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Two passenger trains collided in central China Monday morning, leaving at least three people dead and 60 injured.29日凌晨中国湖南境内两旅客列车发生相撞事故,目前至少3人死亡,60余人受伤。The accident took place at 2:34 am at Chenzhou railway station in Hunan province, according to local railway company sources.据当地铁路部门说,事故发生于凌晨2:34分,地点位于湖南省郴州火车站。A train going from Changsha to Shenzhen collided with another train from Tongren to Shenzhen, causing several cars to derail, according to the sources.一辆从长沙开往深圳的列车和另一辆从铜仁开往深圳的列车相撞。导致部分车厢脱轨。Liu Zhijun, minister of railway, has gone to Chenzhou, 300 kilometers from Changsha, capital of Hunan province, to oversee the rescue work.铁道部部长刘志军已经赶往郴州指挥救援工作,郴州距离湖南省会长沙300公里。 06/76082。

Senior US Diplomat Travels to Africa for Talks on Congo Violence美国高官赴金沙萨谈刚果暴力事件 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is sending the top U.S. diplomat for Africa to Kinshasa for talks on the violence and humanitarian crisis in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the DRC. Assistant Secretary for State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer will also have talks with Rwandan officials. 美国国务卿赖斯派遣美国非洲问题高级外交官前往金沙萨,就刚果民主共和国东部省份的暴力事件和人道主义危机举行会谈。国务院非洲事务助理国务卿延达伊·弗雷泽还将跟卢旺达官员举行会谈。The decision to send Frazer to the area reflects growing U.S. concern about the resurgence of violence in the eastern DRC, which has displaced tens of thousands of people in an area where humanitarian conditions are aly tenuous. 派遣弗雷泽前往非洲的决定反映出美国对刚果民主共和国东部地区重新爆发暴力事件的日益关切,该地区的人道主义形势已经非常脆弱,最近的暴力冲突又造成当地数万人流离失所。The assistant secretary of state, who attended a meeting in Nairobi this week on the situation in Somalia, is due in the DRC capital Thursday, and will either go on to Kigali or hold telephone talks with Rwandan leaders. 助理国务卿弗雷泽这个星期在内罗毕出席索马里局势问题的会议,他定于星期四抵达刚果民主共和国首都,接着可能会前往卢旺达首都基加利或者跟卢旺达领导人举行电话会谈。Fighting in the eastern DRC, under way on and off for more than a decade, has surged in recent weeks with clashes between a rebel group and the Congolese army, and U.N. peacekeepers caught in the crossfire. 刚果民主共和国东部正在进行的战斗断断续续持续了十多年,但是最近几个星期战斗有所加剧,一个反叛组织跟刚果政府军之间冲突的同时,联合国维和部队也卷入了战斗。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said Rice dispatched Frazer to Kinshasa after telephone contacts with, among others, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht. 国务院发言人麦科马克在新闻发布会上说,赖斯跟比利时外交大臣卡雷尔·德古特等人通过电话磋商后决定派弗雷泽前往非洲。He said Frazer, in her discussions with officials of the DRC and Rwanda, will explore ways to defuse regional tensions. 麦科马克说,弗雷泽跟刚果民主共和国以及卢旺达官员会谈时将探讨缓和地区紧张状态的途径。He added, "A lot of these tensions result from various ethnic groups in those regions, in the Great Lakes region, as well tensions that exist between Rwanda and the DRC. So we are working to try to, as best we can, minimize those tensions, work the political side, support the U.N. in its efforts to get more troops in there and get more capabilities in there. That's a U.N. process but we support them in doing that." 麦科马克说:“许多紧张关系源于大湖地区中那些地带的少数民族群体,以及卢旺达和刚果民主共和国之间存在的紧张关系。因此,我们现在就要尽最大力量争取把这些紧张关系减少到最低程度,在政治层面进行努力,持联合国在该地区增派军队加强战斗力的努力。那是联合国的工作程序,但是我们持他们的工作。”A State Department statement issued late Tuesday expressed deep U.S. concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in the eastern DRC, and called for all parties to meet commitments to recent cease-fire and renunciation of force agreements. 美国国务院星期二晚间发表的声明中表达了美国对刚果民主共和国东部日益恶化的人道主义局势的深切忧虑,声明呼吁所有各方遵守承诺,执行最近达成的停火和放弃武力的协议。It specifically urged the ethnic-Tutsi Congolese rebel group led by renegade general Laurent Nkunda - the CNDP - to avoid further fighting, rescind its call for open revolt against the DRC, and resume talks with the democratically elected and internationally recognized government in Kinshasa.The State Department called for the mainly ethnic-Hutu rebel group active in the area - the FDLR - to also lay down its arms, disband and demobilize.A senior official who spoke to reporters here said U.S. officials are concerned about reports of outside support for rebels in Congo, from Rwanda among other places. Tuesday's statement called for all the countries of the Great Lakes region to work together to enhance stability and respect each other's sovereignty. The senior official said the U.S. Agency for International Development is considering ways to get additional relief aid into the area but that the fighting makes deliveries very difficult. 美国一位资深官员对记者说,美国国际开发署正在考虑向上述地区提供更多的救援物资,但是那里的战斗让救援物资的运送非常困难。200810/54477。

How U.S. targets hackers CNN's Barbara Starr reports how the military is considering establishing offensive cyber war tactics and procedures. In the thriller Live Free or Die Hard, Bruce Willis takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization, trying to shut down the ed States, starting with traffic signals. It's a scenario that the US military worries some day may be real. The next war may also find US troops on the offence in cyberspace.But I think we need to get y and get set to be able to allow our forces to essentially leverage the cyber world. Cyber warfare is so sensitive / the Pentagon refused to provide any official to speak on camera. The Air Force is considering establishing a seperate organization just to handle it.Some people are talking about the things that belong in the movies not at the Pentagon.But this recently declassified national military strategy for cyberspace operations spells out the Pentagon strategy: superiority in cyberspace, and says troops must be able to conduct the full range of military operations in and through cyberspace. It's more than just shutting down the other guy’s systems. Experts say the idea, use cyber attacks to disable aircraft, make radars go blank, and even plant false intelligence in the enemy computers.It's never gonna take the place of hot steel on target.The Pentagon is aly concerned about Chinese and Russian cyber tricks. It's thought Moscow was behind recent attacks on Georgian government websites. Real cyber war, however, may not look very Hollywood. Well combat in cyberspace is mainly gonna look like a bunch of people sitting at keyboards and staring at screens. It is probably not going to be as exciting as it is in the movies.200811/54672。

In Antarctica, everyday is (an) Olympic one. These Emperor Penguins are near the end of a two-week fishing marathon, bringing food for their hungry chicks, waiting miles away. But a challenger threatens the entire competition. A Leopard Seal waits at the shoreline. It's hungry too. Some Emperors make the leap onto shore before it can reach them. But the Leopard Seal is patient, it knows it controls the playing field. Superb athletes, they sense the Leopard Seal, and reverse direction in a split second. Seeing opening, more and more penguins stream up and out onto the ice. The momentum seems to turn the way of the penguins. Dozens make the leap to the safety of land, until the Leopard Seal changes the rules of the game. The penguins scramble to get away. Out of the water, both the seal and the penguins lose their speed and agility. Only desperation remains. The Leopard Seal snares a penguin, but the "seal victory" seems certain. But the game is not over yet. Penguins will go limp rather than struggle. When the Leopard Seal loses its grip, the penguin will make a break for it. This one is gone like a shot. It rejoins its teammates safely waiting at a distance. The Leopard Seal ,though ,doesn’t give up. It still has good field position. And now, the element of surprise. The Leopard Seal won’t lose its grip this time and takes its prize into the sea. For all but one, these competitors have won the fight to see another day.200812/58900。

Disaster in Japan日本灾难,钚与米奇鼠Plutonium and Mickey Mouse钚与米奇鼠Japan’s nuclear crisis drags on, exposing profound failures both at the company and in national energy policy日本核危机悬而未决,暴露出公司和国家能源政策的深刻失败IT IS daylight, but the darkness inside the headquarters of the world’s biggest privately owned electricity company is sepulchral. Officials, heads bowed, apologise in whispers for the trouble Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has caused. Their 66-year-old boss, Masataka Shimizu, went into hospital on March 30th, suffering from hypertension; he has been absent for much of the past three weeks. In the gloom TEPCO’s logo on the walls of the building resembles a mutant Mickey Mouse.外面晴空万里,世界上最大的私有电力公司总部里却是阴云密布。管理人员低着头小声为东京电力公司(TEPCO)造成的事故而道歉。东京电力公司66岁的总裁清水正孝由于高血压于3月30日入院,过去的三个多星期里他一直不在公司。而挂在大楼墙上阴沉的东京电力公司商标就像是一只发生突变了的米奇鼠。About 250km away, at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, hundreds of TEPCO employees and some subcontractors are trying to prevent further leaks of radioactive material from three damaged nuclear reactors and various sources of spent fuel. Their conditions are close to intolerable. At times, they have been exposed to more radiation in a few hours than they are supposed to endure in a year. Their rations are biscuits and canned food. They have a blanket each, and sleep on the floor. Some have lost homes and families to the tsunami that left 27,690 dead or missing. TEPCO sees them as soldiers. “We don’t think they are heroes. They are doing what they should,” an official says.250公里之外的福岛第一核电站,成百上千的东京电力公司雇员和一些转包商正试图阻止由三个损坏的核反应堆和各种来源的废燃料产生的放射性物质的进一步泄露。他们的工作环境非常的糟糕。有时,他们在暴露的几小时内所承受的辐射量就超过了他们理应一年承受的量,配给的食物是饼干和罐装食品,人手一张毯子,睡觉就打地铺。部分工作人员已经在造成了27,690人死亡或失踪的海啸中失去了房屋和家庭。东京电力公司把他们视作战士:一位高层说:“我们不认为他们是英雄,他们正在做自己该做的事。”TEPCO is getting most of the blame for Japan’s nuclear disaster. For much of the past three weeks, the authorities have held out hopes that they could regain control by reconnecting cooling systems damaged by the tsunami. These are supposed to prevent fuel from melting and rupturing the protective steel case of the reactor vessels.东京电力公司受到了源于日本核灾难的大多数指责。在过去的三个多星期里,当局提出希望通过重新连接在海啸中损坏的冷却系统来重新控制局势。他们要阻止燃料融化和破坏反应堆容器的保护性外铁壳。This week the discovery of large pools of highly radioactive water and raised levels of radiation in seawater near the plant has shown how far the authorities really are from regaining control. Previous releases of radioactive iodine and caesium had shown that material from the core of at least one reactor has been released. The new findings suggest that the systems designed to contain such releases may have been badly compromised. The tanks into which contaminated water is being pumped will eventually fill up. And conditions for workers are getting more dangerous, which means that fixing up the cooling systems and hooking up vital measuring instruments takes longer.本周发现的大量高放射性水以及核电站附近水域中升高的辐射水平都显示了:对于重新控制局势当局还有很长的路要走。过去泄露的放射性碘量和铯量已经说明至少有一个反应堆核心有放射性物质泄露。最新的发现明被设计用于盛放这些泄露物的容器已经严重损坏。抽出的污染水最终将填满这些贮水池。作业环境对于工人来说正在变得越来越危险,这意味着修复冷却系统以及挂接重要的测量仪器将花费更长的时间。201104/131242。

Culture: Professional Witch 文化: 职业巫婆New Witch of Wookey Hole: Wookey 洞里的新巫婆Do you ever fancy a career change?Well if you can cast spells, fly on a broomstick and have a good cackle, then you might be interested in becoming a professional witch. And if you become the Witch of Wookey Hole you could even earn a good salary.Legend has it that the haunted caves of Wookey Hole in the south of England were home to a witch who laid a curse on the local villagers, until she was turned to stone by a monk.These days the caves are a tourist attraction which bring in thousands of visitors a year. And they have just appointed a new witch.On Tuesday, Carole Bonahan beat over 300 applicants with pointy hats, capes and hooked noses to win the £50,000-a-year (around 500,000 RMB) post as Wookey Holes resident witch.Carole, who will now be known by her witchs name Carla Calamity, will give up her job as an estate agent in order to become a full-time witch. Her main duty will be welcoming visitors to the caves.Miss Calamity wears stilettos and describes herself as a ;glamorous witch;. She said that her old job wasnt perhaps as different to being a witch as you might imagine:;I am going to be a great witch. All it takes is a little bit of magic and a little pizzazz. Its a natural progression from my old job as an estate agent. I have been using my witching skills to sell houses for a long time.;Handing over the broomstick was Jane Brenner who has been Wookeys witch for the past six years. She said:;We didnt want anyone who would scare the children. We wanted a good witch to meet and greet people and to act as an ambassador for the attraction. This isnt a cushy job.;Indeed, Carla Calamity had to overcome a wide range of people from all walks of life in order to get the job. Teachers, a photographer, and even an accountant all threw their hats in the ring.So next time you feel like introducing a little magic into your life, you might want to think about a career in witching.词汇表:cast spells 用符咒镇住(某人或某物)broomstick 扫把cackle 邪恶的笑声earn a good salary 挣一份好的年薪legend has it 传说中讲tourist attraction 旅游景点appointed 被任命capes 披风,斗篷hooked noses 鹰钩鼻calamity 大灾难estate agent 房产销售员stilettos 细高跟鞋glamorous 富有魅力的pizzazz 活力natural progression 自然发展meet and greet 欢迎a cushy job 一个容易做的工作all walks of life 各行各业threw their hats in the ring (比喻)参加竞争08/81972。

Cancer therapy癌症治疗Taking aim sooner即将实现对症下药If personalised medicine is to achieve its full potential, it should be used earlier on in clinical trials若想让个体化药物发挥最大潜力,那就应该尽早将它投入临床试验。Jun 9th 2011 | from the print editionONE of the prospects supporters of the Human Genome Project held out was personalised medicine. Knowing which genes were involved in a particular patient’s disease would allow drugs to be deployed with greater precision. That is starting to happen in the field of cancer. Several targeted therapies, aimed at specific cancer-causing mutations, including Gleevec for chronic myelogenous leukaemia and Herceptin for some types of breast cancer, have been spectacularly successful. Yet in most cases of cancer doctors still base their treatment on where in the body a tumour has sprung up, rather than on which molecular aberrations have caused it.人类基因组计划持者认为该计划的前景之一就是个体化药物。通过了解哪些基因与特定病人的疾病存在关联,会使药物的使用更加精确。在癌症领域,这种情况即将成为现实。几种针对特定致癌突变的靶向疗法——包括治疗慢性髓细胞性白血病的格列卫和治疗多种类型乳癌的赫塞汀——所展现出的治疗效果令世人瞩目。而在癌症的大多数病例中,医生们的治疗仍然基于人体中肿瘤出现的位置,而不考虑究竟是哪几种分子畸变导致了肿瘤的发生。The same is true of medical researchers recruiting volunteers for clinical trials, especially those known as phase I trials, in which a new drug is tested on people for the first time. Participants in such trials are often those whose tumour has sp beyond its original site, and will probably prove fatal. Usually, they have tried all proven therapies, to no avail. Their precarious condition means they are rarely accepted for phase II and III trials, which are more complicated and extensive.对于招募临床试验志愿者,尤其是所谓的第一阶段试验(在该阶段,人们要接受新药的第一次人体试验)志愿者的医疗研究员来说,情况也同样如此。该阶段试验的参加者通常是那些肿瘤发生扩散而远离初始位置的人,他们也将因此而有性命之忧。一般来说,他们已然尝试过所有经过验的疗法,却徒劳无功。他们危急的病情意味着只有少数人能接受更为复杂和广泛的第二和第三阶段试验。Oddly, though, even if the drug being tested is a targeted therapy the tradition in phase I trials has been to gather together patients with, say, lung cancer and assume that all carry the relevant mutation. That is because such trials are concerned mainly with testing a drug’s safety, not its efficacy. The volunteers are usually happy to go along with this. But the odds are not good. On average, fewer than 5% of participants in phase I trials respond successfully to the treatment.但是令人感到奇怪的是,即便所试验的药物是一种靶向治疗药物,第一阶段试验的传统也一直是招募病人,比如肺癌患者,并假定他们所有人都携带相关的突变体。那是因为这些试验主要关注点在于测试药品的安全性,而非有效性。志愿者通常愿意从头到尾全程配合,但是效果仍不甚理想。平均来说,在第一阶段试验中只有不到5%的参与者经过治疗后病情大有起色。201106/141187。

High-tech ATM theft ATM黑客 Criminals are using more sophisticated methods than ever before to gain access to ATM customers' PIN numbers. It’s a new kind of bank robbery; Hackers breaking into ATM machines through holes of computer software, stealing money from variety of Bank Accounts. It’s something you probably take for granted that when you use an ATM machine and enter your personal pin code. That secret number stays between you and your bank. Think again!? We’re at a tipping point when this actually became a serious problem. It happened most recently in 7-11 stores across the country. Hackers broke into Citibank’s network ATM machine, snatched the people’s pin numbers and stole some 2 million dollars from a range of bank accounts. ATM crime has become more and more sophisticated as you see an organized crime, for example. That, you know, they’re willing to sometimes invest a large sum of money upfront in order to, compromise, you know, in order to compromise an account or accounts. ATM trade spokesman Kurt Helwig said it was an isolated incident. Still the question: how they do it? 60% ATM machines are all owned by private independent companies. Prosecutors investigated the possibility to cease hackers to deprive ATM computer network owned by card electronics, ceasing the pin codes during the transmission before they ever reach the bank. Citibank tells CNN: “The situation has been resolved there have been no fraudulent transactions since March” Three people believed to be to the deceptive to be in dialed and Citibank says they’ll repay anyone whose accounts made compromised. In the past, ATM’s were compromised by phony calls scanners that cameras recall people repeat punching their pin numbers. This raised the states because hackers can still eliminate their numbers with pin code electronically. The ATM districts say this is an isolated incident affected in tiny percentage of 1 billion yieldly ATM transactions. For CNNmoney.com, Deborah Feyerick.参考中文翻译:罪犯盗取ATM客户密码的方法越来越成熟。这是一种新式的抢劫;黑客利用电脑软件的漏洞侵入ATM,盗走不同帐号里的钱。可能你觉得应用的ATM时输入密码是理所当然的事。密码只有你和知道。再想一下是不是这样?这实际上是一个很严重的问题。最近,在全国的7-11便利店,这种状况时有发生。黑客侵入花旗的ATM网络,盗取了客户的密码,从很多账户中窃取了200多万美元。ATM犯罪越来越成熟,你可以看到有组织的犯罪。你知道,为了让一个或者几个账户受害,他们会投入一笔很大的资金。ATM交易发言人Kurt Helwig说这是一个单独的偶然事件。仍然是那个问题:他们是怎样做的呢?60%的ATM由私有的独立的公司所有。告发者调查了剥夺电子设备的ATM电脑网络,在交易到达前就停止交易密码以阻止黑客犯罪的可能性。花旗告诉CNN:“现在状况已经好转,从3月份起就没有再发生虚假交易。”3人涉嫌虚假交易,花旗说,他们会偿付账户受到危害的户主。过去,ATM受电话窃听器的危害,摄像头会记录下人民重复输入的密码。现在黑客可以消除他们输入的密码。ATM相关部门表示,这只是偶然事件,比例相当低,在10亿笔ATM交易中才会有一次发生。200812/58130。

The massive power and unprecedented popularity of the iPhone pushes Jobs from visionary to iGenius.iPhone巨大的成功和前所未有的普及让远见卓识的乔布斯成为了业界公认的天才。But unfortunately, the man who seems to have a solution for almost everything is increasingly haunted by his most personal challenge.但是不幸的是,那个对任何事似乎都有一种解决方法的奇才却被自己日益增加个人挑战困扰着。By now I have a liver of a mid 20th person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs.现在的我迫切需要一个肝脏,几乎死于车祸的20人都非常大度去捐献他们的器官。And I wouldnt be here without such generosity.而我在这里从来没有这样的慷慨。So Im vertical. Im back at Apple, loving every day of it.所以我用实际行动回报这些帮助过我的人。我再次回到了苹果,热爱那里的每一天。It did inspire him.这确实激励了他。It did motivate him to work more and faster, create more things and, in fact, his creative output over the last five or six years is probably his greatest, his most prolific period.这激励他得更快更多的工作,创造更多的东西,而事实上,在过去5年或6年他的创意可能是他最大的,他最多产的时期。Running out of time but not drive, Jobs writes his next chapter and its a pinched term.时日无多但却游刃有余,乔布斯写下了他的第2章,这是一种没有办法的办法。词语解释:1. inspire v. 激发2. prolific a. 多产的163795。

President Barack Obama is mounting an all-out push for U.S. Senate ratification of the New START nuclear treaty with Russia, calling it crucial for U.S. national security. The president summoned a bipartisan group of former White House officials to help efforts to gain ratification before the end of the year.奥巴马总统正在全力推动参议院批准美国与俄罗斯签署的新的《削减战略武器条约》。奥巴马称这一条约对美国国家安全至关重要。奥巴马总统召集了由前白宫官员组成的一个跨党派小组,努力促成这项条约在今年年底前获得批准。Seated with the president were Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with the Democratic chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry and Richard Lugar.与奥巴马总统坐在一起的有副总统拜登、国务卿克林顿,以及民主党主席克里和参议院外交关系委员会的资深共和党人卢格。Also there were former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, James Baker and Henry Kissinger, former defense secretaries William Cohen and William Perry, former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft and former Senator Sam Nunn.在场的还有前国务卿奥尔布赖特、贝克和基辛格,前国防部长科恩和佩里,前国家安全顾问斯考克罗夫特以及前参议员纳恩。Calling ratification a national security imperative, the president said failure to do so would endanger the entire U.S.-Russian verification framework.奥巴马称批准美俄核军控条约是美国国家安全的当务之急。他说,如果条约得不到批准的话,将威胁到整个美俄的核查体制。"If we do not, then we do not have a verification regime. No inspectors, no insights into Russia's strategic arsenal, no framework for cooperation between the world's two nuclear superpowers."奥巴马说:“如果我们没有这么做,那么我们就没有了核查体制。没有检查员无法洞察俄罗斯的战略核武库,更无法在世界上两个核超级大国间建立合作框架。”201011/118638。