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胶州市妇幼保健医院简介It is hard to argue the case for Olympic sponsorship from any effect it has on the share prices of the TOPs (see chart). But the companies must believe they are getting a good deal; otherwise they wouldn#39;t keep doing it, and indeed upping the ante. The IOC#39;s revenue from TOP sponsors rose 10.5% in the 2009-12 quadrennium. Visa ran Olympic-themed promotions in 45 countries in 2008; this year it has 71 in its sights. It is also passing on the rights to use the Olympic brand to the banks that issue its charge cards: some 950 financial institutions will join its marketing push.抛开赞助对于 TOP 公司股价的影响(见图表),很难论奥运赞助的事例。但必须让各公司相信它们在做一笔划算的交易;否则它们就不会继续赞助,这在实际上抬高了赞助金额。在2009至2012的四年间,国际奥委会从 TOP 赞助商处获得的资金上涨了10.5%。2008年,Visa 公司在45个国家开展了奥运主题的促销活动;今年它在71个国家进行了促销。该公司还把使用奥运商标的权利转给了发行其信用卡的:约有950家金融机构将加入 Visa 公司的营销推广。Visa#39;s first Olympic campaign was brutal. Having displaced American Express as the official payment card, its ads crowed: ;At the 1988 Winter Olympics, they will honour speed, stamina and skill-but not American Express.; Its recent Olympic ads conform more closely to the generic feel-good norm. One shows Nadia Comaneci, a gymnast, scoring a perfect 10. Morgan Freeman#39;s soothing voice-over encourages viewers to cheer for perfection.Visa 公司的首次奥运活动比较蛮横无礼。当年它取代美国运通(American Express)成了官方付卡公司,曾在广告中自鸣得意:;1988年冬奥会上,人们将向速度、耐力和技巧致敬——但不会像美国运通致敬。;Visa 公司近年来的奥运广告则较为遵守一般的好感标准。其中一条广告展现了体操运动员 Nadia Comaneci 获得满分10分的英姿。Morgan Freeman 那给人以安慰的画外音鼓励观众为这种完美欢呼。Big boys#39; games大亨的运动会Because the games are truly global, they offer a plausible springboard for regional brands that want to conquer the world. Samsung is perhaps the best example. It was once a big dog only in its native South Korea. In 1997 it pipped Motorola to become a global Olympic sponsor. The American mobile-phone maker, a longtime second-tier sponsor, wanted to upgrade but demanded a big discount. The IOC was so annoyed that it turned to Samsung, which quickly agreed to pay full whack. Motorola#39;s managers realised they had been supplanted only when they the headlines. Such ruthlessness keeps sponsors in line.由于奥运会具有确实的全球性,它为想要掌控世界的地区品牌提供了一块合适的跳板。或许三星就是最好的例子。该公司曾经只在本土韩国有较大影响⑤。1997年,它以微弱优势击败了托罗拉,成了全球性奥运赞助商。作为长期的二线赞助商,托罗拉这家美国手机生产商想要跻身一线行列,但要求获得大笔折扣。于是国际奥委会在盛怒之下转向三星,后者迅速答应付全额赞助金。托罗拉的管理人员在读到报纸头条时才意识到该公司被挤出了市场。这种竞争的残酷性使得各赞助商彼此通气,共享信息。Samsung#39;s sponsorship covers just mobile phones. But if the Olympics burnish the Samsung brand, that should help the Samsung Group sell televisions, ships and insurance, too. It is now the second-most-valuable Asian brand (after Toyota), according to Interbrand, a consultancy. ;Being seen alongside Coke gives them global credibility. It shows they are at the top table,; says Clifford Bloxham of Octagon, a consultancy. Indeed, five out of the 11 top-tier Olympic sponsors are in Interbrand#39;s global top 20.三星的赞助仅仅涵盖手机方面。但如果三星的品牌被奥运会擦的锃光瓦亮,该集团电视、船只和保险的销量也会有所上升。根据咨询公司 Interbrand 的资料,三星如今已成为仅次于丰田的第二高价值亚洲品牌。咨询公司 Octagon 的 Clifford Bloxham 表示:;和可口可乐的品牌列在一起增加了三星的信誉。这表明三星也坐到了各公司的榜首位置。;的确,在十一家奥运一线赞助商里,有五家位于 Interbrand 的全球前20名之中。Below the global sponsors are the domestic ones: some 44 companies, from BP to Cadbury, have signed deals with LOCOG that cover only Britain. As well as dealing with these domestic sponsors, LOCOG hires contractors to help stage the games. A separate body, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), is in charge of building the venue在全球赞助商下面还有国内赞助商:约有44家公司与伦敦奥组委签署了只覆盖英国本土的交易协议,包括英国石油公司(BP)和吉百利等。伦敦奥组委不但同这些国内赞助商交易,还雇佣了承包商来帮助举办赛事。一家独立机构——奥运会筹建局(the Olympic Delivery Authority, ODA)负责建造比赛场馆。Between them, LOCOG and the ODA have awarded more than 2,000 contracts, big and small. Some firms follow the games wherever they are staged: Mondo, an Italian maker of running tracks, is there every four years. For others, it may be a one-off. Touch of Ginger, a British design firm with 12 staff, is making Olympic-themed trinkets such as stainless-steel fish-and-chip forks that pop out of a credit-card-sized piece of steel. Gary Moore, the co-founder, laments that retail sales have been slow. But corporate sales have been brisk. Sponsors such as Lloyds Bank are snapping them up to hand out as gifts.伦敦奥组委与 ODA 之间已有2000多份大小合同生效。有些公司在每届奥运会举办时都同主办方做生意:比如 Mondo,一家意大利跑道生产商,每四年来从未缺席。对于其他公司来说,可能只进行一次性交易。一家只有12名员工的英国设计公司 Touch of Ginger 将制造奥运主题的小件物品,比如能折叠成信用卡大小的不锈钢快餐叉。联合创始人 Gary Moore 悲叹最近零售销售额不佳。但整体销售额较为喜人。莱斯(Lloyds Bank) 等赞助商正在进行抢购以分发礼品。 /201208/195858青岛四维彩超It is a terrible, gut-wrenching feeling: waking up to the awful realisation that you may have posted an incriminating message on Facebook while a little bit tipsy. Now a new application that can be downloaded to your computer aims to stop you writing emails or posting messages while not in full control of your faculties。近年来,越来越多的的人喜欢把自己的生活在各大社交网站、微上与大家分享,可最近有人提出,怎么样才能确保自己在“意识完全清醒”的状态下更新自己的微呢?就好像警察会来测试驾驶的酒精浓度那样,新推出的网络应用“Social Media Sobriety Test”也要在特定时间帮你进行“清醒度测试”,看看你是不是带著酒意或意识朦胧时上网,新推出的网络应用可以及时“阻止”尚且在朦胧状态的你在不清醒的时候更新自己微、发新的消息。One of the tests asks the user to follow a moving finger with their mouse. If they fall outside the circle they are locked out of Facebook. Another test challenges users to guess how long 30 seconds is by clicking on their mouse. If you want to access social media sites during these times, you will have to pass a randomly selected sobriety test such as ‘drag your mouse in a straight line#39; .The Social Media Sobriety Test lets the user choose which web applications they want to be tested on before they can access them. They can also set the time when the test comes into effect新型网络应用旨在测试您的状态是否清醒,如果您要登陆自己的微发布消息,您必须先通过一些测试。比如:用鼠标准确地指出屏幕显示的 “移动目标”位置、或者用“鼠标点击30下”来预测时间、能否用鼠标“画直线”等等。此外,网民在下载这些网络应用、网络测试之前,还可以选择适合自己的 “测试方案”。#39;That#39;s why Webroot launched the Social Media Sobriety Test. We saw an opportunity to remind people to be responsible on social networks, and to be humorous while talking about Internet security#39;推出“清醒度测试”的英国反间谍软件Webroot 称,该测试旨在加强网民在进行更新社交网络的同时具备责任感,即使是在进行网络“虚拟社交”的情况下,也要对自己的行为负责,这项测试一定程度上维护了网络的安全。 /201212/213331青岛流产手术需要多少钱

青岛新阳光女子预约济宁打孩子多少钱Listen to the new One Direction song, ;Little Things; yet? If not, you should(below) , because it#39;s a real head-scratcher. I know this won#39;t go over well with the particularly fervent One Direction fans out there, but it feels necessary to say. The little boy band that could has just released a new lyric for the song and, well, those lyrics feel pretty inappropriate for them to sing to their decidedly tween/teen fanbase.听了One Direction新专辑中的 《Little Things》了吗?如果没有,你应该去听一下(以下就是),因为它是一种真正的心痛。我知道对于特别狂热的One Direction粉丝们将不会过得很好,但感觉还是有必要说。这个小男孩乐队竟然刚刚为这首歌发布了一个新的抒情视频,好吧,这些歌词感觉非常不适合由他们来唱,因为他们的乐迷们明显是青少年。The song, written by fellow Brit-darling Ed Shereen has a lovely little melody, but is coupled with lyrics that would feel more at home coming from the mouths of someone over the age of, say, 30 (and even that#39;s a big ole maybe, in my book). Why? Well, it#39;s because the lyrics are about how insecure their objects of affection are, how they don#39;t love themselves, and something else. Don#39;t believe me?这首由亲爱的英国家伙Ed Shereen写的歌曲有一个可爱的小旋律,但是加上歌词感觉更居家且像是来自一个30岁以上(甚至更大那可能会满堂喝,在我的书里)。为什么呢?好吧,这是因为它的歌词都是关于他们对物的感觉如何得不安全,他们如何不爱惜自己,以及别的什么。不信我吗?;I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes / you’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs / the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine / but I love them endlessly.; Seems harmless enough at the outset— if a little bit strange. But then it gets worse. Choice lyrics include, ;You still have to squeeze into your jeans / but you’re perfect to me,; and the real humdinger, ;You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you.;“我知道你从未爱过你眼角的鱼尾纹/也从未爱过你的胃或你的大腿/你的脊柱尾部的#39;小酒窝’/但我无休止地爱着他们。”似乎是足够无害的开始——如果有一点奇怪。然后它就变得糟糕。仅仅就歌词而言,“你依旧得挤进你的紧身牛仔裤/但对我来说你完美无缺”,且是真正极出色的人,“你对自己的爱还不及我爱你一半多。”Uncomfortable yet? Yeah, thought so. Now, this sort of lyrical assault might be more well-received from an older singer, directed at an older fanbase... maybe. Perhaps older women who may be a bit more secure with their body image, or at least understand what their feelings about their own bodies mean (though some may disagree on that front, too) would be able to respond to this song more appropriately. But for One Direction to sing this song? A band whose fans are between the ages of fetus and teen? Girls in middle school love this band.还没不舒吗?是的,可以这样认为。现在,这种感情的触动如果来自一个老歌手可能更好接受,且针对一个年长的歌迷…也许。也许老女人对她们的身体形象可能会有点不安全感,或者至少能了解他们对自己身体的感受意味着什么(尽管有些人可能在这方面会不同意)将能够更适当地回应这首歌。但是对于One Direction来唱这首歌?一个粉丝年龄在小孩和青少年之间的乐队?中学女孩大爱这个乐队。Here, lyrics are masquerading as comfort, when really they subliminally feed off of girls#39; insecurity and focus almost exclusively on their bodies. It is all about reminding girls how insecure they are, and they should feel so lucky that a guy has decided to love her in spite of her issues.这里,歌词伪装成安慰,当他们真的在潜意识中造成了女孩们的不安全感和几乎完全集中在他们的身体上。这全是关于提醒他们是多么没有安全感,他们应该感到幸运如果有一个家伙不管她的缺陷决定去爱她。And that#39;s not even the most troubling part. To me, the most unsettling lyric is ;You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you.; This feels like the lyrical cherry on top of a super-misguided sundae. Telling a young girl that she#39;ll never love herself enough is just downright wrong. Young girls#39; self-worth is staggeringly low, and made lower seemingly every day — a lot of that thanks to society telling them they shouldn#39;t love themselves because they#39;re inadequate in one way or another. let#39;s face it: we should be championing these girls to love themselves, with or without the romantic desires of another person. Self-worth and love shouldn#39;t hinge on acceptance from other people. Nor should it hinge on the love of another person — even if he is in a super-famous boy band. These girls should be empowered to be who they are and to hope to be comfortable with themselves. That is what should be lauded.但这还不是最令人不安的部分。对我来说,最令人不安的抒情是“你对自己的爱永远不及我爱你一半多。”这感觉就像抒情的樱桃在一个超级被误导的圣代上面。告诉一个年轻的女孩,她永远不够爱自己仅仅是完全错误的。年轻女孩的自我价值出人意料地低,似乎每天都在更低——很多,由于社会告诉她们不应该爱自己因为她们还这样那样的不完美。让我们面对它:我们应该鼓励这些女孩去爱自己,不管有没有另一个浪漫的人的强烈爱情。自我价值和爱不应该取决于别人的接受度。也不应该取决于另一个人的爱,即使他是在一个超级著名的男孩乐队里。这些女孩应该真正成为她们自己并希望对自己满意。这才是值得赞美的。In the end, many fans will probably disagree, but the discussion feels necessary. One Direction, is this really the message you want to send out to young girls who fall over your every word?最后,许多粉丝可能会不同意,但讨论是有必要的。One Direction这真的是你想要传达给那些沉迷于你的每句话的年轻女孩的讯息吗?Do you think the One Direction lyrics are dangerous to young girls? Are we overreacting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!你认为One Direction的歌词对年轻女孩来说是危险的吗?还是我们反应过度了?让我们在中知道你的想法吧! /201211/206912平度市第一人民妇保中医院怎么去潍坊第一人民中医院价位表

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