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Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be page boy and bridesmaid at the wedding of Pippa Middleton, Kensington Palace said last Monday.肯辛顿宫方面于上周一表示,乔治王子和夏洛特公主将在剑桥公爵夫人凯特的皮帕·米德尔顿的婚礼上担任花童和伴娘。The Duchess of Cambridge#39;s sister will marry financier James Matthews at St Mark#39;s Church in Englefield, Berkshire, on May 20.皮帕将于下月20日在伯克郡恩格尔菲尔德的圣马可教堂与金融家詹姆斯·马修斯喜结连理。The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will also attend the wedding, according to a statement released by the palace.根据肯辛顿宫发布的一份声明,剑桥公爵夫妇和哈里王子也都会参加婚礼。Pippa confirmed her engagement to Matthews last July. She was the maid of honor when Kate married Prince William in 2011.去年7月,皮帕实与马修斯订婚。2011年,凯特与威廉王子成婚时,皮帕曾担任伴娘。After the pair walk down the aisle, guests will reportedly travel seven miles to Bucklebury for a reception at the 6 million pounds home of Pippa#39;s parents.根据报道,在这对新人步入婚姻的殿堂之后,宾客将会前往7英里外的巴克兰郡,在价值600万英镑的皮帕的父母家参加结婚宴会。The party will be staged in a luxury marquee in the garden.据悉,该宴会将会在花园中的一个豪华大帐篷内举行。 /201704/504806During my first pregnancy I was ravenous. I would shove chips in my mouth at the grocery store. I carried snacks with me at all times. My portions grew as fast as my stomach and before I knew it, two brownies for dessert piled with whipped cream and drizzled with peanut butter and chocolate sauce couldn#39;t begin to touch my cravings, I became more of a woman in nine months time-50 pounds more to be exact-and was a little upset when my son came out only weighing 8 pounds out of the 50. I was hoping for 25 at least.第一次怀的时候,我特别容易饿。还在店里的时候,我就会迫不及待的往嘴里塞薯片。零食也一直随身带着。我的身体长得和胃一样快,在我意识到之前,我已经吃了两块满是奶油、撒着花生酱和巧克力酱的布朗尼,但这还不足以让我满足,9个月的时间我长胖了50磅,而我的儿子出生时却只有8磅。我原本以为他至少也得25磅呢。But with a little exercising, and getting my eating back on track, I shed the 50 pounds in about 10 weeks. I remember walking around a craft fair one day, talking to a seasoned mother who looked at me and said, ;You know, I looked great a few weeks after the first one, too. Just wait, if you decide to have more, it gets harder every time.;但适当锻炼和正常饮食之后,我在10周内减掉了50磅。我还记得有一天我走在工艺品市场上,和一位经验丰富的母亲聊天,她看着我说,;你知道,生完第一个孩子后,我几个星期就恢复了原样。但我还没说完,如果你还想生的话,那么每生一个,产后恢复就越难。;Less than a year later I was pregnant again and repeated devouring my food like a trucker. The 50 pounds sp across my thighs, belly, ass and face faster than a pad of butter melting down a stack of pancakes. No problem, in about 10 weeks it#39;ll be gone, I told myself. Please pass the cake.不到一年我又怀了,和第一次一样,我像卡车司机那样狼吞虎咽。那50磅肉长在了我的大腿上、肚子上、屁股上和脸上,增重的速度比黄油在煎饼上融化的速度还要快。我告诉自己,别担心,10周后这些肉肉就会不见的。请把蛋糕拿给我。Only the second time around, 10 weeks came and went and I still had extra love in my handles. My experienced mom friend was right. Those last 10 pounds would not budge despite my efforts, so I began working harder than I did after my first child was born. 只是在第二次的时候,第10周来了又走了,而我的手上还是那么多肉。我那位有经验的朋友却恢复得很好。不管我多么努力,那10磅肉就是减不掉,所以我比第一次生完小孩后更加努力减肥。One would think I would have learned my lesson from my prior pregnancies, but no, I still ate a shit-ton of food. My body decided to give in and let go of the weight, exactly seven months later-the same night I got pregnant with my third.有人可能会认为我应该从先前的怀经验中汲取教训,但没有,我仍然吃很多。于是7个月后我的身体决定放弃,让体重自身自灭--那天晚上也是我怀上第三胎的时候。If you#39;ve ever been pregnant, nursing, and chasing around a toddler, you feel my pain. You#39;re starving and who has the energy to eat healthy?如果你怀过、照顾过宝宝、追着刚学会走路的他/她,那你肯定能理解我的苦。你都饿死了,哪管什么吃得健不健康啊!译文属 /201705/509677

Drinking A Lot Of Water喝很多水Drinking water is good for your kidneys and skin, and keeps you hydrated. That is true. But, the plastic bottles you#39;re drinking from might contain harmful chemicals that get into your body via the water. So stick to drinking your water from a glass. That#39;s still healthy!喝水对肾和皮肤有益,能使你水分充足。这是真的。但是,你喝的塑料瓶装水可能含有有害物质,而这些有害物质会通过水进入你的身体。所以,坚持用玻璃杯喝水。那还是很健康的哦!Low Fat Diet低脂饮食Watching your calories and fat intake is a good thing, but going too extreme with a low-fat diet can actually do more harm than good. Our bodies need some fat to absorb the healthy stuff in vegetables. Plus going too low with fat intake can make you hungry and can wreak havoc on your sleep.注意热量和脂肪摄入量是件好事,但太过极端的低脂饮食实则会带来更多的伤害,而不是益处。我们的身体需要脂肪去吸收蔬菜中的健康营养。另外,低脂饮食会让你饿的快,还会严重影响你的睡眠。Making Your Bed Every Morning每天早上都叠被Who knew making your bed every morning could actually be bad for your health? Sadly, it#39;s true. By making that bed look perfectly made with those crisp corners and tight sheets, you#39;re actually sealing in moisture that has no chance to air out, making your perfectly made bed a breeding ground for dust mites. Who knew?谁曾想每天早上都叠被实则不利于人体健康呢?不幸的是,这是事实。每天早晨叠被,将四个角落铺好,将床单铺的平平整整,但实际上你却密封了被子中的潮湿气体,使其无法扩散到空气中,从而收拾得整整齐齐的床却成了尘螨的滋生地。谁曾想呢?Diet Soda健怡苏打水If you#39;re drinking diet soda because not as bad as drinking full-calorie soda, you may want to re-think that. And there are some studies that show diet soda can actually lead to weight gain. What?! So maybe bye-bye to soda and get your sweet tooth elsewhere? There#39;s always water.如果你觉得喝健怡苏打水总比喝全热量苏打水更健康,那你就得三思了。有些研究表明:健怡苏打水实则会使人体重增加。什么?!所以,你要向苏打水说再见了,也不要再想着吃甜食了。喝水就行。Avoid The Sun All Together一直不晒太阳So we#39;ve all the same studies about how bad the sun is for your skin. But the sun rays also blast your skin with Vitamin D, which your body needs. Sunscreen blocks Vitamin D. And avoiding the sun all together means your body is missing a very important nutrient. Doctors recommend 10-minutes of sun exposure during the summer (without sunscreen) and more in the winter.我们都读过这样的文章吧:阳光特别不利于肌肤健康。但太阳光线却能给予皮肤所需要的维生素D。而防晒霜却会屏蔽维生素D。一直不晒太阳意味着你的身体缺失了一种十分重要的营养物。医生建议,夏天的时候要在太阳下晒10分钟(不涂防晒霜哦),冬天的时候要晒更久。Binge Sleeping贪睡So your weekdays are jam packed, meaning you live on less sleep than college students, and so you plan to catch up on the weekends. Catching up on sleep doesn#39;t mean your body actually gets the sleep from you deprived it during the week. What the body needs is consistent sleep each and every day. A lack of sleep can lead to impaired brain function and even weight gain. So get to bed earlier during the week so you don#39;t have to binge sleep your weekend away.你的工作日很忙,也就是说你的睡眠没有大学生那么多,所以你想着要在周末补觉。补觉并不代表你的身体获得了它在工作日缺失的睡眠。身体所需的是每天一致的睡眠。睡眠不足会导致脑功能受损、甚至体重增加。所以工作日晚上早点上床,这样你就不用在周末昏睡度日了。译文属 /201704/501665

Thirty-seven universities in Nanchang, capital of southern Jiangxi Province, found 135 students were infected with HIV and seven among them were killed by the disease by the end of August, 2016, the local center for disease control and prevention has reported.据当地疾病预防与控制中心报道,截止至2016年8月底,中国南方江西省省会南昌市的37所大学共135名学生感染了HIV,其中7人因病死亡。HIV infection has sp increasingly on campuses during the past five years, as the growth rate of affected students rose by 43.16 percent.校园感染HIV的数量在过去五年里不断增加,学生感染率上升了43.16%。In 2008, university students affected by AIDS accounted for 5.77 percent of the entire young population; in 2014, the rate surged to 16.58 percent.在2008年,大学生感染艾滋病的人数占整个年轻人感染人数的5.77%;到了2014年,感染率猛增至16.58%。According to local authorities, homosexual intercourse among young male partners, which is the major source of the disease, comprised 83.61 percent of the cases detected in the universities from 2011 to 2015.据当地疾控中心报道,青年男性同性性交是该疾病的主要源头,占2011年至2015年大学发现案例的83.61%。The immature attitude towards sex resulted in the sharp rise in HIV infection among young people who were ignorant or unaware of the safety issues when having sex.对性不成熟的态度导致了年轻人感染HIV人数的激增,他们在发生性关系时不知道或者是没有意识到安全问题。Some experts warned backward and ambiguous sex education in schools may lead to the students#39; ignorance and unrestrained demand for sex.一些专家警告称,学校落后和模糊的性教育可能会导致学生们对性交无知并无限制的需求。 /201609/468492

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