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Hello, Im Buddy Carter, and I represent the first district of Georgia. This week, I held seven town-hall meetings with people from all over our district. We talked about a lot of different issues. But the one thing I heard over and over again was this: People are frustrated. Theyre working as hard as ever to pay the bills and put food on the table. But theyre just not getting anywhere. Their problems are growing. But their paychecks arent. And at this point, theyve come to see Washington as the place where bad ideas go to take root and where good ideas go to die. Thats why House Republicans are taking action. Earlier this year, we decided we had to go from being an opposition party to a proposition party. If we didnt like the direction the country was going in, then it was up to us to offer an alternative. Well, now, we have offered that alternative. And were calling it a Better Way. Its our six-part plan to get the country back on track. In it, we tackle some of the biggest issues of the day: poverty, national security, the economy, the Constitution, health care, and tax reform. What I like best about our plan is that it isnt some top-down, Washington-imposed mandate. Instead, we took a bottom-up, organic approach. This is a plan we developed with input we got from all of our members and our constituents over many months. We put out the call for the best thinking out there, and these are the ideas that rose to the occasion. I want to tell you about one issue in particular: health care. Ive been a pharmacist for many years now. In fact, Im speaking to you from a hospital in my district. So this issue is especially important to me. And the health care law we have right now is a mess. It is destroying the health care system I worked in for more than 30 years – the best health care system in the world. This law makes some people pay less by making other people pay more. It tries to give more choices to some people by taking them away from others. And lost in the constant back-and-forth between insurers and Washington bureaucrats is the most important person: the patient. So our plan would repeal and replace Obamacare. We would clear out all the red tape and mandates that are taking away your choices, and let you pick a plan that works for you. Our plan would also help accelerate the development of life-saving devices and therapies. For instance, this week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. These doctors are developing the very treatments we need to beat cancer and to save lives. And now what we need to do is to tear down barriers so that the innovative research being done at places like Anderson can go to the people who need it. These are the kind of ideas we need to get America back on track. And this is how we can make real change in Washington: by listening to the people who sent us there. If you want to learn more about our plan, go to our website: better.gop. Thank you very much.201608/460766。

第2课Don''t hog my girlfriend.别缠着我的女朋友! 厕所外的呐喊 (use the bathroom 上厕所) 5、Don''t hog the bathroom! 别占着卫生间了!( hog音/h∧g/,你对你的室友气愤地说) 6、Don''t hog the shower.  别占着浴室了! (hog占着 → hug拥抱) 7、Don''t hog my girlfriend. 别缠着我的女朋友了! (真叫你妒嫉啊) 8、Get outta there!  快出来! (outtaout to)Ggt outta here!走开!一边凉快去! 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2909。

英语日常口语 22:Christmas lunch本单元是关于圣诞节午宴的对话Alice: OK, who's for turkey and all the trimmings? All: Me!Helen: Let's pull the crackers first! Michal pull one with me. Alice, you pull one with Tim. Tim: OK, here goes! Helen: I won!Tim: Ah so did I! Michal: What did you get? Helen: A hat, a key-ring and a joke. Are you y? OK "What do you get if you cross a stereo with a refrigerator?"All: We don't know!Helen: "Cool music!"Tim: Ha ha very funny! Right, y for another one? "What did one dolphin say to the other one?"All: We don't know!Tim: "You did that on porpoise!" All: Awh! Merry Christmas!Vocabulary:a cracker (n): a small paper tube which is pulled from each end by two people at Christmas time. It makes a sharp bang when it is pulled and inside there is a small prize and usually a paper hat and a joke written on a small piece of paper to cross (v): to mix or blend something together to crack someone up (v, informal): to make someone laugh to look sharp (v, informal, to talk about someone's clothes): to look good, stylish or fashionable frostbite (n): injury to skin and tissue from being in freezing temperatures本单元的语言点是笑话幽默,英语中的笑话幽默有时和汉语不太一样,看看下面两种 'Cross' 和 Knock Knock'笑话。'Cross' jokesWhat do you get if you cross a stereo with a refrigerator?Cool MusicIn these jokes two things that we can't or don't usually mix together (for example, a stereo and a refrigerator) are mixed. The result is the punch-line (the part of the joke that makes us laugh) in this case, 'cool music'. These jokes also depend on the result having two meanings, a usual meaning and an unusual (or joke) meaning. 'Cool music' usually means 'music that's fashionable' but cool also means 'of cold temperature'. What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?A woolly jumper. (We get wool from sheep and kangaroos jump a lot. 'Jumper' has two meanings ?the usual meaning is a 'sweater made of wool'. The unusual or joke meaning here is to describe 'someone or something that jumps'.)What do you get if you cross a dog with a computer?A computer with lots of bites.(Dogs often bite. Computers have bytes. 'Bite' and 'byte' sound similar.)‘Knock Knock' jokesA: Knock, knock. B: Who's there?A: LettuceB: Lettuce who?A: Lettuce in. It's cold out here!These jokes involve two people ?A and B. A knocks on B's door because A wants to go into B's house. B asks A to say who s/he is. A says her/his first or given name. B asks for the A's second or family name. A gives more information and this final line is the punch-line. The humour of these jokes is that the words in the final two lines sound similar, for example, 'lettuce' and 'let us'. A: Knock, knock.B: Who's there?A: Sam and JanetB: Sam and Janet who?A: Sam and Janet evening!('Sam and Janet' and 'Some enchanted' sound similar. Also, 'Some enchanted Evening' is the first line of a well-known song.)What did one _____ say to the other _____? JokesWhat did one dolphin say to the other dolphin?You did that on porpoise. In these two-line jokes, two things that don't usually speak (animals or things) talk to each other. These jokes depend on the second line of the joke being a pun (a funny use of a word that has two meanings or of different words that sound the same but mean different things).For example, 'porpoise' and 'purpose' sound similar. And saying 'You did that on purpose' is a fixed phrase we can use to blame someone for something they did wrong. What did one elevator say to the other elevator?I think I'm coming down with something!(A lift can 'come down with something' - usually people from one floor of a building to another - but 'come down with something' also means 'feel sick or ill'.) What did one hurricane say to the other hurricane?I've got my eye on you.(The centre of a hurricane is called 'the eye' but to 'have your eye on someone' means that you fancy them or like them in a romantic or sexual way.) /200707/15996。

Chris. Thanks, Chris.克里斯。谢谢,克里斯From flutes to golf courses to same-sex marriage, that was a genius link.从分配笛子到高尔夫球场,再到同性婚姻,真是天才式的串连Now look, youre a pioneer of open education.您是开放式教育的先锋之一,Your lecture series was one of the first to do it big.您的系列讲座是这一领域最早的几个大项目Whats your vision for the next phase of this?请问您对下一阶段的预期是什么?Well, I think that it is possible.我想我的计划是可以实现的In the classroom, we have arguments on some of the most fiercely held在课堂上,我让学生就一些重大政治话题moral convictions that students have about big public questions.以及它们背后尖锐的道德理念展开辩论And I think we can do that in public life more generally.我想我们可以更广泛地开展这样的公开辩论And so my real dream would be我的最终梦想是,to take the public television series that weve created of the course把我们制作完毕放到网上的系列电视节目its available now, online, free for everyone anywhere in the world免费提供给全世界用户观看and to see whether we can partner with institutions, at universities in China, in India, in Africa, around the world,然后与中国、印度、非洲等的大学及教育机构合作to try to promote civic education and also a richer kind of democratic debate.以推广公民教育以及内容更加丰富的民主辩论So you picture, at some point, live, in real time,那么您的预见是,在将来的某一时刻you could have this kind of conversation, inviting questions,您可以跟来自中国和印度的人们展开类似这样的开放式对话?but with people from China and India joining in?您可以跟来自中国和印度的人们展开类似这样的开放式对话?Right. We did a little bit of it here with 1,500 people in Long Beach,是的,我们今天在长滩和1500名观众展开此类讨论and we do it in a classroom at Harvard with about 1,000 students.我们也在哈佛大学课堂上与1000名学生展开此类讨论Wouldnt it be interesting to take this way of thinking and arguing, engaging seriously with big moral questions,要是将这种思考辩论重大严肃问题,exploring cultural differences and connect through a live hookup,探索文化差异的方式通过实时视频直播,students in Beijing and Mumbai and in Cambridge, Massachusetts and create a global classroom.通过实时视频直播,让来自北京、孟买、剑桥、马萨诸塞的学生共同参与,大家齐坐与一个虚拟的国际大课堂中,Thats what I would love to do.这就是我想做的事So, I would imagine that there are a lot of people who would love to join you in that endeavor.我相信很多人会愿意加入到这一事业Michael Sandel. Thank you so much.迈克·桑德尔。非常感谢201607/453311。

A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 5 /200707/15450。

即学即用英语会话词典E部分:圣诞节进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16265。

英语日常口语 42:A raffle本单元是关于抽奖的对话Tim: We're on our way to Deutschland, Deutschland!Helen: Tim, what's got into you?Tim: The promise of two gorgeous, free world cup tickets, that's what! Alice: That's fantastic. Can I go with you, please? Tim: No, it's a boy thing ?Michal, y for action?Helen: Well that's just typical! You're such a sexist, old-fashioned bore Tim. What makes you think Alice and I don't want to see the match?Tim: Oh-oh. OK, anything to keep the peace. Sorry Michal.Michal: Don't worry. Helen, how should we decide who goes with Tim?Helen: Oh stop trying to get on my good side - it's not working. Tim: Well?Helen: There's only one fair way - a raffle.Tim: OK everyone's name in the hat then. Vocabulary:(词汇)the promise of something:(承诺)to guarantee that you will get something a match:(比赛)a game played between two teams (for example, tennis or football) a raffle:(抽奖)a competition where the winner is chosen at random or by chance (not on merit or skill)本单元的语言点是多个形容词做修饰语的顺序,情况下面英语里形容词排列的顺序Adjective orderHere are some rules about the order we put adjectives in 以下是英语里形容词排列的顺序Describing before classifying:(先描述后分类)Descriptive adjectives come before adjectives which classify or say what type of thing we are talking about Giving options before describing (先后描述)Adjectives which say what we think or feel about something or how we judge it usually come before descriptive adjectives Ordering of descriptive adjectives(描述性形容词的顺序)Although this order isn't completed fixed, we usually put descriptive adjectives in the following order:size, age, shape, colour, origin, material a little, old ladya young, fat, brown puppya petite, white, French, linen jacket Commas and 'and' with adjectives(用逗号还是用'and')We can put commas between adjectives, particularly if the list is long and gives similar sorts of information:an informative, interesting, interactive presentationa lovely, funny, light-hearted film We can put 'and' between the final two adjectives in a list depending on whether the list comes after a verb or is followed by a nounAfter a verb:She was tall, beautiful and smartThey were expensive, old and rareFollowed by a noun:A tall, beautiful womanExpensive, old, rare coins /200707/16046。

But, the lady had special powers to make them disappear.但是,这位女士有特异功能,能让它们都消失。Disappear? Where did they go? Nobody knows, son. Apparently neither did she.消失?那他们去哪了?儿子,没人知道。显然那位女士自己也不知道。And also there were scary creatures in that forest. There were trolls.森林里还有一些可怕的生物。那里有巨魔。Trolls? And a fox who delivered bad news.巨魔?还有一只传达坏消息的狐狸。The news fox. And, house selected committee on Benghazi. Benghazi!狐狸新闻。还有调差班加西事件的白宫选举委员会。班加西!Things got scary, very scary for the lady.事态变得越来越严峻,对那位女士越来越不利。She was nearly defeated by an old old man with hair of white and face like tragical wizard.她几乎要被一个满头白发,看起来像是悲剧巫师的老人打败。He said he could take from the rich and give to the poor.这位老人说他可以劫富济贫。No matter how impossible his plans were. He sounds cool!姑且不论他的计划听起来多么荒谬。他听起来很酷!But even when she got passed those creatures the lady still wasnt out of the forest.但是尽管那位女士打败了这些生物,她还是没有走出森林。For standing between her and the beautiful White House was the most terrifying creature of all.最可怕的怪物阻挡在了她前往美丽白宫的路上。The Big-Orange-Monster!大橘怪!Was his face orange or was his hair orange? Somehow son, Both.它的脸是橘色的还是他的头发是橘色的?都是橘色的,儿子。So this orange monster had aly swallowed 16 other monsters in the forest.这个大橘怪已经吞下了森林里其他16个怪物。A prince named Jeb who thought that the land should belong to him.一个认为这个国家应该属于他的王子,Jeb。A sleeping beauty named Ben, who only spoke with his eyes closed.一个连说话都闭着眼的睡美人,Ben。And a Texas senate named Ted, who came from the Tea party.一个茶党出身的德州参议员,Ted。Oh! A tea party! Could we have a tea party, daddy? James! Focus! Im telling you a story.哦,茶会!爸爸,我们能举办一场茶会吗?James,专心点,我在给你讲故事呢。Still, nobody expected the orange monster to rule the land because although his head was very very big.然而,没人希望大橘怪统治这个国家,因为尽管他的脑袋非常非常大。His wisdom was very very tiny, like his tiny tiny baby hands.他的智慧却很少,就像他小的像婴儿一样的手。And whenever he was told that he couldnt rule the land, the orange monster said Ill huff and Ill puff and put a ban on all Muslims.而且每当有人说他不能统治这个国家时,大橘怪就会说,我会用力吹气,不停地吹,知道穆斯林统统被我赶走。But if he could do that? Well, he wanted to do.但是他可以那么做吗?他想那么做。201701/481988。

And folks, you can buy a copy of Bill Clintons ;My Life; from the bookstore here at TED.朋友们,你可以买一本比尔克林顿的《我的人生》,就在这里的TED书店里。Parse it cover to cover for whatever hidden references you want.你可以从头到尾地找你想找的暗示,Or you can go to the Random House website where there is this excerpt.你也可以去兰登书屋网站找到这段节选,And how far down into it you figure well have to scroll to get to the golden ticket?你猜猜我们得翻多久才能找到“金色入场券”?Would you believe about a dozen paragraphs?你相信吗?大概就翻十几段:This is page 474 on your paperbacks if youre following along:在平装版的474页,往下找:;Though it was getting better, I still wasnt satisfied with the inaugural address.“虽然就职演说稿已经改得蛮好了,我还不是很满意。My speechwriters must have been tearing their hair out我的撰稿人一定在抓头发了because as we worked between one and four in the morning on Inauguration Day, I was still changing it.;因为我们从早上一点到凌晨四点一直在改,就在就职的当天我还在改。”Sure you were, because youve prepared your entire life for this historic quadrennial event that just sort of sneaks up on you.当然了,你一生都在准备被迫接受这个降临到你头上的四年一度的历史性时刻。And then -- three paragraphs later we get this little beauty:然而,三段以后我们发现了这个微妙之处:;We went back to Blair House to look at the speech for the last time. It had gotten a lot better since 4 a.m.;“我们回到布莱尔宫最后看一遍讲稿。凌晨4点以后,讲稿修改得好多了。”Well, how could it have?噢,怎么可能呢?By his own writing, this man was either asleep,这可是他自己写的,要么他在打瞌睡,at a prayer meeting with Al and Tipper or learning how to launch a nuclear missile out of a suitcase.或者和Al和Tipper在祈祷,或者在学怎样用手提箱启动核武器201701/487046。