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杭州萧然医院咨询电话江干区妇女儿童医院能用医保卡吗Its cool because so many people,there are so many talented people, like Gods blessed so many people这很酷因为很多人 有很多受到上帝眷顾很有才华的人But it takes a lot of hard work as well,He wants you to work for it但这同样需要付出巨大的汗水 你需要为之不懈奋斗and he wants you to always just trust him and just always dont stop你要相信他 永远不要停下前进的脚步and never give up,right never say never,never say never,never say never永不放弃 永不言弃 永不言弃 永不言弃Now, youre surrounded by very very good people too,Yes, its great你现在身边也有不少好人 是的 很棒because Ive surrounded myself with core group who have now become like my family因为我身边的这些人 这些人都成了我的家人Theyre been really close to me and its been really cool他们和我很亲密 这很棒because they want me to become not just a great artist but a good person in the end因为他们不仅仅想让我 成为一个成功的歌手 更成为一个正直的人A lot of people that havent seen the movie,a lot of people think Im just some product很多没有看过电影的人 很多人觉得我只是个商品that people put together package and put out there,Sing Baby,just do it是被人包装出来的 唱《Baby》 快唱but Ive been playing music ever since I remember,I just wanna people to see the movie and really see I work really hard从我记事起我就在玩音乐 我只希望让大家看这个电影 看到我真的很努力Yes you work reall hard,The fact youve got to play Madison Square Garden sold out in 22 minutes是的 你真的很努力 事实上你在Madison Square Garden的演出门票 在22分钟之内就销售一空And did it in such a short amout of time and you see youre heart breaking when you throat is在这么短的时间内就售完 当你嗓子有问题的时候 你很伤心In fact you cant talk for a few days you ha to cancel the concert事实上 你有几天都不能说话 你不得不取消演唱会I have to say about the Michael Jackson thing though,Do you feel sometimes you我还是要提到Michael Jackson 有时候你有没有感到because the tough thing is,you have the talent, you have all these fans因为最困难的事情是 你很有天赋 你粉丝成群and youre huge all over the world,Do you get to go out and do things你红遍了全世界 你可以像正常人一样生活吗because thats one thing Micheal suddenly didnt have a life,He had to hide all the time因为Micheal因为这件事而迷失了方向 他必须要一直躲躲藏藏 /201606/450805杭州哪家妇科医院好 If ever there was a case of love at first sight, it happened on January 17, 1942 at a dance in Asheville, North Carolina.On that night, 21-year-old Billee Gray met 28-year-old Private Charles Kiley, and after just a couple of weekend dates, they knew they were meant to be together.It wasnt long before Charles was shipped off to fight in World War II, but the two stayed in touch and forged their love through hundreds of letters.Charles and Billees daughter, son, and son-in-law have brought these letters together in a book: Writing the War: Chronicles of a World War Two Correspondent.Their son David Kiley tells us he first found the letters in the 1990s, but only through some of them from time to time.It wasnt until after his father passed away in 2001 that he and his sister really started to dig in and sort through all the letters.;Theres over 800 letters. Many of them were handwritten. So we had to go through and because of age, you know, we had to copy all of them and scan all of them so that we could handle them,; Kiley says. ;So it was quite a project.;Kiley tells us that throughout the process of sorting through the letters and putting together this book, he learned a lot about his parents and saw a lot of himself in his father.;It was an amazing window,; Kiley says. ;I was able to discover where my dad came from emotionally, in his head, to understand him better.;David Kiley will be at Nicolas Books in Ann Arbor on November 2 at 7 p.m. to talk about and sign the book.Listen to our conversation above to hear Kiley talk more about his parents, about his experience ing the letters, and to hear some of those letters by U of M students Meredith Starkman and Graham Techler.201511/407511海宁市妇幼保健院宫颈息肉

萧山人流哪较好The world this week-Politics本周政治要闻In Pakistan an Islamist suicide-bomber killed 74 people, including many children, in a park in Lahore, capital of the province of Punjab.一名伊斯兰教徒在拉合尔(Lahore)的公园内引爆自杀式炸弹,造成74人死亡,其中有多名儿童。Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility, saying that it intended to target Christians.拉合尔是巴基斯坦旁遮普省(Punjab)的首府。巴基斯坦塔利班分之一自由者大会(Jamaat-ul-Ahrar)宣布对此事件负责,称袭击目标为基督教徒。Separately, in Islamabad thousands of protesters who overran the central governments security zone left after extracting assurances that the government had no plans to amend the countrys draconian blasphemy law.此外,在伊斯兰堡(Islamabad),数千名抗议者越过中央政府建筑的安全区域,但在得知政府无意修改严苛的亵神法后,人群自行消散。The high court in New Delhi, Indias capital, ruled that calling your husband mota hathi, or fat elephant, was grounds for divorce.印度首都新德里(New Delhi)最高法院规定,妻子称呼丈夫为“mota hathi(顽固脂肪)”或者“大肥象”即构成离婚理由。The Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, the main governing partner of the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, quit the coalition.巴西民主运动党(the Brazilian Democratic Movement)宣布退出与政府的联盟,该党是巴西总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)的最大执政伙伴。Although some of its ministers may stay, its departure increases the chances that Ms Rousseff will be impeached on charges that she used accounting trickery to disguise the size of the budget deficit.尽管该党的部分成员仍会继续留在政府中,但该党的退出增加了罗塞夫因用会计手段来掩饰财政赤字金额而遭弹劾的风险。Venezuelas National Assembly, which is controlled by parties opposed to the left-wing government of Nicolas Maduro, passed a law that would free 70 political prisoners.委内瑞拉全国代表大会(Venezuelas National Assembly)近日通过一项法律。根据此法,70名政治犯将被释放,其中包括反对派领袖莱奥波尔多?洛佩斯(因在游行中煽动暴乱获刑14年)。They include Leopoldo Lopez, an opposition leader who was sentenced to 14 years in jail for inciting violence during protests.委内瑞拉全国代表大会由反对派掌权,反对以尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolas Maduro)为首的左翼政府。Mr Maduro has said he will veto the bill.马杜罗称自己将否决这项法案。Colombias government and the ELN, the countrys second-largest guerrilla group, are to begin formal talks to end half a century of conflict.为结束长达半个世纪的冲突,哥伦比亚政府和该国第二大叛乱组织哥伦比亚民族解放军(the ELN)开启正式会谈。The two sides agreed on an agenda, including terms for disarming the rebels and their participation in politics.双方共同签署了一项议程,其中包括解除叛乱者武装的条款以及双方参政的事宜。Colombia has been holding peace talks with the largest rebel group, the FARC, since 2012.自2012年以来,哥伦比亚政府一直在与该国最大叛乱组织哥伦比亚革命武装力量(the FARC)进行和谈。Syrian government troops retook the ancient city of Palmyra, captured by Islamic State last May.叙利亚政府军队夺回帕尔米拉(Palmyra)古城。Although two famous temples at the site were blown up by IS vandals, it looks as though the bulk of the antiquities have survived unscathed.该城自去年五月以来一直为伊斯兰国(Islamic State,以下简称IS )所控。尽管两座著名的寺庙已被IS炸毁,但似乎城内大量的文物完好无损,逃过一劫。Meanwhile, the Pentagon said that a senior commander in IS had been tracked down and killed in Syria by American special forces.与此同时,五角大楼声称,美国特种部队已在叙境内追踪并击毙一名IS的高级指挥官。 译文属译生译世201604/436805拱墅区中心医院不孕专家 Heres a neat experiment:做一个简单的实验:Find an open doorway and standinside it, facing into the room.找一扇开着的门并站在门口,面向房间。Now press your arms outward until the backs of your hands arepressing into the door frame.接下来向外伸展手臂直到手背是被压入门框。Go ahead and try it.试一试吧,Keep pressing outward, as hard as you feel comfortable with, for the next minute or so.努力向外伸展手臂,接下来的几分钟你将会感到很舒。In the meantime, lets talk about what your muscles are doing.一起来讨论一下这期间你的肌肉发挥了什么样的作用。In order to maintain the rightamount of stiffness, your muscles need to know how much resistance theyre up against.人体肌肉需要了解他们所承受的阻力是多少以便能够保持适当的刚度。To check this, your muscles have sensory receptors inside the muscle tissue itself which tell yournervous system just how stiff or relaxed these muscles are.由此,肌肉组织内部有感觉感受器,通过这些感受器向神经系统传达肌肉的僵硬度或者是松弛度。For example, muscle spindles are thin,fluid filled sacks that measure your muscles stretch.例如肌梭是体内感觉肌肉伸展的细长梭形本体感受器,Receptors in the tendons measure yourmuscles contraction.肌腱中的感受器感觉肌肉的收缩。With this information feeding back from the muscle, your body can figureout how tight the muscle needs to be in order to keep it in the same place.有了这些从肌肉中反馈的信息,本体才能计算出为了使肌肉保持在相同位置需要多大的松紧度。Which, right now asyou press the doorway, is pretty tight.在按住门口时,肌肉绷得很紧。What will happen, though, if you suddenly take the resistance of that door frame away?如果突然移除门框的阻力会发生怎样的事情?Lets findout.一起来寻找。Step into the room again and completely relax your arms.走进房间,彻底放松自己的手臂。If youve been pressing hard enough,youll be surprised to find your arms now drifting effortlessly upward, as though you had heliumballoons tied to your wrists.如果您之前压得足够紧,您会惊讶的发现您可以毫不费力的向上抬起手臂,仿佛有一只氦气球绑在您的手腕上。Whats going on is this: While you were pressing, your muscles learned that they needed to bepretty stiff to stay in the same place.一切缘由如下:在您用力压的时候,肌肉感知到需要崩得很紧才能处于同样的位置,Stepping out of the doorway changed all that–and verysuddenly.而走出门口之后一切在瞬间改变,It takes your muscles a few moments to learn about this new situation.肌肉感受新情形需要花费一些时间,Until thathappens, your arms will continue to press outward against a door frame thats no longer there.在这期间,手臂仍然保持在一种向外继续按压已经不存在的门框的状态。 201410/339264浙江省二院挂号预约平台

浙江杭州市第六医院能用医保卡吗Were back with Dierks Bentley欢迎回来 这里是Dierks BentleyYou look fantastic and congratulations on the CD,its NO.1,Its doing very well你看起来棒极了 恭喜你又发了一张新专辑 现在在榜单上排到第一位了Congratulations on that.Thank you,thank you.恭喜 恭喜 谢谢Tell everybody when you were writing this,when you were working on the CD,what were you thinking about 告诉大家 当你在创作这张专辑的时候 你的创作灵感是什么Well,sure the song Home is a customary country that I was called home当然这首歌是写一个被我称作家的地方For me Home is obviously my girls Catherine Albin Jordan,but对于我来说 家当然指的是我的几个丫头们 Catherine Albin JordanSort of the road has been home for the last 10 years,met great people on the road,no matter what town we are in great fans good friends某种意义上 这十年来走过的这条路也是我的家 在这期间 我遇见了无数伟大的人 无论在哪儿都有热情的粉丝 好朋友I think about the country in general,this is the place we all call home甚至连整个国家 都可以被称为家 这是我们共同的家People have their individual states,hometowns and teams虽然我们来自不同的州 有不同的故乡 团队but you think of the guys in the military when theyre flying on a plane seeing the eastern seaboard for the first time但是想想那些当兵的人呢 当他们驾驶着飞机 刚刚看到东海岸线Like,thats home.the whole country,not just a particular state.I think that counts a lot他们会觉得那就是家 整个美国 而不是特别的哪个州 我觉得这很有意义Its a kind of combination of things,and certainly country music has been home for last five years我想这包含许多东西 当然 乡村音乐这么多年一直是我的家Well,I know its important to you,the military families and its important to us我明白这个对你很重要 我是说军人军属啊 有些事对我们来说也很重要Supporting all of the families and all the sacrifices that are made持这些军人家庭啊 还有感激他们所付出的一切And we get thousands of E-mails every week,and I wanted to share this one E-mail that I received每周我们节目组都会收到许多邮件 我想给大家读读这一封 /201609/464302 Should digital monopolies be broken up?电子垄断需要被打破吗?European moves against Google are about protecting companies, not consumers欧洲人反抗谷歌的运动实为保护自身企业,而非消费者ALTHOUGH no company is mentioned by name, it is very clear which American internet giant the European Parliament has in mind in a resolution that has been doing the rounds in the run-up to a vote on November 27th. One draft calls for “unbundling search engines from other commercial services” to ensure a level playing field for European companies and consumers. This is the latest and most dramatic outbreak of Googlephobia in Europe.虽然没有提及任何公司的名字,我们非常清楚哪些美国互联网巨头在欧洲议会中已经作为讨论对象,被放在于11月27日实行了几轮的投票决议中。有一项草案呼吁“解除搜索引擎和其他商业务的捆绑“,以确保欧洲企业和消费者进行公平竞争。这是欧洲谷歌恐惧症最新和最戏剧性的暴动。Europes former competition commissioner, Joaquín Almunia, brokered a series of settlements this year requiring Google to give more prominence to rivals shopping and map services alongside its own in search results. But MEPs want his successor, Margrethe Vestager, to take a firmer line. Hence the calls to dismember the company.欧洲前竞争委员会专员阿尔穆尼亚,今年促成了一系列内容的解决,要求谷歌在竞争对手的购物和地图务方面提供更多的显著内容,并将其内容一并放入自己的搜索结果中。不过,欧洲议会议员希望他的继任者玛格丽特采取更加坚定的策略。因此呼吁分割公司。The parliament does not actually have the power to carry out this threat. But it touches on a question that has been raised by politicians from Washington to Seoul and brings together all sorts of issues from privacy to industrial policy. How worrying is the dominance of the internet by Google and a handful of other firms?议会实际上并不具备实施这一威胁的能力。不过,议会倒是已经触及到了从美国华盛顿到韩国首尔的政客们所提出的问题,并汇集了各种争议,从私密政策到产业政策。互联网由谷歌和少数其他公司占主导的现状是多么令人担忧的现状啊?Whos afraid of the big bad search engine?谁害怕这个巨大的坏蛋搜索引擎呢?Google (whose executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a member of the board of The Economists parent company) has 68% of the market of web searches in America and more than 90% in many European countries. Like Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants, it benefits from the network effects whereby the popularity of a service attracts more users and thus becomes self-perpetuating. It collects more data than any other company and is better at mining those data for insights. Once people start using Googles search (and its e-mail, maps and digital storage), they rarely move on. Small advertisers find switching to another platform too burdensome to bother.谷歌(其执行董事长埃里克·施密特,是《经济学人》的母公司董事会的成员)具有在美国网络搜索市场的68 %和在许多欧洲国家90%以上的份额。像脸书 ,亚马逊等科技巨头,它们从网络效应中获利,由此一个务的普及,吸引更多的用户,从而自我延续。谷歌收集比其他任何公司更多的数据,其探索这些数据的洞察力更好。一旦人们开始使用谷歌的搜索(以及其电子邮件,地图和数字存储),他们很少继续前进搜索。小广告客户找到切换到另一个平台则过于繁琐费心。Google is clearly dominant, then; but whether it abuses that dominance is another matter. It stands accused of favouring its own services in search results, making it hard for advertisers to manage campaigns across several online platforms, and presenting answers on some search pages directly rather than referring users to other websites. But its behaviour is not in the same class as Microsofts systematic campaign against the Netscape browser in the late 1990s: there are no e-mails talking about “cutting off” competitors “air supply”. Whats more, some of the features that hurt Googles competitors benefit its consumers. Giving people flight details, dictionary definitions or a map right away saves them time. And while advertisers often pay hefty rates for clicks, users get Googles service for nothing—rather as plumbers and florists fork out to be listed in Yellow Pages which are given to ers gratis, and nightclubs charge men steep entry prices but let women in free.谷歌明显占主导地位,但是否滥用这一优势则是另一回事。它被指控在搜索结果中偏袒自己的务,使得广告商在多个网络平台管理活动变得困难,并提出了某些搜索页面直接的,而不是向用户推荐其他网站。但其行为和微软公司在20世纪90年代末发起的反对美国网景公司浏览器的系统活动是同样的性质:没有电子邮件谈论“切断”竞争对手的“气源” 。更重要的是,一些特点伤害谷歌的竞争对手从消费者中获益。给人们提供航班信息,字典定义或地图能够马上节省了人们的时间。虽然广告商往往付高的点击率,用户可以免费得到谷歌的务——而非水管工和花商掏钱被列在给读者免费阅读的黄页上,并且夜总会会给男人们提高入门价格,但让女人免费进入。There are also good reasons why governments should regulate internet monopolies less energetically than offline ones. First, barriers to entry are lower in the digital realm. It has never been easier to launch a new online product or service: consider the rapid rise of Instagram, WhatsApp or Slack. Building a rival infrastructure to a physical incumbent is far more expensive (just ask telecoms operators or energy firms), and as a result there is much less competition (and more need for regulation) in the real world. True, big firms can always buy upstart rivals (as Facebook did with Instagram and WhatsApp, and Google did with Waze, Apture and many more). But such acquisitions then encourage the formation of even more start-ups, creating even more competition for incumbents.也有很好的理由来解释为什么政府要较少精力充沛地去规范互联网垄断而非下线的活动。首先,在数字领域进入门槛较低。它从未如此简单推出一个新的在线产品或务:考虑Instagram,WhatsApp或Slack的迅速崛起。建设一个对手基础设施到物理依靠更为昂贵(只是要求电信运营商或能源公司),并因此有比在现实世界中少得多的竞争(需要更多的监管)。诚然,大公司可以随时购买新的竞争对手(如脸书使用Instagram和WhatsApp,谷歌利用Waze,Apture以及其他更多的软件使用等等)。但这样的收购则鼓励更多的创业企业的形成,从而创造更激烈的竞争。Second, although switching from Google and other online giants is not costless, their products do not lock customers in as Windows, Microsofts operating system, did. And although network effects may persist for a while, they do not confer a lasting advantage: consider the decline of MySpace, or more recently of Orkut, Googles once-dominant social network in Brazil, both eclipsed by Facebook—itself threatened by a wave of messaging apps.其次,尽管从谷歌和其他网络巨头的转换不是没有代价的,他们的产品不锁定网页里的客户或是微软的操作系统。并且,虽然网络效应可能会持续一段时间,他们并没有赋予持久的优势:考虑MySpace的衰落,还有最近的Orkut,谷歌曾经在巴西社交网络占领导地位,都是由Facebook而致衰落-而其本身也受到一波消息应用程序的威胁。Finally, the lesson of recent decades is that technology monopolists (think of IBM in mainframes or Microsoft in PC operating systems) may be dominant for a while, but they are eventually toppled when they fail to move with the times, or when new technologies expand the market in unexpected ways, exposing them to new rivals. Facebook is eating into Googles advertising revenue. Despite the success of Android, Googles mobile platform, the rise of smartphones may undermine Google: users now spend more time on apps than on the web, and Google is gradually losing control of Android as other firms build their own mobile ecosystems on top of its open-source underpinnings. So far, no company has remained information technologys top dog from one cycle to the next. Sometimes former monopolies end up with a lucrative franchise in a legacy area, as Microsoft and IBM have. But the kingdoms they rule turn out to be only part of a much larger map.最后,近数十年来的经验教训是,技术的垄断者(认为主机中IBM或是PC操作系统中的微软)可能一时占据主导地位,但他们未能与时并进,或是当新技术以意想不到的方式扩大自己的市场,将其暴露给新的竞争对手,最终只能走向崩塌。脸书正在蚕食谷歌的广告收入。尽管安卓,谷歌的移动平台出现成功,智能手机的兴起可能会破坏谷歌的地位:用户现在花更多的时间在应用程序上而非网络,并且谷歌正在逐渐失去对安卓的控制,因为其他企业正在开源的基础上建立自己的移动生态系统。到目前为止,没有一家公司一直保持信息技术的顶峰,并从一个周期维持到下一个周期。有时候,前者垄断结束了在传统领域利润丰厚的专营权,微软和IBM都有这种情况。但他们统治的王国最终变成是一个更大的地图的一部分。Looking after their own照顾好自己的业务The European Parliaments Googlephobia looks a mask for two concerns, one worthier than the other. The lamentable one, which American politicians pointed out this week, is a desire to protect European companies. Among the loudest voices lobbying against Google are Axel Springer and Hubert Burda Media, two German media giants. Instead of attacking successful American companies, Europes leaders should ask themselves why their continent has not produced a Google or a Facebook. Opening up the EUs digital services market would do more to create one than protecting local incumbents.欧洲议会的谷歌恐惧症查找两个关注热点,其中一个比另一个更具有价值。可悲的是,美国的政治家在本周指出,其实际是以保护欧洲企业的愿望。其中呼声最高的反对谷歌的游说是阿克塞尔·施普林格和布尔达传媒集团,两家德国媒体巨头。相比攻击成功的美国公司,欧洲领导人应该反问自己,为什么他们大陆还没有产生一个谷歌或脸书的公司。开放欧盟的数字务市场会做更多的创建一个强大的公司,而非仅仅保护本地老牌。The good reason for worrying about the internet giants is privacy. It is right to limit the ability of Google and Facebook to use personal data: their services should, for instance, come with default settings guarding privacy, so companies gathering personal information have to ask consumers to opt in. Europes politicians have shown more interest in this than American ones. But to address these concerns, they should regulate companies behaviour, not their market power. Some clearer thinking by European politicians would benefit the continents citizens.担心互联网巨头的一个重要原因是隐私。限制谷歌和脸书使用个人数据的权限是正确的。他们的务应该做到配备默认设置保护隐私权,因此公司收集的个人信息要问消费者自己的选择。欧洲的政客在这方面表现出比美国更多的兴趣。但要解决这些问题,就应该规范企业的行为,不是他们的市场力量。欧洲一些政客更清晰的思维将有利于欧洲大陆的公民。译者:肖登怡译文属译生译世 /201412/346874杭州萧然医院看乳腺检查多少钱怎么样浙江省妇保医院的权威医生



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