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  • 11.Stay True to Yourself11.做真正的自己And really when I look back on it, I wouldnt change a thing. I mean, it was so important for me to lose everything because I found out what the most important thing is, it is to be true to yourself. Ultimately, thats whats gotten me to this place. I dont live in fear, I free, I have no secrets. And I know Ill always be OK, because no matter what, I know who I am. So in conclusion, when I was younger I thought success was something different. I thought when I grow up, I want to be famous. I want to be a star. I want to be in movies. When I grow up I want to see the world, drive nice cars, I want to have groupies. To e the Pussycat Dolls. How many people thought it was ;boobies;, by the way? Its not, its ;groupies;.当我回首这些往事的时候,我还会做相同的决定。因为我发现,即使失去一切,最重要的是对自己诚实。所以,最终我成了现在的我。我的选择让我不再恐惧,让我感觉自在,也不再有秘密。而且我知道一切都会好的,因为无论如何,我知道我是谁。所以这是不是结论的结论。我年轻时,对成功有着不同的定义。我的志向是长大后,“我要出名,我要成为明星,我想拍电影。我的愿望是长大后周游世界,开名车,有一群死党”,就像小野猫乐队的歌词里说的那样。有多少人听成是“胸部”?不是那样的,是“死党”之意。But my idea of success is different today. And as you grow, youll realize the definition of success changes. For many of you, today, success is being able to hold down 20 shots of tequila. For me, the most important thing in your life is to live your life with integrity, and not to give into peer pressure, to try to be something that youre not. To live your life as an honest and compassionate person; to contribute in some way. So to conclude my conclusion: follow your passion, stay true to yourself. Never follow anyone elses path, unless youre in the woods and youre lost and you see a path, and by all means you should follow that Dont give advice, it will come back and bite you in the ass. Dont take anyones advice. So my advice to you is to be true to yourself and everything will be fine.但今天我对成功的定义变了。当你们慢慢长大,对成功的定义也会改变。现在,你们中的许多人对成功的定义就是喝摔 2 0杯龙舌兰烈酒。但在我看来,你们生活中最重要的事情就是要活得正直,不要屈从于同辈的压力,别逼自己成为不是真正的你。要活得诚实,有怜悯心,在某个方面有所贡献。所以,结论的结论就是:追随热情,忠于自我。永远不要追随别人的脚步,除非你在森林里述了路,那时你真的踏上你看到的别人踩出的路。千万不要给人忠告,因为它们会反咬你一口。也别接受任何人的忠告。那么我要给大家的忠告是,做真正的自己,一切都会顺利的。And I know that a lot of you are concerned about your future, but theres no need to worry. The economy is booming. the job market is wide open, the planet is just fine. Its gonna be great. Youve aly survived a hurricane. What else can happen to you? And as I mentioned before, some of the most devastating things that happen to you will teach you the most. And now you know the right questions to ask in your first job interview. Like, ;Is it above sea level?; So to conclude my conclusion that Ive previously concluded, in the common cement speech, I guess what Im trying to say is life is like one big Mardi Gras. But instead of showing your boobs, show people your brain, and if they like what they see, youll have more beads than you know what to do with. And youll be drunk, most of the time.我知道,在座的许多人都担心自己的前途,但是这并无必要。经济正在极速增长,就业市场求才若渴,地球也好得很。一切都会好的。你们经历了飓风的洗礼,还有什么害怕的呢?我之前说过,从最惨痛的经历中可以吸取最多的教训。现在你们知道在你们的第一次面试中该问什么样的问题了吧?比如,“公司高于海平面吗(纽奥良地势低而被淹?”现在给我今天的演讲,我的“常见的水泥”演讲,下一个结论,我想说的是,人生就像一场狂欢节嘉年华,请展现你们的头脑,而非胸部。如果人家欣赏你的头脑,你就有更多的金银珠宝可以受用,而且你会有更多的机会喝醉。So the Tulane class of , I say congratulations and if you dont remember a thing I said today, remember this: youre gonna be ok, dun-doom-doom-doom-doom, just dance.因此,杜兰大学届的毕业生们,祝贺你们顺利毕业!如果你们不记得我说过的任何话,请记住这句,你会没事的,尽管跳舞吧!201706/511184。
  • 10. Could I have a word with you? 我可以私下和你谈谈吗? 用法透视 你如果有某些事要与某人私下说一下,尤其是一些你不希望大家都听到的话,你可以用这个句型。对方一听到你这么说,就会跟你到没人的地方去。也可以说I'd like a word with you. 持范例 1. Could I have a word with you? Sure, what's on your mind? 我可以私下和你谈谈吗?当然,你心里在想什么? 2. As a matter of fact, I'd like a word with you. 实际上我想和你谈谈。 3. Mr. Johnson would like a word with you. 约翰逊先生想和你谈谈。 会话记忆 A: Could I have a word with you? 我可以跟你谈谈吗? B: Sure, what is it? 当然,什么事? A: I am disappointed with your work lately. 我对你最近的工作感到失望。 B: I'm sorry. I've been having some problems. 对不起,我有一些麻烦 /200705/13032。
  • My view is that museums should take a leaf out of the book of religions.我觉得艺术馆应该向宗教学习And they should make sure that when you walk into a museum -- if I was a museum curator,艺术馆应该确保,当游客走进馆内时候--如果我是馆长I would make a room for love, a room for generosity.我会专门为爱,为慷慨而准备特定的展览All works of art are talking to us about things.所有的艺术品都有相同的主题And if we were able to arrange spaces where we could come across works如果有更多的空间,我们可以更深刻地了解艺术品where we would be told, use these works of art to cement these ideas in your mind, we would get a lot more out of art.用这些艺术来让美好的品德在脑海中变得更加深刻,我们会从艺术中学到更多Art would pick up the duty that it used to have and that weve neglected because of certain mis-founded ideas.艺术会让我们重新肩负起曾经被摒弃的责任,那些因为误导而被忽视的责任Art should be one of the tools by which we improve our society.艺术应该是一种工具,一种能让社会进步的工具Art should be didactic. Lets think of something else.艺术也应该是教化的。现在想想另外的东西The people in the modern world, in the secular world,想想那些在现代世俗的人们who are interested in matters of the spirit, in matters of the mind,其中有些人热衷追寻灵魂,喜欢崇高的思想in higher soul-like concerns, tend to be isolated individuals.也热衷于深层次的灵性,那些人通常都是孤单的Theyre poets, theyre philosophers, theyre photographers, theyre filmmakers.他们是诗人,哲学家,摄影师,或是电影制作人And they tend to be on their own. Theyre our cottage industries. They are vulnerable, single people.他们凭自己的力量生存下去。他们独立完成工作,他们脆弱,孤单And they get depressed and they get sad on their own. And they dont really change much.没人分担他们的痛苦不安。然而他们不会做多少改变Now think about religions, think about organized religions. What do organized religions do?现在想想那些有组织的宗教。那些有组织的宗教干什么的呢They group together, they form institutions. And that has all sorts of advantages. First of all, scale, might.他们聚在一起,他们创造机构。这些都很有益处。第一,他们有规模和力量The Catholic Church pulled in 97 billion dollars last year according to the Wall Street Journal.据华尔街日报报道,天主教教堂去年筹了97亿美元These are massive machines. Theyre collaborative, theyre branded, theyre multinational, and theyre highly disciplined.这些都是有权有势的机构。他们相互合作,有好名望,跨国,他们严谨纪律These are all very good qualities.那些都是很优秀的品质201608/461337。
  • So what comes next? The people.那么接下来呢?我们的百姓。How do we get people to own this?我们如何才能让人们去接受这个想法?How do we get people to believe that its possible to build a society without fossil fuels?我们如何才能让人们相信,建造一个没有石油的社会是有可能的?A lot of work from the ground up is needed.从最基本的工作开始是必经过程。That is why, in 2014, we created Costa Rica Limpia.这就是为什么在2014年的时候,我们创建了Costa Rica Limpia (“纯净哥斯达黎加”)。;Limpia; means ;clean,;;Limpia; (西班牙语)的意思是“干净”,because we want to empower and we want to inspire citizens.因为我们想启发、鼓励我们的公民。If citizens dont get engaged, clean transportation decisions will be bogged down by endless,如果公民们不参与开发无污染的交通系统的决定and I mean endless, technical discussions, and by avalanches of lobbying by various established interests.将会被无限的技术研讨会所淹没,和代表不同利益的组织所游说阻挠。Wanting to be a green country powered by renewables is aly part of our story.成为一个全由可再生资源供电的绿色国家的这个想法,早已是我们国家故事中的一个篇章。We should not let anybody take that away from us.我们不能让任何人夺走属于我们的故事。Last year, we brought people from our seven provinces to talk about climate change in terms that matter to them,去年,我们聚集了从7个省来的群众讨论了气候变化对于他们的影响。and we also brought this year another group of Costa Ricans to talk about renewable energy.而今年我们又聚集了另一群哥斯达黎加人讨论了可再生资源。And you know what? These people disagree on almost everything你们猜怎么着?这些群众平常几乎是没有众口一致过的,except on renewable energy and clean transportation and clean air. It brings people together.但他们在关于可再生资源,无污染交通系统和干净空气的问题上达成了一致。这也让哥斯达黎加人团结了。And the key to real participation is to help people not to feel small.真正能引导群众积极参与的关键,是去让人们意识到自己的一举一动不再渺小。201702/490807。
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