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浙江省妇保医院诊疗中心怎么样金华市中医院去眼袋多少钱A Massachusetts woman who mistakenly threw away her diamond ring last week recovered the family heirloom after tracking down the garbage truck and searching through 10 tons of city trash bags.据英国《每日邮报》11月17日报道,美国马萨诸州的一名女性上周误将自己的一枚钻石戒指丢掉,在追着垃圾车翻遍10吨的城市垃圾后终于找回了她的这一传家珍宝。Joan Sawyer of Bedford says all her efforts paid off after realizing the horror of dropping her diamond ring into her single trash bag, that wound up among thousands of others.贝德福德市的琼-索耶称说,在上千个垃圾袋中找回自己曾误丢戒指的那一袋,她所有的努力都值得了。;I was in total panic,; Mrs Sawyer told WHDH-TV, saying she thought she#39;d never see the heirloom again.索耶女士告诉WHDH-TV的记者说:;我害怕极了。;她以为自己再也见不到这枚传家钻戒了。Her diamond ring dropped by accident in the trashcan and only realized after a dump truck had made a stop at their house.她的钻石戒指不小心掉在了垃圾桶里,直到自卸汽车停在他们家门口时她才意识到戒指丢了。;I said, #39;Oh my God, it#39;s in the rubbish truck,#39; ;Mrs Sawyer recalled before calling the Allied Waste Service.索耶夫人回忆道:;我说,lsquo;天哪,戒指在垃圾桶里。rsquo;;随后我就给废品务公司打了电话。Allied Waste was able to find the truck number specifically that had come to their door and tell them where it was heading.废品公司能查到来他们家收垃圾的垃圾车的具体车牌号,并告知他们该车开向了哪里。Mrs Sawyer and her husband waited for three hours watching out for her 24-44 truck to arrive.索耶夫人和她的先生等待了三个小时,注意寻找车号为24-44的卡车到达废品站。But to their mixed relief, it arrived, emptying 10 tons of trash in a room.但是该车回来时带回了10吨的垃圾,全部倾倒在一个房间里。这令他们既安心又为难。Lucky enough to have the voluntary aid of Covanta workers who helped the Sawyers pick through the mounds of black trash bags and other waste, as her husband Bill Sawyer described, the crew were relentless before there was a shimmer of light at the end of their tunnel.足够幸运地是卡万塔公司的员工自愿帮助索耶夫妇搜寻垃圾。索耶夫人的丈夫;;比尔-索耶形容道,工人们都坚持不懈即使还有一丝希望之光。;I said, #39;Oh my God, that#39;s my bag, I recognize something in it,rsquo; #39;#39; Mrs Sawyer recalled.索耶夫人回忆道:;我说lsquo;天哪,那是我的垃圾袋,我认得它里面的东西。rsquo;;Mr Sawyer began to tear the trash bag apart, and there, it appeared.索耶先生扯开袋子,戒指就出现了。;You could almost see the tears in her eyes; she was thrilled she found it,; Ken Nydam of Covanta told WHDH-TV.卡万塔公司的肯-尼达姆告诉WHDH-TV说:;你几乎能看见她热泪盈眶,找到戒指时她激动极了。;;And then everyone who helped out, they were just happy they got to see how happy she was and we were happy we could help them out,; he added.他补充道:;所有帮忙出力的人都很开心见到她喜极而泣的样子。我们也很高兴能帮他们摆脱困境。;   /201111/161654婺城区中医院是正规医院吗? The New York Stock Exchange will close its trading floor Monday, the first time it has done so since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, joining other businesses along the East Coast altering their routine because of Hurricane Sandy.纽约券交易所周一将关闭交易大厅,这在2011年“9.11”恐怖袭击事件之后尚属首次。此前,东海岸另外的一些企业也表示,因受飓风“桑迪”(Sandy)影响将调整营业时间。 Trading in all securities listed on the Big Board will take place through Arca, an electronic trading platform operated by New York Stock Exchange parent NYSE Euronext which operates the Big Board, the company said.相关报道在纽约交所上市的所有券的交易,都将通过由纽交所母公司纽约泛欧交易所集团(NYSE Euronext)运营的电子交易平台进行。 #39;To be quite frank, I didn#39;t think it was that tough a decision,#39; said Duncan L. Niederauer, chief executive of NYSE Euronext. #39;I think it would have been irresponsible to keep the building open and insist that all our people be there.#39;纽约泛欧交易所集团的首席执行长尼德奥尔(Duncan L. Niederauer)说:坦白讲,我不认为这是一个很艰难的决定。我认为,如果让交易所继续开放,坚持让我们的所有工作人员留在交易所,这是不负责任的行为。 Trading on the NYSE floor was suspended for four days after the Sept. 11 attacks. It also was suspended on Sept. 27, 1985, due to Hurricane Gloria, which caused an estimated billion in damage along the East Coast.纽交所交易大厅在“9.11”恐怖袭击后关闭了四天。1985年9月27日,纽交所因受飓风格洛丽亚(Gloria)影响而关闭。格洛丽亚在东海岸造成了大约10亿美元的损失。 Big U.S. banks and tens of thousands of their New York metropolitan-area employees also were preparing for disruption to start the workweek, especially in light of a shutdown of the city#39;s transit system.美国的主要和纽约大都会区的数万名职员也在为工作周的中断做准备,尤其是纽约的交通系统关闭之后。 Home improvement retailers Home Depot Inc. and Lowe#39;s Cos. began prepping for the aftermath of the storm, sending truckloads of generators, water and batteries into warehouses and stores along the Eastern Seaboard. In some Lowe#39;s stores, customers had bought all the generators off the shelves.家庭装修零售商家得宝(Home Depot Inc.)和劳氏(Lowe#39;s Cos.)已经开始把大批的发电机、饮用水和电池运往东部沿海地区的仓库和商店,为飓风可能造成的后果做好准备。在劳氏的一些门店里,货架上的发电机已经被抢购一空。 The company said it would expedite extra supplies, including extension cords, snow shovels, ice melt, batteries and flashlights.Wal-Mart Stores Inc., said Sunday that it was restocking bottled water as customers empty the shelves ahead of the storm. The company expects to close half a dozen of its stores in Sandy#39;s path.劳氏说,将加快其他物资的供应,包括延长电线、雪铲、融雪剂、电池和手电筒。沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)周日表示,由于飓风到来之前的抢购,一些门店的瓶装水已经售空,该公司正在对货源进行补充。公司预计,将关闭飓风行进路线上的六家门店。 Home Depot said it was keeping stores open late and is aly in touch with the Red Cross to provide help now with things like sandbags and tarps.家得宝说,该公司将延长门店的营业时间,并已经与红十字会联系,帮助提供沙袋和防水油布等物资。On Sunday, companies with operations in New York#39;s Lower Manhattan, including American Express Co., J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co. and Citigroup Inc., were planning to close offices, prepare locations outside the city and accommodate customers affected by the storm. Others, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Wells Fargo amp; Co., emphasized the need for workers to exercise caution and to be on the lookout for updates from managers.周日,在纽约曼哈顿下城开展业务的一些企业,包括美国运通(American Express Co.)、根大通(J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co.)和花旗集团(Citigroup Inc.)计划将关闭办公室,在纽约市之外的一些地点做好准备,接待那些受到风暴影响的客户。包括高盛(Goldman Sachs Group Inc.)和富国(Wells Fargo amp; Co.)在内的其他公司向员工强调,要保持谨慎,并留意经理发布的最新信息。 Capital One Financial Corp. decided late Sunday to keep all its 350 branches in New York and New Jersey closed on Monday in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. Capital One Financial Corp.周日晚间决定,将于周一关闭在纽约和新泽西的全部350家办事处,以应对台风“桑迪”。 #39;Decisions regarding closings and reopenings of branches and other business operations are based mainly on safety considerations,#39; said a spokeswoman for the Mclean, Va.-based bank.这家总部位于弗吉尼亚州麦克林的的一名发言人说:我们所做出一切关于关闭或是重新开放分行和其他业务的决定主要是基于安全上的考虑。 Some bankers and traders, meanwhile, were resigned to working at home for a day or more. #39;It sounds like it#39;s going to be really, really bad,#39; said Barry Ridings, a veteran Lazard Ltd. banker who advises companies on bankruptcies and other balance-sheet restructuring deals. #39;Since the trains aren#39;t running, obviously people should stay home. I#39;m going to be working at home.#39;与此同时,一些家和交易员将在家工作一天或是更久。莱丁斯(Barry Ridings)是Lazard Ltd.的资深家,为企业提供破产或其他资产负债表重组交易的咨询务。他说,听起来这次风暴似乎会非常非常严重。既然列车都已经停运,人们显然应该呆在家里。我将会在家工作。 /201210/206537衢州妇幼保健院评价

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