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  • A man who created neon noodles is being scrutinised as he refusing to reveal what exactly has given them their crazy colours.由于拒绝披露关于“五面条”的上色细节,霓虹色面条的发明者受到严厉审视The fluorescent foodstuff is unbelievably bright to look at, but has sparked heated debate over exactly what they might taste like.这种荧光食品拥有难以置信的亮丽色,其口感到底如何也激起了热烈讨论The udon noodles, were given a special treatment by a Japanese scientist who has declined to say exactly what it was that he did to get the electrifying effect.这种乌冬面由一位日本科学家进行了特殊改良,但他却拒绝透露他究竟是如何打造出这种令人震惊的视觉效果的But it appears to involve colouring the noodles with a special dye, and then shining what appears to be ultraviolet light onto them in order to produce the special effect.不过他似乎是运用了一种特殊的染料为面条上色,接着将其置于紫外线下照射,使其产生特殊的视觉效果Ultraviolet radiation is known to cause many substances to glow and it is believed this is how the scientist achieved this effect.目前已知紫外线的照射能使许多物质发光,这也被认为是该科学家实现这一视觉效果的方法The Japanese are well-known their love of colourful food, which in the past has included black and bright red burgers, deep blue curry and all sorts of other exotic variations on traditional dishes.日本人对于五颜六色的食品的热爱是出了名的以前出现过的色食物包括红黑汉堡、深蓝咖喱以及其他各种传统菜肴的奇异变体But a neon sign-like version of Japanese noodles is believed to be a first.但有如霓虹灯般五颜六色的日本面条,据信还是首次出现Many online users want to know what they tasted like after they were posted online by Japanese Twitter user Reraku, a self-proclaimed ;bad scientist;.自称“不良科学家”的日本推特用户Reraku将该面条的照片发到网上,不少网友表示很想知道面条口感究竟如何He used the pictures to post that he had created ;electrical udon; and included a poster showing that they were going to go on sale at a special event at the end of the month in the Osaka area of Japan.他用面条照片明是他创造了这种“带电的乌冬面”;他上传的图片中还包括一张海报,海报显示这种面条将会在本月底于日本大阪(Osaka)地区的某个特别活动上出售The neon sign noodles have been given the star billing the Unbelievable Science festival which takes place on August 30 and where they will be sold to visitors alongside purple curry and fried food ;pumped up with flavour steroids;.即将于8月30日举办的的“不可思议科学节”上,“霓虹灯”面条被认为将是最畅销的明星产品;届时售卖给参观者的还有紫色咖喱和“用类固醇调味的”油炸食品 395985。
  • 去逛街,购物,当然少不了袋袋也有很多种,下面的就是塑料袋塑料袋在英文中叫做 plastic bag下面的是绿色环保购物袋: Green Bags, 多数用于澳大利亚,也有些其他国家用绿色环保购物袋环保袋可以重复多用,有别于塑料袋环保袋的物料是牛仔布, 麻等,也有特制的纸制成睡袋 睡袋在英文中叫做 sleeping bagBin bag 是一种用于垃圾桶的袋子,嘿嘿,这样说够明白了吧? 换句话来说就是装垃圾的袋子 68。
  • My life likely to last ten to fifteen years. Any separation from you will be painful me. Remember that bee you buy me.我这一生大概能活到年,和你分别是件无比痛苦的事Give me time to understand what you want of me 在给我命令时请给我理解的时间,别对我发脾气,虽然我一定会原谅你的,你的耐心和理解能让我学得更快Don’t be angry me long and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work,your entertainment and your firends. I have only you.请好好对我,因为世界上最珍惜最需要你的爱心的是我,别生气太久,也别把我关起来,因为,你有你的生活,你的朋友,你的工作和,而我,只有你Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don’t understand your words. I understand your voice when it’s speaking to me.经常和我说话吧,虽然我听不懂你的语言,但我认得你的声音,你是知道的,在你回家时我是多么高兴,因为我一直在竖着耳朵等待你的脚步声Be aware that however you treat me, I’ll never get it and if it’s cruel it may affect me ever.请注意你对待我的好,我永远不会忘记它,如果它是残酷的,可能会影响我永远Remerber bee you hit me that I have teeth that could easily crush the bones of your hand,but that I choose not to bite you.请别打我,记住,我有反抗的牙齿,但我不会咬你Bee you scold me being uncooperative,please ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food,or I’ve been run in the sun too long or my heart is getting old and weak.在你觉得我懒,不再又跑又跳或者不听话时,在骂我之前,请想想也许我出了什么问题,也许我吃的东西不对,也许我病了,也许我已经老了Take care of me when I get old. You too,will grow old.当我老了,不再像小宝贝时那么可爱时,请你仍然对我好,仍然照顾我,带我看病,因为我们都会有老的一天Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say I can’t bear to watch it or let it happen in my absent. Everything is easily me if you are there. Remember,I love you.当我已经很老的时候,当我的健康已经逝去,已无法正常的生活,请不要想方设法让我继续活下去,因为我已经不行了,我知道你也不想我离开,但请接受这个事实,并在最后的时刻与我在一起,求求你一定不要说;我不忍心看它死去;而走开,因为在我生命的最后一刻,如果能在你怀中离开这个世界,听着你的声音,我就什么都不怕,你就是我的家,我爱你! 189。
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