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Many people try to lose weight and never manage to, and this is why you need to make the most of the best exercise that it around. Walking. If you think about the things that you do in your life, you probably find that you get out of walking whenever you can. Whether that's taking the car to the shops that are just around the corner, or taking a lift when you're only going up one floor of the building. If you try to change your life so that you are walking more, you will find that you're able to burn more calories and therefore lose more weight. You should try to take the stairs rather than the lift wherever you can, as this means that you will raise your heart beat higher. In addition to this, if you take the bus a lot, then you should try getting off a couple of stops earlier than you might have done in the past. Not only will this help for you to get more exercise, but it will also help you to save a little bit of money at the same time because you won’t have to pay for as much time on the bus as you would have done in the past. If you get a newspaper delivered to your door, think about whether you could walk to the shops in the morning and pick it up instead. This would raise your metabolism at the most important time in the day. If you choose to take these tips, then you should find that you are able to lose a little more weight than you are at this moment in time. Every little helps, no matter how small, so even getting out of the house and walking around the block is better than simply sitting at home and not doing anything at all. 许多人都曾立下豪言壮语减肥,但都是半途而废。所以你需要充分利用你周围最好的锻炼方式—步行。 如果你觉得在生活中已经在步行的话,你会发现无论什么时候你都可以出去散步。这比开车汽车去近在拐角处的商店或乘电梯上去坐一层楼都要好的多。 如果你想改变你的生活,你就必须行动起来开始走,你能够燃烧更多的卡路里,这样有助于减轻更多的体重。尽你所能努力爬楼梯而不是乘电梯,因为这会使你的心率加快。 此外,如果你坐公共汽车较多,那么你应该试试你以前从未做过的提前几站下车。这不仅可以帮助你得到更多的锻炼,而且也会帮你在同一时间节省一些钱,因为你不再需要付更多的公车费用。 一份报纸送到你家门口时,你要考虑是否早上能走到商店而不是只去将它拾起来。这将提高你一天中最重要的新陈代谢。 如果你选择采取这些,那么你就会发现,你的体重在一点一点减轻。每一个小的环节,无论多么细微,即使走出屋子走动也会比单纯坐在家里不做任何事情要强的多。 /201110/159197Stephen Hawking, one of the world#39;s smartest physicists, once said: ;I#39;m obsessed by time. ;作为世界最为智慧的物理学家之一,斯蒂芬;霍金曾说过:;我对时间非常痴迷。; Many of us are, and the popularity of time travel TV series has just proved that. 我们中的很多人亦是如此,因为;穿越剧;的走红已经实了这一点。 After Palace and Startling by Each Step achieved startling ratings last year, Palace 2 aired on January 20, attracting time travel fans back to TV. 随着去年《宫》和《步步惊心》接连获得令人赞叹的收视率之后,《宫2》于今年1月20日开播,引来无数;穿越迷;的追捧。 ;It#39;s fun to watch characters travel back in time and deal with the conflicts between modernity and ancient times,; Xia Xiaoyan, who works for a foreign-owned enterprise in Shanghai, told China Daily. 上海某外企职员夏晓燕(音译)在接受《中国日报》记者采访时表示:;看到剧中人物穿越到过去,应对古今之间的矛盾冲突,真是太好玩了。; Time travel series connect both today and the past, thus offering room for imagination, said Cai Yinong, the producer of Startling by Each Step. 《步步惊心》制片人蔡艺侬认为,;穿越剧;将古代和现代连接起来,为观众提供了更多的想象空间。 Dream of heroism 英雄主义情节 Imagination creates a chance for the young to fulfill a dream that#39;s hard to achieve in reality. 丰富的想象力使得青年人能够有机会实现那些现实中难以企及的梦想。 Taiwan writer Xi Juan is a pioneer of time-travel stories in China. In 1993 she published a love story about a young woman time traveling to ancient times. 台湾作家席绢可谓是中国;穿越剧;的鼻祖。1993年,她出版了一本讲述一名年轻女子穿越回古代的爱情小说。 The protagonist#39;s modern personality and perception of love helps her win the heart of a cool, handsome martial art master. Such a plot satisfies female fans#39; love fantasy. 主人公凭借现代社会的个性以及对爱情的独特观点,令冷俊帅气的侠客为之倾心。这样的情节满足了女性读者们对爱情的幻想。 Starting from late 1990s, novels about men traveling back to the past prevailed, with A Step Into the Past as the most popular example. 从上世纪90年代末开始,有关男主角穿越回古代的小说作品盛行于市,《寻秦记》便是当时最火的一部。 In these stories, the male protagonists accomplish great things with their modern skills and wisdom. 在这些故事中,男主角运用现代的记忆和智慧干成了许多大事。 It#39;s usually a ;dream of heroism come true;, along with enviable romances. 此类作品通常讲述的是 ;英雄梦成真;的故事,此外还伴随着令人艳羡的恋情。 The big success of the TV series adapted from A Step Into the Past in 2001 has inspired TV production companies to buy up similar time travel tales. Last year saw their popularity peak. 2001年,电视剧《寻秦记》获得的巨大成功使得电视剧制作公司纷纷收购类似;穿越;题材剧本。就在去年,;穿越剧;达到了鼎盛时期。 Eye candy 人物养眼 ;I#39;m hooked by the shows because they are characterized by dramatic and poetic love and have eye-pleasing actors,; Xia explained her love for time travel TV series. 谈及自己对于穿越剧的喜爱,夏晓燕(音译)解释说:;我之所以对这类戏十分着迷,主要是它们主打惊心动魄、同时又充满诗情画意的爱情故事和一众养眼的男演员。; Her comment echoes a 2011 survey by Great Marketing Research Co Ltd in China. When asked about what#39;s so appealing about time travel TV series, 21 percent of respondents answered: ;Those attractive characters.; 她的想法正好与国内一家市场信息有限公司于2011年进行的一项调查相呼应。当被问及;穿越剧;为何如此吸引人时,有21%的受访者回答:;极具魅力的人物角色。; A bigger reason behind the popularity of time travel stories, however, is the relaxation they offer, according to the survey. 该调查还发现其更为主要的原因在于此类剧可以让人感觉到很放松。 Cai Yinong agrees. ;Many people are facing tremendous pressures in their fast-paced lives, so this genre is more relaxing than other shows as it provides people with a terrific outlet to escape reality,; Cai told. 蔡艺侬(音译)也对这一观点表示赞同:;现代人总是要在快节奏的生活中面对无穷无尽的压力,所以这类题材的电视比其他节目更能让人感到放松,也为人们提供了一个极佳的逃离现实的宣泄途径。;Cultural nostalgia 文化怀旧 ;Which dynasty would you like to live in if you could travel to the past?; asked a survey jointly launched by Shanghai University and Shanghai Social Sciences Association last December. 去年12月,由上海大学和上海社会科学院联合推出的一份调查报告问及:;如果穿越到过去,最你想回到哪个朝代?; About 60 percent of the 2,543 respondents chose Tang Dynasty, while Qing Dynasty, and the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods were the other top two destinations. 在2543名受访者中,有60%的人选择唐朝,另外两个热门选项分别是清朝和春秋战国时期。 Ouyang Guangming, professor at Shanghai University, said at the press release: ;The survey result reflects people#39;s definition of the good days: prosperous economy and culture, steady society, fair and uncorrupted politics, and opening up to the outside world.;上海大学教授欧阳光明在该活动的新闻发布会上表示:;该调查结果反映出人们对美好时代的定义:即经济文化繁荣昌盛,社会安定,官场公正廉洁,对外开放不闭塞。; The love for time traveling is universal. 人们普遍存在一种;穿越;情结。 Woody Allen#39;s latest movie Midnight in Paris, which has been nominated for Best Picture, Directing, Original Screenplay and Art Direction for the 2012 Academy Awards, features modernity versus cultural nostalgia. 伍迪;艾伦的新作《午夜巴黎》已经被提名角逐2012年奥斯卡最佳影片,最佳导演,最佳原创剧本和最佳艺术指导等奖项。该片一大亮点就在于现代与文化怀旧的对抗。 ;The past seems so much more vivid, more substantial, than the present... The good old days are so alluring because we were not around, however much we wish we were,; The New York Times commented. 《纽约时报》道:;过去的日子似乎比当下更生动,更充实;过去的美好时光一直诱惑着我们,因为时光不能倒流,无论我们多么希望也无法回到过去。; /201202/170791

Leftover women, this has been a much talked, and often controversial phrase in China in the past few years. It generally refers to single women above the age of 27.经常被提起的剩女这个词,已经是近几年的中国热门争议词汇。剩女一般指的是27岁以上的单身女性。Some unattached female 30-somethings refer to themselves, half-joking, as ;loser dogs,; after a 2004 Japanese book on the same phenomenon in that country. In Taiwan, a real-estate company recently advertised a small, ritzy apartment as ideal for ;loser dogs.; This economic muscle is part of what gives women the freedom to embrace the single life.30岁以上的未婚女性半开玩笑地称自己是;败犬;,这个名字来源于2004年日本出版的一本讲述同一现象的书。在台湾,一家房地产公司在给一种小户型豪华公寓打广告时,称其专门为;败犬族;量身定做。这种经济能力也是女性可以自由选择单身生活的原因之一。Leftover women usually choose prospective husband among those more capable men in terms of wealth and social status, especially well-educated women who have decent job and good salary. They won#39;t commit to marriage until they find a perfect candidate. So they choose to be single by themselves. 剩女们一般择偶标准比较高,她们在选择未来的老公时,会根据经济实力和社会地位考虑比较有能力的男性。受过良好教育、有着体面工作和高月薪的女性的择偶要求会更高。除非找到合适的人选,否则她们宁愿一直单身。所以说,大多;剩女;都是主动选择剩下的。Family and friends often see the lifestyle as a phase and expect the singletons to settle down, and many singletons do insist they#39;re not opposed to marriage, just determined not to commit until they find the right partner ; one who respects their independence and shares their life goals. Presumably that means not expecting a wife to stay home and put up with a meddling mother-in-law. 单身女性的亲友往往将其单身生活视为一个阶段,希望她们最终安定下来,结婚生子。此外,也有不少独身主义者坚持说,她们并不反对结婚,只是下决心在找到理想的另一半前坚守阵地。理想的另一半必须尊重她们的独立性,拥有共同的生活目标;也就是说,不能指望妻子呆在家里相夫教子,忍受婆婆的指手划脚。 The source of leftover women:剩女当道,哪些女性最容易被剩下来?woman who havenrsquo;t fallen in love before graduation大学毕业前还没谈过恋爱的女人perfectionism woman完美主义的女人women who always think that they have suffered a lot总以为自己已经历尽沧桑的女人;obedient; daughters听话的乖女儿women who seeing love as food把爱情当粮食的女人 /201203/174791

A preacher is buying a parrot;Are you sure it doesnt scream, yell, or swear? ;asked the preacher.;Oh absolutely. Its a religious parrot, ;the storekeeper assures him.;Do you see those strings on his legs? When you pull the right one, he recites the lords prayer, and when you pull on the left he recites the 23rd Psalm.;;Wonderful! says the preacher, but what happens if you pull both strings?;;I fall off my perch, you stupid fool!; screeched the parrot.一个传教士在买鹦鹉。;你确信它不会尖叫,大叫或诅咒别人吗?;传教士问。;哦,绝对不会。它是一只虔诚的鹦鹉。;店主保说。;你看见它腿上的这些细绳了吗?当你拉动右面的这根,它会背诵天主经,当你拉动左面的那根,它会背诵赞美诗。;;太棒了!;传教士说,;但是如果我同时拉动两条绳子,会发生什么呢?;;我会从树干上掉下去的,你这个笨蛋!;鹦鹉尖声说道。 /201201/167992

I Want Her to go Nuts我要让她发疯Mrs. Flinders decided to have her portrait painted. She told the artist, Paint me with diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets and a ruby pendant.福林德斯夫人决定让人给她画肖像。她告诉那位肖像画家说:“画我带着钻石耳环、钻石项链、祖母绿手镯,还有红宝石垂饰。”But you#39;re not wearing any of those things.“但你现在没带这其中的任何一样饰品。”I know, said Mrs. Flinders. It#39;s in case I should die before my husband. I#39;m sure he#39;d remarry right away, and I want her to go nuts looking for the jewelry.“我知道。”福林德斯夫人说,“万一我先我丈夫死去,我肯定他会立刻再婚。我要让那个女人为寻找这些珠宝而发疯 /201206/185836

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