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上期中译英:Dialogue 1:JingJing:Hey, Xiao Gao! Have you been watching the first season of House of Cards?京晶:嘿!小高!你看【纸牌屋】第一季了吗?XiaoGao:Yeah! I’m totally hooked!小高:看啦!我太喜欢了!JingJing:Me too, I went on a binge and saw the entire first season in just one weekend!京晶:我也是!我一个周末一口气看完了第一季!XiaoGao:It’s such a great show. I’m into politics, and this series is all about politics. Who is your favorite character in the show?小高:这部戏真是太棒了!我很喜欢政治,这部戏就是关于政治的你最喜欢的角色是谁?JingJing:I like Claire Underwood! Her real name is Robin Wright. She’s gorgeous and a great actress. I’m not surprised that she won the Best Actress Golden Globe award this year. What about you, Xiao Gao? Who do you like best?京晶:Claire Underwood(女主角)!她叫做Robin Wright. 她漂亮迷人同时也是个很好的演员.我一点也不意外她获得了今年金球奖最佳女演员奖那你呢,小高,你最喜欢谁?XiaoGao:I like Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood. He is so devious! I liked watching him climb up the ladder in the first season. I couldn’t believe that he actually became the Vice President!小高:我喜欢Kevin Spacey的角色,Frank Underwood.太太狡猾了!我喜欢看他在第一季里一步步爬上高位,我简直不敢相信他竟然当上了副总统!JingJing:Yeah, but he couldn’t have done it without the help from his wife, Claire! She really supported him and helped him out a lot during the whole first season.京晶:是啊,如果没有他妻子Claire的帮助他也不会达成. 她在第一季里真的很持他,也帮了他很多XiaoGao:I have to go now, let’s talk about the second season the next time we meet.小高:我得走了,我们下次再聊聊第二季吧!New words dialogue :Hooked if you are hooked on something, then you are addicted or really like it 沉迷的,着迷的Go on a binge if you go on a binge, then you continuously do something a long period of time without doing anything else 一口气做某事Be into [something] if you are into something, then you really like doing it 喜欢做某事Gorgeous beautiful 美丽的,漂亮的,迷人的Devious a person acts like they are one way, but in actuality they have an underlying motive and quietly and sneakily put their scheme into action in order to get what they want --by any means 心机的,狡猾的Climb up the ladder to move to a higher position in your career 飞黄腾达,爬上高位 7

英语学习笔记:dye n. 染料;染色 v. 染;染色barber n. 理发师masculine adj. 男性的;有男子气概的perm n. 电烫发 v. 电烫tight curls 小卷loose curls 大卷I want to color my hair dark blue.我想把头发染成深蓝色He’s not a Barber, he’s a hairdresser.他不是一个剃头匠,他是一个发型造型师How often do you go to the beauty salon?你多久去一次美容沙龙啊?Neo, have you e... 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 6388

  Three Drunkards三个醉汉Two drunkards are walking along.两个醉汉正在走着One says to the other, ;What a beautiful night,look at the moon.”其中一个对另一个说,“多么美丽的夜晚呀,看那月亮”The second drunkard stops and look at his drunken friend.另一个醉汉停下来,看着他喝醉的朋友说,;You are wrong, that not the moon, that the sun.;“你错了,那不是月亮,是太阳”Both started arguing a while when they come upon another drunkard, so they stopped him.他俩开始争论起来,过了一会儿,他们碰到了另一个醉汉,他们拦住他;Sir, could you please help settle our argument?“先生,您能不能帮我们解决我们争论的问题?Tell us what that thing is up in the sky that shining.请告诉我们天上发光的是什么,Is it the moon or the sun?;是月亮还是人阳?”The third drunkard looked at the sky and then looked at them and said,第三个醉汉看了看天空,然后看了看他们,说,;Sorry, I dont live around here.;“对下起,我不住这儿” 186



  讲解Today key word is Mobile (mobile adj.可移动的; 行动自如的; n.风铃; 手机; )It means able to move or be moved freely or easily 可移动的It means: A machine designed to convert one m of energy into mechanical energy.Eg: Primary education is given to pupils between the ages of 5 and .)Of chief importance首要的例句We all have mobile phone我们都有移动电话延伸Bee we go to today section, letamp;`amp;s listen to an audio about a eigner speaks tongue twister.妈妈骑马马慢妈妈骂马红凤凰,粉凤凰,红粉凤凰,粉红凤凰~~~~~When I was trying, I stress on the word trying to learn Chinese.The first thing that I did was I actually went to Youtube. But I made a big mistake. I had like this introduction via Youtube of some who just taught me the basic phrases like ;Good morning, how are you;.And then they start to talk about tongues~~~ and then I start freaking out. Tongue seems to be one of the main difficulties, especially a beginner.It is.Here is one eigner who lives in Beijing talking about his experience of learning Chinese.Notes:--近年来有越来越多的外国人学中文对他们来说,学习中文的一大难题就是四个声调实现(附一个英文绕口令,大家可以试一试:While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washingtonamp;`amp;s windows with warm washing water.当我们走路时,我们看着清洁窗户的人用暖水清洗华盛顿的窗户) 37

  Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻50.Go to DanceAt a party, a handsome man walked over to a girl and asked, ;Are you going to dance?; She excitedly replied, ;Yes!;He excitedly said, ;Great! May I have your seat?;Notes:1.At a party, a handsome man walked over to a girl and asked, ;Are you going to dance?;在一场派对上,有一个英俊的男士走向一个女孩,问道:“你想跳舞吗?”美国人很喜欢举办party,每逢生日、结婚,节日、搬家等特别的日子,都会邀请亲朋好友一同庆祝party n.派对;宴会 handsome adj.英俊的.She excitedly replied, ;Yes!;她很兴奋地回答:“想!”excitedly adv.兴奋地3. He excitedly said, ;Great! May I have your seat?;他很兴奋地说:“太好了!我可以坐你的位子吗?“may, might, can, could都可以用干表示“请求同意”,can是最一般的用法;may和mighi较为正式,委婉;could 和might的语气较弱,对自己的要求能否得到允许没有把握所以对不是太熟的朋友用may是最恰当的本节目可可原创节目, 189地点:钱德勒和莫妮卡公寓客厅人物:莫妮卡,钱德勒,罗斯,瑞秋,吉尔事件:瑞秋的吉尔跟老爸闹了矛盾,来投奔众人询问她原因,发现她和从前的瑞秋一样,是典型的富家大脾气Monica: You bought a boat?Jill: Yeah but it wasnt me; it was a friend.Chandler: Boy, did we make friends with the wrong sister!Jill: I knew it was stupid and I shouldnt have done it... but she bought me all these CDs and said I had a really cute haircut.Chandler: And your daddy didnt understand?Jill: I know, and usually I just cry and say Im sorry and he gives me.Ross: Oh, yes, good criers, the Greene girls. I mean, the Greene sisters. Man, no matter how you say it... it still sounds like youre talking about green people. Im at rock bottom.Rachel: Jill, honey, I think this is the best thing that couldve ever happened to you. I mean youve needed to get out on your own anyway! And you know when I did it, I… I… I at first I was scared, but then look at me now! Im the only daughter dad is proud of!Jill: I just cant believe him. How does he expect me to buy stuff?Rachel: Maybe, you know, you wont buy stuff a while. 9653


  地点:莫妮卡和钱德勒的公寓人物:莫妮卡,钱德勒,瑞秋事件:莫妮卡买了一双非常昂贵的皮靴,并坚持不退回去Monica: Hey! So what do you think?Chandler: New haircut? Necklace? Dress? Boots? Boots!Monica: Yes! Now, theyre a little more than I normally spend on boots… or rent.Chandler: Oh my God! Im gonna miss being able to afd food.Monica: Im sorry, they just, they just look so good! And the saleswoman was looking at me like, “Oh, these are way too expensive you.②”Chandler: She had a point.Rachel: Hi! Oh my God! Oh Monica! Those boots are amazing!Monica: Theyre mine!Chandler: Yeah well, too bad were gonna have to return them.Rachel: Return them? Shhhh, theyre gonna hear you.Monica: Honey, Im not returning them. Okay? I mean I–I know they cost a lot, but Im going to wear them all the time. Youll see. Besides, I love the compliments. I mean, have you ever had something so beautiful everyone wanted it?Chandler: I have you.Monica: Nice try. Im keeping the boots. 56。


  英语学习笔记:stall n. 厕所隔间clap v. 鼓掌badly adv. 非常,很laundry n. 洗衣房start doing something 开始做某事pack to move 搬家I thought I was the only one in the toilets so I started singing. When I finished, someone in the next stall clapped.我觉得我是独自在厕所里,所以就唱起了小曲,当我演唱完毕,隔壁间的一个人就开始鼓掌了In middle school I realized my dad was ing my diary. So I started writing about seeing my mom with “a strange handsome man.”中学的时候,我意识到我爸在偷看我的日记,所以我开始写一些类似“我看到我妈跟一个陌生帅哥在一起的故事”Once my date wondered why I wanted us to go to Starbucks so badly. I got his name and figured he’d have to say it there.当我约会的对象问我,为什么我非要去星巴克因为我忘了他的名字,然后觉得在星巴克他不得不说自己的名字(通常务员会在咖啡杯上写上名字)Once I was told to wash dishes. A year later, as we packed to move, we found dirty dishes in a box in the laundry room.有一次我被要求去洗碗一年过后,当我们要搬家了,我们发现洗衣房的一个箱子里有脏碟子更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 68


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