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在英国的百丽岛有一对夫妇约会年 终结婚 -- :33:55 来源:   在英国的百丽岛,Sally 和Colin Dunn这对夫妇在约会了长达年后终于步入了婚姻的殿堂,他们向我们明童话般的结局是要经得起时间考验的,美丽的结局值得我们用心等待He put a ring on it  他为她带上了婚戒  To all the ladies out there waiting him to put a ring on it, take heart. A British couple is proof that fairytale endings can take time, but theyrsquo;re well worth the wait.  所有在场耐心等待他为她戴上婚戒的单身女士们,要振作起来这对英国的夫妻已经向你们明,童话般的结局是要经得起时间考验的但是美丽的结局值得我们用心等待  Sally and Colin Dunn, of Belle Isle, UK, have finally walked down the aisle ... after a whopping years of dating.  在英国的百丽岛,Sally 和Colin Dunn这对夫妇在约会了长达年后终于步入了婚姻的殿堂.....  While most couples wouldnrsquo;t wait that long, Sally and Colin, both in their 80s, say itrsquo;s never too late.  虽然大多数夫妻都无法忍受如此长时间的等待,而且Sally 和 Colin也都80岁高龄了,但他们还认为永远都为时不晚  They met in 197 at Colinrsquo;s local social club where Sally worked behind the bar. It wasnrsquo;t long bee they started dating and their relationship flourished. But with previous relationships and children, the lovebirds got swept up in lifersquo;s responsibilities and never got around to tying the knot.  197年,二人在Colin经营的当地一家社交俱乐部相遇,当时Sally在这家俱乐部的柜台工作他们很快就开始约会,关系发展迅速但是考虑到双方上一段恋情和自己的孩子,这对有情人肩负起生活的责任,一直没有结婚  ;We lived as man and wife but we were always so busy looking after the children,; Colin, 8, told the Yorkshire Evening Post.?;We were happy as we were.;  ;我们以家庭的模式生活在一起,但是通常都是各自忙着照顾孩子,;8岁的Colin告诉约克郡晚报,;我们当时过的非常快乐;  But after becoming empty nesters and experiencing the difficult loss of his brother, Colin decided would be the year.  但是在成为空巢老人并经历了丧失兄弟的痛苦后,Colin决定年应该有所进展了  So over the weekend, Sally and Sally finally became man and wife. The couple married at a local church with friends and family all around. Sally wore a beautiful blue dress and matching hat and they later went to have a meal at the same social club where they first met.  在周末,Sally和 Colin正式结为夫妻在亲戚朋友的见下,这对夫妇在当地一座教堂完成了婚礼Sally身着一条精美的蓝色裙子,头戴与之相配的帽子随后,他们去第一次邂逅的那家社会俱乐部共用晚餐  As the timing of it all? Well, it seems to have worked out.  为何一切都结合的如此巧妙?嗯,一切似乎早已注定  ;It was worth the wait,; Sally, 8, said.  ;这场等待是值得的,;8岁的Sally说到  Add Sally and Colin to the long list of couples who prove itrsquo;s never too late to fall in love.?  现在,Sally和Colin已经成为模范夫妻之一,这些夫妻实了爱永远不会嫌晚

英国3岁小毛驴以为自己是 爱遛弯、爱抱抱、爱看网球 -- :0:57 来源: 英国3岁小毛驴以为自己是 爱遛弯、爱抱抱、爱看网球The donkey who thinks he's a dog! Three-year-old Dougie has the run of the house and loves nothing more than walks, cuddles... and watching tennisMeet Dougie, the three-year-old miniature donkey who thinks he's a dog.来认识一下3岁的迷你驴道基,但它以为自己是只The pet lives with his owners Cal and Tom Stockbridge inPickering,Yorkshire, where he has run of the house and goes walks.这头宠物小毛驴和它的主人卡尔·斯托克布里奇(Cal Stockbridge)和汤姆·斯托克布里奇(Tom Stockbridge)住在约克郡(Yorkshire)的皮克林镇(Pickering),在那儿它可以在屋里随意跑动,也可以外出散步The animal loves company, is often found in writer Tom"s office while he works - and bizarrely, also loves watching tennis.它喜欢与人为伴,经常在作家汤姆工作时待在他的办公室里——很奇怪的是,它还喜欢看网球比赛Cal, 53, who runs a theatre company, said: 'He acts more like a dog than a donkey, he loves attention from people.53岁的卡尔经营着一家剧院公司,她说:“它表现得更像一只而不是驴,它喜欢得到别人的关注”"Dougie was raised with a lot of human contact so when we got him aged eight months old we wanted to maintain that.“道基在与人类关系紧密的环境中长大,它8个月大时来到我们这儿,我们想保留它亲近人类的性格”'All our animals have run of the house and we wouldn't have wanted Dougie to be any different.'“我们养的动物都可以在屋里跑来跑去,道基也不例外”Calfirst got Dougie as a present her 50th birthday, having visited a friend who had a donkey.卡尔在拜访一个养着驴子的朋友之后,那个朋友把道基作为卡尔50岁的生日礼物送给了她When he was eight months old she brought him home to their small holding which is surrounded by 50 acres of Wildlife Trust land.道基8个月大的时候,她把它带回家,一处周围有50英亩的野生动物信托用地的小房产Caladded: "We are like pretend farmers. We have lots of animals, but it's not a working farm. Dougie was put into the wildflower meadow at the bottom of our garden with a little shed shelter.卡尔补充道:“我们就像在扮演农场主的身份我们养了很多动物,但这并不是真正的农场我们把道基养在花园尽头的野花地里,有一个小棚屋为它遮风挡雨'We have French windows that open out into the garden and bee long Dougie found his way into the house.'“我们的落地窗对着花园敞开,没多久道基就发现它可以从那儿进入房子了”Dougie quickly made friends with the other animals, includingGriff,Cal's seven-year-old Irish wolfhound, who is the same size as the donkey.道基很快就和其他动物交上了朋友,比如卡尔7岁大的爱尔兰猎狼犬格里夫(Griff),它的体型和道基一样大She said: "We take Dougie walks with Griff and he gets very cross if he sees us going and we don't take him with us.她说:“我们带道基和格里夫一起散步,如果道基发现我们出去散步却不带它,就会很生气”"Griff gets a bit jealous of Dougie because he doesn't like to share me.'“格里夫有点吃道基的醋,因为它不想和别的动物分享我”The little donkey does get up to mischief, often holding lady's skirts or cardigans firmly in his mouth.这头小驴子也会调皮捣蛋,常把女士的裙子或羊毛衫紧紧衔在口中Calsaid: 'He doesn't chew or rip their clothes, he will just stand very close to them and not let go.卡尔说:“它不会把她们的衣嚼烂或撕碎,只是紧贴着她们站着,就不松口”'It doesn't faze my friends, they are used to me having so many animals around.“这吓不到我的朋友们,她们已经习惯我身边围绕着各种动物了”"Dougie never steals food though, not like the pigs who sometimes come in the house.“但道基从来不偷食物,不会像猪一样有时会跑到屋子里找食物”'If there is an apple or carrot on the side he won't be interested, he's just looking his daily dose of affection - usually a scratch and a tickle.'“即便旁边摆着苹果或胡萝卜它也不感兴趣,它只是来接受每天例行的爱抚——通常就是给它挠痒痒”Calhas some advice anyone who may be considering getting a miniature donkey of their own.卡尔也给想养迷你驴的人提出了一些建议She said: "They make incredible pets, they all have their own personalities and they're very affectionate but donkeys need shelter, grazing and company so you need to do your research - especially as they can live well into their ties.'她说:“它们是很棒的宠物,有着独立的个性,很有感情,但注意驴子需要遮蔽的地方、吃草和陪伴,所以养之前你得做好准备——尤其要注意它们能活到四十好几岁”Vocabularyshed:牲口棚French window:落地窗cross:生气的,愤怒的mischief:恶作剧,捣乱cardigan:羊毛衫faze:使慌乱graze:(牲畜)啃食牧草,吃青草,放牧英文来源:每日邮报译者:Garfield猫

新型“高架公交”河北试运行 -- :5: 来源:chinadaily 由中国原创发明的新型公共交通工具“巴铁”模型车将于今年8月亮相,并将在秦皇岛市进行试运行请看相关报道:Called a Transit Elevated Bus, it looks like a giant double-decker but is hollow on the ground floor. Passengers can sit on the top floor while cars move below.这种公交车叫做“快速高架公交”,外形像一辆巨型的双层公交车,但是这款公交的底层是镂空的,乘客坐在上层,底层可供其他车辆通行“快速高架公交”(Transit Elevated Bus,TEB),也叫“宽体高架电车”,是一种集城市快速公交(Bus Rapid Transit,BRT)与地铁(subway)优点于一身的发明车身总长度为58米-6米,总高度.5米-.7米,宽7.8米,分上下两层,上层载客,下层镂空镂空底层高度为.1米-.米,无论静止还是行驶,米以下的小汽车均可自由通行(Vehicles with a height less than two meters will be able to drive under the bus)这款公交可搭载00-00名乘客,运力(carrying capacity)与一辆地铁列车相当,但造价却是地铁造价的%-%此外,这款公交为纯电动车(electric vehicle),可以大大减少城市空气污染及碳排放(carbon emission)【热词延伸】北京“定制公交”年9月1日,北京首批定制公交(customized shuttle bus)线路正式上线招募乘客公交公司根据乘客的需求(passengers’ demand)来确定开行的线路(route)和所停靠的站点(stops),主要往返大型社区和工作区,车内还配有空调和无线网络推出定制公交意在鼓励人们使用公共交通,同时减少碳排放(carbon emission)这是北京继车辆尾号限行(traffic restrictions based on the last digit of license plate numbers)和车牌购车(license-plate lottery)政策后又一项缓解交通拥堵(traffic congestion)、提升空气质量的举措(中国日报网英语点击 Helen)

银幕上的青春季——年北京国际电影节佳片推... -- :: 来源:i1st 导读:广大电影发烧友们,一年一度的电影盛宴——北京国际电影节本周将盛大开幕啦!月日至3日,海量电影等你来赏评~世纪君为大家精选了几部北影节展映的优秀青春片,它们展现出的青春不仅有爱情和友谊,更是压力和责任International movie festivals usually draw crowds of film buffs, hoping to see the latest cinematic marvels to hit the big screen.国际电影节总能吸引不少电影发烧友,他们希望见新晋影史传奇在大银幕上的风光This year’s Beijing International Film Festival, which runs from April to 3, offers a long lineup of critically acclaimed films, many of which dissect the trials of youth. These films go the themes typically associated with young people – treacly romance, everlasting friendship–in favor of more complex meditations on life. Their protagonists, young as they are, confront invisible ces far greater than themselves, pressures and anxieties that stretch back generations.今年的北京国际电影节于月日至3日举办,届时将展映大批口碑极佳的电影,其中不乏剖析、审视青年人的佳作这些电影通过融合常与年轻人联系在一起的两大主题——甜蜜的爱情和永恒的友谊,突出了对生活的多重反思电影中年轻的主人公们要面对自己难以克的无形力量,他们面临着几代人共有的压力和焦虑The Intern, instance, depicts a young entrepreneur striving to balance her career and family. Another anglophone film, Brooklyn, transports viewers from a small Irish town to New York City, where its heroine learns to thrive in a growing Irish immigrant commy. A third English-language film, Straight Outta Compton, dramatizes the real-life ascent of a group of young rappers who take music as a platm to denounce racial injustice.以电影《实习生为例,它讲述了一个年轻企业家试图平衡事业和家庭的故事另外一部英语电影《布鲁克林则把观众从一个爱尔兰小镇带到了纽约,电影的女主人公必须学习如何在快速壮大的爱尔兰移民团体中成长第三部英文电影《冲出康普顿则改编自一群年轻说唱歌手真实的励志故事,他们以音乐为平台,谴责种族歧视There are also stories that reinterpret the meaning of family and emphasize the weight increasingly placed on young shoulders. Our Little Sister explores what happens when three young women adopt their stepsister, while the immigration drama Dheepan presents a family bound not by blood, but by necessity.还有影片重新诠释了家庭的意义,聚焦年轻人肩上越来越沉重的责任《海街日记探讨了三接纳同父异母的之后会发生什么,而移民电影《流浪的迪潘则展现了一个不以血缘而以需求为纽带的家庭Each of these films showcases what it means to be young–and all the uncertainties that entails. They’re sure to leave you inspired, as you walk out of the cinema.每部电影都向我们展示了年轻意味着什么,以及它包含的所有不确定性当你走出电影院,它们一定会让你有所感悟Brooklyn《布鲁克林Directed by John Crowley IrelandUK导演:约翰?克劳利 爱尔兰英国Brooklyn is a film about a young Irish girl who must choose between two lovers and two countries at the same time.电影《布鲁克林讲述了一个年轻爱尔兰女孩必须同时在两个爱人和两个国家之间做出选择的故事Adapted from Irish novelist Colm Toibin’s best selling novel, Brooklyn is set in both Ireland and US, the two countries that the protagonist Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) calls home. In her native Ireland, Eilis had few prospects, an underpaid job and a grim future in a small town. When she immigrates to the US, she feels homesick but nevertheless finds her niche. She starts to attend night school in ing, has a promising career and finds love with a handsome Italian-American named Tony (Emory Cohen).电影改编自爱尔兰作家科尔姆?托宾的畅销小说,《布鲁克林的背景设定在爱尔兰和美国,这两个国家都是主人公艾莉丝(西尔莎?罗南饰)口中的家乡在出生地爱尔兰,艾莉丝在一个小镇里过着毫无希望的生活,干着收入微薄的工作,面临着残酷的未来当移民到美国后,她开始思念故乡,尽管如此,她还是找到了自己的位置她开始上夜校学习会计,找到了一份前途大好的工作,还和意大利帅哥托尼(艾莫里?科恩饰)坠入爱河Complications arise when Eilis returns to Ireland her sister’s funeral. During her brief stay, she becomes more in demand than she’d ever imagined. She gets a job as an ant and attracts the attention of a desirable local bachelor, Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson).当艾莉丝返回爱尔兰参加的葬礼时,新的状况出现了在爱尔兰的短暂停留,她发现自己变得比想象中更受欢迎她找到了一份会计的工作,还受到了当地优质单身汉吉姆?法雷尔(多姆纳尔?格里森饰)的青睐Like many young people, Eilis stands at a crossroad. The decisions she makes will ultimately determine whom she spends the rest of her life with, where she lives and what career she pursues. Eilis’ struggles in the US have transmed her from a fearful girl into a confident, self-reliant woman, and it is her newfound insight into her own character that allows her to make the fateful choice.和许多年轻人一样,艾莉丝站在了人生的十字路口她的选择将决定她将和谁共度一生,在哪里生活,追求怎样的事业在美国奋斗的经历让这个曾经恐惧不安的女孩成为了自信、独立的女人,也正是她新发现的自己个性中的洞察力,让她能够做出命运的选择 over a century, American cinema has explored the immigrant experience, and an array of movies have depicted the struggles of migrants coming to the US. What makes Brooklyn fresh is its small town story and empowered female protagonist who feels torn between different worlds. “In Ireland, Eilis is a daughter with a history; in America she is a woman with a future; in both she is filled with displaced longing,” Guardian movie critic Mark Kermode wrote.一个多世纪以来,美国电影一直在探究移民的经历,不少影片描绘了初来美国的移民的艰难奋斗而让《布鲁克林与众不同的则是它讲述的小镇故事和它赋予女主人公选择两个不同世界的权利,这个抉择让她心痛英国《卫报电影员马克?柯默德写道:“在爱尔兰,艾莉丝是个有故事的女儿;而在美国她是一个有未来的女性;而无论哪个选择都让她有背井离乡的感觉”

中国61岁奶奶生下一个健康男孩 -- :30: 来源: 中国一位61岁的老人怀39周,成功生下一名健康的男婴 A Chinese pensioner has successfully given birth to a boy at the age of 61.中国一位老人在61岁的高龄还成功地生下了一名男孩The baby, weighing ,930 grams (1 ounces), was born at 39 weeks during a C-section in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on June 7, reported People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,6月7日在浙江省,一名老人怀39周后剖腹产下一名男童,婴儿重930克(约合1盎司)The mother, surnamed Zhang, decided to try another baby after her only child died of illness, leaving her heart-broken.孩子的母亲姓张,她第一个孩子因病而死,伤心欲绝的她决定再生一个The news emerged two months after an Indian pensioner, Daljinder Kaur, gave birth to her first baby at the age of 70 in the state of Haryana, northern India.在这一新闻之前,还有一名印度北方哈里亚纳邦的老人Daljinder Kaur,她以70岁的高龄生下了第一个孩子Zhang was devastated after her daughter passed away aged 30, according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报道,在女儿(30岁)死去后,张奶奶非常伤心The pensioner longed a new family and her 66-year-old husband supported her idea of having another baby.这位老人渴望一个新家,而且她66岁的老伴儿持她再要一个孩子的想法After seeking doctor’s advice from different hospitals, the 61-year-old was successfully conceived last November through IVF treatment.张奶奶寻求了多家医院医生的建议,最终在去年月的时候,61岁的她通过体外受精成功受Upon hearing the good news, Zhang went to the Women’s Hospital of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou to prepare her labour.一听到这个好消息,张奶奶便住进了浙大妇女医院,准备生子When Zhang showed up her antenatal appointment the first time, the doctors and nurses thought she was accompanying her daughter or daughter-in-law.当张奶奶第一次去产检时,医生和护士们以为她是陪自己的女儿或者孙女来做产检的They were later stunned to discover Zhang was the mother.当后来发现张奶奶才是怀的母亲时,他们都惊呆了Doctor He Jing, a supervisor at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, said: ’She is the oldest expectant mother our hospital has received since its founding.妇产科主管何静(音)医生说道:“她是我们医院开业以来接待过的年纪最大的准妈妈”’I’ve permed many C-sections over the years, and she is the first patient who is older than me.’“这些年里我做了许多剖腹产手术,她是第一个比我的年龄还要大的人”Due to Zhang’s age, pregnancy was a challenge.由于张奶奶年事已高,妊娠是一个不小的挑战The mother was hospitalised twice due to bleeding, the first time at weeks and the second time at 33 weeks.张奶奶曾因出血两度入院,第一次是在怀周的时候,第二次是在33周的时候She also experienced complications in the heart, lungs and kidneys as the organs were weakening at her age.由于年老器官衰竭,张奶奶还经历了心脏、肺部和肾脏等器官的并发症On June 3, five departments at the hospital joined ces to plan the C-section operation.6月3日,这家医院五部门联手计划剖腹产手术Four days later, Zhang successfully gave birth to a healthy boy with the help of doctors from the departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care , General Medicine and Neonatal.四天之后,张奶奶成功地产下了一名健康的男童此次剖腹产手术由来自妇产科、麻醉科、ICU加护病房、一般内科和新生儿科五部门的医生联合进行Zhang is currently recovering in the hospital and is in a stable condition.张奶奶目前正在这家医院里康复,情况稳定She told a reporter emotionally: ’Doctor He is the savior of me and my son.’她情绪激动地对记者说道:“何医生是我和儿子的救命恩人”China operated a mandatory one-child policy more than 30 years between 1980 and .在1980年到年的三十多年间,中国强制执行了独生子女政策It’s becoming a social issue aging parents in the country to cope with life when their only child passes away.老人“失独”后如何应付生活已经越来越成为了一个社会问题This is because Chinese pensioners rely heavily on their children to support them both mentally and financially. Many think raising a child is the only way them to have a stable retirement.这是因为中国的老人在心理和经济上都严重依赖他们子女的持许多人都认为养育一个孩子是使得自己老有所依的唯一方法Currently, there are about 660,000 such families in China, with 1 per cent of them living in rural areas, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局的数据显示,目前中国有大约66万个这样的家庭,其中1%居住在农村These families receive a monthly subsidiary of up to 0 Yuan (39 pound) from the government.这些家庭每月从政府那里领取0元(约合39英镑)的补助China abolished the mandatory one-child policy on January 1, .年1月1日,中国取消了强制性独生子女政策

英警方为保护受害羊身份给照片打码 --01 ::1 来源:chinadaily Social media sites have been rammed with confusion after police released blurred images of victims of crime - who happened to be sheep.英国警方公布了一组打了马赛克的犯罪受害者照片,大家在社交网站上纷纷表示疑惑不解,因为受害者居然是绵羊The lambs' identity was "protected due to their age and vulnerability", West Midlands Police said.西米德兰兹郡的警方称,绵羊的身份“因其未成年,易受伤害而受到保护”The woolly passengers were spotted after they were herded into the back of a car and driven around by suspected rustlers.偷羊嫌犯把羊圈在车厢后部,开着车到处走,随后引起警方注意,在车里发现了几只羊But the subsequent image circulated by the ce turned out to be a joke.但是随后警方发布的照片成了一个笑话Nic Barlow commented on Facebook: "I wondered why the picture looked a bit woolly."尼克bull;巴罗在脸书上说:“我想知道为什么这照片看上去有点毛乎乎的”Abbas Zen said: "It would be an animal rights issue if they didn't [blur the images]."阿巴斯bull;泽恩说:“如果他们没打码就成了侵害动物权利问题”Other people were less amused by the ce's sense of fun.其他人不觉得警察的幽默感有多好笑"Police show criminal sense of humour as they release pictures of stolen sheep with pixelated faces," tweeted Solene Deplanche.索林bull;德普朗奇发推称,“警察给偷来的羊脸上打码,显示了对犯罪案件的幽默感”Officers said three suspected sheep rustlers found in the car near Hob Moor Road, Yardley in Birmingham were rounded up in nearby gardens - with one up a tree and another penned in a conservatory.警方说他们在伯明翰亚德利霍布尔路附近发现了三个偷羊嫌疑犯,被困在附近的花园里,其中一个嫌疑犯爬到了树上,一个躲在温室里The men aged , 7, and , were arrested on suspicion of theft, while police traced owners of the sheep.这三个人分别为岁、7岁、岁,以偷盗嫌疑被逮捕,警察在找羊主人Jokes aside, officers said the lambs were unhurt and have been temporarily re-homed on a farm in Sheldon.抛开玩笑不说,警察称绵羊们都没受到伤害,暂时被安置在谢尔登的一个农场Analysis: A sheepish decision? 分析:这是一个羞怯的决定吗?British police have guidelines over what inmation they reveal about victims of crime - but was there a bit of woolly thinking in the West Midlands ce after journalists were given an image obscuring the faces of allegedly-rustled lambs?英国警方对犯罪受害者的信息披露有规定——但是记者们在拿到所谓的被偷的羊的打码照片时就没有想想西米德兰兹郡警方为什么会这样做吗?The Data Protection Act and 8 of the Human Rights Act, which covers family and private life, require the police to protect personal inmation unless there is a good reason to release it.《数据保护法案和《人权法案第8条涉及到家庭和私生活,要求警察保护个人信息,除非有恰当的理由才能公开My mint sources tell me that an officer in the case blurred the image as a joke.我打探到的消息称,此案的一个警察为开玩笑给照片打了码He presumably concluded he had an obligation under the Ewe-ropean Convention on Eweman Rights to hide the poor little lambs' faces.他可能断定,根据《欧洲羊权公约,自己有责任去隐藏可怜小羊的脸Vocabulary:herd: 放牧;使成群pixelate: 打马赛克,使像素化rustler: 偷家畜的贼英文来源:B译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:yaning

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