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青岛哪些医院引产好点青岛第八人民医院收费贵吗Green groups are threatening to sue the US environmental regulator, alleging it is failing in its duty to tackle a surge in earthquakes that they blame on the American shale revolution.环保组织正威胁要起诉美国环境监管部门,指控该机构未能尽到责任对付他们所称的美国页岩革命造成地震数量大幅增多的问题。The groups said yesterday that they were preparing a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for not curbing the disposal of waste water by oil companies, a practice that scientists say has triggered a rise in seismic activity.这些环保组织昨日表示,它们正准备起诉美国环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)未能限制石油公司的废水处理方式,科学家表示,这种做法导致地震活动增加。Earthquakes linked to oil and gas production have unnerved residents in Oklahoma and Texas and become an unexpectedly pressing problem for the US fracking boom. Two oil producers are aly being sued by a woman injured in a 2011 Oklahoma quake.与油气生产相关的地震令俄克拉荷马州和德克萨斯州的居民感到恐慌,已意外地成为美国水力压裂热潮面临的一个紧迫问题。一名在2011年俄克拉荷马州地震中受伤的女性已在起诉两家石油生产商。The groups threatening to sue the EPA, their usual ally, say the agency has a legal obligation to update rules on the disposal of waste water from oil production, which are unchanged since 1988.这些环保组织威胁将起诉它们通常的盟友美国环保局,他们表示,美国环保局有法律义务修改有关石油生产废水处理的规则,自1988年以来,这些规则就没有变过。“We think EPA’s failure to act is particularly egregious in light of the shale boom and the vast amount of waste it has generated,” said Adam Kron, a lawyer at the Environmental Integrity Project, which is part of the coalition. “We’re flying blind here. We need to have some rules in place.”“我们认为,鉴于页岩热潮及其产生的大量废水,美国环保局未能采取措施尤为令人震惊,”环保组织——环境保全项目(Environmental Integrity Project)的律师亚当克龙(Adam Kron)表示,“我们正处于无法可依的状态。我们需要有一些规则。”The oil and gas industry is trying to fend off regulations that would require it to overhaul its practices or spend more money, as it buckles under the strain of sub- a barrel US crude.油气行业正试图抵制要求该行业大幅改变做法或增加出的监管规定,该行业正艰难应对美国油价低于每桶40美元的压力。“Anything that raises costs right now is a problem,” said Kim Hatfield, president of Crawley Petroleum and an officer of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association.Crawley石油公司总裁、俄克拉荷马州独立石油协会(Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association)官员基姆哈特菲尔德(Kim Hatfield)表示:“眼下,任何加大成本的事情都是问题。”The quakes are not caused by fracking, the widesp process that involves blasting water and chemicals underground at high pressure to shatter the shale rock. The US Geological Survey has instead pointed the finger at the way companies handle unwanted water released as a byproduct of fracking. This water is pumped into separate subterranean wells where, scientists say, it can reactivate formerly stable faults.地震并非是由水力压裂操作引起的,这一普遍工艺涉及以高压向地下大量注入水和化学物质,以裂解页岩。相反,美国地质调查局(US Geological Survey)指责企业对水力压裂的副产品——废水的处理方式。科学家表示,这些废水被注入另外的地下井,可能令之前稳定的断层重新活跃起来。The industry says the cause of tremors has not been settled. David Lawler, chief executive of BP’s business in the continental US, said: “At the moment it’s inconclusive.”油气行业表示,有关轻度地震的原因并不确定。英国石油(BP)美国大陆业务首席执行官大卫劳勒(David Lawler)表示:“目前尚无定论。”The EPA would not comment on the lawsuit threat but said existing rules covered seismic matters and that it would continue to work with states to address potential concerns.美国环保局不愿对诉讼威胁置评,但表示,现有规定涵盖地震问题,将继续与各州合作,应对潜在担忧。 /201508/395833海阳市儿童医院四维彩超预约 青岛不孕不育检查好多钱

青岛治疗宫外孕医院If the Oscars seem boring and predictable to you this year, then you#39;re in good company. Sociologists have considered the Academy Awards predictable for a long time.如果你觉得今年的奥斯卡很无聊,结果在你的预料之中,那么你和很多人想到一块去了。社会学家早就认为奥斯卡奖是可以预测的。A few weeks ago, I spoke with Gabriel Rossman, a UCLA sociologist with some of the most interesting research on the intersection of economics and pop culture. Rossman has two fascinating papers about the Oscars. The first addressed the tantalizing question: What qualities of a movie best predict Oscars nominations?几周前,我和加布里尔罗斯曼(洛杉矶加州大学的一位社会学家)聊起经济和流行文化结合方面最有意思的一些研究。罗斯曼手头有两篇关于奥斯卡的论文,很有意思。第一篇解答了一直困扰人们的问题:一部影片具备什么样的条件才能获得奥斯卡提名?Unsurprisingly, the biggest correlation was being in a very serious movie. Considering 172,000 performances listed on IMDB in 20,000 movies, Rossman and co-author Nicole Esparza found that dramas were were nine times more likely to get nominations.令人并不感到意外的是,最大的因素是和影片的严肃性相关。通过研究IMDB上20000部影片的172000次点映,罗斯曼和论文的另一个作者妮可?埃斯帕扎发现,剧情片比其他类型影片获提名的可能性高出九倍。The second and third best predictors both had to do with the size of the competition. When there are fewer films released around awards season, the odds that any one movie gets a nomination increases. This simple principle applies, rather unfortunately, to actresses, as well. It#39;s an industry truism, borne out in the evidence, that women have fewer meaty roles in the types of movies likely to be nominated for an Oscar. That means any one dramatic end-of-year performance by a woman has a higher chance of earning a nomination.第二大和第三大因素都和竞争的规模相关。当颁奖季上映的影片很少时,任何一部影片获得提名的机会就增加了。很不幸的是,这个简单的规则同样适用于女演员获奖提名。有据表明,在可能被提名奥斯卡奖的影片里,内容充实的女性角色很少,这是行规。这意味着,一个女演员年末任何一个打动人心的表演都很可能获得提名。Perhaps the most substantive finding in the paper is that people with high IMDB movie rankings in past movie credits were more likely to work with other stars, doubling their chances at getting a nomination. “Actors are going to look good when they work with talented people,; Rossman told the Daily Bruin. ;This is an interesting thing since you tend to get talented people working with other talented people, meaning that people will end up looking even better than when just working alone.”也许论文最重大的发现是,在过去的影片评分中,影片获得IMDB高评分的人更容易和其他明星相处,使得他们得到提名的机会也翻了一番。罗斯曼告诉《洛杉矶加州大学校报》“演员和有才华的人合作将表现良好”,“这是件很有意思的事,因为你倾向于使有才华的人聚在一起工作,这意味着他们最后会比一个人工作时表现要好。”Maybe this seems completely obvious to you: Better actors get better parts and then get to work with better directors (hello, Leonardo DiCaprio). But it#39;s also a classic example of what sociologists call cumulative advantage or the ;Matthew Effect,; named after the passage in Matthew where Jesus says ;For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich.; This isn#39;t as simple as the rich getting richer. It#39;s the idea that slightly more talented people get access to higher-quality support for their talents, which greatly multiplies the benefits of their innate advantage (e.g.: smarter students going to colleges with better professors and better career services connections).可能你很明白:好的演员得到好的角色,能够和好的导演一起共事。但是这也是一个典型的被社会学家称为积累优势或“马太效应”的例子。“马太效应”这个名字来源于《马太福音》,在这部著作中耶稣说道“凡有的,还要给他更多使他变得富有。”这并不是简单的“富有的变得更加富有”。这说的是稍微更具才华的人会获得更优质的持从而大幅增加他们固有的优势(例如,更聪明的学生上大学接触更好的老师获得更好的职业发展机会)。The fact that movies with stars get more Oscar attention might be an indication that Hollywood#39;s stars are simply better than its non-stars. But probably not. It#39;s much more likely a sign that (just as you might have suspected) we#39;re bad picking out discrete instances of talent in star-studded projects. This would imply we—or, at least, the Academy—is just as bad at recognizing Oscar-worthy talentin movies without any past Oscar nominees. In both cases, the context overwhelms our ability to recognize individual achievement.有明星的影片会得到奥斯卡更多的关注,这可能表明好莱坞的明星比不是明星的演员更出色。但恐怕不是这样。(正如你所怀疑的那样)这可能更多地表明在众星云集的电影行业中,我们不善于挑选出个别的有才华的演员。这暗示,我们——或至少是奥斯卡——一样地不善于认可没有任何曾提名过奥斯卡的演员但颇具才气、值得奥斯卡奖的影片。在这两种情况下,大环境配我们认可个人成就的能力。Rossman#39;s second Oscar paper is about audiences and prizes. Some producers really want to win Oscars. These producers would also, presumably, like to make money. The problem is that audiences don#39;t like most movies that are ;Academy Award movies;—here defined as late-year releases about serious subjects (like AIDS, slavery, or technological dystopia)—so the business of making an Oscar-y movie is high-risk with dubiously high reward.罗斯曼第二篇关于奥斯卡的论文是关于观众和奖项的。一些制作人真的很想要获得奥斯卡奖。这些制作人可能想赚钱。问题是,大部分的“奥斯卡奖影片”——这里指的是上映的晚,话题沉重(像艾滋病、奴隶制、技术敌托邦)——观众都不喜欢。因此,制作一个为奥斯卡量身定制的影片这门生意是风险很高的,高回报则不一定。Rossman explains it well:这一点罗斯曼解释得很好:It turns out that audiences dislike movies that are *trying* to get Oscar nominations but really like movies that actually *get* Oscar nominations. By inference, if there were no Oscars to drive box office towards them, there would be far fewer movies about historical protagonists overcoming oppression. Indeed, it looks like Hollywood basically nails it since they make exactly the right number of Oscar-targeted movies that the two effects balance out on average.事实上,观众不喜欢“试图”得到奥斯卡提名的影片,但确实喜欢真正;得到;奥斯卡提名的影片。根据推理,如果没有奥斯卡推动票房,那么关于战胜压迫的历史人物的影片将会少之又少。的确,好像好莱坞基本上敲定了奥斯卡,因为他们生产的影片的数量正好是奥斯卡需要的影片数量,他们基本上持平了。To the victors go the spoils, kind of. Best Picture winners can expect a 22 percentraise in box office after a nomination and another 15 percent bump if they win, according to IBISWorld. But the financial calculations probably miss the best reasons to try to make an Oscar movie: To win accolades within the industry, to win access to stars who can make you more money down the line and, just maybe, to bask in the honor of making a truly great film.胜利者总有点备受宠爱。据市场研究公司IBISWorld讲,最佳摄影奖获得者在提名之后可以获得票房的22%,在获奖之后可以再获得15%。但是光计算金钱可能遗漏掉试图制造一部奥斯卡影片的最佳原因:在本行业内赢得荣誉,获得将来能为你赚更多钱的明星,或仅仅是为了获得制作一部真正伟大影片的荣誉。 /201403/278821青岛市北区四维彩超费用 Lieutenant Antonello Fava, one of the 11,000 coastguards who every day patrol an area of ocean twice as big as the mainland, speaks in the firm, measured tone you would expect from a military man.每天有11000名海岸警卫队队员在面积两倍于意大利大陆的海域巡逻,安东内洛#8226;法瓦中尉(Lieutenant Antonello Fava)是其中之一,他说话时是军人典型的坚定而沉稳的语气。Except, that is, when the 35-year-old describes the more harrowing sights from his 13 years in the job, pulling thousands of migrants alive and dead from the waves. Then his voice rises and falls like the Mediterranean Sea.但当这个35岁的男人描述起13年的工作经历中那些令人痛心的场景时,他的语气变了。13年中,他从海浪中拖出了数千名或生或死的移民。讲述这些经历时,他的声音就变得像地中海的海浪一样起起伏伏。One such scene brought Lt Fava to the attention of Pope Francis, whom he met this month as part of a delegation of Italian coastguards invited to the Vatican. Before meeting the pontiff — who has berated the EU for letting the Mediterranean become “a watery grave” amid a surge in the numbers seeking to reach Italy’s shores as conflicts flare across the sea — the young lieutenant was largely unknown.其中一次营救行动使法瓦中尉引起了教皇方济各(Pope Francis)的注意。上个月,法瓦中尉作为受邀前往梵蒂冈的意大利海岸警卫队代表团的一份子,见到了教皇方济各。在与教皇见面前,这位年轻的中尉可以说是默默无闻的。由于地中海对岸大陆上冲突不断,希望抵达意大利海岸的难民数量激增。而教皇曾指责欧盟(EU)放任地中海变成了“一片海洋坟墓”。On New Year’s eve, he left his pregnant wife and 18-month-old daughter at home and embarked on a mission to rescue hundreds of refugees abandoned on a merchant ship. The scene he encountered sounds like something from a disaster movie.在新年前夕,法瓦中尉离开了家中怀的妻子和18个月的女儿,接受任务前去营救数百名被弃于一艘商船的难民。他所描述的场面,听起来就像是一部灾难片。“They had signalled to us there were problems on board,” recalls Lt Fava, speaking from the southern port city Bari, an important base for Italy’s coastguard not far from the city of Taranto where he was born. “It was an operation that forced us to do something very difficult and dangerous because in that moment there was no other solution.”“他们用信号告诉我们船上有麻烦,”在距他的出生地塔兰托市(Taranto)不远的意大利海岸警卫队的重要基地——南部港口城市巴里(Bari),法瓦中尉回忆道,“那次任务使我们不得不去做一些非常困难而危险的事情,因为在那一刻我们别无选择。”The target for his five-strong team was a Moldovan-flagged merchant ship spotted careering from Greece towards the southern coast, packed with 800 mostly Syrian migrants. The word was there could be people smugglers on board, armed and hostile. In addition, the seas were stormy and the waves high — five to six metres in some places.法瓦中尉的五人组得到的任务目标是一艘挂着尔多瓦旗帜、实是从希腊飞速驶往意大利南海岸的商船,船上载有多数来自叙利亚的800名移民。海岸警卫队得到的消息是船上可能有充满敌意并持有武器的蛇头。而且海面上风雨交加,浪潮汹涌——部分海面浪高达5-6米。So Lt Fava and two colleagues took to helicopters, landing on deck in driving rain and high winds. “Not without a little difficulty,” he says with characteristic humility of a mission which took most of the night. “There was not a lot of time,” he adds, his voice tightening. He and his colleagues headed for the control room but found no armed men. The smugglers had aly bailed, leaving the controls jammed at 8 to 9 knots on a collision course for the coast. Lt Fava and his colleagues wrested back control of the steering and brought the ship to shore.法瓦中尉和两名队友一起搭乘直升机,在倾盆大雨和狂风之中降落在甲板上。“还是有点难度的,”他以特有的谦逊说起那次差不多耗尽整个晚上的任务。“时间不是很充足,”他补充道,声音紧张起来。他和队友前往控制室但并未发现武装人员。蛇头已经弃船了,控制杆卡在8-9节的速度上,让船沿一条碰撞航线驶往海岸。法瓦中尉和他的队友重新控制了船舵,让船安全到岸。“I don’t know if they knew how much danger they were in but they were clearly distressed after a long journey,” says Lt Fava, who estimates that in another 20 minutes the boat would have hit the coast, creating “an enormous human tragedy”. He recalls: “When I clambered from the bridge to the deck#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;they were cheering and crying with joy and clapping me on the back.”“我不知道他们是否了解自己处于多大的危险之中,但是在经历长途航行后他们显然是痛苦不堪的,”法瓦中尉说,他预计再过20分钟船就会撞上海岸,造成“一场巨大的人间悲剧”。他回忆道:“当我从舰桥爬到甲板上时……他们正在欢呼,留着喜悦的泪水,不断拍着我的背。”And how did he feel? “I ask myself the same question every time we make a rescue,” says Lt Fava — who, according to the interior ministry, has helped rescue several hundred of the 37,580 people saved last year. “We often talk to them, listen to their stories while we bring them ashore, but we cannot begin to understand what brings them to take these journeys that are often suicidal.”那么他当时又怎么想呢?“我每次完成救援行动后都会问自己同样的问题,”法瓦中尉说。据意大利内政部称,在去年获救的37580人中,法瓦中尉帮助营救了数百人。“我们把他们营救上岸后,经常跟他们聊天,倾听他们的故事,但我们丝毫无法理解是什么促使他们走上往往无异于自杀的旅途。”Lt Fava’s tale goes to the heart of the immigration debate embroiling Europe. In Italy, the mood is especially fractious. The country sits at the front line, with its porous 7,600km coastal border a busy entry point for those seeking a way into Europe. Migration agencies warn that a confluence of a mild winter and humanitarian crises in Syria and Libya mean the traditional springtime surge in human smuggling — a trade that began in earnest with the Arab uprisings of 2011 — could grow even deadlier.法瓦中尉的故事也是席卷欧洲的移民大讨论的核心问题。意大利国内对此格外群情激奋。该国位于前线,7600公里漏洞重重的海岸线成了很多寻求偷渡欧洲的移民的繁忙登陆点。移民机构警告称,在暖冬和叙利亚、利比亚人道主义危机的交织作用下,偷渡的传统春季高峰可能变得更具致命性。2011年阿拉伯之春之后,偷渡就开始迅猛增加。An extensive Italian search and rescue operation, Mare Nostrum, was closed last year amid budget cuts and pressure from anti-immigrant parties. The fact that coastguards such as Lt Fava were willing to risk their lives to save migrants only encouraged them to come, some argued. The new Triton operation, a European border control mission, has a reduced mandate — patrolling only 30 miles off Italy’s coast.在预算削减及反移民政党的施压下,意大利大规模的搜救行动——“我们的海”(Mare Nostrum),已经于去年被叫停。一些人认为,像法瓦中尉这样的海岸警卫队队员愿意冒着生命危险去营救移民,只会怂恿更多人偷渡。新的Triton行动(一项欧洲边境控制行动)的任务要求有所降低——仅在距意大利海岸30英里的范围内巡逻。The Pope and UN High Commissioner for Refugees say the priority must be saving lives at sea. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi argues that dealing with the deteriorating situation in Libya would tackle the problem at the root. Meanwhile, anti-immigration rhetoric is rising in Italy, where a triple-dip recession has taken a toll on social cohesion. This Saturday the anti-immigrant, anti-euro Northern League party — so far mainly a northern phenomenon — is taking to the streets of Rome. Opinion polls show Matteo Salvini, the party’s xenophobic leader and an MEP, is the most popular politician after Mr Renzi.教皇方济各及联合国难民事务高级专员公署(UN High Commissioner for Refugees)称,首要任务必须是在海上拯救生命。意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)认为,处理利比亚不断恶化的局势,将从根本上解决问题。与此同时,三度陷入衰退的经济状况沉重地打击了意大利的社会凝聚力,反移民言论正在升温。上周六,反移民、反欧元的政党北方联盟(Northern League)——迄今主要在意大利北部活动——走上罗马街头。民意调查显示,该党仇外主义领袖兼欧洲议会议员马泰奥#8226;萨尔维尼(Matteo Salvini)是继伦齐之后人气最高的政客。 /201503/362169青医附院中药科

平度人民医院专家预约 From toothpaste to ice cream to disposable nappies, modern Chinese life has been transformed by imports. But many of those erstwhile alien products now bear Chinese brand names.从牙膏到冰淇淋、再到纸尿裤,进口产品已令中国现代生活面貌一新。但如今,曾经的舶来品中出现了许多中国品牌。More and more mainlanders are brushing their teeth with Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, eating Yili ice cream or putting nappies made by Hengan on their babies. Multinationals still have a strong, sometimes dominant, presence in these markets, but mainland brands are exploiting local knowhow and speed to market.现在,越来越多的中国内地人用云南白药(Yunnan Baiyao)牙膏刷牙,吃伊利(Yili)冰淇淋,或者给婴儿使用恒安(Hengan)纸尿裤。跨国公司在这些市场仍拥有强大、有时是配性的地位,但中国国产品牌开始利用本地知识快速开拓市场。Disposable nappies are a case in point: many Chinese grannies did not use them to raise the current generation, but today’s urban mainland mums rely on them.纸尿裤是很能说明问题的一个例子:许多中国奶奶(外婆)带大当前一代时没有使用过它,但如今内地城市里的妈妈们却已离不开它。The market in China is highly concentrated, with 10 brands capturing 85 per cent of sales. Only one local brand has significant share: Hengan with 9 per cent, compared with 10 per cent for Kimberly-Clark of the US and nearly 29 per cent for Procter amp; Gamble.中国纸尿裤市场高度集中,十大品牌占据85%的销售额。唯有恒安一家国产品牌拥有可观的市场份额,为9%,而美国金佰利(Kimberly-Clark)份额为10%,宝洁(Pamp;G)份额接近29%。But the rapid rise in urbanisation and incomes in China is boosting demand for products such as nappies. Euromonitor, the data group, predicts that the world’s largest nappy market will nearly triple between 2010 and 2017, from Rmb20bn (.3bn) to Rmb57bn.但是,中国城市化程度的飞速提高和收入的迅速增加,提高了对纸尿裤等产品的需求。数据集团欧睿(Euromonitor)预计,2010年至2017年间,中国这个全球最大纸尿裤市场的规模将增加近两倍,由200亿元人民币(合33亿美元)增至570亿元人民币。Such growth is attracting new entrants, many of them local brands. “It is estimated there will be more than 100 foreign and domestic brands that will enter China in 2014 alone,” says Liu Yang, chief executive of Xiaolu Dingding Diapers, a mainland brand.如此增幅吸引来了新进入者,其中多是国产品牌。中国内地一家纸尿裤品牌小鹿叮叮(Xiaolu Dingding Diapers)的首席执行官刘阳表示,“据估计,仅仅2014年进入中国市场的国内外品牌就将超过100家。”Rising costs of materials and labour, changing consumer tastes and increasingly demanding consumers have made market conditions increasingly tough, retail analysts say.零售业分析师表示,原材料与劳动力成本的上升、消费者的喜好变化以及日益挑剔,导致市场状况愈加严峻。Hengan warned in its most recent results that “the short-term outlook remains challenging as a lot of players have entered into this market”.恒安在其最近发布的业绩报告中警告称,“由于有大量的生产商投入市场”,公司短期前景仍很有挑战性。Hengan says the quality of its nappies equals that of the foreign brands – Pamp;G, Kimberly-Clark and Japanese brand Unicharm together have more than half the market – but many mainland consumers disagree.恒安表示,其纸尿裤的质量可以媲美外国品牌——宝洁、金佰利和日本品牌尤妮佳(Unicharm)总共占据了一半以上的市场份额——但许多内地消费者并不认同这一点。Hengan, which expects to sell Rmb2.8bn-Rmb3bn of its Anerle nappies this year, says: “A majority of Chinese mothers believe foreign products are better than domestic ones; therefore, it is necessary to educate consumers to change their minds.”恒安表示:“大多数中国妈妈认为外国产品比国内产品好;所以,很有必要教育消费者改变观念。”该集团预计,今年安儿乐(Anerle)纸尿裤销售额将达28亿至30亿元人民币。Persuading Chinese mothers to use disposable nappies has been a slow process, says Xu Ruyi, head of China research at Mintel. “Nappies were introduced to China by Pamp;G during the 1990s and it has taken a long time for consumers to adopt the products.”英敏特(Mintel)中国研究总监徐如一表示,说中国妈妈们使用纸尿裤是一个很慢的过程。“纸尿裤是宝洁在20世纪90年代引入中国的,让中国消费者使用这一产品花了相当长的时间。”One breakthrough came with Pamp;G’s Pampers “golden sleep” campaign in 2007, focused on convincing mothers that using nappies can help babies sleep better, “which means they can grow faster and get more brain development”, says Ms Xu.徐如一表示,2007年宝洁的帮宝适(Pampers)“金质睡眠”推广活动带来了一次突破,活动的核心是让妈妈们相信,使用纸尿裤会帮婴儿们睡得更好,“这意味着他们能成长得更快、大脑发育得更好”。However, China is not a captive market for multinationals. “Competition is intense: even for big players if you don’t keep up with the competition you’ll still lose share to others,” says Ms Xu. “Consumers today are offered a much wider range of product choices compared with five or 10 years ago.”然而,跨国企业无法垄断中国市场。“竞争很激烈:即便对于大厂家而言,如果你跟不上竞争形势,你的市场份额也会被其他厂家夺走,”徐如一说,“如今的消费者面临着比5年或10年前多得多的产品选择。”Pull-up-type nappies, nappies for boys versus girls and adult nappies are all relatively new entrants to the market – the latter category is expected to grow strongly in China, the world’s largest senior market.上拉式纸尿裤、区分男婴和女婴的纸尿裤以及成人纸尿裤,都是市场上相对较新的产品——在中国这个全球最大老年人用品市场上,成人纸尿裤的销量增长预计将十分强劲。Domestic brands are “focusing more on Ramp;D and updating their production equipment because the newer the production line, the better quality the nappies will be”, says Yan Fei of Beijing’s Qinbei Research Centre.北京亲贝研究中心(Qinbei Research Centre)的Yan Fei表示,国产品牌正在“集中力量搞研发,升级他们的生产设备,因为产品线越新,纸尿裤的质量就越好。”“Intelligent” nappies, which gauge the health of a baby from its urine, and mosquito repellent nappies are under development by Chinese companies.中国企业正在研制能通过尿液判断婴儿健康状况的“智能”纸尿裤,以及驱蚊纸尿裤。Research from Mintel shows that famous brand names may actually wield less power in China than elsewhere. In the UK, says Mintel, “45 per cent of parents would go for a product they’ve used before and a low price is among the top three influencing factors”.英敏特的研究表明,实际上知名品牌在中国发挥的影响力可能小于其他地区。在英国,英敏特表示,“45%的父母会选择他们曾经用过的产品,价格低只是最重要的三个影响因素之一”。But in China, quality is king: freedom from harmful substances, quality, suitability for sensitive skin and absorbency are most important for Chinese consumers, says Ms Xu.徐如一表示,但在中国,质量为王:中国消费者最看重的因素是不含有害物质、质量过硬、适应敏感皮肤,以及吸水性强。China’s birth rate may be low, but spending on only babies is a favourite pastime and Chinese mothers sometimes use up to 20 nappies per day to avoid nappy rash, says Mr Yan.中国的出生率可能很低,但为独生子女花钱是一项最喜欢的消遣,中国妈妈们有时每天使用至多20块纸尿裤,以防止婴儿出现尿布疹。Big-city mothers have more and more money to spend on nappies and small city mums are just beginning to think of using them.大城市的妈妈们用来购买纸尿裤上的钱越来越多,而小城市的妈妈们才开始考虑使用纸尿裤。Like toothpaste and ice cream, nappies are becoming a domestic necessity in China, and everyone from local to multinational brands is eager to get a piece of the action.在中国,纸尿裤正像牙膏和冰淇淋一样变成一种家用必需品,无论国产还是跨国品牌,都急切地要从中分一杯羹。 /201409/331788青岛市第八人民医院在线预约山东省妇幼保健医院上环




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