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Flight 370 family hires U.S. law firm Stage is set for a multimillion dollar lawsuit over Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CNN#39;s Laurie Segall reportsJoin me now Legacy and Money coorespondent L, L based on passed crisis which would win, passengers families take action, it is bascially and automatically they win these suits?It is not necessary automatic, I mean this kind of cases I have heard up, but there is a lot skepticisms in this particular case because of juridication, but you know I actually spoke to an attorney who represented several victims of plane crashes and their families, and he gave me an idea how much compensation they were able to get, let me bring it down for you.In Egypt Air 990 crash and the attorney was able to get 3.6 million dollars for the families of the plane crash victims and its extended family. So quite a bit. and American Airline flight 587 the attorney represented 14 victims and was able to get 32 million dollars total, and it was air flight 111 he represented 4 families and was able to get five million.I should say this Jim that not all of these numbers are divided evenly between the families , they are based on a whole number of factors, where was the lawsuit filed, where was these person from, what was their income, so all these factors are going to play out, and could be potentially to play out in this particular case.And this was what even cost to place it overseas, you got an American company you got Asisan airline, so it is complicated, tell me about the first family, to pursuit legal action, the family of S, where they are acting now? what we know about them?You know I think if we take a step back, you know there is grief at the heart of this, the father that#39;s behind this, it is a grief of a father who is losing his son, and this is probably you know I spoke to, his son is named F, I spoke to many of his friends, give me a little bit insight and who he is, you know , they say he just graduated from a very prestigious techincal university in Indonesia, he was an electrical engineer major , and he just got a job as field engineer at a US oil company in China, and he actually gone to Kuala Lumpur for training for this,and this is what you know what began this fate, so they also describe him as very social and loving music in Kuala Lumpur you know, and so I think when you began to look at this , you look the images of victims#39; families, you can really wrap your heard around, the fact that his father is destroyed and he wants answers, he is not necessary getting them, so he is desperately to go a court to get them, and this particular case, they are asking for a lot of information from these courts, Jim.Yes, not just money that is asking for a permission, you know you looked at the pictures, you heard their stories, they are really very personalized, these suits that is certainly not just numbers, that is 239 people, thank you very much for joinning us Legacy. /201403/282942The Kalahari is the black rhino#39;s last stronghold.喀拉哈里是黑犀牛们最后的栖息地And here, under the cover of darkness,在这里 在黑暗的掩护下at one secret and very special waterhole,在这个隐秘而特殊的水坑旁rhino abandon their normally solitary life,犀牛们抛弃了原本离群索居的生活and come from miles around to meet under the stars.从数英里外而来 在星光下相聚Using the latest starlight camera,通过最新型的星光摄像机we can reveal for the first time the rhino#39;s true character.我们得以首次揭露犀牛真正的性格特征This young female seems nervous.这头年轻的的雌犀牛似乎有些紧张She senses other rhinos close by.她觉察到附近出现的其他犀牛A mother appears from the shadows with her calf.一头母犀牛带着她的幼崽从黑暗中走出来Tentatively, they greet one another.他们尝试性地向对方打了个招呼They may be ill-tempered by day,在日间他们或许脾性暴躁but now they become gentle and affectionate.但此刻 他们变得温柔多情More and more arrive.犀牛们接踵而至 Article/201312/266768

And once they were settled, they deliberately collected grass grains still on the stalk, and by collecting and sowing the seeds, they almost inadvertently carried out a very early kind of genetic engineering: they slowly created the world#39;s great staple crops, wheat and barley. With this more stable life, our ancestors turned to new gods, and they made images which show and celebrate the key elements in their changing universe; food, power, worship, sex and love. And the maker of the #39;lovers#39; sculpture was one of these people.一旦定居下来,人类就开始刻意收集一些谷物还长在茎秆上的植物,在这样收集与播种谷物的过程,他们几乎不经意地进行了一种非常早期的基因工程,慢慢地培育出世界伟大的主食农作物—— 小麦和大麦。以这种更加安逸的生活为基础,我们祖先开始了新的造神运动,他们创造出各种各样的形象,来展示与庆贺自身周围那日益改变的宇宙间关键元素:食物、权力、宗拜礼仪以及性爱。这件恋人雕塑的制造者,就是这些人类中的一员。I am in the Manuscript Saloon at the British Museum, most people walk straight past the case that contains the statue of the lovers. 在大英物馆的手稿展厅部分,大多数人民经过这对恋人雕像的展台时,都是视而不见般地擦身而过。Perhaps it#39;s because from a distance it doesn#39;t look very much; it#39;s a small, muted, greyish stone about the size of a clenched fist. But when you get nearer to it, you can see that it#39;s a couple, seated, their arms and legs wrapped around each other in the closest of embraces. There are no clear facial features, but you know that these two people are looking into each other#39;s eyes. 大概是因为远距离点来看,这件物品挺不起眼的。一枚灰不溜湫、大概握紧的拳头般大小的石头而已。然而当你走近点瞧瞧,这是一对男女,盘坐着,四肢交缠到对方身上,仿佛一对不可分离的鸳鸯鸟。他们没有明确的面部特征,但你可以知道他们肯定是彼此互望,深情款款。I think it#39;s one of the tenderest expressions of love that I know, comparable to the great kissing couples of Brancusi and Rodin, and I asked the contemporary British sculptor, Marc Quinn, what he thought of it:我认为这是我心目中一种表达爱意最温柔的方式,堪比布朗库西与罗丹那些伟大的热吻中情侣的作品。我就此询问了英国当代雕塑家马克·奎恩的看法:#39;It#39;s incredible to be in the presence of this object, which is from so long ago. To me, what#39;s incredible about this sculpture is that when you move it and look at it in different ways, it changes completely. And so here you have this thing , from the side, you have the long shot of the embrace, you see the two figures. “这件作品年代居然这么久远,实在是令人难以置信。对我来说,更让人惊叹不已的是,当你转动这雕塑,从不同的角度来欣赏它时,呈现在你眼前的也绝然不同。从这个角度上,你看到双人相拥的侧面。From another side it#39;s a penis, from the other side a vagina, from another side it is breasts - it seems to be formally mimicking the act of making love as well as representing it as well. And those different sides unfold as you handle it, as you turn this object around in your hand , so they unfold in time, which I think is another important thing about the sculpture , it#39;s not an instant thing. 从这面看,倒像是阴茎;转过来这面呢,像是阴道;转过来又出现了乳房——它似乎是很正式地在模仿性爱的动作,而不仅仅是代表这种行为。随着你转动角度的变化,不同的场景也在你面前一一呈现。因此他们及时呈现,这是我认识这件雕塑另一个重要的一点,这不是一个一瞬间的事情。You walk round it and the object unfolds in real time. It#39;s almost like in a pornographic film, you have long shots, close-ups , it has a cinematic quality as you turn it, that you get all these different things and yet it#39;s a poignant, beautiful object about the relationship between people.#39;你绕着这件作品走一圈,它的众多场景似乎是实时上演,几乎像在观看一部色情影片,长镜头、特写镜头——这种几乎接近电影质量给予你的是丰富的感受;这件美丽与感染力强烈的作品描述了人与人的关系。” Article/201404/283664


  In 2002, Real Madrid won the European Cup for a record of 9th time2002年,皇家马德里创纪录的获得了第九次冠军杯。In the decade since, One manage has dominated European football.之后的十年中,一位教练一直在统治欧洲足球。重点词汇:decade 十年例句:During the past decade that belief has proved correct.过去十年明这一信念是正确的。 Article/201406/306734。

  A US military refuelling plane has crashed in Kyrgyzstan after exploding in mid air. The aircraft took off from the US military transit center in Kyrgyzstan#39;s Manas airport, established for NATO operations in neighbouring Afghanistan.一架美国军用空中加油机在吉尔吉斯斯坦半空中爆炸后坠毁。这架飞机从玛纳斯机场的玛纳斯转运中心起飞,玛纳斯转运中心为北约向阿富汗转运物资而设。Officials didn#39;t say where the plane was heading and the US transit center declined to comment. A civil aviation official said storm clouds could have caused the explosion. Kyrgyzstan#39;s Emergencies Minister said there were between two and five crew members on board.官员没有透漏飞机的航向,美国转运中心拒绝。一名民用航空官员说暴风云可能会引起爆炸。吉尔吉斯斯坦紧急情况部部长称飞机上有两到五名机组人员。 Article/201305/238440

  You don#39;t need a private investigator or mutual friends to do a background check on a date. Being your own sleuth is all about knowing where to look—and what you#39;re looking for.你不需要或共同的朋友来了解约会对象的背景。做自己的侦探,你只要知道去哪里查看,需要查看哪些内容就可以了。You Will Need你需要Some free time一些空闲时间And patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Find out date#39;s names1.查明约会对象的名字Find out all you can about your date#39;s name—get any former married names, maiden name, nicknames, and middle names.查找关于约会对象名字的任何信息——已婚姓名,婚前姓,绰号,中间名。STEP 2 Google names2.搜索名字Conduct Google searches on all variations of your date#39;s name—first name with full middle and last name, first name with middle initial and last name, et cetera.通过谷歌搜索约会对象每一种名字——姓氏,中间名和全名互相组合。STEP 3 Google email amp; phone number3.搜索电子邮件和电话号码Run Google searches of the person#39;s email address and phone number.使用谷歌搜索对方的电子邮件地址和电话号码。STEP 4 Check Google images4.查看谷歌照片Check Google images for pictures of the person.查看对方的谷歌照片。STEP 5 Search social networking sites5.查找社交网站地址See if your date has a page on MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking sites.查看约会对象是否有MySpace, Facebook或其它社交网站页面。Make sure web pages you find refer to your date, not someone with the same name.确保你查找的网页是关于你的约会对象的,而不是同名的其他人的。STEP 6 Do background search6.进行背景调查Do a background search by logging on towww.backgroundcheckgateway.co m, which helps people conduct free investigations.登录该网站查看对方的背景。该网站可以提供免费的调查。STEP 7 Check dating sites7.查看约会网站Check Match.com and other popular dating sites for profiles of the person.登录约会网站查看对方的资料。If you know a lawyer, journalist, librarian, or other professional with access to LexisNexis, a powerful online database of published and legal documents, ask if they#39;ll do a little digging on your behalf.如果你认识律师,记者,图书管理员或者可以登录LexisNexis的其他专业人员,该网站是一个强大的在线数据库,收录有大量出版的文件或司法文件,问一下他们是否可以为你查看一下。STEP 8 Check sex offender registries8.查看性侵记录Make sure your date is not a sexual predator by logging on to, which provides links to various states#39; online sex offender registries.登录该网站提供各州在线性侵犯记录链接,确保你的约会对象不是猎艳者。STEP 9 Go on a date9.约会If you don#39;t find anything alarming, appalling, offensive, or illegal, go out on that date—and draw your own conclusions.如果你没有发现值得警惕,骇人听闻,令人讨厌的或者非法的内容,可以去约会,然后自己得出结论。Nine percent of applicants to the online dating service True.com are rejected when the site#39;s routine background check discovers they are married and/or have a criminal record.9%的在线约会务True.com申请者被拒,因为该网站常规的背景调查发现这些人已婚或有犯罪记录。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/320664It was an instanty,creating a super star whose influence would change the world forever.影片红极一时,一位超级巨星就此诞生,他的影响永久地改变了世界。;Secret chambers of Han#39;s evil empire...;;韩先生邪恶帝国的密室...;For many people, ;Enter the Dragon; was their first glimpse of this new Asian super star.对于许多人来说 ;龙争虎斗;是他们第一次见识这位新的亚洲超级巨星The movie left profound and lasting impression,influencing and inspiring people around the world,like rapper and actor LL Cool J.这部影片经久不衰,影响并启发世界上许多人,例如说唱歌手兼演员LL Cool J。From the first time I saw him on screen,you know, I just thought he was eletrifying.从第一次在荧幕上看见他,我就觉得他电力十足。He had a lot of charisma.He was magnetic, so fluid.And his movement was so cat-like.It was just really really exciting for you.魅力无限,非常吸引人,很灵活,变化无穷,动作简直和猫的一样。真的太过瘾了。A lot of speaking he did through movement,through posture, through looks and glances.I mean there were certain scenes where he didn#39;t even have to say anything.他的大多数语言通过动作,通过姿态和眼神来表达。有些场景他根本就不用说话LL Cool J is the first rap artist to amass 10 consecutive platinum-selling albums.He#39;s moved on to his successful acting career,with more than 30 films under his belt.LL Cool J是史上第一位连续发行10张白金唱片的说唱歌手,他还成功进军影视圈,出演了30多部影片。Bruce Lee influenced me because Bruce Lee made me wanna make movies.He was a powerful human being and, you know, that in a power that resonating.He jumped off the screen and touched you personally.李小龙影响了我 正是因为他 我才会想拍电影,他是个很有力的人 呃 一个号召力很强的人,他就像从荧幕里跳了出来 触及你内心深处。 Article/201401/271329The turtles that escape the perils of the beach小海龟们逃脱了海滩上的危机still have to face pounding surf.接踵而来的是海浪的重击But, at last, they#39;re in their element.但是最终 他们如鱼得水般获救More than can be said for the crew.对摄制组而言就没那么幸运了They#39;re faster than you, aren#39;t they? Yep.他们比你游得快 对吧 是的It#39;s a bit embarrassing.那可有点难堪Beaten by something that#39;s less than a day old.被出生还不到一天的小东西打败了When you see hatchlings get off the beach and going in the white water,当你看着小海龟离开沙滩 游入白色的海水you#39;d think they#39;d just get obliterated.你会以为他们被海水吞没了They just punch through the water; they do get flung around他们努力划水 不停被水流冲击 but then they just right themselves,但他们很快调整了姿态 keep on swimming and they#39;re ahead of you,继续游 并且游在你前面 coming out the back of the wave最后出现在海浪的背面and it#39;s amazing.那太神奇了You#39;re seeing all these baby turtles getting picked off,小海龟被海浪冲得失去了方向left, right and centre, but they just keep going.左右晃动 但他们从未停止前行They are just so resilient.他们迅速就恢复了活力And that made what happened next so distressing.但接下来发生的事着实令人悲痛 Article/201404/289335

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these states has the most sinkholes? If you think you know it, then shout it out. 哪个州的沉洞最多?如果你觉得你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Alaska, California, Florida, or Minnesota? You got three seconds. Go.它是阿拉斯加、加利福尼亚州、佛罗里达州还是明尼苏达州?你有3秒钟的时间,开始!Because of its terrain, you are more likely to find a sinkhole in Florida than these other states. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.由于地形原因,你最有可能在佛罗里达州发现沉洞。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Florida#39;s terrain is ideal for sinkholes. 佛罗里达州的地形对沉洞的形成很有利。They can form when the rock under the land#39;s surface is dissolved by ground water. 当地表下的岩石被地下水溶解时,就能形成沉洞。The land above can then fall in the hole, taking along whatever was on it. 沉洞上方的土地会带着地面上的所有东西塌陷到洞里。This was on it. 这就在上面。In Clermont, Florida, Sunday night, a vacation resort near Disneyworld, where people heard popping, cracking, then saw windows blow out as part of the building crumbled into the ground. 在佛罗里达的克莱蒙特,周日晚上,迪斯尼世界旁的一个度假区,人们听见爆裂、破裂声,然后看到一座正在崩塌到地里的房子的窗户飞了出来。More than 30 people were evacuated in time. 约有30人被及时疏散。There were no injuries, which is kind of amazing when you consider that the crater that swallowed this place was 60 feet wide and 15 feet deep. 令人惊讶的是,当你想到吞没这里的大坑有60英尺宽15英尺深,居然都无人受伤。Just a reminder of how dangerous sinkholes are. 只是想提醒一下大家沉洞有多危险。And to show you what#39;s actually under them, CNN#39;s David Mattingly dove in and took a swim.为了向您展示在下面到底有什么,CNN的大卫·马丁利潜入水中一探究竟。 /201308/252378The culture of veneration and protection extends right across Tibet, helping to preserve a unique yet fragile ecosystem.这种尊重保护生灵的文化在西藏传播开来,从而使这种独特脆弱的生态环境得到了维持。Out on the plateau there#39;s a small creature that#39;s at the root of much of the grasslands#39; delicate ecology. Despite summer snow storms, the pika, a relative of rabbits and hares, is perpetually eating and gathering grass, and digging burrows for its family.在高原微妙的生态系统中有一种,小型生物生活在生态链的底端,尽管暴风雪肆虐,一种与家兔和野兔同类的鼠兔,仍然在不停地吃草并储存起来。The pika#39;s constant excavations aerate the soil, which helps the plants to grow.还给家人刨洞,鼠兔不停地挖洞使空气进入土壤,帮助植物生长的更好。In the short summer, the landscape is carpeted with hardy grasses and decorated with endemic flowers.在短暂的夏天耐寒的草与这儿特有的花儿装点着大地。In such a frugal environment, the pika#39;s farming helps to kickstart the food chain. But the pika itself is a very tasty morsel. Its presence has enabled anuneasy relationship to develop between two of the plateau#39;s most opportunistic predators, the fox and the bear.在这样原始的环境下鼠兔的活动有益于保持食物链的完整,鼠兔肉很可口但是鼠兔数量太少了,它现在的数量勉强能够维持高原上的两大肉食动物,狐狸和熊。 /201403/281346



  Britain Pledges Extra 52m In Syria Aid David Cameron holds Syria humanitarian relief talks with G20 world leaders as international tensions continue over the crisis.新闻背景:俄罗斯圣彼得堡二十国集团(G20)峰会期间:联合国秘书长潘基文在晚宴上对各国领导人表示,任何军事行动都必须得到安理会的持。普京表示对叙实施武装干预将扰乱世界经济秩序,并称若叙利亚遭到美国袭击,俄将会展开援助。欧洲理事会主席范龙佩在圣彼得堡的记者会上表示,欧盟反对军事解决叙利亚危机,主张尽快公布叙利亚化学武器问题调查结果。美国驻联合国大使萨曼莎·鲍尔(Samantha Power)表明美国政府将放弃在对叙动武上寻求联合国安理会持的努力。It was never going to be an easy chat. But at least as G20 leaders prepared for dinner, Syria was no longer the elephant in the room. It was the centre piece for discussion and debate.On the key question of prorposed military action, David Cameron has no hand left to play. But he made a decent face of not looking too deflated. While unable to offer active support to Barack Obama, the Prime Minister aimed to buttress his arguments in what proved to be a polite but predictable tabling of entrenched and opposed positions.“Some people will never be satisfied with...”“Do you think that includes President Putin? It sounds like he would.”“I haven’t yet seen any evidence that Russia will change their position at the ed Nations. But the best way of doing this, of course, is to have a UN resolution, a condemnation of Syria, a backing for all necessary measures to be taken.”The hand shake between David Cameron and Vladimir Putin was not the warmest at this summit. The two men don’t see eye to eye on a host of issues. But nor of they yet descended to the arctic level of US-Russia exchanges.However, remarks attributed to Vladimir Putin spokesman threaten to throw a bit of spanner into the works. It said Dimitri Pescov described Britain as just a small island. No one pays any attention to them.“The whole story is a bit odd, because one thing we know is that this remark didn’t come from one of the G20 press conference halls. In fact, it wasn’t made in St Petersburg at all. It seems to have from some sort of press briefing earlier on in the week that no one at that time chose to report. Anyway, it is perhaps worth pointing out that the Russian position generally about the British parliamentary vote was that it was great news, because it undermined the move towards the military action.”The hosts pulled down all the stops with the sound-and-light show stretching into the small hours. After their spectacle, the Russian President found time to meet David Cameron, who once helped to facilitate humanitarian aid in Syria. He’d hoped to be able to forge agreement on such a pressing subject. But given the divisions of the top table, it might be wise not to bet on it. Joy Jones, Sky News, at the G20 in St Petersburg. /201309/256298


  在慷慨激昂的演讲中,获得麦克阿瑟奖的活动家Majora Carter详细地表述了她在South Bronx为环境正义而斗争的故事--并讲述了少数民族地区如何被不完善的城市政策害得最惨。 Article/201304/231718

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