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用电话同外商交谈时,由于只能听到对方的声音而看不到对方的表情或姿态.因此,要想结束同他们的电话交谈,事先记住一些惯用的表达辞句,就显得极为重要的.大致分为以下几种情况:1、如果打电话的人非常熟悉,可以说一句来结束通话.Is there anything else I can do for you? 还有什么我可以帮忙的吗?Talking about vacationA: You are going to be really jealous when you find out where I’m headed for the holidays!B: Don’t tell me! I’m sure it’s someplace warm and sunny with great beaches!A: You got it! I’m going to spend two fabulous weeks in Hawaii!B: You are so lucky! Send me a postcard!谈论度假A:你要知道我度假去哪儿你肯定会妒忌坏了!B:不用说!肯定是个充满阳光的温暖的海滨什么的。A:你猜对了。我要在夏威夷度过两个星期的快乐时光。B:你太走运了!给我寄张明信片来。 /200706/13933第一句:We inform you that our business will be turned into a limited company on the 30th May.我们通知您自5月30日起我公司改组为股份有限公司。A: Hello, Mr. Green.您好,格林先生。B: Hello. Mr. Wang.您好,王先生。A: What can I do for you?我能为你做些什么?B: We inform you that our business will be turned into a limited company on the 30th May.我们通知您自5月30日起我公司改组为股份有限公司。第二句:From that day it will be continued under the firm-name of the P.P.N.Co., Ltd.从该日起名称改为P.P.N.股份有限公司继续营业。A: Congratulations. Your company has a long history.恭喜您。我们的公司历史悠久啊。B: Yes. It has been carried on most successfully for the last twenty years. And from that day it will be continued under the firm—name of the P.P.N.Co., Ltd.是的。在过去二十年里我们公司成就可观。从该日起名称改为P.P.N.股份有限公司继续营业。A: OK. Thank you for your calling.好的。感谢您来电通知我方。知识延伸:公司的改组一般分为三种情形,一是因营业需要而改组,二是因法定的程序而改组,三是因经济困难而改组。其他表达法:We are now a private Limited Company, and we shall be glad if you will in future make out remittances to us to H. E.amp; Co., Ltd.目前我们为私人有限公司,今后如有汇款,请寄到H.E.股份有限公司,甚为感激。 /201207/189075王到美国使馆签,签官Bob Jones受理她的申请。B: Hello miss. Can I see your ticket number? 你好。我能看下你的飞机票吗?W: Sure, here you are. And here are my application forms as well. 当然,给你。这是我的申请表。B: Thank you miss...Wang. Im Bob Jones and Ill be handling your application. 谢谢,王。我是鲍勃;琼斯,我负责处理你的申请。W: Nice to meet you Mr. Jones. 很高兴见到你,琼斯先生。B: The first step is to determine your eligibility for a U.S. visa. Lets see here...youre applying for a special business visa. Why is that? 第一步是要确定你美国签的合法性。让我看下这里;;你已经申请了特别的商务签,为什么呢?W: Well, my first order of business will be attending a conference in Seattle, but after that I intend to spend two weeks visiting my friends. I assumed a business visa would be required. 嗯,我第一件要处理的是去西雅图开会,然后打算花两周的时间去看望我的朋友。我想商务签应该可以行得通。签官Bob说,首先要决定,王是否符合申请美国签的标准,eligibility is spelled e-l-i-g-i-b-i-l-i-t-y, eligibility,是符合标准的意思。签官问王为什么要申请一种特殊商务签,a special business visa.。王解释说,她是先到西雅图开会,first order of business 意思是第一件要处理的事情,然后还准备去看朋友。B: I think a regular visitors visa should suffice. With this visa, you can stay in the ed States for up to 90days. 我认为旅游签就已经足够了,有了这张签,你可以在美国待上90多天。W: So I can attend conferences and do business on that visa? 所以我也可以用这样的签在那儿办公咯?B: Yes. You are free to do temporary business with this visa. If you were planning on setting up a new business in the U.S. you might need to apply for a long-term visa. 是的。你可以持着这张卡在那里暂时的办公。如果你打算在美国建立新的业务,你可能需要办一张长期的签。W: Oh, I see. I think 90 days is more than enough time. 哦,我知道了,我想90天足够了。签官觉得,王申请一般的旅游签a regular visitors visa,就可以了,suffice is spelled s-u-f-f-i-c-e, suffice 是足够的意思,她凭旅游签能在美国停留90天,而且也可以做生意。王说,90天的时间已经足够了。B: You said you plan to attend a conference. May I see your official invitation letter? 你说你想去参加一个会议。我能看下你的官方邀请函吗?W: Of course...Ive also attached two reference letters from my senior management who can confirm my itinerary. 当然;;我还收到附带的两份公司主管的信,使他们给我安排了行程。B: I see. Your passport has quite a few international stamps in it. You do a lot of business traveling? 我知道。你的护照上有一些国际印章在上面。你曾常商务旅游吗?W: Im out of the country almost half a year. Im a Chinese antiquities consultant and advisor. Our company has an office in Zurich. 我几乎半年都在出差。我是中国古迹顾问。我们的公司在苏黎世有办公处。王把会议方的邀请函,the official invitation letter,交给签官,还附加了两份公司主管的信,明她的行程,itinerary. 她说自己 Im out of the country almost half a year,每年几乎有半年的时间不在国内,签官说王护照上有quite a few international stamps, 这里所说的 international stamps,是指入出境时在护照上盖的章。原来,王是中国古迹专家,她所在的公司在苏黎世有办公处。 /201111/161191

on the job--------工作时间英文释义 Occurring at an employees worksite, and during the normal period an employee is at work.例句 Smoking on the job is prohibited in our company.我们公司禁止在工作时间吸烟。 /201412/349527

We all know him as a man of his word.我们都知道他是一个讲信用的人。We all know him as a man of his word.我们都知道他是一个讲信用的人。Definitely.绝对是的。Without credit, one cannot live in the society.一个人如果不讲信用,就不能在社会上立足。I am a man of word.我是个讲信用的人。I cant break my word!我不能违背诺言!I suppose you have no doubt about that. 我想对此您应该毫无疑问了吧。I suppose you have no doubt about that.我想对此您应该毫无疑问了吧。Can you give me a couple more days?可以让我再考虑两天吗?I had no doubts about it.对此我没有疑问。There appears to be no doubt about the question.显然,对这一问题没有任何疑问。 /201503/363156

1.Mark the place on the map.  在地图上标出那个地方。  重点词语:mark n.记号;唛头 vt.做记号于,标明  商务用语:associated trade marks 联合商标  mark-up 加价  2.The firm markets many types of goods.  商行经销多种商品。  重点词语:market n.市场;券交易所 vt.交易  商务用语:capital market 资本市场  commodity market 商品市场  market segmentation 市场划分  market share 市场占有率  3.The sculpture of a group of heroes in the centre of the city square shows a master hand.  市中心广场的英雄群像的雕塑显示了高超的艺术。  重点词语:master adj.熟练的 n.主人 vt.征;掌握;精通  商务用语:master budget 总预算  4.These two are well matched in strength.  他们两势均力敌。  重点词语:match n.比赛,对手 vt.使一致,与……相对应  商务用语:exhibition match 表演赛  match up 相配,适合  5.We must make a material change in our plans.  我们必须对计划作重大修改。  重点词语:material n.材料;物质 adj.物质的;具体的;重要的,必要的  商务用语:material wealth 物质财富 /200811/56508

Lets blow 我们走!(非常不正式的用语)英文释义popular express meaning ;Lets leave!;例句When my co-worker and I finished lunch at the little cafe near our factory, I said ;lets blow; and we left.我和同事在我们工厂附近的小饭馆吃的午饭。吃完后,说了一声“我们走”,便离开了。 /201302/225235

吹嘘,自吹自擂 bragging有些人就是喜欢自吹自擂…哈哈,今天我们就看一下怎么用英语表达。先看看一位老外对”自吹自擂”这个概念的看法。I don't really like bragging. I prefer to be modest in how I act if I do really well. I mean when I got 100% in my final exam in Accounting 100 I did not go around telling everybody how good I was...The people I did tell my mark to, I said to them that I just can't believe the mark I got. To think... I got a perfect mark for a university exam....I still am amazed at that. Whereas if I was bragging it would have been me saying to everyone "oh look how good I am... I got 100% in that exam" 对了,大家应该已经看到,用brag这个单词就可以表示”吹嘘,自吹自擂”.Brag: to talk too proudly about what you have done, what you own etc - used to show disapproval通常搭配是: brag about sthHe often brags about how well he plays golf. 他常常自夸他高尔夫球打得如何如何好。同义词还有boastBoast: to talk too proudly about your abilities, achievements, or possessionsI don't want to boast, but I can actually speak six languages. 我并不想吹嘘,但我确实能讲6种语言。She is always boasting about how wonderful her children are.她总是夸耀她的孩子们多么出色。 /07/76710

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