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Thirty years from now, China’s elderly population will vastly outnumber its younger citizens. In a country where assisted-living homes are scarce, and dementia is not widely understood, asks Nathan VanderKlippe, will people pay the price before the government does?30年后,中国老年人口将大大超过年轻人口数量。在老年养护中心稀缺以及老年痴呆症不被广泛了解的情况下,大众会早于政府付出代价吗?Dementia in China presents one of Earth’s largest and costliest public-health crises, a slow-moving calamity of human suffering that also portends economic and political danger.中国的老年痴呆问题是世界上规模最大成本最昂贵的公共健康危机之一,这种导致人类痛苦的疾病也预示着经济和政治危机。As the fuel for China’s industrial engines – cheap labour, hungry consumers, a burgeoning cohort of middle-class workers – slowly dwindles, so too does its ability to propel the global economy.作为中国工业引擎的助推剂——廉价劳动力,饥渴的消费者,壮大的中产阶级工人——正缓慢削弱,所以中国推动全球经济发展的能力也在减弱。Meanwhile, the cost to the nation of caring for the most vulnerable among the elderly will be staggering. In little more than a decade, some scholars predict, demographics will help drag China’s economic growth rate below that of the U.S.同时,照顾老年人口中那一最弱群体(即痴呆患者)所需要的成本也将是惊人的。一些学者预计,在10多年后,人口问题将把中国的经济增长率拉低到美国之下。The fast-growing ranks of the elderly are aly creating difficult and growing social problems.而不断增加的老年人口数量正不断的引发严重的社会问题。 /201611/480828

The mystery surrounding the disappearance from Hong Kong of a publisher who sold books critical of China’s top leaders has taken another twist after his wife asked police to cancel her missing person’s report.李波的妻子已要求警方撤销她的失踪人口报案,令这位出版人在香港的失踪之谜又生转折。李波曾销售批评中国最高领导层的图书。Hong Kong police said his wife, who reported Lee Bo missing last week, tried to rescind the report on Monday but they were still investigating the case “in a proactive manner”, in line with rules that only the missing person themselves can close such a case.李波的妻子在上周报案李波失踪,香港警方表示她已试图在周一销案,但他们仍在“积极主动地”调查此案。依据香港法规,只有失踪者本人可以撤销这类案件。Meanwhile, Taiwan’s state news agency published a handwritten letter that it said had been faxed by Mr Lee to a colleague at their Causeway Bay Bookstore, in which the publisher said that he had gone to the mainland urgently and of his own volition to “co-operate with a relevant investigation”.与此同时,台湾官方通讯社刊登了一封手写信,据说是由李波传真给他在铜锣湾书店的一名同事。这位出版商在信中表示他出于自己的意志,紧急回到内地“配合有关方面调查”。In an editorial published on Tuesday, the Global Times, lent support to the theory that Mr Lee was “assisting an investigation” in the mainland before launching an attack on his business.《环球时报》(Global Times)周二发表的社论先是持了李波正在内地“协助调查”的说法,接着对李波的业务发起抨击。“Causeway Bay Books almost only publishes and sells mainland-related political books, many of which contain maliciously fabricated content,” it said. “Those books have through various channels entered into the mainland and have become a source of certain political rumours, which have caused some evil influence to some extent.”社论中写道:“铜锣湾书店几乎专门出版、销售与内地有关的政治书籍,它们很多都包含恶意编造的内容。那些书籍通过各种渠道流进内地,成为一些政治谣言的源头,在一定范围内造成恶劣影响。”China’s foreign ministry has said it had no information on the case.中国外交部表示对此事无可奉告。Human rights campaigners say that security forces in China often detain dissidents and those accused of political crimes without informing their family or explaining why they are being held.人权活动者表示中国的安保机构经常扣留持不同政见者以及被指控犯有政治罪的人士,却不通知他们的家人,也不解释为什么他们会被扣留。But they have no legal right to operate in Hong Kong, a point reinforced on Monday by CY Leung, the territory’s chief executive, who added that there was as yet “no indication” that China was involved in the disappearance of the booksellers.但香港特别行政区行政长官梁振英(CY Leung)在周一强调,内地执法人员并没有权利在港执法,并表示尚无迹象显示内地参与了李波失踪事件。 /201601/421526

An improvement in Beijing’s air quality last year compared with 2014 may have had more to do with weather patterns than with a decline in emissions, environmental experts say.环保专家表示,2015年北京的空气质量相对于2014年有所改善,可能更多是因为天气模式,而非排放量下降。The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said the average concentration of PM2.5 particles — used as a proxy for measuring air quality — at 81 microgrammes per cubic metre, was down 6 per cent from 2014’s average of nearly 86 microgrammes and 10 per cent from 90 in 2013. The World Health Organisation’s standard for safe air is an annual mean of 10 microgrammes.北京市环保局表示,2015年空气质量衡量指标PM2.5颗粒的平均浓度是每立方米81微克,比2014年近86微克的平均值降低了6%,比2013年90微克的平均值降低了10%。世界卫生组织(WHO)的空气安全标准是年平均10微克。The bureau said Beijing’s “number of days of most serious PM2.5 pollution is falling each year” but environmental experts pointed out that the city had declared its first two pollution red alerts — the highest level of danger — in December. A red alert triggers the closure of schools, restrictions on factory production and the removal of half the city’s vehicles from the roads.北京市环保局表示,北京“PM2.5污染最严重的天数每年都在下降”,但环保专家指出,北京市在12月发布了第一次和第二次空气污染红色预警,这是危险级别最高的预警。在红色预警下,学校关闭、工厂生产受限,全市一半的车辆被禁止上路。Ma Jun, an environmental campaigner and head of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, said the capital’s air quality appeared to improve in the first 10 months of 2015 compared with the same period a year earlier.公众与环境研究中心(Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs)主任、环保活动人士马军表示,在2015年的头10个月,北京空气质量似乎较上年同期有所改善。“But I’m not sure whether that’s the result of fewer emissions,” he said, noting that the deterioration in air quality in the final two months of the year “was due to wind and humidity”. Beijing’s air quality “is affected more by that of nearby regions than before,” he added.“但我不确定这是否是排放量减少的结果,”他表示。他指出,北京空气质量在2015年最后两个月的恶化“是因为风和湿度”。他还补充道,北京的空气质量“比之前在更大程度上受到邻近地区空气质量的影响。”Dong Liansai, a climate and energy campaigner with Greenpeace East Asia, said: “Air quality is far from an issue which affects only Beijing. Northeastern China, the central China plain, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and even southwestern cities such as Chengdu are severely affected by smog, and a number of red alerts have been in place in cities other than just Beijing.”绿色和平(Greenpeace)东亚气候和能源活动人士董连赛表示:“空气质量问题绝非仅仅影响北京。中国东北、中部平原、北京-天津-河北地区,乃至成都等西南城市都受到了雾霾的严重影响,除北京之外的一些城市也发布了数次红色预警。”Greenpeace announced in October that PM2.5 levels for China had dropped in the first three quarters of last year, but nearly 80 per cent of the 367 cities measured “still greatly exceed both national and international air quality standards”.绿色和平2015年10月份宣布,中国的PM2.5水平在2015年头3个季度下降了,但在观测的367个城市中,近80%的城市的空气质量“仍然大幅超过国家和国际空气质量标准”。 /201601/421537

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