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Business.商业。Mobile marketing.移动营销。Square deal.方寸之间的营销。After many false starts, QR codes are finally taking off.在沉寂多年后,QR码最终开始成功。EREAL boxes are, by and large, poor works of literature. Yet many people sit at breakfast ing them over and over again.早餐麦片包装盒上的文字说明,一般情况下不会文采飞扬,但还是有很多人会在吃早餐时看上一遍又一遍。Last year Kelloggs realised it could make its packets more entertaining-and guessed that people also had their phones to hand (anything beats talking to the family).直到去年,麦片品牌凯乐格(Kelloggs)才意识到,因为多数人有这种习惯,所以他们产品的包装盒应该变得更有趣。同时,他们推测,人们在吃早餐时,往往不是边吃边与家人聊天,而是随手拿着自己的手机玩。The cornflake-maker put 2D codes, better known as QR (for quick response) codes, on its Crunchy Nut boxes in America.基于此,凯乐格在其在美国出售的Crunchy Nut麦片的包装盒上加上了二维码,或称QR码(QR即快速反应;Quick Response;之意)。When scanned, these took cereal-munchers to a of dawn in, say, Washington state.人们扫描该产品包装盒上的QR码后,程序将自动播放据说是华盛顿州的黎明景象。The idea was to push cereal as an all-day snack: ;Its morning somewhere.;这个创意的口号是;处处是黎明,时时可享用;,旨在将以前仅作为早餐食用的麦片打造成全天可享用的小吃。QR codes-squares of black-and-white patterns-have much to recommend them.QR码是一组在正方形平面上分布的黑白相间的图案,优越性很高。They store far more information than plain, old bar codes.比起以前常见的条形码,QR码数据容量更大。For example, they can fit in web addresses and logos.例如,它可以记录网址或徽标。And they are cheap. They have been popular in Japan for years, but elsewhere have for a while been touted as the next big thing. (In this newspaper said they were ;on the point of breaking out;.)同时,QR码成本较低。近年来,QR码在日本被广泛应用,但在其他地方还有待推广。(年,本报已表明QR码的应用;将会爆炸性增长;。)Over the past year, QR codes have quietly slipped into the marketing mainstream.过去一年中,QR码悄然进入主流市场。Three-quarters of American online retailers surveyed by Forrester, a research firm, use them. In April nearly 20% of smartphone users in America scanned one, up from 14% in May last year (see chart 1).根据弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester)对四分之三美国网络零售商的调查显示,今年四月,美国20%的智能手机用户用手机扫描了QR码,而去年五月这个比例为14%。According to comScore, another research company, more than two-thirds of Americans and Europeans who scan QR codes do so in order to obtain information about a product.根据另一家研究公司comScore的数据显示,在扫描QR码的美国人和欧洲人中,有三分之二是为了获取产品信息。Japanese smartphone-owners, by contrast, are most likely to download a discount coupon or a special offer (see chart 2).相比之下,日本手机用户扫描QR码,更多的是为了下载打折券或特价优惠。Scanlife, a provider of QR code services, saw the number of unique users scanning codes through its system triple in the year to March.二维码提供商Scanlife发现,截止今年三月,使用他们的系统扫描QR码用户增长了两倍之多。One reason for the rise is the proliferation of smartphones with high-quality cameras and the corresponding decline in data charges.他们表示,一个原因是持有高质量摄像头的智能手机的人数激增,同时,手机上网数据流量的价格降低。It also took time for people to realise why advertisements contained mutant crosswords.另一个原因就是经过一段时间的推广后,人们开始接受广告中出现的与纵横字谜有些相像的QR码。And perhaps most important, marketers have only now worked out how best to use QR codes. Simply sending customers to the company website is not enough, says Melissa Parrish, an analyst at Forrester.最重要的原因是,市场营销公司目前想出了充分利用QR码进行营销的办法。弗雷斯特研究公司分析师梅利莎·帕里什表示,现在仅仅向消费者提供本公司的网址是不够的。In-store promotions are catching on. Coupons are always popular. Real-world treasure hunts have also been successful.店内促销开始兴起,优惠券营销始终流行,类似于;真实寻宝;的营销也已获得成功。For marketers, QR codes bridge the gap between offline and online worlds.在市场营销人员看来,QR码可以连接网络与现实世界。Customers who use them are, in effect, asking to be told more about the company. The success of a campaign is easy to measure by the number of scans.实际上,通过扫描QR码,消费者希望更多地了解提供产品的公司;而通过QR码被扫描的次数,公司也可以很容易了解到其营销活动是否成功。Expect to see a lot more of those funny little black-and-white patches.未来,我们希望这些有趣的、黑白图案相间的QR码越来越多。 /201209/201875。

The end of winter comes late to the mountainous northwest of the ed States, and in particular, it lingers in Yellowstone.寒冷的冬季在美国西北部山区迟迟才结束,尤其是它逗留在黄石公园不肯离去。The heart of Yellowstone is a high cold plateau, 8,000 / feet up, surround by the spires of the Rocky Mountains. 黄石公园的核心是一个8000 英尺高寒冷的高原,环绕着落基山脉。After five months sleeping in those mountains, a powerful presence returns.在那些山脉中沉睡了5个月后,一个强大的存在终于回归。This female grizzly bear has awoken early to find food for her two-year-old cubs.这名母灰熊已经很早醒来为给她两岁的幼崽们寻找食物。But she may have brought her family here too early. 但是她可能将她的家人太早带到这里。The Tetons, on the extreme southern edge of the Yellowstone plateau, is where the spring thaw normally begins.提顿山脉,在黄石高原极端的南部边缘,正是春天万物复苏的开始。But this year, its come late.但今年,它却姗姗来迟。注:听力文本来源于普特 201208/197120。

Science and Technology ornography and politics Rising to the occasion科技 色情与政治 应付自如Electoral victory brings a surprising consequence: the winners look at smut选举的胜利带来一个让人惊奇的结果:获胜的一方寻淫觅秽Im pretty sure I didnt vote for that!我非常肯定自己没有为那投票WHEN Barack Obama won the American presidency in 2008 his supporters cheered, cried, hugged—and in many cases logged on to their computers to look at pornography. And, lest Republicans crow about the decadence of their opponents, precisely the obverse happened when their man won in 2004.2008年,当巴拉克·奥巴马赢得美国总统大选时,他的持者们欢呼雀跃、泪流满面、并相互拥抱——而在多数情形下,他们登陆电脑查看色情信息。共和党们大可不必对他们的对手幸灾乐祸,在2004年小布什当选时他们的表现并无二致。That, at least, is the conclusion of a study by Patrick Markey of Villanova University, in Pennsylvania, and his wife Charlotte, who works at Rutgers, in New Jersey. The Markeys were looking for confirmation of a phenomenon called the challenge hypothesis. This suggests that males involved in a competition will experience a rise in testosterone levels if they win, and a fall if they lose.这至少是宾夕法尼亚州Villanova大学的Patrick Markey和他在新泽西州Rutgers工作的妻子Charlotte的研究得出的结论。Markey夫妇正致力于寻找一种被称为;挑战假说;现象的据。这种;挑战假说;现象称,卷入竞争的雄性动物在获胜后会经历一个睾丸激素水平上升的过程——反之则相反。The challenge hypothesis was first advanced to explain the mating behaviour of monogamous birds. In these species, males testosterone levels increase in the spring, to promote aggression against potential rivals. When the time comes for the males to settle down and help tend their young, their testosterone falls, along with their aggressive tendencies.这种挑战假说首次提出是用来解释单配鸟类的性行为的。在这些物种中,雄性的睾丸激素水平在春天会上升,以提升进攻能力震慑潜在对手。当这些雄性需要安家并照料幼崽的时候,随着他们攻击倾向的消退,睾丸激素也下降了。Something similar has since been found to apply to fish, lizards,ring-tailed lemurs, rhesus monkeys, chimpanzees—and humans. In many of these animals, though, there is a twist. It is not just that testosterone ramps up for breeding and ramps down for nurturing. Rather,its production is sensitive to a males success in the breeding competition itself. In men, then, levels of the hormone rise in preparation for a challenge and go up even more if that challenge is successfully completed. Failure, by contrast, causes the level to fall.自那以后,Markey夫妇发现他们的研究结论同样适用于鱼类、蜥蜴、卷尾猴、恒河猴、大猩猩——还有人类。尽管,在许多这些动物中,研究结论还须做些微的转变。睾丸激素并不仅仅是在繁殖时期骤升然后养育时期骤降。恰恰相反,睾丸激素产生受雄性在繁殖竞争获胜本身影响。那么,对于人类而言,人类的荷尔蒙水平会在挑战时上升,而在挑战成功后会升得更高。相形之下,挑战失败则会导致荷尔蒙水平下降。Previous research has found these hormonal ups and downs in male wrestlers, martial artists, tennis players, chess players and even people playing a coin-flip game. In evolutionary terms, it makes sense.If a losing male continues to be aggressive, the chances are he will be seriously injured (it is unlikely natural selection could have foreseen competitive coin-tossing). Turning down his testosterone level helps ward off that risk. Conversely, the winner can afford to get really dominant, as the threat of retaliation has receded.先前的研究发现,在男性摔跤运动员、武术运动员、网球运动员、棋手、甚至玩抛硬币游戏的人们中,荷尔蒙水平都会上上下下。从进化论的角度将,这讲得通。假使一个失败的男性继续保持进攻性,那么他就会有严重受伤的可能。(自然选择不大可能会料想到竞争性的抛硬币)。减少睾丸激素水平则会让其避免那种风险。与之相反,复仇的威胁消退之后,获胜者则可提高荷尔蒙水平以获得实际配权。For most species, determining that this actually happens requires a lot of boring fieldwork. But the Markeys realised that in the case of people they could cut the tedium by asking what was going on in those parts of the web that provide a lot more traffic than their users will ever admit to, on the assumption that men fired up by testosterone have a greater appetite for pornography than those who are not.对于大多数物种,确定上述研究成果非空穴来风需要大量枯燥的野外作业。不过Markey夫妇意识到,在针对人类的例子中,根据他们的臆测——被睾丸激素点燃的人类比那些没有被点燃的对色情有更大的胃口——他们可以通过询问提供用户可能会承认的更多流量的那部分网络发生了什么,来减少单调枯燥的调查工作。To do this they first used a web service called WordTracker to identify the top ten search terms employed by people seeking pornography (;xs; was the politest among them). Then they asked a second service, Google Trends, to analyse how often those words were used in the week before and the week after an American election, broken down by state.要做这些工作,他们首先使用了一种被称作WordTracker的网络务来确认人们用来寻找色情信息的十大搜索词(xs在这些词里面是最文雅的)。然后,他们要求了第二项被官方屏蔽的;谷歌趋势;务,来分析这些搜索词在美国大选一周前后使用的频率如何。Their results, just published in /Evolution and Human Behavior/, were the same for all three of the elections they looked at—the 2004 and 2008 presidential contests, and the 2006 mid-terms (in which the Democrats made big gains in both houses of Congress). No matter which side won,searches for porn increased in states that had voted for the winners anddecreased in those that had voted for the losers. The difference was not huge; it was a matter of one or two per cent. But it was consistent and statistically significant.刚刚发布在《进化和人类行为》上的结论与他们观察的三次大选——2004年和2008年的总统大选,2006年的中期大选(民主党在两院都大获全胜)——如出一辙。不管哪方获胜,在投票给获胜者的州,检索色情次数上升——反之则反。几次观察得到的结论差别不大——只不过在1到2个百分点之间。结论是一致的,且在统计学上具有重要意义。If the polls are right, then, next Tuesdays mid-term elections will see red faces in the red states for those furtive surfers who are caught in the act. In the blue states, meanwhile, a fit of the blues will mean the screens stay switched off.如果民意调查是正确的,那么,在下周二的中期大选中将会看到,红州的红色面孔里面,鬼鬼祟祟的冲浪者正搜索色情。与此同时,在蓝州,一阵沮丧意味着屏幕将被关上。 /201301/222616。

Books and Arts; Book Review;William Carlos Williams, American poet;On the outside looking in;文艺;书评;威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯,美国诗人;局外旁观;“Something Urgent I Have to Say to You”: The Life and Works of William Carlos Williams. By Herbert Leibowitz.《我有要事相告》:威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯生平及作品集。作者:赫伯特·莱维茨。To his patients in Rutherford, New Jersey, William Carlos Williams was just the local boy who had become their local doctor. And yet, as he made house calls, administered vaccinations or listened to their complaints, he heard not just what they said, but how they said it. A doctor but also a poet, Williams spent his life trying to capture the “infinite variety” of American speech, and to use it to create a uniquely American form of poetic verse.对于他的病人来说,威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯只是新泽西州卢瑟福镇一位成长为本地医生的本地男孩。可是,当他出诊、注射疫苗或者倾听病人抱怨的时候,他所听到的不只是病人说话的内容,而是他们说话的方式。身为医生却更是位诗人,威廉姆斯花费一生时间尝试捕捉美国大众语言中的“无限可能”,并以此创作一种美国独有的诗歌体裁。It was not an easy task. As Herbert Leibowitzs new biography shows, Williams remained on the periphery of 20th-century literature as he spent a lifetime in the “grey-brown landscapes” of suburbia. He was disgruntled, with a severe dislike of many of his fellow poets, especially T.S. Eliot (Williams was both admiring and disdainful of “The Waste Land”), but his poems are now held up as some of the most daring examples of modern American poetry, and he was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer prize in 1963.此非易事。根据赫伯特·莱维茨新的传记作品所述,威廉徘徊于20世纪的文学边缘地带,因为他在郊区“灰褐色的风景”中度过了一生。他心怀不满,对同时期的许多诗人报以一种强烈的厌恶之情,尤其是T.S.艾略特(威廉姆斯对《荒原》既钦佩不已又嗤之以鼻),但如今他的诗歌被奉为现代美国诗歌中最大胆的典范,并且在死后他被授予1963年的普利策奖。During his lifetime, however, Williams was “lil Bill” to his bigger, more successful friend Ezra Pound, who laughed at his insistence on staying in Rutherford. The son of immigrants who never naturalised, Williamss dedication to America did not flag, though it was a country that often disappointed him. Peopling his poems with “nurses and prostitutes, policemen and religious fanatics, farmers and fish peddlers, drunkards…blues singers and barbers”, Williams wanted to pin down the whole messy country with his short, punchy lines of poetry. Sometimes he succeeded, as when he describes the euphoric crowds at a baseball game, or when he catches a glimpse of “A big young bareheaded woman/in an apron” on the pavement, bending down to remove a nail from her shoe. With the eyes of a doctor, he recorded the idian and the overlooked. He coined the maxim “no ideas but in things”. To his critics, the saying exposed him as an anti-intellectual, or as a poet who could only create “American speech barking at song.”然而究其一生,在比威廉姆斯年长、事业更成功的朋友艾泽拉·庞德看来,威廉姆斯永远都只是“小比尔”。庞德嘲笑他留在卢瑟福镇的执着。作为从未加入美国国籍的移民者之子,威廉姆斯对美国的衷心从未减退,尽管这个国家一再地令他失望。充斥在他的诗歌间的是“护士和,警察和宗教狂热分子,农夫和鱼贩,醉鬼…布鲁斯歌手和理发师”,威廉姆斯意图用他简短有力的诗句来描绘整个国家的世间百态。有时他成功了,比如他描写棒球比赛上的欢快人群,或者当他瞥见“一位硕大的年轻女子不戴帽子/穿着围裙”,在人行道上俯身擦去她鞋子上的一片指甲。他以医生的视角记录那些平凡的事和被忽视的人。他首创了“文中无意,寓境于物”的格言。对威廉姆斯的批评家来说,这个说法暴露了他不是一位智者,或者说,他只不过是一位开创了“美语吠叫诗歌”的诗人。Mr Leibowitz, a New York literary editor, is keen to defend Williams against these charges, and focuses instead on the radical aspects of Williamss work. Banned in 1952 from being poetry consultant to the Library of Congress for his left-leaning views, Williams wrote poems in which the Rosenbergs appeared next to Geoffrey Chaucer. As a young doctor just starting out, he had mainly served the Italian, Greek and Polish communities around Rutherford, or attended to bruised prostitutes or addicts at the French Hospital of New York. As an elderly man with a respected practice, he still preferred the company of the socially marginalised: “I have known the unsuccessful, [and think them] far better persons than their more lucky brothers”.莱维茨是一位纽约的文学编辑,对于这些攻击,他不仅积极为威廉姆斯辩护,还转而关注威廉姆斯作品中极端的部分。1952年,因为其左倾观点而被赶出国会图书馆的诗歌顾问职位,威廉姆斯写了一首诗,在诗中罗森格弟与杰弗里·乔叟*一同出现。作为一位刚出师的年轻医生,他主要为在卢瑟福镇附近的意大利,希腊和波兰人的社区务,要么就去纽约的法国医院医治受伤的或瘾君子。作为一位事业体面的长者,他仍然更愿意以社会边缘群体为伴:“我认识那些失意者,并认为他们是]比他们走运的兄弟们要好得多的人。”However, in emphasising this side of Williams Mr Leibowitz skates over the less palatable aspects of his subjects character. A serial philanderer who publicly described his wife as “no Venus de Milo”, his poetry is occasionally voyeuristic and antagonistic towards women: “What I got out of women/was difficult/to assess.” Bitter from his lack of success in America or abroad, and obsessed with what he saw as the “European virus” in poetry, the Williams of this biography is not easy company. His poems, composed of short lines like “be a song—made of/particulars”, often resist Mr Leibowitzs lengthy analysis. Just as he preferred the quiet meadowlands around Rutherford to the glamour of literary New York, so too Williams manages to evade his biographers gaze. Like a figure in one of his poems, he remains on the sidelines, looking in.然而,莱维茨在着重描写威廉姆斯上述方面的同时,一笔略过了他的主角品格中不太值得称道的方面。公然比喻自己妻子是“米罗的维纳斯”却到处寻花问柳,他的诗歌偶尔透露出对女性的窥私欲和轻视:“我从女人中得到的/很难/评价”。苦于他在美国或国外都缺乏成功,并且执迷于诗歌中他所谓的“欧洲病毒”,该传记中的威廉姆斯并不是惬意的阅读伴侣。他的诗歌由像这样的短句组成:“一首歌——到处是/细节”,常常与莱维茨冗长的分析矛盾。就如同他喜爱卢瑟福镇周边的安静草地甚于纽约文坛的魅力,威廉姆斯同样也设法避开其传记作者的注视。就如同他诗歌中的一位人物一般,他在局外逗留,旁观。 /201302/227529。