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杭州市萧山区第二人民医院彩超检查好吗绍兴市妇女儿童医院预约萧山好的无痛人流价格 For years, French, Italian and American luxury brands have thrived as China’s middle class developed a taste for high-end fashion and jewelry.这几年,随着中国中产阶层逐渐迷上高档时装和珠宝,来自法国、意大利和美国的众多奢侈品牌在中国发展得红红火火。But that sales boom is ebbing based on the disappointing results many Western luxury retailers have reported of late, though much suggests this slowdown will be short-lived.但这种销售热潮正在消减,近来多家西方奢侈品零售商发布的令人失望的业绩就是明。尽管也有很多迹象表明,这种放缓只是暂时的。Last year, Chinese luxury sales fell 1% compared to 2013 at 115 billion RMB (.5 billion at current rates), according to a report by Bain amp; Co. A slowing Chinese economy and a government crackdown on graft and gift-giving that was particularly brutal on the watch industry is mostly to blame.据贝恩咨询公司统计,去年中国的奢侈品销售额比2013年下降了1%,跌至1150亿元人民币。中国经济放缓以及政府打击贪污腐败和送礼之风对手表行业的影响尤其明显,也是奢侈品销量走低的主要原因所在。French luxury brand Hermès said watch sales fell 11% in large part because of China, and the company is expecting overall growth this year to remain slow compared to recent averages. Meanwhile, Prada said it expects the tough times for luxury to continue after its China sales fell 4% in 2014.法国奢侈品牌爱马仕表示,其腕表部门销售业绩去年下滑了11%,很大程度上受中国奢侈品市场萎缩影响。该公司预计,与近年平均水平相比,2015年的整体增长将依然缓慢。普拉达2014年中国市场的销售业绩则下滑了4%,其预计今年奢侈品牌依旧面临艰难处境。At the same time, Hermès, known for its highly coveted Birkin bags and horse-themed silk scarves that go for thousands of dollars each, has continued to expand its stores in China. That includes its flagship Maison Hermès in Shanghai a few months ago.然而,以铂金包和丝巾等闻名的爱马仕一直在中国持续增设门店,就在几个月前,它在上海的新旗舰店——爱马仕之家开张。Why? Because there is ample data to suggest that luxury’s current slowdown in China is but a speed bump.这一切是为什么?因为有充分数据表明,当前中国的奢侈品销售只是遇到了一个“减速带”。According to a new report by the Economic Intelligence sponsored by Citigroup, China’s wealthy will have double the assets of their U.S counterpart within five years. By 2020, the financial assets of Chinese worth 0,000 to million will reach trillion, compared to trillion in the ed States, according to the report.由花旗委托经济学人智库完成一份新研究报告称,五年内,中国富人拥有的资产将是美国富人的两倍。该报告指出,到2020年,身家在10万到200万美元的中国人拥有的金融资产总额将达53万亿美元,而美国仅为27万亿美元。That means a lot of people will be wanting to shop at Prada, Gucci and Tiffany amp; Co TIF 0.35% and buying expensive Estée Lauder EL 0.58% beauty products. And such companies are happy to oblige.也就是说,有很多人会想去普拉达、Gucci和蒂芙尼店里去购物,以及购买昂贵的雅诗兰黛美妆产品。这些公司对此乐意之至。Fashion company Michael Kors KORS -0.25% , which is just getting started with its China expansion, recently said sales there are “starting to take hold.” Kors’ archrival Coach COH 0.17% , which plans several new stores in China, saw its sales there rise 13% in its most recent quarter. Tiffany is full steam ahead with its China expansion despite disappointing numbers over the holidays at its Hong Kong stores, a favorite haunt of mainland customers.刚着手在中国扩张业务的时装公司Michael Kors最近表示,其在华销售业绩“开始稳定下来”。这家公司的劲敌Coach则计划在中国新开几家门店,它最新一个季度的在华销售额增长了13%。另外,尽管深受内地游客喜爱的蒂芙尼香港门店的假期销售数字未达到预期,但它依然在全速推进在华扩张计划。Other Western companies, including non-luxury brands, also have big plans for China. Gap Inc GPS -0.58% , whose brands include Old Navy, plans to open 40 new stores in China this year, while Ralph Lauren RL -0.10% sees China as one of its “greatest” markets on the back of double-digit sales growth last year.其他一些非奢侈品牌的西方公司也准备在中国大展拳脚。拥有Old Navy等品牌的Gap公司计划今年在中国新开40家门店。拉尔夫o劳伦去年在中国实现了两位数的销售增长,眼下将中国视为其“最至关重要”的市场之一。So it’s clear that any Chinese slowdown is seen by luxury and retail executives as a blip.显然,对奢侈品牌和零售业高层来说,中国市场放缓只是一个暂时的变化。“China’s prestige beauty growth remains at high single digits, and we see widesp opportunity to enter additional cities, doors and channels, and launch more brands,” Estée Lauder CEO Fabrizio Freda said last month.雅诗兰黛首席执行官法布里吉奥o弗里达上个月说,“中国高档美容产品市场仍保持着高单位数增长,我们看到这里遍布机会,可以进入更多的城市,建立新的门店和销售渠道,并推出更多品牌。” /201504/367998The existence of a People#39;s Liberation Army(PLA) communications installation atop Hong Kong#39;s tallest mountain - the 957 m-high peak of Tai Mo Shan - recentlycame to light.解放军在香港最高山——957米的大帽山——上建立通信设备,最近得到曝光。Construction began around 2010, with ageodesic dome first appearing in satellite imagery in 2011. The facility hasbeen operational for approximately three years.建设大约始于2010年,2011年的卫星图像显示了一个网格状球顶。这款设施运作将近三年了。The installation sits inside a fencedcompound that also includes a Civil Aviation Department terminal area radar andHong Kong Observatory weather radar. The Hong Kong government has admittedgiving the PLA a plot of land measuring 9,300 m#178; on which the army has constructed a geodesicdome, antenna mast, two large buildings, and a basketball court for use by theresident garrison.这座设施就坐落于一处围墙综合体旁边,该综合体内设有民航部门的一个航站区雷达以及香港天文台的气象雷达。香港政府已经承认赋予解放军一大片土地,大约9300平方,用以建造网格状球顶,天线杆,两栋大型建筑,一个驻军使用的篮球场。The PLA has installed security cameras andalso tinted building windows to reduce observation. On two occasions IHS Jane#39;shas observed PLA vehicles ascending Tai Mo Shan to deliver supplies orreplacement staff. Personnel wearing PLA Navy-style uniforms have been observedinside the compound.解放军已经在上面安装了监视摄像机并给建筑窗户着色以避免遭人观察。本站记者两次看到解放军车辆往山上运输补给物资或者替换人员。还可以看到综合体内穿解放军海军制的工作人员。The PLA has refused to explain thefacility#39;s purpose, claiming that ;military secrecy; means it is;not appropriate for disclosure;, although it is extremely likelythat it is an electronic and signals intelligence (ELINT/SIGINT) facility. Ifso, the facility will be similar in purpose to a British radar station based onTai Mo Shan and used to monitor mainland China until the colony was returned toChinese rule in 1997.解放军拒绝对该设施的目的做出解释,称这是“军事机密”,所以“不便透露”,但很可能是一处通信情报站。如果真是这样的,其作用就相当于97年回归前英国在大帽山所设立的用于监视中国大陆的雷达站。The PLA occupies 18 military sites in HongKong covering 2,700 hectares that were transferred from the British Army asMilitary Installations Closed Areas (MICA) in 1997. The Tai Mo Shan radar sitedoes not appear on official lists of PLA installations.解放军在香港有18处军事用地,总面积达2700公顷,这些都是1997年时从英国军队的军事设施禁闭区转交给解放军的。而这处大帽山雷达站并没有出现在解放军官方公布的设施名单上。A 19th site is a controversial new militaryberth set aside for PLA warships on prime Hong Kong Island waterfront.而第19处军事设施就是要在香港岛主要的海滨地区给解放军设立一个军舰泊位,非常具有争议性。A Hong Kong government spokesman said:;The Garrison Law provides that the government of the HKSAR [Hong LongSpecial Administrative Region] shall support the Hong Kong Garrison in itsperformance of defence functions. It is inappropriate to disclose the detailsof any defence operations.; He also refused to say whether other secretmilitary sites existed in the territory.一名香港政府发言人说:“《驻军部队法》要求香港政府在驻守部队履行防御功能时提供帮助。不便透露有关防卫行动的任何信息。”他还拒绝透露香港是否还存在其他秘密的军事基地。Meanwhile, the Development Bureau declinedto comment on whether the Tai Mo Shan site was a short-term tenancy or privatetreaty grant.与此同时,香港运输及房屋局拒绝就这处大帽山基地是短期租用亦或私人合约方式批租发表看法。The installation has attracted controversyin Hong Kong because its existence has not been publicly confirmed, and due toconcerns that a loophole in government land allocation could allow the PLA tobuild yet more secret facilities without governmental approval or a need toinform the public.这处设施在香港引发了争议,因为这处设施的存在没有得到公开的批准,也因为人们担心香港政府拨地政策存在漏洞从而有利于解放军以后在没有得到政府批准或者告知公众的情况下建立更多的秘密设施。 /201407/316132萧山24小时在线妇科咨询

桐庐县妇幼保健院怎么样萧山宫腔镜检查需要多少钱 One of China’s biggest oil companies signed a billion deal with BP PLC BP for liquefied natural gas deliveries, and announced a strategic partnership with Royal Dutch Shell PLC RD , in a flurry of activity marking a three-day visit to the UK by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.中国总理李克强对英国进行为期三天的访问期间,中国最大的石油企业之一与英国石油公司(BP PLC)签订了一份价值200亿美元的液化天然气供应协议,同时还宣布与荷兰皇家壳牌石油公司(Royal Dutch Shell PLC)达成了战略伙伴关系。Li also repeated China’s interest in financing the construction of the next generation of nuclear power plants in the UK, although there were no firm deals struck due to the ongoing uncertainty over whether the government’s policy on new nuclear build breaks European Union law on state aid.另外,李克强总理再次提出中国有意向资助英国建设下一代核电站,尽管由于担心政府建设新型核能的政策有可能会违反欧盟有关政府救助的法律,双方并未签订正式的投资协议。The deal with BP is the latest in a series of mega-deals illustrating China’s insatiable demand for clean-burning gas, as pollution from coal-fired power plants and vehicle use threatens to reach crisis levels in many of its cities. Only last month, China signed a much larger 0 billion 30-year deal to import gas from Russia. That deal, ironically, was based in part on supplies of gas from fields in eastern Siberia which BP’s former joint venture in Russia had been squeezed out of as Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin assumed more direct control of the country’s mineral wealth.因为电厂燃煤和交通工具尾气导致很多城市空气重度污染,近年来中国对清洁能源的需求激增,与外国签订了大量订单,与英国石油公司的订单就是其中最新的一个。上个月,中国刚刚与俄国签订了一份为期30年、价值4,000亿美元的天然气供应协议。颇为讽刺的是,协议中部分天然气的供应来自于东西伯利亚油田。英国石油公司与俄国的合资企业就曾坐落于这个地区,但由于普京政府加强了对矿藏的直接控制,收购了这家合资公司中英国石油公司的股份。The Chinese deal is a welcome piece of good news for BP after repeated disappointments in the U.S. as it struggles with the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. It will see BP will deliver up to 1.5 million tons a year of LNG–equivalent to 72 billion cubic feet of gas–to China National Offshore Oil Company, or CNOOC, for 20 years from 2019 onwards. It’s not yet fixed where the gas will come from, but BP has a global portfolio of LNG assets, including the opportunity to export from terminals in the Gulf of Mexico. It aly supplies LNG to CNOOC from Indonesia.自从“深水地平线”钻井平台事故后,英国石油公司在美国屡次碰壁。因此,这次与中国成功达成协议对它来说确实是件好事。根据项目要求,从2019年开始,英国石油公司每年要向中国海洋石油总公司( China National Offshore Oil Company, 简称中海油)供应150万吨液化天然气,相当于720亿立方英尺的天然气,为期20年。协议虽然没有确定天然气供应地,但英国石油公司液化天然气供应地遍布全球,甚至包括墨西哥湾天然气管道终端。据称,它已经在从印度尼西亚向中海油供应液化天然气。The office of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, in an ostentatious display of coyness, made no mention of the deal in briefing notes on Li’s visit, focusing instead on a list of less controversial deals involving furniture and children’s TV programs.卡梅伦政府对这个项目态度暧昧,在李克强访英的简报中只字未提该石油协议,而把话题集中在其它不痛不痒的项目上,包括家具与儿童电视节目等。Li also confirmed that China would lift a ban on imports of beef from Britain that has been in place since contaminated feed triggered a widesp outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalitis, or Mad Cow Disease.自牛脑海绵状病(疯牛病)大规模爆发以来,中国一直禁止从英国进口牛肉。李克强此行还明确表示中国会解除对进口英国牛肉的禁令。 /201406/307071杭州市萧山萧然医院联系电话

艮山妇幼保健院剖腹产怎么样 When you retire, you gain eight or more extra hours of leisure time each day. Retirees are generally using that extra time to linger a little longer over meals, sleep, do household chores, and watch a lot more TV, according to recently released American Time Use Survey data for 2011. Here#39;s how people age 65 and older are filling their days:当你步入退休生活后,就会至少拥有8个小时的额外休闲时间。根据近来发布的美国居民时间配调查数据显示,一般而言,退休党们会将这些额外的时间用于多玩一会儿、吃饭、睡觉、做家务以及看更多的电视。以下便是在65岁及其以上年龄段的老年人们打发时光的做法:Relax.休闲放松。As you might expect, retirees have a lot more time for leisure activities than people who are still working. People age 65 and older spend an average of just over seven hours per day on leisure and sports, compared to just over five hours among the overall population.如你所想,退休人员比工作人士拥有更多用于休闲活动的空闲时间。同所有居民每天5小时的运动时间相比,65岁以上的老人每天花在休闲运动上的时间至少就有7个小时。;These are people who have fulfilled the dream of having the complete choice of anything they want to do, and the things they choose are surprising,; says John Robinson, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland and coauthor of Time for Life: The Surprising Ways Americans Use Their Time.马里兰大学(University Of Maryland)社会学教授,《生命中的美国人消遣时间的奇异方式》的合著者约翰·罗宾逊(John Robinson)表示“这是一群做出了所有令人震惊的选择并实现了自身的梦想的群体。”;The three things that retirees spend the most extra time on are ing, resting, and TV.;“退休党们将额外时间大都花费在阅读,休息和看电视上。”Retirees spend twice as much time relaxing and thinking (0.6 hours) and ing (0.7 hours) compared to the overall population (0.3 hours for both activities). And senior citizens are equally as likely as younger people to surf the Internet for leisure and spend time socializing with friends, and only slightly less likely to exercise.退休党们将花费超乎所有公民2倍多的时间去轻松自我,思考人生(0.6个小时)以及阅读书籍(0.7个小时),而普通大众却仅仅在这方面花费0.3个小时。同年轻人一样,老年人也会选择上网休闲的方式轻松自我,并花时间同朋友相聚交谈,而在锻炼方面仅会花费很少的时间。Watch TV.看电视。Americans watch an average of two hours and 45 minutes of TV per day. Retirees watch even more, averaging 4.2 hours of TV-viewing each day. Men age 65 and older watch an hour more of TV daily (4.73 hours) than older women (3.74 hours). And people age 75 and older watch more TV than any other age group.美国人平均每天看2个小时45分钟的电视。退休党们看得更多,平均每天4.2个小时。65岁以上的男性每天看电视时间为4.73个小时,比同龄女性(3.74小时)多1个小时。75岁以上的老年人看的电视比任何其他年龄段的人都多。Sleep.睡觉。The only thing seniors spend more time on than leisure activities is sleep. Retirees spend nine hours per day sleeping, compared with 8.7 hours daily among the population as a whole.老年人在休闲活动上唯一花费最多时间的便是睡觉。同大多数人8.7个小时的睡眠时间相比,退休党们每天要花费9个小时的睡眠时间。Household chores.做家务。Retirees took an average of 2.4 hours per day to tackle household chores, compared to 1.8 hours among all Americans. People age 65 and older spend slightly longer on housework, food preparation and cleanup, and lawn and garden care.与全美所有公民1.8个小时的家务活时间相比,退休党们每天便要花费2.4个小时来处理各种家务劳动。65岁及以上的人们将花费更多的时间用以家务、烹饪、清扫、草坪和花园的护理上。Eat and drink.吃吃喝喝。The typical American spends about an hour and 15 minutes each day eating and drinking. Retirees linger slightly longer over meals, for an average of about an hour and a half each day.典型的美国人每天将花费75分钟的时间用于餐饮。退休人员们在这方面花费得略微长久,平均合计下来每天共90分钟。Work.工作。Not all people age 65 and older are retired. The typical senior citizen spends nearly an hour each day working. But seniors are less likely to work than the population as a whole, which spends just over 3.5 hours per day working. ;Older cohorts of individuals are less likely to be employed, so they spend less time working,; says Rachel Krantz-Kent, program manager of the American Time Use Survey. Retirees also seldom spend any of their time persuing formal education, compared to an average of about a half hour per day among the entire adult population.并不是所有65岁以上的人们都会选择退休。典型的老年人群每天将花费1个小时的时间用于工作。但是同整体公民相比,老年人又不会在工作方面花费太多的时间,平均每天仅有3.5个小时。美国人时间使用调查的项目经理雷切尔·肯特(Rachel Krantz-Kent)表示“老年群体一般不太容易就业,所以他们的工作时间也就相对较少。”与成人群体每天花费半小时用于学习,退休党们也很少在接受正规教育上花费时间。Shop.购物。Retirees have plenty of time to research and comparison-shop for their purchases, and they spend 0.87 hours per day doing so. Americans overall spend 0.72 hours acquiring goods and services.退休党们拥有足够的时间去做“市场调查”并通过商家之间的对比来购买物品,这样算来,每天光在这些事儿上他们就要花费0.87个小时而全体美国公民仅会花费0.72个小时来购买商品和享受商家务。Volunteer.志愿者。Retirees spend very little time caring for household members (0.07 of an hour) and helping people outside their household (0.2 hours). In contrast, Americans overall spend half an hour per day caring for family members, primarily children, and about the same amount of time as retirees caring for people outside their household. However, retirees spend slightly longer than most Americans volunteering and pursing religious and spiritual activities, doing each for an average of almost 15 minutes each day.退休人员们一般花很少的时间(0.07个小时)来照顾家庭成员但却花费0.2个小时来照顾家庭之外需要帮助的人士。相比而言,全美公民每天将近花掉半个小时的时间来照顾家人、小孩,这同退休党们照顾外人所花费的时间大大相同。然而,退休人员却比大多数美国人更致力于志愿务和宗教信仰等精神活动之中,在这些活动上他们每天便要花费15分钟的时间。 /201407/315955萧山区萧然综合医院看效果怎么样萧山那家医院查体好



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