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重庆市儿童医院是几甲重庆除皱针多少钱重庆手术去眼袋 Ive always wanted to be a cyborg.我一直想成为一个半机械人。One of my favorite shows as a kid was ;The Six Million Dollar Man,;我小时候最喜欢的电视剧之一是“无敌金刚”,它的造价是六百万美元。and this is a little bit closer to the 240 dollar man or so, but --而这玩意儿的价值挺相近的,大约是240万美元,但是——At at any rate. I would normally feel very self-conscious and geeky wearing this around,不管怎样。而且我经常会感到拘谨,感觉有点儿怪异,穿着这个走来走去,but a few days ago I saw one world-renowned statistician swallowing swords on stage here,嗯,但是呢,今天前我看见一位举世闻名的数据专家在这个舞台上吞剑,so I figure its OK amongst this group.于是我就觉得在这群人里面我还算正常。But thats not what I want to talk about today.但是这不是我今天要谈论的话题。I want to talk about toys, and the power that I see inherent in them.我想要谈玩具,以及我从玩具中发现的天然的威力。When I was a kid, I attended Montessori school up to sixth grade in Atlanta, Georgia.当我还是个小孩的时候,我在大名鼎鼎的蒙特梭利学校读到了六年级。那是在佐治亚州亚特兰大。And at the time I didnt think much about it,那时,我并没有觉得有啥了不起。but then later, I realized that that was the high point of my education.但是后来,我发现那是我教育生涯中的制高点。From that point on, everything else was pretty much downhill.从那以后,一切都江河日下了。And it wasnt until later, as I started making games, that --等到后来,当我开始制作电脑游戏,那时我真的——I really actually think of them more as toys.我把它们当做是玩具。People call me a game designer, but I really think of these things more as toys.人们称我为游戏设计师,但是我却将(我设计的)那些东西当做玩具。But I started getting very interested in Maria Montessori and her methods,我开始对玛利亚·蒙特梭利和她的教育方法and the way she went about things,以及她的处事方式感兴趣。and the way she thought it very valuable for kids to kind of discover things on their own她很重视让孩子们自己去发现,rather than being taught these things overtly.而不是直接明白地向他们灌输这些知识。And she would design these toys, where kids in playing with the toys她会设计一些寓教于乐的玩具,would actually come to understand these deep principles of life and nature through play.使孩子们可以一边玩一边懂得一些有关人生和自然的深刻道理。And since they discovered those things, it really stuck with them so much more,因为这些道理是他们自己发现的,所以他们就会牢牢记住它们,and also they would experience their own failures;而且他们还会经历失败,there was a failure-based aspect to learning there. It was very important.这样他们就会经历挫折教育。这是很重要的。And so, the games that I do, I think of really more as modern Montessori toys.因此,我觉得我所创作的游戏就是蒙特梭利式的玩具的现代翻版。And I really kind of want them to be presented in a way并且我真心希望它们能够帮助小孩们to where kids can kind of explore and discover their own principles.通过自己去探索和发现这个世界的道理。So a few years ago, I actually started getting very interested in the SETI program.于是,几年前,我开始对地外文明探索工程产生了浓厚的兴趣。And thats the way I work.这是我的一种工作方式,I get interested in different kinds of subjects, I dive in,我对各种领域都有兴趣,我潜入其中,I research them, and then I try to figure out how to craft a toy around that,探索研究它,然后想办法做出一种与之相关的游戏,so that other people can kind of experience the same sense of discovery这样其他人就能体验到和我在学习这个课题时as I did as I was learning that subject.所体验过的发现的感觉。And it kind of led me to astrobiology, which is the study of possible life in the universe.于是我遇到了研究宇宙中可能存在的生命的天体生物学。And then Drakes Equation, which is looking at the probability of life arising on planets,然后是德瑞克方程式,大家知道,它关注的是行星上可能产生生命的概率,how long it might last, how many planets are out there, stuff like that.可以维持的时间,以及可能有多少行星,诸如此类And I started looking at how interesting Drakes Equation was,我开始关注这个极其有趣的方程,because it spanned all these different subjects --因为它涉及了各种不同的学科——physics, chemistry, sociology, economics, astronomy.物理、化学、社会学、经济学、天文学。And another thing that really impressed me a long time ago was ;Powers of Ten,; Charles and Ray Eames film.另一个很久以来让我印象深刻的是查尔斯·伊默斯和蕾·伊默斯夫妇的影片《十的次方》And I started putting those two together and wondering,当我把这两者合起来看时,我想到could I build a toy where kids would kind of trip across all these interesting principles of life,我能不能建造一个玩具,使得小孩们可以在生命所有的这些有趣的、as it exists and as it might go in the future.经久不变的规则中穿梭?Things where you might trip across things like the Copernican Principle, the Fermi Paradox,你可能会遇到哥白尼定律、费米佯谬the Anthropic Principle, the origin of life.人择原理、生命起源。And so Im going to show you a toy today that Ive been working on,而我今天要向大家展示的是我正在创作中的一个玩具,that I think of more than anything else as kind of a philosophy toy.我觉得它绝对是一个哲学玩具。In playing this toy, you kind of -- this will bring up philosophical questions in you.当你玩着这个玩具的时候,你就会想到一些哲学的命题。This games called ;Spore.; Ive been working on it for several years.这个游戏的名字叫做“孢子”。我为这个游戏努力了好几年了。Its getting pretty close to finished now.创作已经接近尾声。It occurs at all these different scales, first of all, from very, very small to very, very large.它有不同的场景规模。从极其微小到非常宏大。Im just going to pop in at the start of the game.我将要从最开端来进入这个游戏。201512/418290And they went on and on,他们滔滔不绝地说着,and the soldier watched,而那名士兵看着他们,and then he sat there for a full minute知道他们说完了之后,after they were finished他坐在那里待了整整一分钟,and looked at us so bedraggled in the rain,看着我们这群落汤鸡,and said, ;What you have said is true,然后说,“你们说的是事实,and we must bow to the will of the people.而我们必须听从民意。If youll clear enough space for us to turn around,如果你们让出足够的位置让我们掉头,well go back the way we came.;我们会原路返回。”And thats what they did.而他们果真这样做了。Sometimes, forging meaning有时,铸造意义can give you the vocabulary you need能给你所需要的辞藻to fight for your ultimate freedom.来争取你最终的自由。Russia awakened me to the lemonade notion俄罗斯让我意识到逆境求生的概念:that oppression breeds the power to oppose it,剥削会繁衍抵抗剥削的力量,and I gradually understood that as the cornerstone而我逐渐明白了这是of identity.身份的基石。It took identity to rescue me from sadness.身份从伤痛中拯救了我。The gay rights movement posits a world同性恋权利运动憧憬一个in which my aberrances are a victory.我的畸形是一种胜利。Identity politics always works on two fronts:身份的政治总是从两方面出发:to give pride to people who have a given condition给有特殊情况或特征的人or characteristic, and to cause the outside world应有的自豪;和让外在的世界to treat such people more gently and more kindly.温柔地善待这些人。Those are two totally separate enterprises,这是两种不同的途径,but progress in each sphere但不管哪个方面的进展reverberates in the other.都会在另一方面造成回响。Identity politics can be narcissistic.身份的政治可以变成自恋的。People extol a difference only because its theirs.人们称赞不同只是应为那是他们自身的。People narrow the world and function人们把世界窄化,in discrete groups without empathy for one another.形成个体,对他人毫无同情。But properly understood但如果它得以正确的理解and wisely practiced,和理智的运用,identity politics should expand身份的政治应该our idea of what it is to be human.扩充我们对人性的概念。Identity itself身份自身should be not a smug label不应是让人自满的标签or a gold medal或是一枚金牌but a revolution.但应是一个革命。I would have had an easier life if I were straight,如果我是异性恋,我的生活会轻松很多,but I would not be me,但我不会是我,and I now like being myself better我现在比较喜欢做我自己than the idea of being someone else,而不想成为另一个人,someone who, to be honest,说实话,I have neither the option of being我无法成为,nor the ability fully to imagine.也无法想象其他人。201410/338803重庆小腿脱毛需要多少钱

重庆月光脱毛医院If you watch young children, youll immediately notice how honest they are.如果你留意小孩,你会立刻发现他们是多么的诚实。My friend Betsy from my section a few years after business school was pregnant with her second child.我的一个HBS小组里的朋友Betsy在毕业后几年怀上了第二个孩子。And her first child, Sam, was about five and he looked around and said, ;Mommy, where is the baby?;她的第一个小孩,Sam,那时大概五岁。他环视了下她问,“妈妈,小宝宝在哪里啊?”She said, ;The baby is in my tummy.;她说,“小宝宝在我肚子里。”He said, ;Really? Arent the babys arms in your arms?; She said, ;No, the babys in my tummy.;他说,“真的么?难道小宝宝的手不在你的手里?”她说,“不,小宝宝在我肚子里。”;really? Are the babys legs in your legs?;“真的?小宝宝的腿不在你腿里?”;No, the whole baby is in my tummy.;“不,整个宝宝都在我肚子里啊。”Then he said, Then Mommy, what is growing in your butt?;然后她说,“那么妈妈,为什么你的屁股越来越大?”As adults, we are never this honest. And thats not a bad thing.作为成年人,我们从不如此直接。这未必是件坏事。I have borne two children and the last thing I needed were those comments which obviously could be made.我也是两个孩子的妈妈,我最不想听到的恐怕就是这些,当然这些用在我身上也确实没错。But its not always a good thing either. Because all of us, and especially leaders, need to speak and hear the truth.但是那也不总是件好事。因为我们所有人,尤其是领导者,需要说真话,听真话。The workplace is an especially difficult place for anyone to tell the truth, because no matter how flat we want our organizations to be, all organizations have some form of hierarchy.在工作环境中,说真话尤其得难,因为无论我们多希望将组织架构扁平化,所有的组织都会有某种层级。And what that means is that one persons performance is assessed by someone elses perception. This is not a setup for honesty.这就意味着一个员工的表现会由别人对其印象来评估。这是不鼓励真诚的机构。Think about how people speak in a typical workforce.想象一下人们在典型的工作环境中是如何沟通的。Rather than say, ;I disagree with our expansion strategy; or better yet, ;this seems truly stupid.;人们不说“我不同意我们的扩张策略”,甚至于:“这看起来真傻。”They say, ;I think there are many good reasons why were entering this new line of business, and Im certain the management team has done a thorough ROI analysis, but Im not sure we have fully considered the downstream effects of taking this step forward at this time.;人们会说,“我知道进入这个新领域有众多好处,而且我相信管理团队一定做过细致的投资回报分析,不过,我不确定我们是否完整地考虑了在这个时刻采取这个方案会产生的所有后果。As we would say at Facebook, three letters: WTF.对此就该用我们在Facebook或者互联网上常说的三个字:WTF。Truth is better served by using simple language.事实最好用简短的语言来表达。Last year, Mark decided to learn Chinese and as part of studying, he would spend an hour or so each week with some of our employees who were native Chinese speakers.去年,马克·扎克伯格决定开始学中文。作为学习的一部分,他每周会花大约一个小时的时间和一些来自中国的员工交谈。One day, one of them was trying to tell him something about her manager.有一天,有一个员工尝试告诉关于她的老板的一些情况。So She said this long sentence and he said, ;simpler please.;她说了一通之后,马克说,“请说简单点。”And then she said it again and he said, ;no, I still dont understand, simpler please; …and so on and so on.她再说了一遍之后,他说,“不行,我还是没明白,请再简单点。”就这样来回了几次。Finally, in sheer exasperation, she burst out, ;my manager is bad.;终于,她愤怒地说道,“我老板坏!”Simple and clear and super important for him to know.简单明了,而且非常重要,需要让马克知道。People rarely speak this clearly in the workforce or in life.在工作或者生活中,人们很少会把话说那么明了。And as you get more senior, not only will people speak less clearly to you but they will overreact to the small things you say.尤其是当你的级别上升后,人们不仅不会和你把话说清楚,还会对你所说的小事反应过激。When I joined Facebook, one of the things I had to do was build the business side of the company and put some systems into place.当我加入Facebook的时候,我的职责之一就是把公司商业那块给建立起来,将其系统化。But I wanted to do it without destroying the culture that made Facebook great.但是我不想破坏Facebook原有的文化。So one of the things I tried to do was encourage people not to do formal PowerPoint presentations for meetings with me.我尝试的一件事就是鼓励人们和我开会时不要做正式的PPT。I would say things like, ;Dont do PowerPoint presentations for meetings with me.我会说,“和我开会不用做PPT。”201502/357363涪陵区脸部去痣价格 沙坪坝区儿童医院门诊在哪里

重庆医科大学附属口腔医院去除狐臭多少钱Class of ! I dont think I hurt you. First Id like you to get up, wave and cheer your supportive family and friends! Im sure you can find them out there. Show your love!09级的同学们,我不认为我想要伤害你们。首先我希望大家都站起来,向持你们的亲朋好友挥手致意!我相信你们都能在人群中找到他们,把你们的爱表达出来吧!It is a great honor for me to be here today.今天我很荣幸来到这里。Now wait a second. I know: thats such a cliche. Youre thinking: every graduation speaker here said that--Its a great honor, in my case, it really is so deeply true--being here is more special and more personal for me than most of you know. Id like to tell you why.请等一下。我知道,刚才那句陈词滥调。你们可能在想:每位毕业典礼的演讲人都会说——很荣幸,但就我而言,的确字真意深——因为我来到这里,要比你们所知的大多数人都更为特别和亲切。我想告诉大家这其中的缘由。A long time ago, in the cold September of 1962, there was a Stevens co-op at this very university. That co-op had a kitchen with a ceiling that had been cleaned by student volunteers probably every decade or so. Picture a college girl named Gloria, climbing up high on a ladder, struggling to clean that filthy ceiling. Standing on the floor, a young boarder named Carl was admiring the view. And thats how they met. They are my parents, so I suppose you could say Im a direct result of that kitchen chemistry experiment, right here at Michigan. My Mom is here with us today, and we should probably go find the spot and put a plague up on the ceiling that wrote:;Thanks Mom and Dad!;很久以前,1962年寒冷的9月,这座校园有一家史蒂文消费合作社。该合作社有一间厨房,那里的天花板由学生志愿者打扫,大概每十来年才一次吧。想象一下,画面上有位名叫格洛里亚的女大学生,爬上了高高的梯子,努力地打扫那脏兮兮的天花板。一位名叫卡尔的寄宿生站在地上,对此情景钦佩不已。这就是他俩的初次邂逅。他俩就是我的父母亲。所以我想你们会说,我就是这里,密歇根大学那个“厨房化学实验”的直接成果。我的母亲今天和我们在一起,或许我们应该去找到他们相遇的地方,并且在天花板上镶嵌一块铭牌,上刻“感谢爸爸、妈妈!” /201309/255893 Allow me to start this talk with a question to everyone.请允许我以一个问题开始You know that all over the world,你清楚世界各地people fight for their freedom,有人为了自由而奋斗fight for their rights.有人为了权利而战Some battle oppressive governments.有的人反抗压迫他们的政府Others battle oppressive societies.有的人对抗强权的社会阶层Which battle do you think is harder?你们觉得哪种挑战更难?Allow me to try to answer this question请允许我在后面的几分钟里in the few coming minutes.再来回答这个问题Let me take you back two years ago in my life.跟随我回到两年前我的生活里It was the bedtime of my son, Aboody.那是在我儿子阿布迪快要睡觉的时候He was five at the time.那时候他只有5岁After finishing his bedtime rituals,在完成了睡前祷告后he looked at me and he asked a question:他看着我,问道:;Mommy, are we bad people?;“妈妈,我们是不是坏人呀?”I was shocked.我一下没了主意;Why do you say such things, Aboody?;“阿布迪,你为什么要说这些呢?”Earlier that day, I noticed some bruises那天早些时候,当他从学校回来时on his face when he came from school.我发现他脸上有些瘀伤He wouldnt tell me what happened.他不肯告诉我发生了什么he was y to tell.他肯说了;Two boys hit me today in school.“今天在学校里,两个男生揍了我They told me, We saw your mom on Facebook.然后他们对我说:’我们在脸谱网上看到你妈妈了You and your mom should be put in jail.;你跟你妈妈都应该被送进监狱 ;Ive never been afraid to tell Aboody anything.我从来都不害怕告诉阿布迪任何事情Ive been always a proud woman of my achievements.因为我的成就,我一直是一个自豪的母亲But those questioning eyes of my son但当我儿子的眼中流露出质疑were my moment of truth,当这一切袭来when it all came together.我知道这是很关键的一刻You see, Im a Saudi woman who had been put in jail你要知道,在沙特女人是不允许开车的for driving a car in a country我就是因为这个where women are not supposed to drive cars.曾经进过监狱Just for giving me his car keys,也就是因为把车钥匙给了我my own brother was detained twice,我的亲哥哥被拘留了两次and he was harassed to the point he had之后他不断被骚扰to quit his job as a geologist,以至于不得不放弃他地理学家的工作leave the country with his wife and two-year-old son.带着他的妻子和两岁大的儿子,逃离了这个国家My father had to sit in a Friday sermon我父亲坐在一个周五的讲道里listening to the imam condemning women drivers在无数信徒面前and calling them prostitutes听阿訇训斥女司机amongst tons of worshippers,辱骂她们是some of them our friends and family of my own father.那些信徒们有的是我们的朋友,有的是我父亲的亲人I was faced with an organized defamation campaign我曾面对过一个有组织的诽谤组织in the local media combined with false rumors利用当地媒体与不实的谣言shared in family gatherings, in the streets在家庭聚会、在街头巷尾、and in schools.在学校中讹传It all hit me.这深深地伤害了我It came into focus that those kids这件事的重点是did not mean to be rude to my son.那些孩子并不是有意欺负我儿子的They were just influenced by the adults around them.他们其实是被周围的成人带坏的And it wasnt about me, and it wasnt a punishment这不仅仅是针对我的for taking the wheel and driving a few miles.不是因为开车走了几公里所带来的惩罚It was a punishment for daring to challenge它的本质是镇压那些the societys rules.敢于质疑传统旧社会秩序的人201509/400538潼南区儿童医院激光祛太田痣多少钱重庆怎么去腋毛



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