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榆林第一人民医院胃肠科网上咨询渭南市妇幼保健院消化病要预约吗五分钟英语快餐 第26期:Mess 相关专题: 社交美语英语口语 /200807/44013西安市妇幼医院胃肠科电话号码 1.Clear the air 消除误会  To settle a dispute and restore good relations Example: We had a meeting with the workers, and I think we've cleared the air now.2.Be in the air 将要发生的事情  The feeling or idea that something new is about to happen or is going to change.  Example: From the arguments going on at the meeting, it seems that a change in policy is in the air.3.A bad egg 缺乏道德的人 Somebody who has no moral principles and should be avoided  Example: You mustn’t lend Tim money, he’s a bad egg. You’ll never see him or your money again!4.Cost an arm and a leg 极其昂贵  To be very expensive  Example: I love that fur coat. However, I don’t think I’m going to buy it because it costs an arm and a leg.5.In the balance 未知的,不可预测的 Said when the outcome of a situation is unknown or unpredictable  Example: His career as a pilot is in the balance, as his eyesight does not seem good enough.6.In the Bag 稳操胜券  Said of an achievement which is secure  Example: We have the deal in the bag. The client came in this morning to sign the agreement.7.Drive a hard bargain 极力讨价还价  To have the negotiating strength and skills to get the most advantageous price and conditions  Example: Amanda is negotiating the best price from the suppliers. She drives a hard bargain.8.Ring a bell 看上去或听起来非常熟悉  To look, sound or seem familiar  Example: That face rings a bell, where have I seen him before?9.Tighten one's belt 节衣缩食  To cut down on spending because there is less income than before  Example: Now you are out of work, you’ll have to tighten your belt and give up buying new clothes and going out so often.10.Kill two birds with one stone 一石二鸟  To complete two tasks together, with less effort than doing them separately  Example: Since I’d gone to the store to buy some b, I thought ofkilling two birds with one stone and invited Mr. Biggs to the party. /201111/160172340. 虎父无犬子。 [误] A father like a tiger will not have a son like a dog. [正] A wise goose never lays a tame egg.注:英美人看了第一句译文也许会无知所云,或者感到好笑。而第二个句子与中文的意思大致相同,但却是英语中的地道说法。 /02/61865西安乙结肠炎的症状及治疗

陕西省妇幼保健院消化病正规吗?怎么样Let sleeping dog lie.别惹麻烦。 /201108/147256西安市市中心医院胃肠科好不好 陕西胃发烧是什么原因

西安胃泰消化病医院我们上次讲了几个和棒球赛有关的习惯用语。美国人喜欢棒球,同时也喜爱其它球类运动,所以不仅围绕棒球产生了不少习惯用语,还有更多的习惯用语是以ball;;球,这个词为中心的。这就是我们今天要讲的。第一个习惯用语是:have a ball。根据一些专家的看法,have a ball这个习惯用语来自足球赛或者篮球赛。每当你掌握球的时候,你就有了进攻的主动权,可以射门或者投篮,也就有了得分的机会。但是另一些专家却认为have a ball来自ball这个词的另一种意思,也就是通常备有丰盛饮食的;大型舞会;。你有机会参加舞会,就意味着你可以尽情地吃喝玩乐一下了。不论have a ball这个习惯用语的出典是什么,反正它都有;得其所哉、乐在其中;的意思。好,我们来听一个例子。一位男士为了前晚夫妇俩一起去参加的一个宴会在生气。好,我们来听听他怎样数落他的太太。注意话里用到的had a ball:例句1:Well, you sure had a ball at the party, didnt you! Dancing and talking and drinking with all these people I didnt know. Too bad you didnt have any time to spend with me! 哼,你在宴会上可真够得意的,和所有那些我不认识的人跳舞、聊天、喝酒。糟糕的是你竟然忙得分不开身来顾到我。从这段话我们可以体会have a ball有;尽情作乐;的意思。我们还要学一个有ball这个词的习惯用语,ball of fire。Ball of fire指的是像火球一般耀眼的彗星。它在漆黑的夜空熠熠发光,留下光夺目的轨迹,就好比一个努力奋进取得光辉成功的人一样。好,我们来听一段话,说的是一个叫Jimmy的人。Jimmy被称作a ball of fire。为什么要给他这样一个称号呢?我们要从下面这段话里找。例句2:Jimmy was just an average student in school and nobody thought hed do much with his life. But Im glad to say he turned out to be a real ball of fire in the real estate business. Jimmy在学校的时候成绩平平,谁也不认为他将来会大有作为,但是他出人意料地成了房地产业的一颗闪亮的明星。从这段话里我们可以看出,a ball of fire是指才智精力过人,而且取得光辉成就的人。Ball of fire虽然其中有ball这个词,但是它却和球赛无关。接下来我们还要学一个由ball这个词组成、却并非出自球赛的习惯用语。Ball up。某些语言学家认为ball up来自在冰封地冻的道路上行走的马匹,结了冰的路面必然很滑,如果马蹄沾上的冰雪又凝结成冰球,也就是ball up,那就更是一步一滑、寸步难行了。想象一下处于这种境地的马匹会如何地不知所措,乱了步伐。Ball up这个习惯用语虽然出自冬天行路的马,但是却沿用到处理事务的人身上。比方说,下面这段话说的是一个电脑操作人员被一种新的电脑软件操作程序弄得晕头转向。例句3:Im all balled up about how to use this new software. Three different people have tried to show me how it works, but each one has a different explanation on how to use it. 我实在给弄得稀里糊涂的,三个不同的人来向我显示新软件的使用方法,但是他们对操作程序的说法不一。可见be balled up意思是给弄糊涂了。这个习惯用语的另一种形式是ball up,例如在下面这句话:例句4:The lead singer really balled up the concert. 领唱把音乐会搞得一团糟。所以ball up就解释;搞得一团糟;。 /201201/168135 k:oh,the clothes here are so expensive! No wonder there are few people.R: Beauty costs, dear! What do you think of this dress? Do you think it suits me?K: yeah, it's lovely, but to be frank, it's not the most practical. You don't have many formal events in your calendar, do you?R: come on, you sound like my Mom.Look at that, it's beautiful!K: when you buy clothes, you must think about the material, quality and price.R: maybe you have a point.K: make sure you buy what you need and your clothes can be worn for various occasions.R: all right. How about this black shirt? It can be worn for anything---a party, a job interview and even a funeral!K: that's true, but you aly have two balck coats and one black sweater.R: oh! Hey, look, that's the same shirt Britney wore in her concert.K: exactly! Oh, my god! I love Britney! I'm going to get it.R: why not try it on?K: it's just the right size--a perfect fit! I'll take it. Oh, no,I'm a little short. Did you bring your credit card?R: yes.K: I promise I'll pay you back as soon as we get home. /201001/95616西安胃泰消化病医院西安市中医医院肠胃科属于几级



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