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President Obama and Mitt Romney meet for their last debate Monday night, a 90-minute session devoted to foreign policy. It takes place in the swing state of Florida, at Lynn University in Boca Raton. The moderator is Bob Schieffer of CBS News.总统奥巴马和罗姆尼为他们周一晚上的最后一场辩论重聚,这场90分钟的辩论专门讨论外交政策。它在摇摆州佛罗里达的卡拉顿林恩大学进行。主持人是哥伦比亚广播公司新闻人鲍勃#8226;希弗。Here are five things to look for in this final Obama-Romney clash:在这奥巴马与罗姆尼的最后之争中有五件事情要看:Obama touts his record. Expect to hear the president talk about winding down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the multinational operation that toppled Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. And how many times will Obama cite the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden? The president is also expected to emphasize Romneys lack of foreign policy experience.奥巴马吹捧他的功绩。期待听到总统谈论关于结束在伊拉克和阿富汗的战争,多国合作推翻利比亚独裁者卡扎菲。有多少次奥巴马提到2011年击毙乌萨马#8226;#8226;拉丹的突袭吗?总统预计会强调罗姆尼对外交政策的经验的缺乏。Romney disputes Obamas record. Like running mate Paul Ryan at the Oct. 11 vice presidential debate, Romney may well cite anti-U.S. protest in a string of Middle East nations. Also look for Romney to question the Obama administrations handling of the recent attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, the rebellion in Syria, and the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran.罗姆尼质疑奥巴马的功绩。像101日的副总统候选人辩论的竞选搭档保瑞安一样,罗姆尼不妨引述一系列中东国家的反美抗议。另外,期待罗姆尼就奥巴马政府对最近在利比亚的美国领事馆遇袭、叙利亚的叛乱、拥有核武器的伊朗的前景等事件的处理提出质疑。Libya. The shifting stories about the cause of the Sept. 11 attack that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans also came up during the second debate last week. Obama officials first attributed the violence to the protest of an anti-Islam film, then days later called it a pre-planned terrorist attack. But Romney also flubbed the issue in that last debate, forgetting that Obama had used the term ;acts of terror; the day after the killings.利比亚1日的袭击杀害了美国驻利比亚的大使以及其他三名美国人,关于该事件原因的变化在上周的第二场辩论时也提到了。奥巴马的官员一开始把暴力归因于对反伊斯兰影片的抗议,几天之后又将其称为一场预先计划的恐怖袭击。但罗姆尼在这最后的辩论中也忘了该问题,忘记奥巴马在死亡事件后曾使用“恐怖行为”这一术语。Iran. The last Obama-Romney battle takes place amid reports that the Obama administration may soon enter into one-on-one talks with Iran, seeking to dissuade it from pursuing the means to make nuclear weapons. Obama says economic sanctions have pressured Iran to reconsider its nuclear ambitions. Romney says Obama has done little to slow Irans drive toward nuclear weapons, and has left long-time ally Israel in the lurch over the Iranian threat.伊朗。在报道说奥巴马政府可能很快与伊朗进入一对一谈判,试图阻止其想方设法制造核武器的行为时,最后一场奥巴马与罗姆尼的争战开始了。奥巴马说,经济制裁迫使伊朗重新考虑其核武器的野心。罗姆尼说,奥巴马并没有采取什么行动来拖延伊朗制造核武器的进程,并将长期盟友以色列置于伊朗威胁的困境下。How much talk about the economy? Yes, its a debate about foreign affairs, but dont be surprised if the U.S. economy pops up -- either candidate can argue that it has a direct effect on global affairs. Romney has criticized Obama over the trillion-plus national debt, and will likely challenge the president over the prospect of major Pentagon cuts. Obama says Republicans have not cooperated on a debt reduction plan, and that the ed States is recovering from the severe recession he inherited from predecessor George W. Bush.多少谈论是关于经济的?是的,这是一场关于外交事务的辩论,但如果美国经济问题冒出来不要感到惊两个候选人都可以说,它对全球事务有一个直接影响。罗姆尼批评奥巴马增加了超过16万亿美元的国债,有可能就五角大楼削减军费的未来前景挑战总统。奥巴马说共和党在削减债务计划方面没有合作,美国正从他接手前任总统乔治#8226;W#8226;布什留下的严重经济衰退中恢复过来。来 /201210/205204

负责...be responsible ...A:What work were you responsible at your previous company?B:I handled routine tasks,such as typing letters and documents,receiving visitors,answering phone calls and so on.资格书certificatequalificationA:Do you have any certificates or skills?B:I don’t have any certificates,but I am quite good at computers.你如何评价自己?How do you think of yourself?A:How do you think of yourself?B:I’m a good team player,I like working with all types of people.你的同事如何评价你What would your colleagues say about you?A:What would your colleagues say about you?B:They would say I’m a dependable,fun person to work with.爱好hobbyA:Do you have any hobbies?B:I have many hobbies,such as fishing,climbing,and playing golf,etc.被录用be acceptedemployedhiredA:Do you have any experience as a salesperson?B:Yes,I’ve worked in a department store years.A:What section would you like to work in if you are accepted?B:I’d rather work in the business department if I can choose.胜任职位be qualified the postA:Do you think you are qualified the post?B:Yes,I’m always able to develop new ideas.This is very important advertising business.印象impression of...A:What’s your impression of our company?B:I feel that your company has lots of potential.全职兼职工作full timepart time jobA:Do you want a full time or a part time job?B:A part time job.I have to study.A:Do you mind working on the night shift?B:Not at all.Since I have to study during the day.期望薪酬expected salaryA:The night shift is from 6 p.m.to p.m..Then,what is the lowest salary you may expect?B:Twenty yuan per hour.A:It’s a deal.When could you start to work?B:Whenever it is convenient you.起薪starting salaryA:What starting salary would you expect here?B:Since I have much experience in this field,I am sure you will do me a fair offer.A:Is 5,000 yuan satisfactory?B:Oh,that’s more than I have expected.It’s quite satisfactory.保险insuranceA:Is there anything you want to ask me?B:Do you provide insurance?A:Yes,we provide five kinds of insurance and housing accumulation fund.B:Great!A:If you are satisfied with the conditions here,please sign this contract.B:OK. 87

A two-time Republican governor says U.S. President Barack Obama has resorted to ;extremism; with what he called anti-growth policies and a plan to divide Americans rather than unite them. In Tuesdays Republican response to the presidents State of the Union Address, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels said the Obama administration has sought to win favor with some Americans by castigating others. He said the presidents policies stifle the development of homegrown energy and have canceled plans for what he called a ;perfectly sane pipeline; ; the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from western Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas ; that supporters say would employ tens of thousands of workers. Mr. Obama has refused approval for the pipeline through the U.S. at least temporarily, while pursuing policies aimed at reducing pollution and climate change. Daniels also said the move will raise consumer utility bills and fail to improve human health or stabilize world temperatures, calling it a ;pro-poverty policy.;担任过两届美国印第安纳州州长的共和党人米;丹尼尔斯说,美国总统奥巴马诉;极端主义;,奉行遏制经济增长的政策,以及计划分裂美国民众而不是使之团结。米;丹尼尔斯星期二回应奥巴马的国情咨文讲话。他说,奥巴马政府为了赢取一部分美国人的好感,不惜惩戒其他人。丹尼尔斯说,奥巴马总统的政策压制本土能源业的发展,取消了从加拿大西部通往德克萨斯州墨西哥湾地区的基斯通XL输油管道的提议。丹尼尔斯说,这条输油管;完全没有问题;,持者说,这个项目能雇用数万名工人。奥巴马至少暂时拒绝批准这条经由美国的这条输油管道,同时奉行旨在降低污染和缓解气候变化的政策。丹尼尔斯还说,奥巴马的这一做法将增加消费者在水电煤气方面的花销,而且不能改善人民的健康,也不能稳定全球气温。丹尼尔斯说,这是一;促进贫困的政;。He said Republicans prefer a pro-growth approach that supports private sector jobs that will restore opportunity for all and generate public revenues to pay the nations bills. He said that during Mr. Obamas three years in office, an ;explosion of spending; has added trillions to the national debt. He said the president has put the nation on a course to make things radically worse in the years ahead. Daniels said Republicans do not accept the view that the nation will be one of ;haves and have-nots.; Instead, he said, Republicans want a nation of ;haves and soon-to-haves.; He called for ;a dramatically simpler; tax system of fewer loopholes and lower rates. He said the nation should maximize new domestic energy technologies, which he called ;the best break our economy has gotten in years.; Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain delivered a response for the conservative Tea Party movement operating within the Republican party. He called Mr. Obamas speech ; a hodgepodge (collection) of little ideas; and said what the country needs is more comprehensive reform. He criticized the countrys rising national debt and called for a balanced budget and a simpler, fairer tax code. Concluding, he said Washington (the federal government) has forgotten that it works for for the American people and added that the people, in his words, ;want our power back.;他说,共和党人主张一种促进增长的途经,这一途经有利于私营产业的工作机会,将为所有人重新带来机遇,并可以产生公共收入来付国家的花销。丹尼尔斯说,在奥巴马执政的三年间,;出激;带来了数万亿美元的新增国债。他说,奥巴马已经使国家走上一条在未来几年情况大幅度恶化的道路。丹尼尔斯说,共和党人不接受美国将成;有产者和无产;的国家的这一看法。他说,非但如此,共和党人需要一;有产者和即将成为有产;的国家。他呼吁建立一个漏洞较少、税率较低的;大为简;的税收体系。他说,国家应该最大限度地采用国内能源技术,他说这是美国经济多年来遇到的;最佳转;。共和党前总统参选人赫尔;凯恩向共和党内保守派的茶党运动发表有关回应。他说,奥巴马的讲话;一些小想法的集;,而美国需要的是更加全面的改革。他批评美国不断升高的国债,并呼吁平衡预算,简化税法,使之更加公平。凯恩讲话结束时说,联邦政府忘记了自己是为美国人民工作的。他还说,人民要;收回权力;。来 /201201/169524

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