适合场景Thirdly, make it valuable. Give people something with the sound.第三,使其有用。给人们一些除了声音之外的东西Dont just bombard them with stuff.不要仅仅用声音来砌合事物And, finally, test and test it again.最后,反复反复的测试Sound is complex. There are many countervailing influences.声音很复杂。有许多抵消的作用。It can be a bit like a bowl of spaghetti:就如一大碗通心粉:sometimes you just have to eat it and see what happens.有时候你得吃了它才知道会发生什么。So I hope this talk has raised sound in your consciousness.所以我希望这个关于声音的演讲可以提升你的意识If youre listening consciously,如果你用心听,you can take control of the sound around you.你可以控制自己周围的声音Its good for your health. Its good for your productivity.这对你的身体有好处。这对你的效率也有好处。If we all do that we move to a state如果我们都那么做,我们就进入了that I like to think will be sound living in the world.一个在世上听上去存在的境界Im going to leave you with a little bit more birdsong.我会给你们留下更多的一些些鸟鸣之歌。I recommend at least five minutes a day, but there is no maximum dose.我推荐你们每天至少听5分钟,但是没有上限Thank you for lending me your ears today.谢谢你们今天借给了我你们的耳朵。201504/367731 青岛祛斑祛皱多少钱青岛市妇幼保健医院整形美容的收费标准



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