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青岛市诺德医院整形中心青岛诺德韩式三点怎么样And I remember the first call we made was down to, uh, LA, one of Woz‘s relatives. 我记得第一个电话想打给Woz住在洛杉矶的亲戚We dialed the wrong number. But we woke some guy up in the middle of the night. 我们拨错了号码,大半夜把某个家伙吵醒了We were yelling at him like ‘Don’t you understand we made this call for free!’ 我们兴奋地冲他嚷嚷:打这个电话是免费的and this person didn’t appreciate that.对方一点也不感激我们But it was miraculous.但这已经是奇迹了And we build these little boxes to do Blue Box as it was called. 我们做出了这个称为“蓝盒子”的装置And we put a little note in the bottom of them, and our logo was he’s got the whole world in his hands, hahaha.盒子底部贴着我们的logo,写着“世界握在手中” And, they work. We built the best blue box in the world, it was all digital, no adjustments.这是世界上最好的“蓝盒子”,全数字化,简便易用And, so you could go to the pay phone, you could, you know, take a trunk over the white plane, 你可以拿着它去电话亭轻松拨打长途电话and take a satellite over the Europe, and then go to Turkey, take a cable back to Atlanta. 打卫星电话去欧洲、去土耳其,然后接有线电话打回亚特兰大You could go around the world, you could go around the world 5 or 6 times cause we learned all the codes and how to get on the satellite and stuff. 你可以满世界跑,跑五六趟,因为我们知道所有的交换密码And then you could call the pay phone next doors, so you could shout at the phone, 你可以给家门口的电话亭打电话,在家喊话after about a minute it would come to another phone, it was, it was miraculous.隔一会电话亭就能听到,真是奇妙And you might ask what so interesting about that. 你也许会问这样做有意思吗?What so interesting is that we were young, 它的意义在于虽然我们年纪还小and what we learned was that we could build something, ourselves, that could control billions of dollars worth of infrastructure in the world. 但已经意识到我们有能力做出控制庞大系统的工具That was what we learned, was that, us, two, you know, we didn’t know much, 这就是我们得到的启发,我们两个人尽管懂得不多we could build the little thing that could control a giant thing. And that was an incredible lesson. 但我们制造的小玩意可以控制庞然大物I don’t think there would have ever been an Apple computer had there not been Blue Box.这是不可思议的经历,没有“蓝盒子”就不会有苹果电脑 /201306/243514山东省青岛平度市市胎记医院 青岛城阳区医院去痣一般多少钱

青岛401医院医生Standing in the shower while brushing your teeth has its quaintness, but it can also be a hassle. Get creative with your petite bathroom and turn scrunched into spaciousness.在浴室中一边淋浴一边刷牙自有乐趣,但是也很麻烦。为你的袖珍型浴室注入创意,让拥挤化身宽敞。You Will Need你需要Cupboards橱柜Storage bins or cinch bags储存箱或便捷袋Cabinet or closet浴室柜或壁橱Shower shelf or caddy淋浴架或盒子Paint油漆Coffee tins (optional)咖啡罐(可选)Colored paper (optional)色纸(可选)Hot glue gun (optional)喷胶器(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Check your use of space1.查看可用空间Check your vanity for poorly appropriated space. If your home or apartment is lucky enough to have a vanity with cupboards,organize so you utilize the space well.查看狭小的空间中有多少是可用的。如果你的家或公寓很幸运地足够容纳橱柜,那就购买一个橱柜,最好地利用空间。Step 2 Get organized2.安排得当Get organized. Start collecting storage bins or creating cinch bags that match the decor in your bathroom. This way you can neatly and stylishly keep all of your barrettes, make-up, and other bathroom items together.一切安排有序。开始收集和浴室风格搭配的储物箱或便捷袋。这样就可以把发夹,化妆品和其他浴室用品有条理地放在一起。Be kind to the environment by recycling coffee tins and other containers -- paint them or cover them in decorative paper with hot glue to use as convenient storage bins.回收咖啡罐和其他容器,尽量做到环保——用油漆刷一下,或者用包装纸覆盖,用作便捷储物箱。Step 3 Hide bulky items3.隐藏笨重物品Get the big items like towels and baskets out of sight. Tuck them in a cabinet or a closet. Alternatively, put smaller, daily use items, like tooth brushes, toothpaste, and floss, close at hand -- on the sink or a small shelf nearby.把毛巾和篮子等体积较大的物品放在视线之外。将它们塞到柜子或壁橱中。而把较小的日常用到的物品,例如牙刷,牙膏,牙线等放在触手可及的地方——比如洗涤槽上方或附近的架子上。Step 4 Install a shower shelf4.安装浴室架Install a shower shelf or use an over-the-shower caddy to organize your body washes, hair products, and soaps. This will keep the edges of your bathtub free and clear.安装浴室架或者盒子,安放好沐浴露,洗发护发产品和香皂。这样可以让浴缸边缘干净整洁。Step 5 Redecorate5.重新装饰Redecorate completely to give the appearance of space. Paint the walls in cool colors and keep woodwork and counter tops within the same hue family. A single, vertical stripe gives the illuison of height.重新装饰浴室,打造宽敞的感觉。把墙壁涂成冷色调,木制品和柜台面涂成类似的颜色。竖条纹可以让人感觉比较高。The first hotel in America to have indoor plumbing was the Tremont Hotel in Boston. It was 1829 and a 26-year-old architect,Isaiah Rogers, wowed the country with this lavish addition to a luxury hotel.美国第一家安装室内管道工程的酒店是波士顿特里蒙特酒店。当时是1829年,26岁的建筑师Isaiah Rogers为这家豪华酒店增加了这种奢华的设备,震撼了全国。视频听力由。201401/273631山东省青岛荣成抽脂减肥医院 青岛诺德在哪里

青岛诺德微整形价位 想象一下像乐高玩具一样简单玩耍的电子套件。TED奖学金获得者阿雅·布黛尔向大家介绍了littleBits,一套简单的,可以方便互换的积木。它使得编程电路这样重要的创造性的活动变得像插拔积木一样简单。201306/242818青岛怎么样可以永久祛斑山东省青岛市中心医院地图



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