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Do you know that feeling you get when you know its going to storm before it storms?你们了解那种感觉吗?那种在暴风雨来临前的感觉?Do you also feel that now, fellow citizen?你们现在有这种感觉吗,我的公民朋友们?That malaise and worry that some who know feel reminds them of the 1930s?那种心神不安又焦虑的感觉,会让你们当中的一些人想起上世纪30年代?Perhaps you dont, because our fears of each other are not in sync.也许你没有这种感觉,因为我们对彼此的恐惧不是同步的。In this round, I sense that your fears of me,在这一轮中,我感觉到了你们对我的恐惧,of the world that I have insisted is right for us both, has gathered over a generation.对这个我所坚持的世界的恐惧,这些恐惧积累了超过一个时代。It took time for your fears to trigger my fears,你们的恐惧需要时间来激发我的恐惧,not least because at first, I never thought I needed to fear you.因为至少在一开始,我从未想过我需要惧怕你。I heard you but did not listen,我听见了你的声音,但是我没有仔细聆听。all these years when you said that this amazing new world wasnt amazing for you,这些年里每当你们说起这个令人震惊的新世界,对于你们来说并不震惊,for many of you, across the industrialized world;对于你们中很多人来说,对于这个工业化的世界;that the open, liquid world I relished, of people and goods and technologies flowing freely,这个我享受的开放的、流动的世界,这个人力物力和科技都自由流通,going where they pleased, globally, was not, for you, an emancipation.在世界范围内去心之所向之地的时代,对于你来说并非是一种解放。201703/494908And I felt ultimately his heart becomes flooded with love And I cant think of a better message. 最终他的内心会洋溢着爱今天把你们送出校园的日子As we send you off today To not only take risks, but to be open to life. 我想没有比这更合适的信息了不仅要愿意冒险 还要对生活敞开胸怀To accept new views and to be open to new opinions To be willing to speak at commencement. 接受新的看法 新的观点愿意在全国最好的大学之一At one of the countrys best universities even though youre scared stiff. 去做毕业演讲即使自己害怕得已经僵硬While it may be frightening, it will also be rewarding Because the chances you take, the people you meet. 它尽管可怕 但也能让人得到很多因为你冒的险 你遇到的人The people you love, the faith that you have thats whats going to define you. 你所爱之人 你拥有的信念是这些会书写你的人生So… Members of the class of 2011, this is your mission When you leave the friendly confines of Philly. 因此 2011届的毕业生们 这是你们的使命这是你们的使命 当你离开费城这友善的圈子时Never be discouraged, never hold back Give everything youve got. 永远不要泄气 永远不要退缩投入你所拥有的一切And when you fall throughout life and maybe even tonight after a few many glasses of champagne. 当你在生活中跌倒失败时甚至也许就在今晚 当你多喝了几杯香槟后Remember this Fall forward. 请记住这点向前倒Congratulations, I love you God bless you, I respect you.恭喜诸位 我爱你们上帝保佑你们 我敬爱大家201611/473728

Not only that, were continuing to plant one or two species and weed out the aspens and birches.不仅如此,我们还在继续种植着那一两种单一的树木,还继续着把山杨和桦树清除出去。These simplified forests lack complexity,这种单一的树木种类使森林缺少了多样性,and theyre really vulnerable to infections and bugs.这让它们在传染病和虫害面前根本不堪一击。And as climate changes, this is creating a perfect storm随着气候变化,这也将会为一些极端事件for extreme events, like the massive mountain pine beetle outbreak that just swept across North America,带来一场疯狂的风暴,比如刚刚席卷整个北美洲的山松甲虫大爆发,or that megafire in the last couple months in Alberta.还有过去几个月在阿尔伯塔的森林大火。So I want to come back to my final question:所以现在我想提我的最后一个问题:instead of weakening our forests, how can we reinforce them and help them deal with climate change?与破坏我们的森林相反,我们怎么才能让它们变得更强大,怎么才能帮助它们应对气候变化呢?Well, you know, the great thing about forests as complex systems is they have enormous capacity to self-heal.其实你们知道吗,森林作为一个复杂的系统,最好的一点就是它们拥有相当强大的自愈能力。In our recent experiments, we found with patch-cutting and retention of hub trees在我们最近几个实验中,我们发现小规模的砍伐,把中心树保护好,and regeneration to a diversity of species and genes and genotypes物种多样性、基因和基因型多样性的再生,that these mycorrhizal networks, they recover really rapidly.加上这些真菌网络的存在,会使森林的恢复速度变得无比迅速。So with this in mind, I want to leave you with four simple solutions.所以出于这种考虑,我想提出四个简单的解决方法。And we cant kid ourselves that these are too complicated to act on.而且我们一定不能自欺欺人,因为这些做起来其实也挺复杂的。201612/481680

The streets were all completely blocked off by the San Francisco Police and the U.S. Secret Service was there and Russian Security Forces were there 整条街都被旧金山警方封锁起来 满处都是美国特勤局和俄罗斯安全部队的人And so was this crazy scene walking into the building I remember going through the metal detector to get into our office 进入到办公大楼时的景象非常疯狂 我记得进入办公室时 还要通过金属探测器Which was there just for the day and there were all these guys in these crazy uniforms 这是当天的临时设置 到处都是疯狂的身着制者With these beautiful German Shepherds that looked like they could kill you standing right next to them 旁边站着漂亮的德国牧羊犬 看起来就像它们马上可以把你咬死一样And so there was this huge buildup and President Medvedev came into the office with his entourage 这一切都为贵宾到访做足了铺垫 梅德韦杰夫总统在随从的簇拥下进入办公室And theyre all these reporters and cameras behind them and he was going to send out his first tweet from the office to the rest of the world 后面跟着一大堆记者和摄影师 他正打算在这间办公室里 将第一份推文发送给世界Everyone was waiting for that happen and as he was walking down the hall 每个人都在等待这个时刻的到来 他沿大厅一路走来Taking a tour of the office before going to send his first tweet I got a tap on my shoulder and I turn around and I say, ;What is it?; 一路参观办公室 之后要发送他的第一份推文 这时我被拍了拍肩膀 我转过身说 ;怎么了;And this person says to me, ;The site is down; And being the thoughtful, charismatic leader that I am, I said 这个人跟我说 ;网站挂了; 作为一个有思想 有魅力的领导者 我说;Like totally down?; Totally down ;是完全挂掉了吗; 完全挂掉了So the next day you know you guys and the rest of the world 第二天 你们 还有世界上所有人都读到President Obama welcoming Russian President Medvedev to Twitter and declaring that we maybe no longer needed the red phone anymore 奥巴马总统欢迎俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫到推特 宣布说 我们也许再也不需要安全热线了Because we could now use Twitter. But for me, that moment was ;The site is down; 因为我们现在可以使用推特 但在我看来 此刻是 ;网站挂掉了;And its always like that not the ;site is down; part 总是如此 倒不是;网站挂掉;这部分201607/454375

15. Winston Churchills Speech15. 丘吉尔演讲稿I now invite the House by a resolution to record its approval of the steps taken and declare its confidence in the new government.现在我请求国会做出决议,批准我所采取的各项步骤,启示记录在案,并且声明信任新政府。The new resolution:决议如下:;That this House welcomes the formation of a government representing the united 本国会欢迎新政府的组成,她体现了举国一致的坚定不移的决心:and inflexible resolve of the nation to prosecute the war with Germany to a victorious conclusion.;对德作战,直到最后胜利。To form an administration of this scale and complexity is a serious undertaking in itself.组织如此规模和如此复杂的政府原本是一项重大的任务。But we are in the preliminary Phase of one of the greatest battles in history.但是我们正处于历史上罕见的一场大战的初始阶段。We are in action at any other points-in Norway and in Holland-and we have to be prepared in the Mediterranean.我们在其他许多地点作战—在挪威,在荷兰,我们还必须在地中海做好准备。The air battle is continuing, and many preparations have to be made here at home.空战正在继续,而且在本土也必须做好许多准备工作。In this crisis I think I may be pardoned if I do not address the House at any length today, 值此危急关头,我想,即使我今天向国会的报告过于简略,也当能见谅。and I hope that any of my friends and colleagues or for men colleagues 我还希望所有在这次改纽中受到影响的朋友、who are affected by the political reconstruction will make all allowances for any lack of ceremony with which it has been necessary to act.同僚和旧日的同僚们对必要的礼仪方面的任何不周之处能毫不介意。I say to the House as I said to Ministers who have joined this government, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.我向国会表明,一如我向入阁的大臣们所表明的,我所能奉献的惟有热血、辛劳、眼泪和汗水。201612/482678

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