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But I quite like lying back...我真喜欢躺这儿I quite like lying here and just getting to it.我好喜欢躺这儿 输这东西Do you feel any drug effects?你感觉到药物作用了吗Zero -not at all five -al lot.0是完全没有 5是感觉强烈Three.3Do you like the effects you are feeling now?你喜欢你现在的感觉吗Four.4-Would you like more of what you#39;ve received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5Do you feel high?感觉兴奋吗Three.3Do you feel intoxicated?你有喝醉的兴奋感吗Three.3The team were used to watching people lose the plot.这个团队过去常常看着人们失控Using this method they#39;d gathered data from enough subjects他们用这种方法搜集足够多主体的数据to know what was an average brain response to alcohol and what wasn#39;t.然后获得大脑对酒精反应的平均水平Yeah.We have about ten minutes more of the infusion.是啊 我们还要注射十几分钟Oh good. Good.哦 好的 好的There#39;s ten more minutes of the dose going up?还有十几分钟的剂量Oh are you toying with me now?你们在玩我呀Don#39;t... I#39;m just...别 我只是-It#39;s been a long day right? -It#39;s been a long...-感觉很漫长 是吗 -漫长啊You know I#39;ve been working hard...你知道 我一直在努力Its not just the personal sacrifice Dave.这不只是个人牺牲 戴夫You deserved this.这是你应得的I#39;ve earned this.我争取来的重点解释:1.lie back 向后靠(休息)例句:She was so weak and exhausted that she had to lie back.她这样虚弱和疲备以致不得不把身体向后靠着。2.used to 过去常常例句:He is used to eating out all the time.他已经习惯在外面吃饭了。3.toy with 漫不经心地摆弄, 轻率地对待, 不十分认真地考虑例句:While she was talking to me, she toyed with a pencil.她一边和我说话,一边摆弄着一铅笔。 Article/201507/389417

Luigi#39;s methods are rather more scientific.路易吉的方法则要更为科学We did a range of other medical tests,我们做了一系列其他医学检验including blood tests.包括血液检查Now he#39;s about to give us our results.现在他要告诉我们结果Feels like being in the headmaster#39;s office, doesn#39;t it?感觉就像在校长办公室里 不是吗Waiting for the results.等待自己的考试成绩Will you get an A-star? Will I get a B-minus?你会得A+吗 我会得B-吗Luigi#39;s face tells me路易吉的表情告诉我that what I#39;m about to hear is not good news.#39;接下来我将听到的不会是个好消息Total body fat in Joseph is 11.5%.约瑟夫的体脂肪率为11.5%This is typical of a super athlete.这是典型的顶尖运动员体脂率11% body fat is very low11%的体脂率for a 54-, 55-year-old man.对于一个54 55岁的人来说非常低Yours is 27.1% fat.你的体脂肪率为27.1%A third of your body is fat.你身体的三分之一都是脂肪Thank you...for making that point so emphatically!多谢你特意强调这点重点解释:1.a range of一套; 一系列例句:A range of hills rose on their left.连绵的小山耸立在他们的左侧。2.about to 即将; 刚要例句:A new book is about to be brought out.一本新书即将出版。 Article/201509/400209An inflamed throat is often the first sign that you#39;re getting sick. Help nip it in the bud with a few simple tricks.喉咙发炎通常是生病的第一个症状。使用下面几个简单的步骤,将疾病消灭在萌芽状态。You Will Need你需要1 lemon1个柠檬1 tsp. salt1茶匙食盐1 tsp. apple cider vinegar1茶匙苹果醋1 tsp. cayenne pepper1汤匙红椒3 tbsp. honey3汤匙蜂蜜A humidifier一个加湿器Epsom salts七水硫酸镁Ibuprofen布洛芬Chamomile or licorice tea甘菊或甘草茶Steps步骤STEP 1 Gargle a mixture of lemon juice and salt in 8 ounces warm water for one minute every hour. It will wash away mucus and improve circulation.1.将柠檬汁和盐加入8盎司温水中,每小时用来漱口一分钟。这样可以冲走粘液,改善血液流动。STEP 2 Drink a tea of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and honey in a glass of hot water at least three times a day.2.将苹果醋,柠檬汁,一小捏红椒和蜂蜜加入一杯温水中,每天至少喝三次。Chamomile and licorice teas soothe a sore throat.甘菊或甘草茶可以缓解喉咙痛。STEP 3 Keep the air moist with a cool or warm humidifier to relieve swollen air passages. Or, set out a shallow pan of water, which will evaporate and naturally humidify the air.3.用清凉或温暖的加湿器保持空气湿润,舒缓肿胀的呼吸道。或者放置一盆水,水蒸发的过程中自动湿润空气。Don’t smoke and stay clear of secondhand smoke and other airborne pollutants.不要吸烟或者远离二手烟和其他空气污染物。STEP 4 Take a hot bath with Epsom salts. The magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin and draws toxins out of the body.4.用加入七水硫酸镁的热水洗澡。硫酸镁会被皮肤吸收,将毒素排出体外。STEP 5 Take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to reduce swelling and discomfort.5.用布洛芬等消炎药来缓解肿胀和不适。A tonsillectomy is the second most common childhood surgery.扁桃腺切除术是第二大常见儿童手术。 /201412/347289栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/369476

Under Elizabeth, Englishness was discovered,celebrated, shouted from the roof tops,在伊丽莎白的统治下 英国特色逐渐形成 被她的子民所赞颂 高歌and it was, above all, a Protestant Englishness.最重要的是 这种特色是英国新教特色With hindsight,God must have meant this to happen all along.如今看来 这肯定是上帝的旨意Now, Protestantism and patriotism were one and the same,如今 新教教义和爱国主义合而为一and the history you#39;ve just seen,which at the outset had nothing to do with national identity,在你刚才看到的历史中 起初与国家意识没有丝毫关系at the end became obsessed with it.但最终与之密不可分And when the Pope offered to bless anyone who would assassinate Elizabeth,that bond only became stronger.而当教皇许诺 为暗杀伊丽莎白的人赐予祝福时 这种信念的联系却愈加强烈Now Catholics would be forced to choose between their Church and their Queen.现在天主教徒们被迫 在教会和女王之间做出选择English Catholic priests trained in foreign seminaries在国外神学院修行的英国天主教神父would be smuggled into the country and end up either dead偷渡到英国 最终不是被杀or in hiding with Catholic families who were rich and powerful enough to protect them.就是藏身于 信奉天主教的达官贵人家中So if we ask ourselves the question we asked at the beginning of the programme,若我们回顾 本集开始时的那个问题Whatever happened to Catholic England?英格兰的天主教究竟怎么了The answer is that it ended up down here,就在这里in a Priest hole, like this one at Sawston Hall outside Cambridge.在神父洞中 这个位于剑桥市郊外的索斯顿镇The splendour of Long Melford reduced to a cloak-and-dagger church.繁华一时的朗梅尔福德的三一教堂 已沦落为藏身之所For the Catholics of Elizabeth#39;s England the retreat of the priesthood to the country house would be a final disaster.对于伊丽莎白统治下的天主教徒 神职人员撤到乡村小屋 是终极灾难What was once the national church would become a faith on the run.曾经的国立教会 如今却只能亡命天涯 /201701/489449The geladas graze alongside walia ibex, which are also unique to these highlands.站在狮尾狒身旁的是西敏羱羊,它们也是这片高原的特有物种These rare creatures are usually very shy,这种罕见的动物通常很胆小but they drop their guard when the geladas are around.但只要狮尾狒一来到身边,它们便放松警惕You might expect that grazers would avoid each other#39;s patch,你或许会认为食草动物总是尽量互相避让but this is a special alliance from which both partners benefit.但是这种特殊联盟能使双方都得到好处It#39;s not so risky to put your head down if others are on the lookout.它们可以毫无顾虑地埋头吃草,因为旁边有站岗的“哨兵”Ethiopian wolves. They won#39;t attempt an attack in broad daylight.西门豺。它们一般不会在大白天发动进攻But at dusk, the plateau becomes a more dangerous place.可是一到傍晚,高原便成了一个危机四伏的地方With the grazing largely over, there#39;s a last chance to socialise before returning to the sleeping cliffs.吃草活动基本结束,狮尾狒们抓住最后一点机会进行社交,然后返回睡觉的悬崖An early warning system puts everyone on the alert.“即时预警系统”使大家都警觉起来。 Article/201703/496389Surveillance in Syria is a very big problem for activists在叙利亚 对于活动人士或者任何人来说or for anyone even,被监控都是个大问题because the Syrian regime因为叙利亚政权are trying all the time to get into people#39;s e-mails and Facebook一直想查看人们的电子邮件和脸书to see what they are up to, what they are doing.想知道人们在计划什么 在做什么By the time the Syrian uprising happened,叙利亚暴动开始后the Tor project had developed a browser洋葱网络开发了一个浏览器which made downloading the software very simple.让人们能轻松下载这款软件You basically go and download Tor in your computer你只要上网下载洋葱软件到电脑上and once it#39;s installed, whenever you want to browse the Web,安装完成后 在浏览网页的时候you go and click on it你只需要点击打开它just like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.就和用微软浏览器或谷歌浏览器一样Reem had personal experience of the protection offered by Tor当蕾姆被秘密警察逮捕时when she was arrested by the secret police.她得到了洋葱网络的保护I denied having any relation with any opposition work, you know,我否认从事相关的反对活动or anything and they tried to intimidate me或者其他活动 他们还威胁我and they said, ;Well, see, we have...他们对我说;听着 我们有...重点解释:1.click on 打开, 启动例句:Click on the printer icon with the 用鼠标点击打印机图标。2.try to 设法, 尽力例句:They should try to keep prices from rising.他们应该设法阻止价钱上涨。 Article/201702/493999

They complain about muscle pain,他们会抱怨说肌肉酸痛they complain about fatigue,觉得疲劳 they complain about being forgetful.会变得健忘They complain about a range of different problem反馈回来各种各样的问题that are being caused by the drugs.而这些都是药物引起的You may have a choice - a shorter life你有两个选择 英年早逝or possibly a longer one that maybe isn#39;t quite as much fun.或是饱受折磨地长命百岁I get side effects.我就尝过副作用的厉害You get a muscle problem where your muscles ache你的肌肉会感到疼痛and sometimes you get cramps, but there are benefits.有时甚至会痉挛 但也不全是坏事You know they, they contribute to less strokes, for instance,你知道它们会减少中风的几率so how do you balance it out?所以 你会怎么抉择呢I don#39;t know.我不知道We are the guinea pigs, without a doubt.毫无疑问 我们就是小白鼠But it#39;s a trade-off many more of us may have to consider.但我们中很多人必须要对它进行权衡It has been proposed fairly recently that最近被广为宣称的说法是all men over the age of 50 and所有超过50岁的男性all women over the age of 60和超过60的女性should be taking a statin都需要用抑制素no matter what their cholesterol levels are不论他们的胆固醇水平如何as a blanket prescription to reduce都用一个通用的处方来降低their risk of heart attack and stroke in future.心脏病和中风的发作几率 Article/201503/365829UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m an island nation that stretches about 1500 miles. 我是一个岛国,横跨1500英里。You#39;ll find me in the Pacific Ocean east of the Korean Peninsula. 我在朝鲜半岛东部的太平洋上。With more than 37 million people my capital is also the world#39;s most popular city, Tokyo.我有3700万人口,我的首都是世界上人最多的城市之一,东京。I#39;m Japan, and I have the third largest economy on earth.我是日本,我是世界上第三大经济体。AZUZ: That#39;s why it matters, that Japan#39;s economy has slipped into a recession. 这就是为什么日本经济衰退令人关注的原因。It#39;s so large that experts say it could slow down the global economy. 日本经济如此巨大,专家说这有可能拖累世界经济。The technical definition for a recession has to do with gross domestic product. 对衰退技术性的定义与GDP有关。When a nation#39;s GDP decreases for two quarters in a row, it#39;s in recession. 如果国家的GDP连续两个季度下滑,那就算是衰退。Japan has an incredible amount of national debt. 日本国家负债巨大。It#39;s more than twice the size of its economy. 其负债是经济总量的两倍。To increase the government#39;s revenue, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had planned to increase the national sales tax next year, but this week he delayed those plans because a previous increase in sales tax kept people from spending money. 为了增加政府收入,日本首相安倍晋三计划于明年提高国家的销售税,但本周他推迟了这一机会,因为之前销售税的增加打击了人民消费的热情。That was another drag on Japan#39;s economy. 这是拖累日本经济的又一个原因。Decreasing wages and aging population, and weak demand for goods and services are also helping keep Japan#39;s economy from growing.工资下降、人口老年化加重,商品与务需求疲软,同样组织了日本经济的增长。 /201411/344356

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