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长春治疗不育医院那个好长春五马路妇产医院网上挂号长春做处女膜修复要多少钱 A spokesman for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted Karl Rove on Tuesday afternoon, days after his comments questioning her health at a New York City conference became public.据外媒报道,继美国前总统布什顾问卡尔·罗夫质疑前国务卿希拉里的健康问题后,53日下午,希拉釷克林顿的发言人炮轰卡尔·罗夫。According to a New York Post report, Rove suggested multiple times during the conference Clinton may have suffered a ;traumatic brain injury; when she was hospitalized in 2012 for a blood clot caused by a concussion she suffered in a fall.据《纽约时报》报道,罗夫在会议中多次暗示克林顿可能患“脑损伤”,因为她曾012年因脑震荡产生血凝块住院。Though Clintons team refuted Roves remarks in the Posts story, spokesman Nick Merrill went further Tuesday afternoon in a statement provided to Business Insider. Merrill said Roves behavior was ;its own form of sickness; and an attempt to make a false political issue out of Clintons health. ;From the moment this happened seventeen months ago, the Right has politicized her health,; Merrill said in the statement. ;First they accused her of faking it, now they’ve resorted to the other extreme and are flat out lying. Even this morning, Karl Rove is still all over the map and is continuing to get the facts wrong. But he doesn’t care, because all he wants to do is inject the issue into the echo chamber, and hes succeeding. It’s flagrant and thinly veiled.;尽管克林顿团队反驳了罗夫在《华盛顿邮报》上的言论,发言人梅里尔还是3日下午进一步在Business Insider(美国知名科技客)上发表声明,指责罗夫这样做是因为他自己“有病”,所以企图制造关于克林顿身体健康的虚假政治话题。“这件事发生7个月前,右翼派一直将她的健康问题政治化,他们之前指责希拉里假装生病,现在又采取另一个极端手段,制造谎言。”梅里尔在声明中说。甚至到今天早上为止,卡尔·罗夫仍然继续颠倒是非。但是他并不在乎事实本身,他只是想成功地挑起话题,他的行为如此明目张胆,目的一览无遗。Merrill also suggested Rove and other conservatives are afraid of Clinton.梅里尔还暗示罗夫和其他保守党在害怕克林顿;They are scared of what she has achieved and what she has to offer. What he’s doing is its own form of sickness,; Merill said.“他们在害怕希拉里取得的成绩和贡献,他这样做才是有病。”Merrill also repeated the Clinton camps initial response to the Post story, which was that her physical condition is ;100%, period.;梅里尔同时重申了克林顿阵营对《华盛顿邮报》的最初回应,认为希拉里百分之百健康;Time for them to move on to their next desperate attack,; he said.“现在将是他们进行下一轮攻击的时候了。”Rove backtracked slightly on his reported comments Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News. However, he said her health will be a concern in a potential 2016 run for president ;whether she likes it or not.;罗夫在福克斯新闻中否认了他在13日发表的言论。然而,他依旧表示,不管她乐不乐意,她的健康问题可能会影响到2016年的总统竞选;I didn’t say she had brain damage,; Rove said. ;My point was, is that Hillary Clinton wants to run for president, but she would not be human if this didn’t enter in as a consideration. And my other point is, this will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she likes it or not.;“我没有说她患有脑损伤,我的观点是,因为希拉釷克林顿想要竞选总统,我们必须考虑这个问题。并且,不管她乐意与否,这都将成016总统竞选的一个问题。”来 /201405/298923长春中日联谊医院医生的QQ号码

吉林省长春市儿童医院在哪Despite China’s faltering growth, Costa Rica is looking to Beijing to help it plug a growing hole in its public accounts, as it starts talks on the sale of a bn bond.尽管中国经济增长乏力,但哥斯达黎加还是希望中国帮助填补其不断扩大的财政赤字。目前,哥斯达黎加正就发0亿美元债券事宜与中方展开商谈。Commodities producers in Latin America have long seen China as a deep-pocketed ally, and Costa Rica will be hoping it can emulate Venezuela and Ecuador, which have both secured Chinese funding this year as they battle the oil price crash.长期以来,拉美大宗商品生产国一直把中国视为资金雄厚的盟友,哥斯达黎加希望自己可以效仿委内瑞拉和厄瓜多尔,后两个国家都在今年应对油价暴跌之时获得了中方的资金。“We’re in the initial stages of negotiations,Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís told the Financial Times in New York. He acknowledged, however, it was “not the best time for China“我们正处于谈判的初始阶段,”哥斯达黎加总统路易斯吉列尔莫∠利斯(Luis Guillermo Solis)在纽约告诉英囀?金融时报》。不过,他承认,现在“对中国而言并非最佳时机”。Costa Rica’s ties with China have deepened since 2007, when the Latin American nation severed ties with Taiwan and established relations with Beijing. Beijing rewarded that decision by buying 0m in bonds at a preferential 2 per cent interest rate. Costa Ricas sovereign debt was cut to junk status last year, and the new bond would again have a favourable rate.2007年以来,哥斯达黎加与中国的关系一直在加深。那一年,这个拉美国家切断了与台湾的关系,并与北京方面建立了外交关系。作为对这一决定的回报,北京方面%的优惠利率购买了3亿美元哥斯达黎加国债。去年,哥斯达黎加主权债券评级被下调至垃圾级,此次新发行的债券将再次提供优惠利率。Mr Pacheco, speaking by telephone from San José, said a proposal had been submitted to the Chinese and he hoped for a reply within six weeks as 016 is just around the corner and we’d like to have the funds to start the year哥斯达黎加代理财政部长何塞弗朗西斯科帕切Jose Francisco Pacheco)在圣何塞接受电话采访时表示,哥斯达黎加已向中国提交一项方案,他希望中方在六周内作出答复,因为016年即将到来,我们希望能在年初时获得资金”。Mr Solís, who was seeking to drum up investment, referred to China “a strategic partner Beijing is building a key highway linking the capital with a bn container port at Puerto Moín to double capacity for the world’s top pineapple exporter. Mr Solís visited Beijing this year and the two nations agreed to set up a special economic area in Costa Rica for Chinese investment and to “promote a growing Chinese presence in the region索利斯正竭力招揽投资,他把中国称作哥斯达黎加的“战略合作伙伴”。中国正在哥斯达黎加修建一条重要的高速公路,将把该国首都圣何塞与莫因Puerto Moín)价0亿美元的集装箱港口连接起来,令这个全球最大菠萝出口国的出口能力提高一倍。索利斯今年曾访问中国,两国同意在哥斯达黎加设立一个面向中方投资的特别经济区,并“推动中国增强在该地区的影响力”。来 /201510/402153吉林省第四人民医院妇科地址 长春市一院做人流怎么样?

辽源第一人民中医院做人流可以吗Enthusiasts for the “Africa Risingstory of rapid growth on the continent have spent much of the past 15 years strongly denying that the impressive economic performance was essentially about selling commodities to China. That confidence is currently being severely tested.笃信非洲大陆将实现经济快速增长的“非洲崛起”故事热爱者在过去15年里常常强烈否认这种观点:非洲引人注目的经济表现主要是因为向中国出售大宗商品。这种信念目前正遭遇重大考验。Prospects have darkened considerably. Growth momentum in much of sub-Saharan Africa is petering out. The International Monetary Fund reckons that growth rates in the region this year will fall to their lowest since before the global financial crisis and recover only marginally next year.前景已大为黯淡。撒哈拉以南非洲大部分地区的增长势头正在消失。国际货币基金组IMF)估计,该地区今年的经济增速将降至自全球金融危机爆发以来最低水平,明年仅会略有回升。Like many emerging economies, sub-Saharan African nations are discovering that a disturbing proportion of the rise in growth since 2000 was based on exporting expensive raw materials and importing cheap capital. China is the region’s biggest trading partner, and a fall in revenue from selling commodities there is hurting African economies.与很多新兴经济体一样,撒哈拉以南非洲地区的国家发现,本地区000年以来的经济增长,来自于出口高价原材料和进口廉价资本的部分大得令人不安。中国是该地区最大贸易伙伴,向中国出售大宗商品的收入下滑正损及非洲经济。Unsurprisingly, the worst-affected are the oil producers such as Nigeria and Angola, hit hard by the fall in the global price of crude. The IMF has cut from 7 per cent to 3.5 per cent its predictions for growth this year in the eight main oil-exporting countries, which make up about half of sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product.不出所料,受影响最大的是尼日利亚和安哥拉等产油国,全球原油价格下跌令这些国家遭受重创。IMF将该地区8个主要石油出口国今年的经济增速预期从7%下调.5%,这些国家占撒哈拉以南非洲地区国内生产总GDP)的一半左右。Some slowdown was inevitable, but governments have not prepared well. Having failed to use enough of their bumper revenues over the past decade to rebuild reserves, many are coming into the commodity crunch with less fiscal space than they went into the global financial crisis.一定程度的经济放缓是不可避免的,但政府没有做好充分的准备。由于未能充分利用过去十年中的巨额收入重建储备,很多国家在遭遇大宗商品危机之际,可运用的财政空间比全球金融危机来袭时还小。Middle-income countries with significant commodity exports have also been feeling the pinch. Ghana, for example, has been disadvantaged by falls in gold prices. It also stands as a cautionary tale about how mismanagement of natural resources can turn a boon into a curse.大量出口大宗商品的中等收入国家也受到影响。例如,加纳因金价下跌而受到不利影响。该国还展示了一个关于自然资源管理不善可能会把好事变成坏事的警示案例。Ghana discovered oil in 2007 and began pumping it in 2010. But rather than reduce government debt, hold the revenues offshore in a standalone fund or indeed invest it domestically to increase productive capacity, Accra bought domestic popularity by using anticipated revenue to triple the salaries of the civil service and expand energy subsidies, and borrowed heavily from abroad.加纳2007年发现石油资源,2010年开始开采。但加纳没有减轻政府债务、将海外收入归入一个独立基金或切实投资于国内经济以扩大生产能力,而是利用预期中的收入将公务员薪资提高两倍并增加能源补贴来提升国内民意持率,同时从海外大举借债。In the latter course, it was not alone. Several African countries issued eurobonds for the first time in their history as the search for yield in a world of super-low interest rates drove investors to hitherto neglected corners of the developing world.加纳并非唯一从海外大举借债的国家。多个非洲国家在其历史上首次发行了欧元债券,因为在全球超低利率环境下追逐收益率的投资者忽视了发展中国家这些角萀?In Ghana’s case at least, the foreign borrowing spree looks even more foolish now than it did at the time. The country’s sovereign debt yields have spiralled, the currency has plunged and this summer the government called in the IMF for a rescue.至少就加纳而言,海外借贷热潮现在看上去要比当时愚蠢。该国的主权债务收益率已螺旋上升,本币汇率大幅下挫,今年夏季该国政府请求IMF纾困。Sub-Saharan African countries do not appear to have seized the opportunity of a favourable external environment to diversify and strengthen their economies sufficiently to thrive despite a change in that environment. Weak business environments and poor infrastructure need to be improved if they are to rise beyond their traditional patterns of dependence on the vagaries of the commodity and capital markets.撒哈拉以南非洲国家看上去没有抓住外部有利环境的机遇,真正实现经济多样化并增强经济实力,力求在环境发生变化时仍能蓬勃发展。如果要超越依赖于变幻莫测的大宗商品和资本市场的传统模式,这些国家就需要改善缺乏活力的商业环境和薄弱的基础设施。The pessimism should not be overdone. The continent contains huge potential, and the growth slowdown is less dramatic than in other emerging markets. Still, underdevelopment and inequality remain high. The idea that sub-Saharan Africa was embarking on a sustained growth surge that would lift large swaths of its population out of poverty has for the moment proved overly optimistic.我们不应过度悲观。非洲大陆拥有巨大潜力,增长放缓的幅度不像其他新兴市场国家那么大。然而,该地区发展仍然落后,不平等程度仍然很高。认为撒哈拉以南非洲地区经济将持续快速增长、使大量人口摆脱贫困的想法目前看来是过度乐观了。来 /201511/408270 When it comes to managing Germany’s refugee surge, Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to learn from past immigration waves.对于如何处理涌入德国的难民激增的问题,德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)承诺要从过去的移民潮中吸取教训。She would do well to talk to 23-year-old Elvedin Goljica. The Kosovo-born student might seem a poster boy for integration. After arriving as an infant with his parents from war-torn Yugoslavia in 1992, he did well at school, attends a top university and has a prestigious foreign ministry internship.她大可以跟Elvedin Goljica谈一谈。这名出生在科索沃、现3岁的学生看起来也许是移民融入当地社会的典范992年尚在襁褓的他随父母从饱受战争蹂躏的南斯拉夫来到德国,他学业出色并进入顶尖大学就读,目前拥有一份光鲜的外交部实习工作。But Mr Goljica argues that he suffers from the gap that still divides ethnic Germans from immigrants and their German-born children. For him it is mostly to do with xenophobic jokes, pointed questions about his name, and occasional encounters with rude officials.但是,Goljica认为,本土德国人与移民及生于德国的移民子女之间仍然存在差距,这让他感到痛苦,主要的问题是那些仇外的玩笑、针对他的名字提出的尖锐问题以及偶尔遇到的粗鲁官员。“If I say my name, people assume I am a foreigner. People ask me about Kosovo as if it were my home, but I have never lived there since I was a baby,he says.“如果我说出自己的名字,人们会认为我是外国人。人们会问我关于科索沃的事,就好像那是我故乡似的,但是我很小的时候就离开那里了,”他称。He is so concerned that he has joined an online campaign called “I too am Germanyin which immigrant-origin young people have posted pictures to emphasise Germany’s multicultural reality. Others on the site talk about everything from racist insults to ticket inspectors picking on dark-skinned passengers.为此他加入了网上一个名为“我也是德国人I too am Germany)的活动。在该活动中,移民出身的年轻人贴出了许多展现德国多元文化的照片。还有些网民讨论从种族攻击到检票员专门挑深肤色的乘客等种种现象。Faced with the burden of taking in an estimated 1m migrants this year, the German government might be forgiven for paying less attention to the complaints of people aly established. But Ms Merkel says those granted asylum must feel at home. She told the Bundestag this month: “We must learn from the experiences [of the past] . . . and, from the outset, put the highest priority on integration.”鉴于德国今年预计将接收100万移民,德国政府较少关注现有移民的抱怨或许是可谅解的。但是,默克尔称,那些得到庇护的难民理应感觉像在家一样。她9月向德国联邦议院(Bundestag)称:“我们必须从(过去的)经历中吸取教训……而且从一开始就高度重视融入问题。”Mr Goljica’s story is relevant because he was part of the last big wave of asylum-seekers to shelter in Germany 350,000 refugees from the Yugoslav wars of the early 1990s. Confronted with the arrival of other eastern European migrants and the turmoil of German reunification, the government took a hard line over the Balkan refugees under rightwing political pressure.之所以要提Goljica的故事,是因为他是上一波涌入德国寻求避难的大规模难民潮——上世纪90年代初逃离南斯拉夫战争涌入德国5万难民——的其中一员。在同时还要面对其他东欧移民涌入以及两德统一引发动荡的背景下,德国政府当时在右翼政治压力的影响下对来自巴尔干半岛的难民采取了强硬政策。Most had to return to Bosnia after the 1995 Dayton peace accord, with only about 40,000 remaining after 2000, says UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. Those who stayed struggled to be granted permanent residence, including the Goljica family. “For 10 years my father fought with officials,said Mr Goljica.联合国难民署(UNHCR)表示995年《代顿和平协定Dayton Peace Accords)签署后,多数人不得不返回了波斯尼亚,仅有4万人000年后仍然留在德国。那些留下来的难民很难获得永久居民身份,其中就包括Goljica一家。“我爸爸和官员争0年,”Goljica称。Bernd Mesovic, of Pro Asyl, a lobby group, says: “It was idiotic to push people out. Many of the best-qualified went to the US.”游说团体“持避难组织Pro Asyl)的贝恩德蔠索维奇(Bernd Mesovic)称:“把人们赶出去的做法是愚蠢的。很多最有资格的人都去了美国。”The ex-Balkan refugees are among Germany’s best-integrated immigrants, with many benefiting from ties with relatives who had arrived in earlier decades, and community organisations. Former refugees include prizewinning writer Sasa Stanisic and football international Neven Subotic. Edmin Atlagic, president of IGBD, a leading Bosnian community group, says: “We have adapted well to Germany because we came from a secular pluralist society.”前巴尔干半岛难民是德国最融入当地社会的移民群体之一,其中很多人都受益于比他们早几十年到达德国的亲戚以及社区机构的帮助。前难民中包括获奖作家萨沙斯塔尼希奇(Sasa Stanisic)以及国际足球明星内文苏蒂奇(Neven Subotic)。主要的波斯尼亚社区团体IGBD的主席埃德明阿特拉吉Edmin Atlagic)称:“我们已经很好地适应了德国,因为我们来自一个世俗的多元化的社会。”Today’s Middle Eastern refugees are escaping civil war, like their Balkan predecessors, but they are arriving in a country that is much more welcoming than 25 years ago. The German economy, burdened in the 1990s by reunification costs, is powering ahead and companies are crying out for skilled workers. As Ms Merkel says, the country has money for supporting refugees.就像过去来自巴尔干半岛的难民一样,如今的中东难民正在逃离内战,但是他们所抵达的国家比25年前更欢迎移民。上世纪90年代受到统一代价拖累的德国经济如今一马当先,企业迫切需要熟练工人。正如默克尔所言,德国现在有钱持难民。Also, successive governments have rejected past anti-immigration policies, when immigrants were seen as temporary visitors, and have backed integration. Since 2000 Berlin has passed laws to fight discrimination, support immigrants (via language lessons), ease rules for migrantsGerman-born children to claim citizenship, and relax restrictions on asylum-seekers working.此外,德国多届政府都反对过去的反移民政策(当时移民被视为临时访客),而持融合。自2000年开始,柏林通过了一系列法律来消除歧视、(通过语言课)帮助移民、放宽在德国出生的移民子女申请公民身份的相关规定、以及放宽对寻求庇护者参加工作的限制。Germany today has Europe’s largest immigrant population; over 10m out of a total of 81m. Immigrantsearnings lag behind the native population’s by about 20 per cent, only a little more than in the UK and France. Further, an easy-access social security system means that Germany has only 28 per cent of foreign-born people in poverty, fewer than in Britain and France, according to the EU.如今德国拥有欧洲数量最庞大的移民人口;100万人口中有超00万是移民。移民的收入比德国本土人口低20%左右,这个比例仅略大于英国和法国。而且,据欧盟数据显示,容易参与的社会保障体系意味着德国仅有28%的外来移民处于贫困之中,低于英国和法国的比例。But immigrant-origin Germans still lag behind natives in living standards, housing quality and education. According to the OECD’s Pisa education tests, immigrant-origin youngsters scored an average of 54 points below their non-immigrant classmates in mathematics in a 2012 study a smaller gap than the 81-point difference of a decade earlier but bigger than the 34 OECD average.但是,在生活水平、住房条件以及教育方面,移民出身的德国人仍然落后于本土德国人。根据经合组OECD)国际学生评估项目(Pisa)测试结果,在2012年的一项研究中,移民出身的青少年在数学上的平均得分比非移民的同学低54分,0年前81分的差距有所减小,但是仍大于经合组织的平均差距(移民比非移民平均4分)。Refugee activists call for further action, including more provision of German lessons and affordable housing. But the ex-Balkan immigrants are disappointed that Syrian asylum-seekers are receiving residence rights of only three years. Conservative Germans say even this is too generous since refugees should be y to leave when their home countries stabilise. But Mr Atlagic says: “People need to have the perspective of permanent residence from the outset. Only then will they will fully commit to integration in Germany.”为难民奔走的活动人士呼吁政府采取进一步措施,包括提供更多德语课程以及可负担住房。但是前巴尔干半岛移民对来自叙利亚的寻求庇护者将仅获年居住权感到失望。德国人中的保守派甚至称,这太过宽宏大量了,难民应该随时准备好在其祖国局势稳定后离开德国。但是阿特拉吉奇称:“人们应该从一开始就抱有永久居留的想法。只有这样他们才会在德国尽力去融入社会。”来 /201510/402451长春市阳光女子医院是国有的吗长春无痛人流一般价格是多少



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