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厦门祛除眼角口周纹Carrefour(福) Auchan (欧尚)   AIRBUS(空中客车) PSA(标致雪铁龙)Renault(雷诺) LV(路易维登)ELLE(艾丽) Etam(艾格)MORGAN(根) DUPONT(都彭) Balenciaga(巴黎世家) Montagut (梦特娇) Cartier(卡地亚) GIVENCHY(纪梵喜) Lacoste(鳄鱼) Loreal(欧莱雅)Vichy(薇姿) Lancome(兰蔻)Christan Dior(迪奥) Chanel(香奈儿)Hermes(爱玛仕) Chloe(克洛伊)Clarins(娇韵诗) YSL(圣罗兰)Biotherm(碧欧泉) Clinique(倩碧) Guerlain(娇兰) Avene(雅漾)Evian(依云) Martell(马爹利)Remy Martin(人头马) Hennessey(轩尼诗) /200804/36088三明打美白针多少钱 詹妮佛#8226;加纳当选《魅力》杂志“年度女性”Jennifer Garner has been named Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year.詹妮佛#8226;加纳最近当选为著名时尚杂志《魅力》的“年度女性”。The Juno actress graces the cover of the US publication in an exquisite floor-sweeping backless turquoise gown for the November issue honouring fantastic females.这位天后级演员荣登美国时尚杂志《魅力》11月号的封面,照片上的她身穿一袭露背曳地绿松色华美礼。这期杂志专门向不平凡的女性致敬。The 35-year-old star - who has a 22-month old daughter, Violet, with husband Ben Affleck - has been recognised as a shining example of how to juggle a successful career and a happy family life with style and elegance.詹妮弗今年35岁,她的女儿维奥莱特22个月大。一直以来,她和丈夫本#8226;阿弗莱克被公认为是拥有成功事业与幸福家庭的完美典范。The former Alias star will be honoured at a glitzy event at New York's Lincoln Centre on November 5.11月5日,在纽约林肯艺术中心将举行盛大的颁奖礼。届时,这位曾经的“双面女间谍”将获此殊荣。Nobel-prize winning novelist Toni Morrison and golfer Lorena Ochoa are among 12 other women who will also be celebrated at the glamorous event.这次盛会还将向获奖的其他12名女性颁奖,其中包括诺贝尔奖得主、长篇小说家托妮#8226;莫里森和高尔夫球运动员罗瑞娜#8226;奥乔亚。Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin, 11, will be honoured at the ceremony after being named as the first ever Girl of the Year.年仅11岁、曾获奥斯卡奖提名的童星艾碧姬#8226;布丝莲将获得有史以来第一次颁发的“年度女孩”殊荣。In June, Victoria Beckham was named UK Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year.今年六月,维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆被英国《魅力》杂志评为年度女性。The Spice Girl, who also won Entrepreneur of the Year, attended the London event dressed in a corset and pair of frilly knickers.辣身穿束腹紧身衣和镶褶边灯笼裤出席在伦敦举办的颁奖礼,她同时获得“年度企业家”称号。Somaly Mam - a "modern-day saint" who devoted her life to rescuing girls from sex slavery - was named the US Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year in 2006.柬埔寨人权女斗士玛姆有“现代圣人”之称,她将毕生精力用于拯救沦为性奴力的女孩。她在2006年被美国《魅力》杂志评为“年度女性”。 /200803/32750三明脱毛医院

福建第二人民医院在线医生咨询Armenia:亚美尼亚:Two white doves may be released to signify love and happiness.The bride may dress in red silk and may wear cardboard wings with feathers on her head.Small coins may be thrown at her.人们放飞两只白鸽,以示爱情和幸福。新娘穿着红色丝质装,头戴饰有羽毛的纸翼。人们还可向新娘投掷硬币。Caribbean:加勒比地区:A rich black cake baked with dried fruits and rum is especially popular on the islands of Barbados, Grenada and St.Lucia.在巴巴多斯,格林纳达和圣卢西亚,用干果和朗姆酒制作的味道浓郁的蛋糕十分常见。It is considered a“pound”cake — with the recipe calling for a pound each of flour, dark brown sugar, butter, glace cherries, raisins, prunes, currants, plus a dozen eggs and flavorings.人们把这种蛋糕称为“一磅”蛋糕,因为制作这种蛋糕需要面粉、红糖、黄油、糖霜樱桃、葡萄干、李子、红醋栗各一磅,加上一打鸡蛋和调味品。The dried fruits are soaked in rum and kept in a crock anywhere from two weeks to six months.制作蛋糕的干果要在朗姆酒中浸泡并在瓦罐中保存两个星期至6个月。Croatia:克罗地亚:Married female relatives remove the bride’s veil and replace it with a kerchief and apron, symbols of her new married status.由已婚的女性亲戚摘下新娘的面纱,换成一块头巾和一条围裙,意味着新娘的已婚身份。然后由所有的已婚妇女为新娘唱小夜曲。She is then serenaded by all the married women.Following the wedding ceremony, those assembled walk three times around the well (symbolizing the Holy Trinity) and throw apples into it (symbolizing fertility).婚礼仪式结束之后,所有来宾围绕着井走三圈(象征着圣父、圣子、圣灵三位一体),并向井中扔苹果(象征着生育)。The Czech Republic:捷克共和国:Friends would sneak into the bride’s yard to plant a tree, then decorate it with ribbons and painted eggshells.朋友们溜进新娘的院子去种一棵树,然后再用带和绘的蛋壳将树加以装饰。Legend said she would live as long as the tree.Brides in the countryside carry on the very old custom of wearing a wreath of rosemary, which symbolizes remembrance.传说新娘将与这棵树活得一样长。乡村的新娘还保留着佩带迷迭香花环的传统习俗,以表怀念之情。The wreath is woven for each bride on her wedding eve by her friends as a wish for wisdom, love, and loyalty.花环是在婚礼前夕由新娘的朋友编织而成,它象征着智慧、爱情和忠诚。Egypt:埃及:Families, rather than grooms, propose to the bride.In Egypt, many marriages are arranged.The zaffa, or wedding march, is a musical procession of drums, bagpipes, horns, belly dancers, and men carrying flaming swords; it announces that the marriage is about to begin.在埃及,由新郎的家人,而不是新郎本人,向新娘求婚。许多婚姻还是父母之命,媒妁之言。Zaffa,也就是婚礼,其实是一个有音乐伴奏的列队游行,有鼓、风笛、号角及肚皮舞,男人们手持火红的剑。这个仪式宣告婚姻即将开始。England:英格兰:Traditionally, the village bride and her wedding party always walk together to the church.Leading the procession: a small girl strewing, blossoms along the road, so the bride’s path through life will always be happy and laden with flowers.按照传统,乡村的新娘和参加婚礼的人们总是一起走向教堂。一个小姑娘走在队列的最前面,她一路抛撒鲜花,预示着新娘的一生幸福快乐,鲜花永伴。Finland:芬兰:Brides wear golden crowns.新娘头戴金色的花冠。After the wedding, unmarried women dance in a circle around the blindfolded bride, waiting for her to place her crown on someone’s head.婚礼后,未婚女子围着被蒙住眼睛的新娘跳舞,等着新娘将花冠戴到某个人的头上。It is thought that whoever she crowns will be the next to wed.The bride and groom have seats of honor at the reception.被新娘戴上花冠的人被认为是下一个要结婚的人。新娘和新郎坐在婚宴的贵宾席上,新娘手持一个筛子,筛子上盖有一块丝绸披巾。The bride holds a sieve covered with a silk shawl.when the guests slip money into the sieve, their names and the amounts given are announced to those assembled by a groomsman.当来宾们将钱塞进筛子时,一个伴郎会向在场的来宾宣布放钱的来宾姓名以及礼金的数额。Greece:希腊:The koumbaros, traditionally the groom’s godfather, is an honored guest who participates in the wedding ceremony.按照传统是由新郎的教父来担任婚礼的嘉宾。Today, the koumbaros is very often the best man, who assists in the crowning of the couple (with white or gold crown, or with crowns made of everlasting flowers, or of twigs of love and vine wrapped in silver and gold paper), and in the circling of the altar three times.现在,嘉宾通常由伴郎担任,其职责是协助新郎新娘戴上花冠(花冠有白色和金色的,花冠由四季开放的鲜花,或由用金色或银色的纸包起来的象征爱情的树枝和藤编织而成)。戴上花冠后,新人们围着圣坛绕三圈。Other attendants may Scripture, hold candles, pack the crowns in a special box after the ceremony.To be sure of a“sweet life”, a Greek bride may carry a lump of sugar in her glove on wedding day.其他出席婚礼的宾客则手持蜡烛,朗读《圣经》,并在婚礼后将花冠放置在一个特殊的盒子里。为了婚后生活能甜蜜,希腊新娘在结婚那一天,可在手套里塞一块糖。 /201312/267723 三明市妇女儿童医院诊所福建省厦门中医院专家电话



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