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泉州妇幼保健怎么样好吗福建泉州新阳光妇产医院做人流手术好吗泉州万达边的医院 应届毕业生求职应注意什么(双语) -- :9:51 来源: 1. Relevant experience 相关工作经验  Twenty-three percent of hiring managers say the candidate's ability to relate their experience to the job at hand is the most important factor in the hiring decision. Untunately, new graduates often underestimate the experience they have through internships, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities, but 63 percent of hiring managers say they view volunteer activities as relevant experience.  3%的招聘经理称应聘者的相关工作经验是决定是否雇用的最重要的因素不幸地是,应届毕业生往往低估实习、兼职及课外活动的重要性而63%的招聘经理称他们会将志愿者活动当作相关经验  . Fit within the company culture 是否适应企业文化  Just because you look good on paper doesn't mean you're a shoo-in the job. To 1 percent of employers, the trait they most want to see in a candidate is the ability to fit in with co-workers and the company. Offering up a blank stare when the interviewer asks why you are the right fit the job will not go over well. Just be yourself, but mind your i's -- never insult, interrupt or irritate the interviewer. This can also be evaluated by that "unimportant" small talk at the beginning of an interview or non-job-related questions like "What was the last book you ?"  你的简历做的好并不意味着就能获得工作1%的招聘者最希望应聘者具有的素质是能和同事相处融洽、融入公司在被问到为什么认为自己适合这份工作的时候,面无表情地紧盯面试官就不是一个好做法表现出正常的状态就好,但注意绝不要侮辱、打断或惹怒面试官面试前“不重要”的简短谈话,或那些与面试无关的问题,如“你最近读过什么书”,都能评估出你能否融入公司  3. Educational background 教育背景  Nineteen percent of hiring managers place the most emphasis on your educational background: the institution you attended, major, minor and degree earned. Be sure to also include courses taken and completed projects if relevant to the job. With grade point average, it's tricky. A good rule of thumb is to omit it unless it is 3.0 or higher and denote if it's your overall or major GPA.  19%的招聘经理对教育背景最为关注:学校、主修、辅修及学历如果你学过的课程、完成的项目和工作有关,一定要写在简历中,面试时也要提到如果成绩一般,那就有点儿困难一个经验之谈是如果成绩特别好,你可以在简历中小提一下,否则就不必要提了  . Enthusiasm 热情  Passion the job is the top characteristic 19 percent of employers look in a candidate. Employees who are passionate about their jobs tend to be more productive workers. The answer to "Why do you want to work here?" should always focus on the strengths of the company and the challenge of the position, not the perks. A "take or leave it" attitude about the job will leave the employer feeling the same about you.  19%的雇主最看重工作热情那些对工作有热情的员工往往会创造出更大的生产力回答“为什么你想在这家公司工作”,应该集中在这家公司的强项及职位的挑战性上,而不是报酬“我的条件你不接受就拉倒”的态度会让雇主也产生和你一样的想法  5. Preparedness 面试准备  Eight percent of hiring managers say the ideas you bring to the table and the questions you ask carry the most significance. Come in prepared to discuss how your qualifications can specifically contribute to the success of the company. Actually put yourself in that role and explain how you would perm your work and ways to improve it.  8%的招聘经理对于应试者阐述的想法以及提出的问题最为看重准备好,讨论你的能力具体会如何给企业带来成功把自己放在应聘的职位上,阐述你将如何开展工作及改善工作方法Williams says, ;I have known the director since I was like 9 years old. I know Beyonce pretty well, so they were like, lsquo;We would love you to be in this particular song. Itrsquo;s about strength and itrsquo;s about courage and thatrsquo;s what we see you as.rsquo;;泉州市中医院妇科主任王秀宝预约电话

在泉州孕检在什么医院On May , Jolie, the Oscar-winning film star, revealed she had a double mastectomy in an in the New York Times, saying she hoped her story would inspire other women fighting the life-threatening disease.泉州人流医院哪家最正规 如何才能找到理想的工作?(双语) --31 ::3 来源: 我们知道有份理想的工作是可能的,即便我们没读过《The Four-Hour Work Week这本书在街坊里、在电视上,我们认识或见过那些拥有理想工作的人,所以,我们知道,“理想工作”是存在的这就是“后千年”时代下的职场幻想:做自己喜欢的、抱有的工作,有丰厚的收入,同事们要聪明,会持我们,领导要明智、有道德感听上去合情合理可现实的生活中,找到理想的工作怎么就那么难?   starters, it's helpful to remember that our dream-job requirements often change over time. One job I held in my youth was a dream job at the time but would be impossible me now because of the working hours. When I was twenty-something and single, I was perfectly happy to sit in a conference room with my workmates, eating pizza and talking shop at p.m. Couldn't, wouldn't consider that now.   对于刚开始工作的人来说,要记住我们对理想工作的要求往往会随着时间发生变化年轻时的工作在那时是理想工作,但是现在由于工作时长则一点都不理想当我二十来岁、单身的时候,我可以晚上点和同事们坐在会议室一起吃着比萨,兴致勃勃地讨论公事现在不能、也不会有那个念头了  You may have longed a management role at one time and realize now that's the last thing you're interested in; or you may learn that you're happiest working independently, where your teammates are available if you need them but aren't in your face all day long.   也许,你曾渴望过一个管理位置而现在发觉对此毫无兴趣;或者你曾感到独自办公时最快乐,你的同事们在你需要的时候出现,但是不要整天都在眼前晃  Put it All On Paper  写下你对理想工作的要求  The point is, dream jobs aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. And that means that your ultra-customized dream job is the perfect job you, not the whole world of job-seekers. So your task is first to understand what you're looking , and decide which elements in your wish list are most critical you; and then to make and execute a plan to go out and find that job. The very worst way to land a dream job is to wait it to find you.   关键的一点是要知道理想的工作并不是“一刀切”的买卖意思是说为你量身定做的理想工作对你来说是完美的,但对全部人来说却并不如此,你的首要任务是要去了解你想要什么,你的“愿望清单”上哪些元素最适合你;然后再制定一个计划加以执行,找到那样的工作寻找理想工作的下下策就是等工作来找你  As you create your dream job must-have list, it's helpful to think about your wishes in two separate categories. In your first category, you'll list the “hard” attributes you're hoping to find in a dream job —— company size, industry, job function, local or global enterprise, level of management, division vs. headquarters role, etc. Geography is perhaps the “hardest” —— the least flexible of dimensions. Would you move across the country or abroad your dream job? Will you move across town, doubling your commute? Think really hard about these questions, because these factors aren't likely to change.   在你开出一张理想工作要素清单时,将你的期望要素分成两类在第一类中,列出的是理想工作中的“硬指标”——公司大小,行业,职能,当地或全球企业,管理程度,部门还是总部,等等地理因素也许是最“硬”的因素——它的灵活度最小你愿意为了理想的工作而搬家甚或搬到国外吗?你愿意让上班往返行程增加吗?好好的想清楚这些问题,因为它们是不太可能改变的  Be as specific as you'd like as you create your dream job profile. instance, “I want to manage human resource inmation systems a global employer with ,000 or more employees and a proactive, ward-looking management team in the apparel industry in the New York metro area.” In fact, the narrower your scope, the easier it will be to identify potential employers and begin to research them. But bee you do that, let's back up and list the 'soft' attributes of your dream job. After all, it's these soft elements that make these jobs so dreamy.   要尽可能明确地描述理想工作比如:“我希望在纽约大都市地区为这样的公司管理人力资源系统,这个公司应该是在装行业拥有1万名或以上员工的跨国公司,有一只具有前瞻性的管理团队”事实上,你的范围越窄,就越容易发现潜在雇主,并开始对他们进行调查但是,先别急,让我们先来说说那些理想工作的“软指标”毕竟,让你向往的正是这些“软指标”  Left Brain vs. Right Brain  左脑和右脑  On this list, you want to dig into what makes a work environment appealing you, including items like: How mature an industry do I want to work in? Typically, the more mature (heavy equipment manufacturing, instance) the more conservative the corporate culture will be. How flat vs. how tiered an organization do I desire? If there are levels of management between me and the CEO, my experience at work will be drastically different from how it will be if there are two. How “left-brain” vs. “right-brain” an organization do I want? Although neurology types don't use those left-brainright-brain models as they once did to understand brain function, they're still useful us in understanding our strengths and preferences. Left-brain areas are math, music, programming, and flowcharting.   在这张清单所列的元素里,你需要去探究什么样的工作环境对你有吸引力,包括有:我希望在一个多么成熟的行业工作?行业越成熟,那么企业环境就会越保守(例如,重型机器制造业)我希望的是扁平化组织还是层次化结构?如果我和CEO之间有层管理层,那么我的体验就会和在两层结构中的大不一样我希望为一个“左脑”还是“右脑”组织工作?虽然神经学上现在用的左右脑模式和曾用的理解大脑功能的模式不同,这一概念在帮助了解我们的强项和喜好上依旧有用左脑和数学、音乐、程序和流程有关  If you're that person, organizations dominated by that type of thinking are perfect you —— research institutions and engineering firms are two examples. Right-brain-focused people veer toward the humanities, language, and the arts. An advertising agency or a freewheeling startup might be a better fit.   如果你是“左脑”思维的人,那么以“左脑”思维为主导的组织就适合你——例如,研究院和工程公司偏重右脑的人们倾向于人文、语言和艺术广告代理或自主创业也许是更好的选择  What looks like a dream job on paper will quickly turn to ashes if the organizational culture doesn't celebrate what you love to do and do well.   如果公司文化和你喜欢、擅长的并不合拍,那么看上去理想的工作很快就会变的糟糕泉州新阳光收费

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