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重庆腋臭手术多少钱涪陵区妇女医院咨询专线忠县祛斑多少钱 Again, you cant connect the dots looking forward;再次说明的是,你在向前展望的时候不可能将这些片断串连起来;you can only connect them looking backwards.你只能在回顾的时候将点点滴滴串连起来。So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.所以你必须相信这些片断会在你未来的某一天串连起来。You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.你必须要相信某些东西:你的勇气、目的、生命、因缘......This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.这个过程从来没有令我失望,只是让我的生命更加地与众不同。My second story is about love and loss.我的第二个故事是关于爱和失去。I was lucky –I found what I loved to do early in life.我非常幸运, 因为我在很早的时候就找到了我钟爱的东西。Woz and I started Apple in my parents garage when I was 20.沃兹和我在二十岁的时候就在父母的车库里面开创了苹果公司。We worked hard,我们工作得很努力,and in 10 years Apple had grown from just the two of us in a garage into a billion company with over 4000 employees.十年之后, 这个公司从那两个车库中的穷小子发展到了超过四千名的雇员、价值超过二十亿的大公司。We had just released our finest creation – the Macintosh –a year earlier,在公司成立的第九年,我们刚刚发布了最好的产品,那就是Macintosh。and I had just turned 30.我也快要到三十岁了。And then I got fired. How can you get fired from a company you started?在那一年, 我被炒了鱿鱼。你怎么可能被你自己创立的公司炒了鱿鱼呢?Well, as Apple grew we hired someone who I thought was very talented to run the company with me,嗯,在苹果快速成长的时候,我们雇用了一个很有天分的家伙和我一起管理这个公司,and for the first year or so things went well.在最初的几年,公司运转的很好。But then our visions of the future began to diverge and eventually we had a falling out.但是后来我们对未来的看法发生了分歧, 最终我们吵了起来。When we did, our Board of Directors sided with him.当争吵到不可开交的时候,董事会站在了他的那一边。So at 30 I was out. And very publicly out.所以在三十岁的时候,我离开了公司。What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone,在这么多人目光下我被炒了,我失去了成年后的整个生活重心,and it was devastating.这使我心力交瘁。I really didnt know what to do for a few months.在最初的几个月里,我真是不知道该做些什么。I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down –我觉得我很令上一代的创业家们很失望,that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me.我把他们交给我的接力棒弄丢了。I met with David Packard and Bob Noyce and tried to apologize for screwing up so badly.我和创办惠普的David Pack、创办Intel的Bob Noyce见面,并试图向他们道歉。I was a very public failure, and I even thought about running away from the valley.这次失败弄得沸沸扬扬,我甚至想过逃离硅谷But something slowly began to dawn on me –I still loved what I did.但是,渐渐地,我开始有了一个想法——我仍然热爱我过去所做的一切。The turn of events at Apple had not changed that one bit.在苹果公司发生的这些风波丝毫没有改变这一点。I had been rejected, but I was still in love.我虽然被拒之门外,但我仍然深爱我的事业。And so I decided to start over.于是,我决定从头开始。201307/250092This Summit has shown a real sense of purpose, resolution and unity. Everyone can see what NATO stands for and why it matters. It is about, here at home, our national security – and the security of every family in Britain.This is an Alliance that is strong and united. That knows what the major challenges are and is determined to overcome them.First, there has been a clear message sent out from this conference to Russia that what President Putin is doing is indefensible and wrong. While we meet here in Newport, a package of sanctions is being finalised in Brussels that will further increase the economic cost to Russia for its behaviour.We stand firmly behind Ukraine’s right to make its own decisions, not to have them dictated by Russian tanks rolling over the border. And we will continue our efforts to support Ukraine, including by providing financial assistance to improve their command, control and communication capabilities.NATO members right across Europe – particularly in Central and Eastern Europe – have been reassured that this is an Alliance that will meet its treaty obligations to any member under threat. No-one will leave here with any doubt that our collective security in NATO is as strong as it has ever been. The Alliance is firmly committed to providing ongoing reassurance to our Eastern Allies.The UK will contribute 3,500 personnel to exercises in Eastern Europe between now and the end of 2015 as part of NATO’s effort to ensure a persistent presence on our Eastern flank. We have also agreed to step up NATO’s ability to respond quickly to any threat with a new multi-national spearhead force which is deployable anywhere in the world within 2 to 5 days.The UK will provide a battlegroup and a brigade headquarters and I hope other nations will set out their plans too, backing communiqué words with concrete action.Second, NATO needs to be even stronger. Britain is one of only four countries that currently spends 2% of its GDP on defence. But others will now do more.With today’s Wales Pledge every NATO member not spending 2% will halt any decline in defence spending and aim to increase it in real terms as GDP grows, and to move towards 2% within a decade. But it’s not just the amount of money that matters; it’s also about spending on equipment you can actually deploy. So we have agreed that a fifth of defence budgets should be dedicated to major new equipment.Here in Britain we have the second largest defence budget in NATO; we have the biggest in the whole of the European Union. We have taken long term, often difficult, decisions to put our defence budget on a sustainable footing. And the fruits of this are now coming through.We are equipping all 3 of our services with the best and most modern military hardware money can buy. On Wednesday I announced a #163;3.5 billion contract for Scout armoured vehicles for the Army, the largest such order in over three decades.The Royal Air Force is getting new fleets of Joint Strike Fighter and Voyager refuelling aircraft as well as 22 new A400M transport aircraft – the first of which has just arrived.201504/371477璧山区驼峰鼻矫正多少钱

重庆市第九医院光子脱毛多少钱I dont understand why 我不明白为什么Lenore couldnt have just given him a pity date丽诺尔不能就给他一次安慰性约会or just said that Im busy Saturday night 或者只是说 我周六晚上很忙She didnt have to say nevermore 她不需要绝情地说 永远不要Like most students 和很多学生一样young Mr Poe had a way of signaling to his roommates年轻的坡先生也有示意室友he had a date over 他在约会的方式He would hang a sock on the door他会在门上挂一只袜子or bury a still beating heart under the floor boards或者把一颗仍在跳动的心脏埋到地板下whichever he had handy 手头有哪个就用哪个but of course the greatest figure associated with UVA 不过弗大相关的最伟大人物当然还是is your founder Thomas Jefferson 创建者托马斯·杰斐逊TJ Prez Tommy Jeff TJ 汤米·杰夫总统the Freckly Anti-Federalist 满脸雀斑的反联邦党人Louisiana Purchie 路易斯安那购买者Ol Bible Slicer 圣经切片工or as most Americans know him 按照大多数美国人所知道的the inventor of the six-inch wooden cypher wheel也可以称他为六英寸木质密码轮发明人In founding this great institution, Jefferson wrote 建立这所伟大教育机构之时 杰斐逊写道we wish to establish in the upper country of Virginia 我们希望在弗吉尼亚上部地区a university on a plan so broad and liberal and modern建立一所辽阔 自由和现代的大学as to be a temptation to be use of other states 将其他各州的人引来此地to come and drink the cup of knowledge 共同吸取知识的营养and fraternize with us 并同我们亲善and according to Playboy 根据杂志you have lived up to that vision 你们没有辜负这一愿景but theres one thing about Jefferson that I take issue with 但杰斐逊说的一点我想反驳一下and its this, the scope of his beliefs was too broad 也就是 他信念的范围太过宽泛Jeffersons hard to nail down 杰斐逊很难明确立场These days we like politicians to fit into neat categories 如今 我们希望政治人物立场分明you are either a conservative, or you are a liberal要么是保守派 要么是自由派but not Jefferson, hes not like that 但杰斐逊不是如此201603/430026重庆第三附属医院的评价 Young men will go to great lengths to have that experience.年轻人对这种刺激的感受更加深刻。Its wired into us.这种感觉输入到我们体内。Its hormonally supported.伴随着激素的作用。The mortality rate for young men in society,is six times what it is for young women,from violence and from accidents, just the stupid stuff that young men do:社会上,年轻男性的死亡率是女性的6倍。不管是因为暴力,还是意外。反正就是年轻人喜欢干的那些蠢事。jumping off of things they shouldnt jump off of,从不该跳的地方跳了下去。lighting things on fire they shouldnt light on fire, I mean, you know what Im talking about.把不该点的东西点着了。总之你懂得。They die at six times the rate,that young women do.年轻男性的死亡率6倍于年轻女性。Statistically, you are safer as a teenage boy, you would be safer in the fire department,or the police department in most American cities,从数字上来说,一个小伙子。如果呆在美国城市里的消防队或者警察局。than just walking around the streets of your hometown,looking for something to do, statistically.会比在老家的街上闲逛。找事情干,要安全得多。这仅仅是从数字的角度看。You can imagine how that plays out in combat.你可以想象一下如果是在战争中这是不是也是一样。At Restrepo, every guy up there was almost killed, including me,在雷斯特雷波,几乎每个人都命悬一线。包括我在内。including my good friend Tim Hetherington, who was later killed in Libya.包括我的好朋友蒂姆·赫瑟林顿。他后来在利比亚牺牲了。There were guys walking around,with bullet holes in their uniforms, rounds that had cut through the fabric,and didnt touch their bodies.那里的士兵。穿着被子弹打穿的制。子弹打穿了布料没碰到他们的身体。I was leaning against some sandbags one morning, not much going on, sort of spacing out, and some sand was kicked into the side of, sort of hit the side of my face.一天早上,我靠着沙袋站在那儿没事可干,正想什么想得出神。这时一些沙子飞起打在了我的侧脸上。Something hit the side of my face, and I didnt know what it was.我感觉到有东西打在我脸上,但是不知道是什么。You have to understand about bullets,that they go a lot faster than sound, so if someone shoots at you,from a few hundred meters,你应该知道子弹这玩意儿它飞起来比声音还要快。如果有人朝你开射程也就几百米的话。the bullet goes by you, or hits you obviously, half a second or so before the sound catches up to it.子弹或者与你擦肩而过,或者击中你而声半秒之后才会传来。So I had some sand sprayed in the side of my face.所以当我感到有沙子打到我的侧脸上时。Half a second later, I heard dut-dut-dut-dut-duh.半秒之后,我听到了突突突突的声。It was machine gun fire.这是机关的声音。It was the first round, the first burst,of an hour-long firefight.这是第一轮袭击。战维持了一个小时之久。What had happened was the bullet hit, a bullet hit three or four inches from the side of my head.刚开始我感觉到的飞来的沙子应该是子弹溅起的。这颗子弹隔着三四英尺从我脑袋边飞过。Imagine, just think about it, because I certainly did, think about the angle of deviation that saved my life.想象一下,其实我后来也的确想了,就是这点偏差救了我一命。At 400 meters, it missed me by three inches.400米开外射来的子弹,3英尺的偏差,没有击中我。Just think about the math on that.想想这些数字吧。Every guy up there,那里的每个士兵。had some experience like that,都曾有过这样的经历。at least once, if not many times.如果不是几次的话那至少也有一次。The boys are up there for a year.这些年轻人在那儿待了一年之后。They got back.然后回家。Some of them got out of the Army,and had tremendous psychological problems when they got home.一些人复员之后回到家时。心理上还有严重的问题。Some of them stayed in the Army,and were more or less okay, psychologically.一些人继续留在军队。心理状况稍微好些。I was particularly close to a guy named Brendan OByrne.我和一个叫布伦丹·欧恩的小伙子走得很近。Im still very good friends with him.我们现在也还是好朋友。He came back to the States. He got out of the Army.他回到美国之后离开了部队。I had a dinner party one night.一次,我举办了个晚宴。I invited him,邀请了他。and he started talking with a woman, one of my friends, and she knew how bad it had been out there, and she said, ;Brendan,在晚宴上他和一位女士交谈。这位女士也是我的朋友。她知道战地生活的险恶。她说:布伦丹。is there anything at all that you miss about being out in Afghanistan, about the war?在阿富汗打仗有没有什么让你怀恋的?201411/342096重庆市第三人民医院介绍

重庆永久去腿毛9月10日,今天是教师节,也是马云生日。美国当地时间9月8日,阿里巴巴IPO路演正式开始,马云对多名潜在投资人表示:相隔15年我又回来了。当年几百万都不给,这次想要多一点钱。宣传片中马云大秀英文,网友惊呼“原来马云英语这么好”!【宣传片马云演讲全文】大家好,我是马云,阿里巴巴集团的创始人和董事会主席。Hello, im Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group.(创始人founder,主席chairman)15年前,在我的公寓里,18位创始人有了一个梦。这个梦想就是,在某一天我们能够创立一个为成千上万小企业主务的公司。这个梦想,从始至终都没有改变过,让天下没有难做的生意。15 years ago, 18 founders in my apartment had a dream,that someday we can build up a company , that can server millions of small business. Today , this remain our mission to make easy to do business anywhere.(小企业主small business,让天下没有难做的生意make it easy to do business anywhere)在阿里巴巴,我们为一些小的生意人奋斗,和他们的客户在不懈努力。其实,我们的目标非常简单:能够帮助商家和客户找到彼此,并按照他们独特的需求方式来开展务。我们帮助这些小生意人成长,创造出前所未有的工作机会,开拓出崭新的市场。At Alibaba, we fight for the little guy,the small businessmen and women and their customers. our role is simple, through our ecosystem,we help merchants and customers find each other and conduct business on their terms and in ways that best serve their unique needs. We help merchants to grow, creat jobs and open new markets, in ways that were nervier before possible.(生态系统ecosystem,商家和客户merchants and customers)如今,15年过去了。我们再中国已经成了一个家喻户晓的名字。现在,我们也已经准备好让全世界来认识我们。Today, 15 years passed. We’ve grown so significantly and have become a household name in China. And soon, we are y for the world to know us.稍后,您将听到我们公司商业上经营的细节。不过,首先让我带您开启一段走遍中国的旅程,让我们透过一些真实的人们以及他们的真事,看看阿里巴巴对他们产生了什么影响。You will hear details from our business later. But first let me take you on a journey around China, to see some of the real people,real stories that Alibaba has impact on them.(马云小时候照片)我深感荣幸,能和你们分享这些故事,能为您展示阿里巴巴的精神与核心。I am proud to share with you these stories that show the heart and sprit of Alibaba.让我感到更加自豪的是,我们能够点燃创新、创造机会、造福客户、并且能给创业者圆梦。I’m proud that we ignite innovation,creat jobs benefit customers and help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams.通过阿里巴巴这个平台,人们能够改善他们现有的生活,并且能够憧憬一个更好的未来。从我们最初很单纯的一个小期望开始,如今15年过去了。阿里巴巴已经改变了中国电子商务的模式。我们的业务不断发展壮大,但是我们从未丢失对于客户第一的理念。我们始终专注于帮助客户解决问题,基于这点,也成就了我们最好的业务结果。With Alibaba’s platforms, people are improving their lives today, and have hope for a better tomorrow. From our humble beginnings and throughout the past 15 years. Alibaba has changed commerce in China. Our business has grown, but we never lost sight of our customers, focusing on solving their problems,leads to the best outcome for our business.(客户第一Customer first,本段为整齐用never lost sight of our customers.)阿里巴巴已经走过了一段不短的旅程,要让阿里巴巴成为一家持续发展102的企业,还有87年的时间需要我们努力。我们深知,今天很不易,明天更加困难,但是未来是无限美好的。因此,我们必须更加努力,才能够在未来的漫漫征程中赢得胜利。Alibaba has come a long way,but we want to be a company that can last 102 years. We still have 87 years to go,and we believe one thing, “Today is difficult, tomorrow is more difficult ,but the day after tomorrow is beautiful ” . So web have to work very hard in order to survive the long journey.(今天很不易,明天更加困难,但是未来是无限美好的。Today is difficult, tomorrow is more difficult ,but the day after tomorrow is beautiful.)201409/328373 The reality is, in Western countries, quite often we do focus on the pursuit of happiness as if happiness is something that we have to go out -- an object that were supposed to get, or maybe many objects. Actually, in fact, if you look in the dictionary, many dictionaries define pursuit as to ;chase with hostility.; Do we pursue happiness with hostility? Good question. But back to Bhutan.事实上是,在西方国家,通常我们注重对快乐的追求正如快乐是一种我们必须非常从外部才能得到的一种我们我们理应得到的东西,和很多其他的东西一样而事实上,如果你查查字典看一下的话,许多字典把这种追求定义为“带着敌意的追逐”。我们是带着对抗的情绪追求快乐的么?问的好。再回到不丹。Bhutans bordered on its north and south by 38 percent of the worlds population. Could this little country, like a startup in a mature industry, be the spark plug that influences a 21st century of middle-class in China and India? Bhutans created the ultimate export, a new global currency of well-being, and there are 40 countries around the world today that are studying their own GNH. You may have heard, this last fall Nicolas Sarkozy in France announcing the results of an 18-month study by two Nobel economists, focusing on happiness and wellness in France. Sarkozy suggested that world leaders should stop myopically focusing on GDP and consider a new index, what some French are calling a ;joie de vivre index.; I like it. Co-branding opportunities.实际上,在不丹南边和北边的边境生存着这个世界百分之38的人口。这个小国在一个成熟的工业社会中刚刚起步,就放出万丈光芒,影响了整个二十一世纪的中国和印度的中产阶级?不丹实际上创造了一种终极的输出,一种新的全球通用的福祉。这个世界上有40个国家正在研究他们自己的GNH。你也许听过,去年的秋天法国的尼古拉·萨科齐,宣布了获得了诺贝尔奖的经济学家一项18个月研究的研究结果,这项研究关注于法国的快乐和幸福。萨科奇提出世界的领导人应该停止目光短浅地只关注GDP关注一种新的指数,法国人称之为“幸福指数”我喜欢这个提法。一个品牌合作的机会。Just three days ago, three days ago here at TED, we had a simulcast of David Cameron, potentially the next prime minister of the UK, ing one of my favorite speeches of all-time, Robert Kennedys poetic speech from 1968 when he suggested that were myopically focused on the wrong thing and that GDP is a misplaced metric. So it suggests that the momentum is shifting.就在三天前,在我来的TED的三天前,我们和大卫.喀麦隆有一个同时联播节目,他可能是下任英国首相,引用了一个我最爱的一句演讲,罗伯特肯尼迪在1968年的诗歌演讲当时他提出我们只把目光放在那些错误的事情上GDP是一个错位的度量标准。这预示着动机发生了转变。201402/275419大渡口区丰额头多少钱重庆324医院怎么预约



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