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长春做人流那里好长春阳光医院不孕不育多少钱怎么样Britain Schools reform英国 学校改革Class acts优秀法案England’s schools are radically different. Now make them better英格兰各个学校相比其他地方极为不同,现在是是时候改善这些学校了AT the King Solomon Academy in London, children from the nearby tower blocks are settling into a new school year. Girls in hijabs mingle with Afro-Caribbean boys in over-sized new blazers. The proportion of pupils receiving free school meals because their parents are poor is three times the national average. Yet the academy, which is run by ARK, a charity, is ranked as “outstanding” by the schools inspector and has been lavishly praised by Anthony Seldon, headmaster of a leading private school.在位于英国伦敦的索罗门国王学院里,来自附近高层贫民楼的学生们正迎来他们新的学年。学校里学生人种混杂:既有戴着头巾的穆斯林女学生,又有穿着肥大的新校的加勒比黑人男学生。由于家境贫寒,一部分小学生可享受免费的校餐。这部分学生在全校中的比例现已达英国平均比例的三倍之多。然而,对于这所由某名为“ARK”的慈善机构所运营的学院,督学人员表示“表现优异”,同时,某著名私学校长安东尼·塞尔顿(Anthony Seldon)也对其大加赞誉。Max Haimendorf, its young head, has adopted many ideas from American charter schools. His mission is to get as many children as possible to top universities. “It’s what changes lives,” he says. Notice-boards are festooned with information introducing children from primary level upwards to that aspiration.担任该学院校长一职的Max Haimendorf十分年轻。他从美国特许学校中借鉴了许多想法。其办校宗旨是让尽可能多的学生能进入顶尖高等学府。“这将改变命运”,他表示。学校的布告栏上贴满了宣传其学生从小学一路考入名牌大学的各种信息。Ambitious outfits like this delight Michael Gove, the education secretary. He has expanded the academies programme which began under Labour, and which aims to give schools more control over their management and curriculum (though not their admissions policies) as well as discretion to vary teachers’ pay. Over half of state secondary schools are now academies. The coalition is also pushing free schools, created by parents and other groups dissatisfied with the local offerings. So far 79 free schools have opened, with another 100 in the pipeline.对于类似索罗门国王学院这样的学校,英国教育部部长迈克尔·戈夫(Michael Gove)表示十分欢迎。原本由英国工党发起的“学院计划”(academies programme)经其手得到拓展。该计划旨在使校方就学校管理、课程安排、教师工资方面(尽管招生政策不包含在内)有更多的自主权。如今,英国国立中学中有一半以上已是学院类学校。由家长等不满于地方政府补贴的团体也自发组成联盟,以推进此类公益学校。至今为止,已有79所义学向学生开放。同时,另有100所正处于酝酿之中。That Britain’s schools need to be transformed is clear. A new OECD report, Education at a Glance, notes that British pupils slipped down the international league tables in the past decade despite a big increase in spending, which doubled in real terms under the last Labour government. Asian and former communist countries in eastern Europe are leaving them behind.英国学校改革的必要性已不言而喻。据经合组织(OECD)一项名为“教育概览”(Education at a Glance)的最新报告显示,尽管英国政府的教育出激增,相比工党执政期最后一任内阁时的实际额度翻了一番,但其小学生平均成绩的国际排名在过去10年间有所下滑。而亚洲各国和东欧的部分原共产主义国家的表现,则不断赶超英国。Yet the government, so bold in many ways, has not dared to claim that its reforms will push the nation’s pupils up the rankings. England’s schools are different, but not yet demonstrably better (Scotland and Wales oversee their own schools, though not with much distinction). And as the schools revolution rolls on, new problems are popping up.而即使各方面都行事大胆的英国政府,也不敢宣称其改革将升高本国小学生成绩的国际排名。英格兰的学校相对比较不同,但也无法明其表现较好(而苏格兰和威尔士则拥有学校监督的自主权,尽管差别不大)。随着学校改革的推进,新的问题也将不断浮现。The sp of more autonomous schools has created a gap in accountability, which has been filled in a piecemeal way. Getting sluggish local authorities out of running schools is one thing. Ensuring effective intervention when things go wrong in academies or free schools is another. At the moment this role is left to the Department for Education—a state of affairs described by one critic as “Napoleonic” (it is also odd, given the coalition’s enthusiasm for pruning Whitehall bureaucracy).随着各学校自主权的增强,问责制缺口问题已然出现。对此,解决方法各式各样。其一是使学校脱离地方政府的保守经营。其二是确保学院或义校出现问题时政府的有效介入。目前,该义务由英国教育部承担。对于该现状,某家称之为“拿破仑式管理”(同时,由于私人团体强烈要求精简英国政府,这一现状也比较反常)。The education secretary’s ability to send strong reformist signals, so useful in encouraging the growth of academies, can cause a mess. A row over the sudden downward revision of English GSCE grades suggest that the qualifications regulator responded to pressure to make exams tougher—a favourite theme of Mr Gove—without giving due warning of the shift in grade boundaries or how to address them.尽管教育部部长多次有力地暗示将进行教育改革,并有效地刺激了学院式学校的开办,但最终可能引起混乱。就近期英国普通初级中学毕业文凭评级(GSCE)向下修正一事争论迭起,这说明英国的资格考试审查机构屈于压力而增加考试难度(这迎合了戈夫部长的主题),但却没有酒评级标准改变和应对方法作出相应的提醒。Another conundrum is what to do if an academy or free school under-performs (in America, charter schools close every year). Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of OFSTED, the schools inspectorate, hankers for powers to inspect academy chains as well as the local authorities who run the country’s remaining (and frankly neglected) comprehensive schools. OFSTED only has the right to inspect individual schools: a hangover from the previous system. One remedy might lie in the creation of powerful regional school commissioners, who could demand changes, send in improvement teams when things go awry and generally strive to outdo one another. A flaw in both Labour and Conservative school-reform efforts is that there is little drive for improvements to sp round the country. A keener sense of regional responsibility might help.另一个问题是,对于表现不佳的学院或义校该如何处理(美国每年都有倒闭的特许学校)。英国教育标准局(OFSTED)负责监督学校,其局长麦克·威尔萧爵士(Sir Michael Wilshaw) 则希望获得更大的权力,以监督各个学院以及经营英国其他(说白了就是被忽略的)综合学校。而目前,英国教育标准局的权力仅限于监督个别学校,这是先前的教育体系所遗留下的。对此,设立权限较大的地方教育专员可能是一个解决办法。该专业可以要求教育改革,发生问题时派遣补救小组,总体上又能相互竞争。英国工党和保守党在教育改革上都存在一个问题,那就是缺乏将改革扩散至全国的动机。而提高地区政府责任意识可能会有所改善。Ultimately, though, no amount of structural change, interventions or inspections counts for as much as good teaching. Lord Adonis, a former Labour minister who set up the academies programme, says it is “simply absurd” that top universities have no stake in teacher-training, a job left too long, he says, to “under-par educational sociologists”. The best schools could be given more autonomy and incentives to help train teachers, ensuring that newcomers learn from the best of their profession, not the middling performers. Rewards need sharpening, just as poor performers should be edged out more quickly. The coalition, which has supported “golden hellos” for some graduates training as teachers, could do more to entice top maths and science performers. (It might not harm to recruit a few teachers from the Asian Tiger economies, too, if only to impress parents with the amount of homework they would set.)然后最终,无论进行多少结构性改革、加大多少政府介入和审查,都不如改善教育质量来得有效。学院计划的发起人,前工党大臣阿多尼斯男爵(Lord Adonis)表示,教师培训对于顶尖高等学府无关紧要,这“简直荒谬”。他还称,教师培训这一工作被搁置得太久,“教育社会学家们都失望了”。那些优异的学校可以获得更多自主权,同时在教师培训上有更强的动机。这样,可以确保教授学生的是那些顶尖的师资,而非中庸的讲师。对于那些表现不佳者,需要立刻予以取代。同时,留任者的报酬也宜有所提高。而那些私人团体向来持对毕业后接受培训的准教师们提供优厚待遇,这些团体在招揽优秀的数学、理科教师方面将更胜一筹。(若只是为了给家长们留下海量作业的印象,雇佣一些来自“亚洲四小龙”的教师也无伤大雅。)England’s reforms are sound—just not sufficient by themselves to transform outcomes. The focus should now be on acquiring as many brilliant teachers as possible, as fast as possible. Pursuing that aim, rather than judging progress by the numbers of freshly-hatched schools, is the vital next step towards better education.英格兰的教育改革本身没错,只是通过自身不足以改变结果。而现在,改革的焦点应该集中在尽可能多而快地招揽优秀教师。相比以新办学校数来衡量成果,师资力量才是今后改善教育的关键一步。 翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世 /201607/454566二道区中医院看病贵不贵 At just before four oclock in the afternoon of 12th March 1938.1938年3月12日下午4点以前。Adolf Hitler drove down the road and cross the River Rhei into Austria.阿道夫·希特勒正在开车过河前往奥地利。He was coming home.他正在回家的途中。This town, B.A, was his birth place and it was in this house that Hitler had first entered the world 49 years before. 这是他出生的小镇,而且就是在这所房子里,希特勒在49年前第一次进入世界。The croweds were so ecstatic that Hitlers motorcade took several hours to reach the city of linth, the place Hitler had gone to school and lived for much of his youth. 拥挤的人群如此欣喜若狂,以致于希特勒的车队花了几个小时才到达,他之前就读于该地的一所学校并且在这里度过了青春岁月。The welcome here was the most tumultuous yet.欢迎的声音在这里非常疯狂。I think we cried most of us at that time.我想那时我们大多数人都流下了热泪。Tears were running down our cheeks and when we looked our neighbors, it was the same.我们禁不住流下泪水,当我们看着自己的邻居时也是一样的感觉。You all, and he said that to us:你们所有的人,他对我们说:You all shall help me build a empire to be a good empire with happy people who are thinking and promising to be good people.你们需要帮助我建立一个帝国,所有人都会感到快乐而且承诺所有人都会成为好市民。201503/363058长春治疗妇科的医院哪家专业

长春省中医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱Russia has named Slade mere Putin man of the year for the 15th year in a row.15th year in a row.俄国已经连续15年将瓦德米尔·普京选为年度人物了 连续15年哦Putin got 143 million votes and the guy,he was up against got killed in a mysterious voting accident.普京得到了1亿4千3百万票 他的竞选对手 死于船只神秘事故You think Putin was nervous last night,pacing in front of the phone?你觉得普京昨晚会紧张吗 在电话前不停踱步And the guy who got killed in the boating accident,the boat was in a warehouse.死于船只事故那家伙 那艘船还在仓库里呢But no investigation.Not one.但无人展开调查 完全没有This is a kind of cool news.A ;walking dead; Spinoff is going to be set right here in Los Angeles.这挺酷的 《行尸走肉》的衍生剧 将把故事背景设置在洛杉矶The Zombies are expected to do the two things in L.A refuse to do,walk and eat meat.僵尸将做洛杉矶人民不肯做的两件事 走路和吃肉Jeb bush making a lot of news.Jeb bush put up a facebook post about possibly running for president,and it was full of typos.杰布·布什最近总上新闻 杰布·布什在脸书上发表了帖子 关于将来可能参加总统竞选 但通篇错字After ing it,George W.Bush asked what typos?It looks fine.读过之后 小布什问 什么错字 没问题啊The porn industry has been in court arguing that making porn actors were condoms,Violates their first amendment rights.色情产业在法庭上抗辩 逼迫色情明星戴套 有违他们的第一修正案权利Porn is protected by the pursuit of life,liberty and the pursuit of safe happiness.他们还称 受追求生命 自由 和追求虚假幸福的权利所保护201610/471640吉大一院网上预约 The Thompson family has been constructing stained glass and leaded glass windows in Michigan since 1929.;You know, were not interested in making sun catchers or little things that we sell at craft fairs. Thats just not our business. Our business is stuff thats much longer lasting than that,; explained Dirk Thompson.The familys stained glass windows have been installed in churches, colleges, businesses, and high-end homes. Thompson Art Glass also does a lot of restoration work.They day I visited his son, Dirk Thompson, Jr., was piecing together a leaded glass window for Cranbrook Academy of Art.It seems there was a stray soccer ball at the school.The younger Thompson held a piece of glass and began to scribe an arc freehand. The Thompsons work all over Michigan, parts of Ohio and Canada. Work is steady, but over the last couple of decades a major source of business has slowed.;But, demand for church windows, there hasnt been as many church windows built in the last 20 years, so the demand is down.;Not a lot of new churches, but there are some additions to churches and so stained glass windows are still in demand, albeit at a slower rate.Thompson says there has been growth in other areas: homes. And in Michigan a lot of those stained glass scenes are not necessarily biblical. Theyre often hunting scenes.;We get a lot of wildlife requests. We get a lot of requests for flowers and for foliage scenes, grapes and leaves, and again more wildlife,; the elder Thompson said.On the walls there are sketches of completed jobs. Included were designs of moose, an otter, deer, hunting dogs, wolves, cardinals, and more.;Yeah. (Customers) bring us their ideas. If they have any photos, they bring those along. And then we do composite drawings and develop the concept,; Thompson explained.Its no accident that Dirk Thompson, Sr. continued the family business. It was encouraged. Planned.;When I was a kid, our grandfather sent four grandsons that seemed to be inclined. In grade school, he sent us to art class every summer. In high school, he sent us to art class at Cranbrook Academy. To be honest with you, I worked here at the shop on Saturdays with my dad since about seventh grade. I had no question what I was going to do because I just absolutely loved the art work,; Thompson said.Dirk Thompson, Jr. is the fourth generation of the family to get into the business. Dirk Senior says hes glad the family craft, art, and business is still going strong.;Im just thrilled as can be. Ive got –currently got three young grandsons and I hope theyre going to be the fifth generation. But, again, that has yet to be seen,; he said, smiling.Both of the Thompsons say they cant imagine doing anything else. Seeing a concept come to reality is rewarding in itself.The senior Thompson recalls a particularly rewarding job: three walls of stained glass at St. Marys in Pinckney. The job led the Bishop to pull Dirk Thompson aside.;He told me personally, he said, You know, this was a beautiful building, but now that its got the stained glass in it, its a place of God. And, I mean, thats worth any amount of money in the world, to get a compliment like that.;201607/454939长春妇保医院网上预约咨询

四平妇幼保健院做输卵管通液多少钱But she knows about it and his buddies are really into it.Yeah,its pretty cool.她知道 他的小伙伴都很喜欢 挺好的Theyve never seen a movie that Ive done.Theyve never seen me do anything.Thats interesting.他们从没看过我演的电影 他们没见过我的任何作品 真很有意思啊I mean,Ive never...most of the time its not really suitable for children我的大部分作品不太适合孩子看But Ive never...you know, Ive made it a very specific kind of thing to separate my life and then my job但我很注重 把我的生活和工作分开 occasionally Ill flip around on TV and something will be on like Anger Management or something,well watch it and then theyll you know click it off.偶尔我打开电视 看到《愤怒管理》这样的节目 我会看 然后关掉Lets turn that off,I think thats wise.I think thats good.关掉电视 我觉得这挺好I like my kids to think Im a Realtor.我希望我的孩子以为我是地产商Ill say sold another house in the Valley.Good job,dad.我又在圣费尔南多谷卖出了一套房子 他们说 好样的 爸爸They really...they really dont seem that interested in this...in like any other movies Ive done alreay他们似乎的确对我演的其他电影不怎么感兴趣But this one,you know,theres something I think about the shrinking element and the ants that the kids are...但这部 我觉得是因为有缩小的桥段 还有蚂蚁 孩子们很The special effects are great and there are a lot of fun visuals特效十分精 很多视效十分有趣you becoming really small in the world that youre in and some of the problems you encounter being...its...比如你会在你所处的世界变小 还有你遇到的问题都……Right.Well,theres a whole new technology that theyve used to kind of film this.嗯 他们在这部电影中用了新科技It wasnt like in maybe some other movies theyve done previous to this they have a practical thing.不像此前的其他电影那样 他们有实物Like a big giant pencil or thumbtack and Im running around.像大铅笔或者图钉 我在跑This was all macrophotography.They are all separate units filming everything so colse up,这都是宏观摄影做到的 近距离拍所有场景So its all real and then the technology they use,they can put me in it.所以都是真的 然后他们用技术把我放进去well lets take a look at it,we have a chip here from Ant-man.我们看一段《蚁人》的片花吧Do you want to set this up?你要介绍一下吗?201607/452806 When a virus enters your body, your body has to recognize it, then produce a protein called an antibody.当病毒进入你的身体,你的身体会进行识别,然后产生一种被称为抗体的蛋白质。These antibodies attach to the virus and neutralize it; however, in the time it takes your body to produce enough antibodies,the virus may have aly multiplied enough to make you sick.这些抗体会附着在病毒上然后进行中和;然而这段时间内你的身体会产生足够的抗体,而病毒的数量可能已增加到足以使你生病。Heres the good news once your body has learned to make the right antibodies, it can make them much faster, neutralizing the virus before you get sick.好消息是一旦你的身体已经学会产生正确的抗体,就会使它们加速产生, 在你生病前将病毒中和。Vaccines teach your body to recognize and react to a virus quickly.疫苗教给你的身体迅速识别并且对病毒做出反应。There are two types of vaccines you can get to teach your body to recognize a virus.有两种类型的疫苗可以教给你的身体识别病毒。In activated vaccines contain a dead virus, which cannot infect your cells, but your body recognizes it as a virus and produces antibodies to neutralize it.灭活疫苗中含有一种死亡病毒,不会感染你的细胞,但你的身体会意识到这是一种病毒然后产生中和抗体。The vaccines for polio and the seasonal flu use dead viruses.脊髓灰质炎及季节性流感疫苗就是使用已经死亡的病毒。201501/354236长春看妇科病好点的医院蛟河中医医院可以做人流吗



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