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One Harvard medical school professor believes that there are five simple things to do everyday in order to live a longer life. 哈佛医学院的一位教授认为,每天做简单的五件事能延年益寿。In his new book, The Big Five, Sanjiv Chopra outlines five habits that have decades of research to back them up. Dr. Chopra says the first thing is to drink coffee. 在他的新书《The Big Five》中,乔普拉概述五种习惯, 有数十年的研究持。乔普拉士说第一件事就是喝咖啡。He claims that ;it really is a miracle drug.; 他声称“咖啡真是一种神奇的药物。”Then there are the more obvious beneficial habits, such as exercising daily and making sure you have enough Vitamin D in your diet. 然后是更明显的有益习惯,例如每天坚持锻炼,确保饮食有足够的维生素D。He also believes that a handful of nuts a day can prevent many diseases. 他还认为,每天一把坚果可以预防很多疾病。And lastly, meditation for stress reduction is essential.最后,通过冥想来减压是必不可少的。译文属。 /201606/449635原味人文风情:Todays youth are selfish, lazy, and ignorant.现在的年轻人自私、懒散又愚昧。Okay...嗯哼...Crybaby millennials need to stop whinging and work hard like the rest of us.哇哇叫的千禧世代得停止发牢骚然后像我们其他人一样好好努力。Thats bad!那样说不太好!The most obnoxious, self-entitled, lazy and willfully ignorant generation ever to pollute the surface of the earth.最讨人厌、自我感觉良好、懒惰而且顽强无知的世代,污染地球表面的一代。The me, me, me generation.我我我的世代。Thats not true. And thats upsetting.那不是真的。而且那很让人沮丧。There are a lot of stereotypes.有很多刻板印象。Were lazy, entitled, unambitious, disloyal, disconnected.我们懒、傲骄、没上进心、不忠诚、冷漠疏远。Im the founder of Stand Tall, which is an organization that helps women and girls get back on their feet after theyve been in an abusive relationship.我是 Stand Tall 的创办人,那是一个帮助女性和女孩们重新站起来的组织,让她们在经历一段暴力关系后能好起来。Starting one of the largest college safety apps in the U.S. that has over a million users.建立美国最大的校园安全应用程序之一,用户有超过一百万人。I raised nearly one million dollars for children with serious illnesses.我为重症孩童募集将近一百万美金。I wanna dedicate my space trip to every single person who suffers from mental health issues.我要把我的太空之旅献给每个受心理疾病所苦的人。Starting my own business at the same time as completing my GCSEs and now A Levels.在完成 GCSE 课程同时开创自己的事业,现在在进修 A Level 课程。Words that come to mind when I think of millennials: opportunity, hope, ambitious, driven, passionate, always looking for the next solution, universal, want to make the world a better place, tenacious and versatile.当我想到千禧世代时心中出现的词是:机会、希望、有野心、积极、热血、永远找寻下一个解答、万事通、想让世界变得更好、坚韧而且多才多艺。201609/469096All animals, rare or common, ultimately depend for their energy on the sun.所有动物,无论稀有的还是常见的,归根结底都依赖于太阳的能量In Japan the arrival of the cherry blossom announces the beginning of spring.在日本,每到樱花盛开的时节,也意味着春天的来临The suns energy brings colour to the landscape.太阳用能量创作了一幅色艳丽的山水画The earth, as it makes its annual journey around the sun, spins on a tilted axis.地球每年绕着太阳公转,同时也绕着一根倾斜的轴自转And its this tilt that creates the seasons.正是这种倾斜造成了季节变化The advance of the seasons brings constant change.世间万物随着季节的变迁不断改变As the suns influence diminishes in the north,在北方,随着太阳影响力的减弱so the deciduous forests of America begin to shut down美洲落叶林开始放慢生命的脚步losing their leaves in preparation for the dark cold months ahead.它们落下树叶,以应对即将到来的几个月的严寒和黑暗One season hands over to another.一个季节接替另一个季节Some organisms thrive on decay,有的生物在腐败中获得兴盛but most must make special preparations for winter and a life with little sun.而更多的却得专门为冬天做好准备,以度过缺少阳光的日子。201701/487966

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栏目简介:A group of women donated their long hair today at a local pediatric hospital. Their hair will be used to make wigs for children with leukemia, who suffer hair loss due to chemotherapy. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look.201706/513498I have to sing, I have to play!我想唱歌,我想弹吉他The music, its not just in me... it is me!音乐就像深植我心,深植我心When life gets me down, I play my guitar.现实带给我绝望时,我会弹吉他The rest of the world may follow the rules but I must follow my heart!当你穷的只能随波逐流,我仍跟随我的心You know that feeling like theres a song in the air and its playing just for you?你也懂的,就像音乐无所不在,跟随你的节奏A feeling so close you could reach out and touch it.一段感情的距离,你能靠近甚至触摸它I never knew I could want something so much but its true.我从不相信能得到如此地多,却又假不了Never underestimate the power of music.千万别低估音乐的影响力No one was going to hand me my future.没人可以掌控你的命运It was up to me to reach for my dream.决定在于你想不想追求梦想Grab it tight and make it come true.活在当下,就能美梦成真Alright, whos in there? Im sorry!投降吧,谁在那里?对不起Whats going on? Im just dreaming.发生了什么事?我在作梦Dante, wait up! Dante? Dante!丹特,等一下!丹特!You gotta stay with me, boy. We dont know where we... are.乖,不要乱跑。我们不清楚...这里是何处?This isnt a dream, then. Youre all really out there.这不是在作梦。我们真的跑进来了。201705/509379

A sea of black mirrorsThe niche in phones that are differentON JANUARY 9th 2007 Steve Jobs stood before an audience of some 45,000 people in San Francisco and announced a “revolutionary and magical product”: a slight slab of expansive black touchscreen with just a single button. Compared with the ugly, cluttered devices of the day, the iPhone was revolutionary. It was also hugely influential. A technicolour pageant of rival designs—the clamshell, the slide, the banana, the candybar and the BlackBerry—resolved into a uniform black mirror. And nearly every smartphone on the planet still looks like the device which Jobs revealed that day.Nor is that similarity to be found just in hardware design. Nearly a fifth of smartphones sold last year operate on Apple’s iOS software. The rest run variations of Android, an open-source operating system provided by Google. Just two companies—Apple and Samsung—accounted for over 40% of smartphones sold in 2015, according to CCS Insight, a research firm. Huawei came in a distant third with 8%.In this bland and uniform market some producers spy an opportunity. One of those is Kodak, which invented the digital camera that led to the loss of its lucrative film and chemicals business and to its own demise. Kodak emerged from bankruptcy protection in a much reduced form in 2013 and is now taking aim at the way most people today snap pictures: on their mobile phones. The company has just launched the Ektra, a heavily customised Android phone with features designed to appeal to photography enthusiasts.Kodak’s phone is made for it by Bullitt Group, a small British firm that also produces Caterpillar-branded “rugged” phones. In May, Bullitt tied up with Jaguar Land Rover, a British carmaker, to make phones which are supposed to reflect the endurance of its go-anywhere four-wheel-drive vehicles. Sonim, an American firm, also churns out rugged phones. In China, Snail Mobile produces a phone purely for gamers—it has side buttons of the sort usually found on hand-held gaming controllers. A Russian mobile network makes the YotaPhone, which has two screens, one similar to a regular smartphone and a second black-and-white low-power display, like those used by e-book ers. This set-up extends the phone’s battery life. Vertu, a British producer once owned by Nokia, manufactures high-end luxury smartphones with high-end prices to match.Niches are not just found, but also made: Mobile, a South African firm, this year launched a range of inexpensive Nelson Mandela-branded phones and tablets. Another phone is branded in the name of a local rapper. Xiaomi, a Chinese company that now competes with global phone-makers, got its start in niches and gained plenty of attention by offering users a say in new software features.Peter Stephens, Bullitt’s boss, reckons that the various niches bundled together account for maybe 4-5% of the entire smartphone market. That is tiny, but with some 1.4bn smartphones shipped last year, it is still a substantial chunk. And while the overall market for smartphones notched up annual growth of 7% in 2015, the “other” category (which excludes most big makers) grew at twice that rate. Profit margins should be better, too—if the niche operators can stand the pace and the big boys don’t move in to some of their patches.201701/487621栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201606/446867

You see all these huge conglomerations suing people over patents. The big guys are taking advantage of the little guys, trying to find whatever angle they could and using their might. And those with the best tricksters win.你看到所有这些大型联合企业起诉别人侵犯了其专利 大家伙欺负小孩子 寻找任何可能的角度竭尽全力向他们发起攻击 谁的计谋多谁就获胜While Henry Ford prepares to bring his fight for the little guy to a Detroit court, the trial to bring down Standard Oil is starting to get ugly.就在处于弱势地位的亨利·福特准备在底特律法庭上据理力争时 试图扳倒标准石油的诉讼开始变得白热化Mr. Rockefeller, we have evidence that you placed several refineries out of business.洛克菲勒先生 我们有据表明你迫使几个炼油厂歇业了Not to my knowledge.我不知道有这回事Do you accept that Standard Oil has enjoyed profitability higher than most industries.你是否承认标准石油公司的盈利能力比大多数行业都要高Our profitability is no higher than that of US Steel.我们的盈利能力并不比美国钢铁高I havent heard of anyone attempting to break up U.S. Steel.我怎么就没听说过有人要拆散美国钢铁公司呢While Rockefeller is fighting to save his company, J.P. Morgan has been able to keep his steel monopoly of the governments hit list.就在洛克菲勒忙着拯救他的公司的时候 J·P·根却成功地将自己的钢铁垄断企业排除在政府的攻击名单之外Hes used his power and influence to broker a number of deals for the nation applying the might of U.S. Steel to strengthen the countrys infrastructure.他利用自己的权力和影响力牵线搭桥 帮助国家做成了多笔交易 利用美国钢铁公司的力量加强了国家的基础设施But Morgans biggest deal is just getting started in Central America.但根最大的一笔交易在中美洲才刚刚开始201607/455021Then there was just the murderous smashing and crashing of horses,之后就是对人马凶残的杀戮the slicing and thrusting of weapons,the screams, cries of the wounded and dying.兵戎相见 肆意砍杀 战场上充斥着死伤者的叫喊声If the axeman stood firm against the oncoming horse hed still only get one good swing. If he missed,如果斧头兵站定位置面对奔来的骑兵 他只有一次机会挥斧攻击 如果没打中he was left open to the slash of the sword from the rider above.他必将毙命于骑兵自马上落下的剑下The initial success of the English also threatened their downfall.是英格兰人最初的胜利导致了他们的落败On the left flank of Williams army,horses stumbled and retreated.在威廉军队的左翼 马匹磕绊着撤退The right flank of Harolds army,many of them inexperienced fyrdmen,decided to chase them down the hill.而哈罗德军队的右翼 大多是没有战斗经验的民兵 冒失的决定下山追击对手But Harold, always conservative in his tactics,refused to allow others to follow.但是贯以保守著称的哈罗德 下令禁止其余的士兵一同追击So this point, he seems to have lost momentary control of his troops,在这个时刻 他似乎对他的军队失去了掌控who couldnt resist following the horsemen,elated by the thought that the Duke of Normandy was lost.他的手下忍不住杀欲 前去追赶骑兵 满心鼓舞 以为诺曼底公爵打了败仗But William threw back his helmet to prove he was very much alive.但威廉重新带上头盔 明自己还活着He rallied the ranks of the Norman centre round the rear of the pursuing Saxons and set about slicing them to pieces.他率领诺曼士兵 包围了追击出来的撒克逊士兵 将他们全部歼灭The battle wasnt over yet.It was going to take at least six hours to decide.战斗尚未结束 还将进行漫长的六个小时 /201608/460086

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