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He was betting that the memory of the last round would be a deterrent.他在赌人们还未模糊的记忆 还有威慑力He was right.The granite and marble tombs of the dead from Edgehill,marston Moor and Worcester were still being carved.他是对的 边山 马斯顿荒原和伍斯特 死者的陵墓上 碑文仍见着这一切That war began as a parliamentary protest and ended in Puritan crusade.那场战争以议会的抗议开始 最终以清教徒战争结束Who wanted that back? Not the exclusionists.They blinked first.谁会想要重蹈覆辙呢 至少不是驱逐者 他们首先会反对James did get the keys to the kingdom when his brother died in 1685,当他的兄长于1685年去世 詹姆斯坐上了王位and he inherited a new parliament with a massively royalist majority,along with widesp public sympathy.他同时也继承了一个新的议会 里面大多数成员是保皇派 而且他还得了大众同情Within three years, though, he had squandered it all.但不出三年 他就将此挥霍一空了James never had any intention of hiding his faith.詹姆斯从没想过要隐瞒他的信仰His Catholicism wasnt just a private comfort to be celebrated away from the public gaze.他的天主教信仰并不只是个人的行为 远离公众的视线的个人祈祷No, James was going to be a visible Catholic king.but he was playing a dangerous game.詹姆斯要做一个尽人皆知天主教国王 但他是在火中取栗When James tried to reverse anti-Catholic laws,pillars of the establishment 当詹姆斯试图废除反天主教法令时 这个国家的柱the country gentry and the Church of England were horrified.贵族和宗教 他们都感到了恐慌 /201704/506321南平市玻尿酸美白针多少钱Its hard to imagine that this data can exert such很难想象 这些数据竟有可能a level of potential control over us如此掌控我们but looking for the patterns in the data这些数据中潜藏的模式can give anyone analysing it huge power.将会给任何分析它的人带来巨大力量Whats become increasingly understood人们开始逐渐意识到is how much is revealed by meta-data,有多少信息的泄露是通过元数据by the information about who is sending messages通过发送信息的人and how often theyre sending them to each other.以及发送频率This reveals information about our social networks,这会泄露我们社交网络的信息it can reveal information about the places还会泄露that we go on a day-to-day basis.我们每天的出行信息All this meta-data stacks up所有这些元数据叠加起来to allow a very detailed view into our lives可以窥探到我们生活中的细节and increasingly what we find is that并且我们渐渐发现these patterns of communication can even be used这些通讯模式可以被用来in a predictive sense to determine factors about our lives.预测决定我们生活的因素And what some people fear有人担忧is what the sp of this analysis could lead to.如果这些分析数据被传播会发生什么Ultimately the concern of this is that, in a dystopian scenario,终极问题是 在这样反乌托邦的情形下you have a situation where every facet of your life is something你生活的方方面面都被公开that is open to analysis by whoever has access to the data.任何能接触到你数据的人都能对你进行分析重点解释:1.control over 控制例句:The horse was frightened but the rider soon got control over it.那匹马受了惊,但骑师很快就把它控制住。2.stack up 堆积例句:How much do all these figures stack up to?这些数字的总和是多少?3.lead to 导致例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。201701/486507厦门韩国鼻部整形术栏目简介:Six competitors from across the world will show off their Shanghai dialect skills on a talent show next month. They say Shanghai dialect plays an important role in their lives here. Huang Yue has more...201703/492628On top of that,the forest is cut in half by a fast snowmelt river in full torrent.在顶端 森林被一条奔流不止的雪融河一分为二If you want to maintain your bearing thats a river youve got to get across.不想挑战你的耐力 这条河是必经之路Take your time on this.这里可得花点时间Make sure youre certain really of the footing before you move.在迈出步子之前 得先确保那脚踩下去是安全的Follow this branch down, okay?顺着这个岔道走怎么样A lot of water piling over that waterfall.飞流直下三千尺的瀑布Pretty sheer drop-off. That is a problem.这可真是个麻烦And also, its just slick rock going down to that.只能摸着滑溜溜的石头过河I dont want to end up in that white water.水流湍急 我可不想丢了小命Its also gonna be freezing cold.We need to find another way to try and get across there.这水肯定冷得要命 我们得另想个法子过河Only last year, an experienced climber was crossing a fast mountain river like this in Georgia.就在去年 一位很有经验的登山者 在格鲁吉亚过一条类似的河流时He lost his footing and the power of the water pinned him down against a rock.脚底一滑 水流强大的力量将他卡在岩石间He didnt make it.These rivers look crossable but they pack a punch.And youve always got to respect them.因而不幸丧命 这些河流看起来应该不难过 可难度也不小 决不能小看了它们Something hanging over there.Get over here!这边有东西 走这边When youre in the wild,you get used to seeing only natural forms.在野外 你已经习惯浑然天成的自然景观So any man-made object will stand out like a sore thumb.因此任何人造的东西都会格外醒目Pretty old-looking pulley system and bucket.老式的皮带轮和篮子You know, mountain people often used this sort of thing to ferry supplies across.山里人常常利用这些 工具来运送给养See, these wires are in quite good nick.看 绳索完好无损Should be able to make some sort of zip wire across here.可以用来做高空滑索 穿过这里201704/505363厦门好的皮肤整形医院

厦门欧菲医院是什么等级南平市妇幼保健院大夫栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451754厦门市欧菲医院咨询The takedown of Standard Oil bodes well for the rising guard of a new generation of businessman-- most of all Henry Ford.标准石油公司的拆分对新一代的企业家是个好兆头 对亨利·福特更是如此Ford awaits the future of his company.福特等待着对他公司未来的判决After the powerful auto Cartel, ALAM, charged him with breaching their patent on the automobile and tried to shut him down.强大的汽车卡特尔ALAM指控他违反其汽车专利并试图关闭他的工厂Its a potentially life-changing moment not just for Ford, but for the future of every industry in the country.这很可能是个改变命运的时刻 不仅仅是对福特 对国家所有行业的未来都是如此In a surprise decision, the court rules in favor of Henry Ford.出人意料的是 法院做出了对亨利·福特有利的判决ALAM has no legal claim to the design of the car.ALAM在汽车的设计上没有法律索赔权Henry Ford is free to innovate without repercussion.亨利·福特可以无忧无虑地追求创新Well, guys, that was it. Lets go sell some cars.好了 伙计们 我们去卖车吧Fords dream is made a reality.福特的梦想成为了现实The car belongs to everyone.大家都能拥有车子Fords success put him forward in American life as a new kind of businessman but, in crucial ways, unlike Rockefeller or Carnegie he wasnt trying to gain a monopoly.He was trying to bring a product to the people. The American population ate this up and they made Henry Ford a kind of folk hero.福特的成功 让他成为了美国新生商人的代表 但奇怪的是他和洛克菲勒或者卡内基不一样他不去追求垄断地位 只是试图将产品卖给人民 美国人民挺受用 将亨利·福特看成一种民间英雄201608/455042厦门市妇幼保健医院祛痣

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