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The crew have three weeks to gather the footage they need.摄制组有三周时间收集影像素材We#39;re going to try a tracking shot on this ant nest.我们试着用推拉镜头拍摄这处蚁穴Moving forward towards it,像这样向前推近镜头as the ants pour out of the hole in their millions.对准蜂拥而出的成千上万只银蚁Not only are these insects super-fast,这些昆虫不仅速度惊人they also keep antisocial hours.出没时间也很反常The thing is, we need to be out here事实上 我们必须在正午时分in the middle of the day to film these ants.待在户外拍摄银蚁They don#39;t do what they do when it#39;s nice and cool他们不会在凉爽舒适的at seven, eight o#39;clock in the morning.早晨七八点出来活动I can#39;t remember ever being in a place印象中我从未到过如此where the wind was so relentless and the temperatures were so high.风沙凌冽 高温灼人的地方The insufferable heat is not the only problem.麻烦的不仅是难以忍受的热浪Dangers are everywhere.危险无处不在There#39;s a really fat scorpion, it#39;s really big!那里有只大蝎子 体型硕大One, two, three.一 二 三This might kill.它可能会毒死人的Yeah? Yeah.是吗 是的 Article/201405/298464厦门开双眼皮哪家整形医院好Over in China, the devastation in Sichuan Province中国的四川地震带来的破坏serves as a stark reminder of the potential cost深刻揭示了建在地震断层上的of building on earthquake faults.建筑物的潜在隐患Mike and Jing have come to Bailu, a mountain town麦克和刘静来到白鹿镇around 50 kilometres from the earthquake#39;s epicentre.一个距离震中五十公里的小山镇The fault passes right through this valley,断层贯穿整个山谷heading straight for the town#39;s middle school.直指小镇的中学Well, this is quite something.破坏力真是惊人Thanks to an astonishing stroke of luck,感谢幸运之神的眷顾the rupture missed both of the buildings containing classrooms,断裂没祸及两座教学楼but at the end of the playground,但在操场尽头the earthquake demolished a block of housing,地震摧毁了一片房子killing several teachers.几位老师遇难From a societal point of view,从社会角度出发what we would, er, be very happy about seeing here,我们很庆幸看到um, extraordinarily happy,十分的庆幸is that these buildings that are built建在断裂地带两边的either side of the rupture didn#39;t collapse,建筑物安然无恙and that one over there appears to have very little damage,而那边的建筑物除了玻璃被震毁以外you know, apart from broken windows,只遭受到少许损坏but, er, this rupture goes through但断裂带穿过的地方what used to be the dormitory for the school teachers也就是以前的教师宿舍and that#39;s completely gone.现已被夷为平地Um, so first lesson, don#39;t build across a rupture.所以首条教训是 不要在断裂地带兴建房屋 Article/201305/241347厦门开眼角多少钱When it comes to putting the moves on someone, no one can make themselves rejection-proof. But you can increase the odds of a good outcome.对某人采取行动时,任何人都不可能从来不遭到拒绝。但是你可以增加得到较好结果的机会。You Will Need你需要Eye contact眼神交流A warm smile温暖的微笑Cheese奶酪Circumspection细心Dignity尊严Steps步骤STEP 1 Look for cues1.线索Before approaching someone, try to catch their eye. If they hold your gaze for a moment and then fiddle with their appearance— like straighten their shoulders or touch their hair — chances are they’re interested.接近某个人之前,先试着接触对方的眼神。如果他们凝视了你一会儿,然后开始整理仪表——例如挺直肩膀或抚摸头发,他们很有可能对你感兴趣。Ladies, go man-hunting when you’re ovulating. Research shows that men are subconsciously attracted to women who are in that part of their cycle, which occurs 12 to 16 days before menstruation begins.女士们,可以在排卵期外出钓帅哥。研究表明,男士潜意识里容易被排卵期的女士吸引,也就是月经开始前的12天至16天。STEP 2 Lock eyes2.保持眼神交流If you’ve managed to engage your crush in a conversation, maintain eye contact. It’s called the #39;anchoring gaze#39; and it fosters feelings of intimacy.如果你们成功地在对话中产生了火花,保持眼神交流。这叫做“深情凝视”,可以促进亲密感。STEP 3 Order some cheese3.预订一些奶酪If there’s any way to work a cheese platter into the evening, do so. Cheese is chock full of the chemical phenylethylamine,an aphrodisiac.如果你有办法制作奶酪拼盘,那就努力去做。奶酪中含有丰富的化学物质苯(基) 乙胺,类似一种。Cheesy pickup lines, on the other hand, are a turnoff!而相反,劣质的搭讪则容易使人避之唯恐不及。STEP 4 Don’t overshare4.不要提供太多信息Don’t provide too much information upfront. Ex-lovers, copious numbers of pets, prison stints, and radical weight loss procedures are best left for another time.不要提供太多信息。前任,宠物编码,刑记录和减肥过程等等信息最好留到以后再聊。STEP 5 Beat ‘em to the punch5.先下手为强If it becomes obvious that the person you’re chatting up is not interested in you — their eyes are wandering; they’re grunting one-word responses; they’re not smiling — say, #39;It was nice meeting you,#39; and move on.如果跟你聊天的人很明显对你不感兴趣——他们的眼神游离,只用很少的语言来回应,没有微笑——主动说,认识你很高兴,然后走开。People who meet in fear-inducing situations are more likely to find each other attractive.在使人害怕的环境中结识的人更容易发现对方很有吸引力。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/320054厦门市妇幼保健院林七稚妇儿医院上下班时间

翔安区抽脂手术价格福建省中心医院的地址And when you#39;re talking about combat Well I mean if it is a sport,now you#39;re talking about something else.You have regulations. You have rules.要说格斗,如果是体育比赛那就是两码事,会有各种规则规定。But when you#39;re talking about fighting as it is...No rules? - With no rules.但就单纯格斗而言没有规则吗? -没有。Real fighting.Well, then, baby, you#39;d better train every part of your body.真正的格斗那你最好训练身体的各个部位Mixed martial art in the cage is for a contest.It#39;s a sport.笼子里的综合格斗是为了比赛 ,是项体育运动。I don#39;t know that I would call him exactly the father of mixed martial arts because, again, it is still sport, there are still rules.我不知道是不是该称他为综合格斗之父,因为综合格斗到底还是项有规则的运动。Bruce Lee was strictly for the street,taking guys out, not for competition.李小龙只属于街头把人打晕,而不是比赛。When they had these Vale Tudo fights in Brazil,there were barely any rules.巴西的无限格斗基本没有任何规则You could head-butt, you could kick in the groin, all kinds of things.可以用头顶,可以踢裆部,什么都可以。Bruce#39;s favourite weapon in the street fight was the finger jab.布鲁斯最爱用的招式就是刺指This hand would block the vision,so when he came up, like that.这招可以阻挡视线,他起来的时候就给他来一下。If you do that, it could be very serious damage to his vision for life.如果这样可能会对视力造成终身伤害Mixed martial art is the purest form of combat that you can possibly have in civilisation.综合格斗是文明世界里最纯粹的格斗形式Oh! With a kick.这一脚漂亮 Article/201311/266563翔安区中心医院专家在线提问secular religiousity;Correspondence between external immensity and inner intensity.;——Gasto Bachelard Article/201407/303244厦门市三院做去眼袋手术多少钱

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