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泉州牙齿矫正怎么样泉州电波拉皮除皱多少钱Cool Ways Advertising Executives You Into Buying Things: Top 10 Advertising Tricks and Techniques十大广告技巧:广告有妙招,引你把钱烧。Advertisers are sneaky tricksters who get you to think, see, and buy things without you ever even knowing you#39;ve been deftly manipulated into making a purchase. For more than a century, the art of product placement, graphic design, and subliminal messages have convinced us to buy more than we ever intended and to spend more than we ever wanted. The popular television show “Mad Men” presented a romanticized view of the advertising world, but the steps advertisers take are often grounded in scientific research.Those advertisers aren#39;t just guessing and making things up when they#39;re convincing you to buy. They#39;re using tried-and-true and proven methods to trick you. They use everything they can from manipulating the visual design of their products to creating special retail environments designed to convince you to buy something when you never even intended to take your wallet out of your pocket. Here are some of the coolest ways advertisers work their magic on you.广告商都极擅花言巧语。他们让受众脑子里惦着、眼睛里看着,直到钱包空了,才反应过来——“哦,被购物了”。一个多世纪以来,广告商在产品要如何摆放、平面要如何设计、潜意识信息要如何传递等方面都费尽心思。如此考究,无非是让顾客掏更多的钱,把更多的东西搬回家。《广告狂人》(Mad Men)是一部备受欢迎的电视剧,它为剧迷们呈现了一个美图秀秀后的广告圈,但片中广告人所采用的那些手段还是有科学依据的。那些广告商绝不仅是依靠猜测或编造故事来说顾客购物的。他们还采用实践明法,试错法等方法来“等君入瓮”。从提升产品视觉效果到营造个性的销售氛围,他们竭尽所能,让顾客心甘情愿掏钱包,将那些原本压根没打算采购的物件搬回家。以下介绍几种超有范儿的广告魔术。10.Advertisers Confuse and Bewilder You Into Buying10.混淆视听:购买之功If you look at the layout of a grocery store with a critical eye, you might think that a team of monkeys decided where to place products. However, it#39;s no accident that you can never find anything in a grocery store. Companies know that if you#39;re focused while you shop, you#39;ll be less likely to make impulse buys or make purchases you didn#39;t intend to make while wandering the aisles of the store. Imagine that you#39;re trying to find a can of beans, and you walk into the canned vegetable aisle to find them.Grocery stores can place certain foods in aisles where you#39;d never expect them, and your search for that special item often comes with an additional purchase you never intended to make. Maybe you noticed the tortillas were on sale while trying to find the canned corn and decided to buy a bag. To further confuse you into buying more than you intended, stores will also create interruptions designed to make you forget about finding a great deal on something.你在商店的陈列柜前驻足,用挑剔的眼光审视着每一件展品,心里默想:这摆放怎能如此杂乱无章。其实,在店里买不到自己心仪的物品很正常。商业公司认识到,若顾客太过于专注购物本身,则会减少因漫步商店走道而产生的“冲动消费”,抑或是“计划外消费”。试想,你正走在罐头蔬菜区,打算采购一罐豆子。商家就会在走道两侧摆放一些食品,这让你吃惊不已,因为你从未想过走道两侧也能用于商品展示,而你在搜寻特定目标的时候,可能不知不觉就往手推车里放了其他东西。在采购玉米罐头时,你一眼瞄到了墨西哥玉米饼,便顺手带了一包。商家为了达到“迷人眼”的效果,还会使出浑身解数来分散你的注意力,“哄”得你不仅将“只买对的,不买贵的”的初衷抛之脑后,还变身“购物狂”,大肆采购。A study conducted at Stanford University found that people who were interrupted when engaged in a task were more likely to engage in “risk-taking” than an individual who was allowed to conduct their business in peace. As far as buying is concerned, this risk-taking comes in the form of buying the product you were considering before you were interrupted even if it was more than you wanted to pay. Rather than remembering to get that calculator out, you forget that you didn#39;t actually check to see whether the large can of corn was a better deal that the small can.斯坦福大学的一项研究显示,工作中受到干扰的人,相较于那些不受干扰的人,更敢于承担风险。就购物而言,“承担风险”体现在,消费者在购物中断前即已买到钟意物品,即便物件价格远超你预想。你正顾着采购,且不亦乐乎,把用计算器核算那点儿事早忘得一干二净;此时的你已经忘了,自己其实并没有比对出,大小两种玉米罐头究竟哪一种更为合算。9.Salespeople Mimic You to Make You Spend More9.投君所好:意在钱包Did you grow up with a younger sibling who used to mimic your every movement just to annoy you? Or, were you the sibling who liked to annoy your brother or sister by mimicking their movements, speech, and tone of voice? Well, apparently those simple gestures and mimicry could get you a job as a salesperson because of how mimicked behavior influences a person#39;s decision to buy something. A study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that forming personal bonds between shoppers and salespeople was an effective way of increasing sales.你是否有小弟或,模仿着你的一举一动,让你不胜其烦?又或是,你从行为、言论甚至是声调都在模仿着你的哥哥?模仿行为将影响顾客是否决定购买产品;通过一些简单的手势以及适度模仿,你就能成为一名销售员。《零售及消费者务》(Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services)杂志发表的一份研究称,在顾客与雇员之间形成人际互动,不失为提高销售量行之有效的方法。The experiment featured four salespeople in a retail store who were told to mimic customers to see if that behavior could influence a person#39;s decision to buy something. Not only did mimicking customers ensure a higher overall sales rate, but the experiment also showed that people became more susceptible to a salesperson#39;s suggestions. Further, the customers were even likely to give the store and its salespeople high marks when evaluating their buying experience. This study built upon previous research that suggested people were more comfortable buying from salespeople who were very like themselves.该实验在一家零售店挑选了四位销售员,让她们模仿顾客的言行,从而了解销售员的行为举止,是否会对顾客的消费决定产生影响。实验的结果显示:模仿顾客的确能提高整体销售率,且销售员所给建议更易为顾客所接受。更有甚者,顾客在对消费体验进行评价时,会给这家店及雇员打出更高的分数。此前一项调查显示,若雇员与自己有着极高的相似度,则顾客购物舒适度将会更高。上述实验就是以该调查为基础而展开的。So, for example, a store selling clothing meant for a female demographic around ages 40 to 60 might hire saleswomen in that age range to improve the likelihood of a personal bond developing between the customer and the employee. Other research has even showed value in physical touch during the sales process, but only from female sales associates. A tap on the shoulder or a gentle nudge on someone#39;s back could lead to higher sales or more money spent. Like mimicry, tactile touch also improved a customer#39;s opinion of the store after making a purchase.因此,我们打个比方,若一家装店的目标群体为40至60岁的女性顾客,那么该店就会雇佣相应年龄的销售员,以提高顾客与雇员之间的人际互动。另一份研究显示,女性销售员在推销过程中与顾客所产生的肢体接触会产生不错的效果。如拍拍肩膀、轻推背部,都会让顾客花更多的钱,买更多的东西。同模仿一样,肢体接触也会提升顾客购物后,对商家的好感。8.Advertisers Prey on Your Feelings with Round Numbers8.偏爱整数:广告商机There#39;s a good chance you know someone who always has to have everything organized and neat, and they probably hate messes and leaving things out of place. Maybe this describes how you feel, and you hate it when things look messy. Overall, it would appear that many of us have these same feelings when it comes to rounded numbers and shopping. It#39;s very common for consumers to look for the lowest price on a product, but the results of a study aspublished by Science Daily revealed that people actually have feelings regarding prices with rounded numbers.你身边一定有这样的人,他们讨厌东西杂乱无章、乱丢一气,总是把每样东西安排得井井有条、整整齐齐。也许这恰恰说得就是你。谈到整数和购物的时候,很多人似乎都深有同感。一般来说,消费者购物时总希望物美价廉,但是《科学日报》(Science Daily)发表的一项研究表明,人们其实更喜欢整数的标价。Originally published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the study showed that consumers were actually drawn to rounded numbers on prices when a purchase was “feeling” based rather than one based on research. For example, buying a birthday present for someone and seeing a price of 0 rather than .78 would make someone more likely to make a purchase. On the other hand, a price with odd numbers in it would encourage a buyer to think about the price more and make a more informed decision as to whether it was a good buy or whether they could find a better deal somewhere else.这项研究最初发表于《消费者研究》杂志(Journal of Consumer Research)。研究显示,如果是凭感觉消费而不是经过一番调查比对的话,消费者实际上更容易被整数价格所吸引。例如,给人买生日礼物的时候,比起96.78美元,人更愿意购买标价为100美元的礼物。相反,如果价格是奇数的话,消费者可能就会考虑价格是否划算、在别处买会不会更便宜,然后做出更明智的决定。This study isn#39;t the only one to find that even the smallest changes in price can have a big impact on the likelihood that someone would make a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that increasing the price on a product can make people think it#39;s worth more even though no actual change was made to the product. From all accounts, humans notice even the smallest changes in price, but it#39;s not always a price in the downward direction that makes someone decide a product is an appropriate purchase.除此之外,还有很多研究发现,即使很细微的价格变动也能对消费者产生很大的影响。事实上,研究表明,尽管产品本身并没有发生实质性改变,但提高价格会让人们觉得产品内在价值有所提升。总的来说,哪怕很小的价格变化,消费者都能注意到,但并不是只有降价产品才会让人觉得值得购买。审校:假微信 校对:落花生 Freya然 /201507/384944泉州腰部溶脂哪家医院好 A Chinese documentary critical of the country#39;s dense smog has made waves online, but could augur positive economic benefits.批评中国浓重雾霾的纪录片《穹顶之下》在网络上引发了多轮讨论热潮。不过,该片还可能预示着积极的经济影响。The absence of negative ramifications for Under the Dome#39;s producer, Chai Jing, has been widely interpreted as a sign of greater official tolerance for discussion of China#39;s devastating pollution problems. Government censors have permitted the 104-minute film to stream on major internet portals while Chen Jining, environmental protection minister, said on Sunday he had texted Ms Chai to thank her for a film ;worthy of admiration;. Indeed, it is being compared to Rachel Carson#39;s seminal work #39;Silent Spring,#39; widely regarded as educating a generation of Americans in the 1960s about the importance of protecting the natural environment.《穹顶之下》制作者柴静并未因此受到处理,这一现象已被广泛解读为中国官方对污染问题相关讨论将持更宽容态度。目前,中国政府的审查机关允许这部时长104分钟的影片在主要互联网门户网站上在线播放。此外,中国环保部长陈吉宁周日曾表示,他已给柴静发过短信,感谢她制作了一部“值得敬佩”的影片。事实上,这部纪录片正在被与雷切尔#8226;卡森(Rachel Carson)的开创性著作《寂静的春天》(Silent Spring)相提并论。后者曾被广泛视为在1960年代教育了一代美国人,让他们认识到了保护自然环境的重要性。But Zhiwei Zhang, chief China economist at Deutsche Bank, argues that the could also have macro implications, both in terms of environmental regulation and protection as well as the media sector: “It was reported by Xinhua that the Minister of Environment Protection personally texted Chai Jing to thank her for the effort. This suggests to us that the government will likely take environmental protection more seriously, rebalancing the economy from merely concentrating on an investment-intensive model.德意志(Deutsche Bank)首席中国问题经济学家张智威称,该视频还可能在宏观层面产生影响,这种影响不仅涉及环境监管和保护方面,还包括媒体部门。他说:“据新华社报道,环保部长曾以个人名义给柴静发短信,赞扬她的努力。这一点暗示我们,中国政府可能会更严肃地对待环保问题,令经济摆脱投资密集型增长模式。“Another important implication is the potential benefits of reforms in China. The media sector has been heavily regulated with little space for independent producers like Chai Jing. The popularity of her shows that there is significant room for productivity growth if the government allows more private investment to enter sectors currently monopolized by the SOEs. As monopolized sectors are typically service oriented, such reform would channel more investment into environmental-friendly business, and help to contain pollution.“另一个重要影响是,它可能为中国改革带来潜在好处。在中国,媒体部门始终受到严格监管,柴静这样的独立制作人没有什么发挥的空间。她的视频的热播,表明政府只要允许更多私人投资进入目前被国企垄断的部门,就能为提高生产率创造巨大空间。由于垄断部门通常是务业的,这种改革将把更多投资导向对环境有益的企业,从而有助于遏制污染。”Before getting ahead of ourselves, the steps - particular in the latter scenario - are likely to be small. Ms Jing financed the film herself and it aly seems like the authorities are clamping down discussion of the film. As the FT reported earlier, the official Xinhua News Agency has deleted at least two original articles on the documentary from its website, including one about the environment minister#39;s praise for the film.不过,对此也不要高兴得太早了,上述影响的显现可能会十分缓慢——尤其是在后一个方面。事实上,柴静这部影片是她自筹资金制作的。此外,似乎当局正在打压对该片的讨论。正如英国《金融时报》此前报道的,中国官方的新华社(Xinhua)已从其网站上删除了至少两篇有关该纪录片的原创报道,其中一篇还曾提到环保部长对该片的赞扬。Whatever is going on behind the scenes, however, nobody can deny the severity of the pollution issue in China - not least the officials in Beijing this week for the NPC meeting.不过,不论幕后发生了什么,没人能够否认中国污染问题的严重性——本周参加人大会议的北京官员也同样不能否认这一点。 /201503/362667南安市人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱

泉州韩式隆鼻去哪里好Asian buyers snapped up Impressionist paintings at Sotheby’s spring auction in New York, buying three of the sale’s top five lots, including a Vincent Van Gogh landscape, and making up about one-third of the 8.3m raised.亚洲买家在纽约的苏富比(Sotheby’s)春季拍卖会上抢购印象派绘画,买下五大顶级拍品中的三件,包括一幅梵高(Vincent Van Gogh)的风景画,并在3.683亿美元的拍卖总额中占到大约三分之一。Art collecting has soared in Asia in recent years, mainly led by a new breed of ultra-wealthy Chinese collecting both classical and contemporary pieces and building private galleries in China.近年艺术收藏在亚洲一下子风靡起来,主要受到新一代中国超富裕收藏家的拉动,他们收集古典和现代作品,并在中国建立私人画廊。According to a report by the European Fine Art Foundation, China was the world’s joint second largest art market in 2014 with a 22 per cent share of sales, alongside the UK.根据欧洲艺术基金会(European Fine Art Foundation)的一份报告,中国和英国并列2014年全球第二大艺术品市场,各占22%的销售份额。Sotheby’s sale, which kicked off the spring auctions, saw 69 lots go under the gavel. An unidentified Asian collector paid .3m for Van Gogh’s “L’Allée des Alyscamps” (pictured), a rich-hued depiction of an autumnal scene painted in 1888 shortly before the Dutch artist sliced off his ear.苏富比的这场拍卖会揭开了春季拍卖的序幕,共有69件拍品。一位不愿透露姓名的亚洲收藏家付6630万美元买下梵高的《阿里斯康的小路》(L’Allée des Alyscamps,见上图),这幅色调丰富的秋季景象画于1888年。画作完成之后不久,这名荷兰艺术家割下了自己的耳朵。The auction, which included five works by Claude Monet, achieved the second-highest result in Sotheby’s history for any auction of impressionist and modern art. The November 2014 New York sale brought in 2.1m.本次拍卖包括莫奈(Claude Monet)的五件作品,拍卖总额在苏富比历届印象派和现代艺术拍卖会上排名第二。2014年11月举行的纽约拍卖会达到4.221亿美元的拍卖总额。The Van Gogh achieved the highest price at auction for a work by the painter since 1998.上述梵高作品的拍价是这位画家的作品自1998年以来在拍卖会上拍出的最高价。Chinese buyers — like the Japanese before in the late 1980s — are proving big fans of the Dutch painter.中国买家——就像上世纪80年代末的日本买家那样——正明自己是这位荷兰画家的忠实粉丝。Last November Wang Zhongjun, a Chinese film producer, bought Van Gogh’s “Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies”, for .8m, more than its m-to-m estimate.去年11月中国电影制片人王中军以6180万美元买下梵高的《静物,插满雏菊和罂粟花的花瓶》(Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies),远远超出3000万至5000万美元的估价。“L’Allée des Alyscamps” last sold for .8m in 2003. It was first owned by the proprietors of the café where Van Gogh lodged in the city of Arles and was later held in a private collection in Japan.《阿里斯康的小路》上一次出售是在2003年,成交价为1180万美元。这幅画作最初的主人是梵高在法国南部阿尔勒市(Arles)寄宿的咖啡馆的业主,后来被日本的一个私人收藏家买下。For over a third of the works it was the first time they had gone on sale in half a century. Others included one of Claude Monet’s water lilies series of paintings while his 1905 impressionist painting “Nymphéas” sold for m.超过三分之一的作品是半个世纪以来首次拍卖。其它作品包括莫奈的睡莲系列画作之一,他的1905年印象派绘画《睡莲》(Nymphéas)以5400万美元落槌。Pablo Picasso’s “Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil” went for .93m while Marc Chagall’s “Crépuscule ou la maison rouge” was sold for just over m.毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的《Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil》拍得2993万美元,而马克#8226;夏卡尔(Marc Chagall)的《Crépuscule ou la maison rouge》拍得500万美元多一点。Other artists whose works were included were Paul Klee, Edgar Degas, Wassily Kandinsky and René Magritte.其它画作出自保罗#8226;克利(Paul Klee)、埃德加#8226;德加(Edgar Degas)、瓦西里#8226;康定斯基(Wassily Kandinsky)和勒内#8226;马格利特(René Magritte)等艺术家之手。 /201505/373939泉州哪家医院双眼皮手术做得好 A case for the FBI联邦调查局的案件The phone rings at FBI headquarters . ;Hello?;联邦调查局总部的电话响了。“ 喂?”;Hello,is this FBI?;“喂,是联邦调查局吗?…”;Yes,What do you want?;“是的,有何需要吗.?”;I am calling to report my neighbor Tom.He is hiding marijuana in his firewood .;“我打电话是要检举我的邻居 汤姆。他在他的木柴中藏匿大麻。”;This will be noted.; Next day,the FBI comes over to Tom#39;s house.“我们会严加注意的。”次日,联邦调查局来到汤姆的家。They search the shed where the firewood is kept,break every piece of wood ,find no marijuana,swear at Tom and leave .他们搜查了存放木柴的库房,把木柴劈成一块一块,没有找到太麻,就对着汤姆口出秽言,然后离去。The phone rings at Tom#39;s house.汤姆家的电话响了。; Hey ,Tom! Did the FBI come ?;“喂,汤姆,联邦调查局有来你家吗?”;Yeah!; ;Did they chop your firewood?;“有呀”“他们‘有劈你们家的木柴吗?”;Yeah,they did.;“有呀,他们劈了呀”;OK,now it#39;s your turn to call .I need my garden plowed.;“好了,现在换你打电话了,我的菜园需要犁一下啦。” /201503/361444泉州硅胶丰额头哪家好

泉州市欧菲美容在什么位置When most people think of psychotherapy, they picture patients relaxing on a sofa and spilling all of their emotions. “Tell me about your childhood,” the therapist says, taking a drag of his cigar. In reality, therapy takes place in all kinds of settings.人们一说到心理疗法,通常都会想到这样一副画面:患者舒适地躺在沙发上,向心理医生诉尽内心情感,而旁边的医生一边抽雪茄一边说道,“谈谈你的童年吧。”实际上,展开心理疗法的情景可谓千奇百怪。10.Sexual Surrogacy Therapy10.性行为替代疗法Your therapist looks deeply into your eyes, holds your hand, and kisses you passionately on the lips. This isn#39;t a violation of the American Psychological Association#39;s code of ethics. Kissing, and sometimes even more, is just part of the job as a sexual surrogate. Sexual surrogates are trained professionals that work with sex therapists to help people work through intimacy issues. Surrogacy goes beyond regular talk therapy; it includes activities to model appropriate romantic and sexual relationships.你的医师满眼深情,握住你的手,与你热情激吻。要知道这种行为并不违背美国心理协会的相关行业道德规范。不单单是亲吻,即使做得更加过火也无可厚非,因为这只是一种名为性行为替代疗法的治疗手段而已。性行为替代治疗师是一群与性学专家共事、接受过相关训练的专业人员,帮助人们解决一些与亲热行为相关的问题。这种替代性疗法并不像平常的谈心疗法那样简单,它会涉及一些在医师和患者之间模拟浪漫的性关系的行为。People may choose sexual surrogacy for many reasons, including anxiety about relationships or general sexual dysfunction. A newly widowed person struggling with dating or a war veteran returning as an amputee might practice flirting or body confidence with a surrogate. Sessions can include everything from social skills training to actual genital-to-genital contact. Surrogacy might sound like prostitution, but its therapeutic benefit seems to give it a free legal pass. The focus is not on pleasure, but on learning what appropriate sexual or relationship behavior feels like. Surrogates aim to get patients to the point where they can end therapy and forge connections on their own.人们选择性替代疗法的原因多种多样,或许是对自己的恋情感到焦虑,或许是常见的性功能障碍问题。不论是刚刚丧偶、想要开启一段新恋情的人,抑或是在战场上惨遭截肢的老兵都可以借助这种方法提升调情技巧、增加自身魅力。性行为替代疗法的内容也很丰富,不仅可以锻炼你的社交技能,也能为你提供真正的性接触治疗。替代疗法听起来或许有些像乱交,但其治疗效果似乎为它争得了合法性。这种疗法的关键不在于享受,而是让人们了解到什么样的性行为或亲密关系才是合适的。性行为替代治疗师的目标就在于让患者能自己建立人际关系,享受社交乐趣。9.Equine Therapy9.马背疗法Horseback riding is no longer a luxury for the rich. The impressive size and emotionally intelligent nature of the horse makes it an excellent therapy partner for troubled youth, drug addicts, and people with disabilities. Learning to care for and ride these gentle giants can be a way to develop important coping skills like self-confidence and patience. Therapy with a horse feels more like fun than work, so patients may feel more open to growth as they learn to take care of both themselves and of their animal friend.对于有钱人来说,骑马早已不再是一件奢侈的事。马儿身型庞大、天性友好,对于问题少年、瘾君子和残疾人而言,它是绝佳的治疗伙伴。学习照顾和驾驭这些温柔的大家伙有助于人们培养一些重要的应对技能,如自信心和耐性。在马儿的陪伴下所开展的心理治疗使人感觉更像是一项活动。在这种情况下,随着病人逐渐学会照顾自己和这些动物朋友,他们也会更顺利地成长。Because horses can weigh up to 900 kilograms (2,000 lb) and are easily frightened, patients get a hands-on education in overcoming fears. Anger and anxiety have no place in the saddle, so troubled youth and others struggling with those emotions may find that working with a horse helps to form new patterns of positive behavior. Caring for the horse and its equipment, or even learning to conquer the fear of riding, can be a powerful metaphor for other challenges in life.马儿体重最多可达900千克(2000磅)并且容易受惊,所以患者们需要临时接受相关训练以克对马儿的恐惧。一旦坐在马鞍之上,所有的愤怒和焦虑都会瞬间消失,因此问题少年或者那些深受不良情绪困扰的人或许会发现,马儿的陪伴有助于他们变得更加乐观积极。照料好马儿和骑马的用具,甚至只是克自身对骑马的恐惧都会为患者今后从容应对生活的各种挑战打下良好的基础。Horses aren#39;t the only animals helping people figure out their feelings; elephants, dolphins, monkeys, and many other animals have been used in therapeutic or service settings.而马儿并不是唯一具有这种神奇功能的动物。大象、海豚、猴子以及许多其他动物均已被广泛应用于心理治疗领域。8.Nude Psychotherapy8.裸体疗法While now a forgotten art, baring bodies and souls in nude therapy sessions was all the rage in the late 1960s. At the forefront of this movement was Paul Bindrim, an offbeat psychologist who believed nakedness allowed people to shake off the social expectations created by clothing and to deal directly with their most private emotions. During group therapy events, Bindrim preached that by shedding shirts and ties, people could explore repressed thoughts, heal marriage troubles, and achieve “peak experiences,” a euphoric state of being attained only through self-actualization.尽管现如今已是一门被遗忘的艺术,但是暴露身体、袒露心扉在上世纪60年代末却是裸体疗法中风靡一时的做法。这场运动的积极倡导者,保罗·宾迪曼(Paul Bindrim),是一个标新立异的心理学家。他相信裸体让人摆脱由装带来的社会期望,并直接应对最私密的情绪。在集体治疗活动期间,宾迪曼宣扬通过脱掉衬衫和领带,人们可以探索遭到压抑的思想、医治婚姻问题、达到“高峰体验”,这种愉快状态只有通过自我实现才能达到。Nude truth-seekers would delight in spending several days revealing their deepest secrets in facilitated exercises designed by Bindrim to promote trust and openness. Activities included everything from deeply gazing into a partner#39;s eyes to scrutinizing each others#39; genitals in an exercise called “crotch eyeballing.” Bindrim taught that true freedom from negative thoughts could only be achieved once a person could expose her most private motivations and parts. Staring directly into what he believed was the root of all repression was a means to do this. Groups of participants swam, meditated, hugged, and expressed rage, all in their birthday suits.着身体追寻真理的人喜欢花上几天时间用宾迪曼设计的促进练习来展现自己最深的秘密,提升信任与公开的程度。这些活动无所不有,包括深深地凝视伴侣的眼睛,以及仔细查看对方的生殖器——这种活动被称作“打量裆部”。宾迪曼教导说,一旦一个人可以展现她最隐密的动机及其身体部位,消极想法中真正的自由才能实现。他认为这个部位是所有压抑的根源,直视这里是做到这一点的一种办法。众多参与者们都一丝不挂地游泳、冥想、拥抱,或者愤怒。As the socially liberal climate of the 1960s dwindled, so did the popularity of nude therapy. Bindrim felt the sting of conservative critics, but his naked marathon programs seemed to fall out of favor due to changing times as opposed to any wrongdoing. Those seeking nude therapy today aren#39;t out of luck. The Human Awareness Institute in California offers participants courses in intimacy and sexuality, some with the option of ditching clothes in search of personal purpose.因为上世纪60年代的社会自由风气衰落了,所以裸体疗法未得以普及。宾迪曼感受到保守派批评家的刺痛,但他的裸体马拉松项目失宠似乎是由于时代的变迁,而不是任何不当行为。那些寻求裸体疗法的人们现如今并非不走运。人类意识研究所在加利福尼亚州为学员提供亲密关系和性方面的课程,其中有一些人选择抛弃衣探索个人意义。审校:Amy.L 编辑:Freya然 校对:落花生 /201507/385226 福建省泉州丰泽区整形美容医院泉州瑞蓝玻尿酸价格



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