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今天我们来看一看“上下班打卡”用英语怎么说:You have to punch in / out.You need to punch your time card.A:Did you punch in?B: Yes, of course.A: 你上班时打卡了吗?B:当然打了。 /201409/327077Subject:We have to cut out. 迷你对话A: We have to cut out. Tomorrow we have to get up early.我们得走了,明天还要早起。B: OK. See you next time.好的,再见。 地道表达 cut out 1. 解词释义Cut out作为习语,它的意思是“突然离开”。其英文解释为:to leave in a hurry。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Its time I was cutting out. Im late aly.现在是立即回家的时候了。我已经回家回晚了。e.g. The kids all cut out for home.孩子们都离开回家去了。e.g. If were not busy at work today, Im going to cut out early.如果我们今天工作不忙,我打算早些离开。e.g. After the race that night I cut out from Tom and Hanley and Henry.赛马后那天晚上,我避开了汤姆、汉利和亨利。 /201404/289921

The sniping is unfair.这样的指责其实是不公正的。Unexpected shocks prevented the deal from reaching its full potential.意想不到的危机使得这份协定没办法充分展示其潜力。Both the peso crisis of 1994-95 and the global financial crisis dealt blows to trade between the two countries.1994年至1995年的比索危机以及全球金融危机对美墨两国的贸易造成了巨大的打击。So did the American border controls introduced after the attacks of September 11th 2001, which raised the cost of moving goods and people.再加上2001年9月11日美国本土遭受袭击之后推行的边境控制,更是提高了商品运输和人们出行的流通成本,同样也对两国贸易构成打击。The rapid, disruptive growth of China also interfered with North American integration.中国经济迅疾而又极具颠覆性的发展也影响到北美经济一体化进程。The Chinese economy, accounting for more than 13% of global exports and around 25% of global manufacturing value-added, exerts an irresistible pull on global supply chains.占到全球出口总额13%以上,全球制造业增加值约25%的中国经济,对全球供应链有着难以抗拒的吸引力。Nor is NAFTA chiefly responsible for the woes of the American worker.然而对于美国的工人来说,北美自由贸易协定并不是他们痛苦的主要来源。In a recent essay Brad DeLong, an economic historian at the University of California, Berkeley, reckoned NAFTA might be blamed for net job losses of the order of 0.1% of the American labor force—fewer jobs than the American economy adds in a typical month.加州伯克利大学的经济学史家布拉德帝龙在最近的一篇论文中指出,美国劳动力人口中只有0.1%的净裁员可以归咎于北美自由贸易协定,而这个数目比美国经济体一个月内增加的工作岗位数还要少。Even without NAFTA, manufacturing jobs would have dwindled.即使北美自由贸易协定没有签署,制造业的工作岗位也还是会减少。The strong dollar and better transport and communications technology made it more attractive to produce abroad.坚挺的美元、优质的运输以及发达的通信技术都使得将工厂开在国外如此吸引人。Automation hastened the persistent long-term decline in industrial employment that is familiar in all rich economies— even in export powerhouses such as Germany.自动化则加速了长久以来工业领域就业的下滑,这一现象在发达国家很常见,即便是如德国这样的出口大国。Most important, the failure to agree a trade deal with Mexico would not have altered North American geography.最为重要的是,与墨西哥达成贸易协定的失败并不会改变北美的地理情况。Mexico shares a 3,200km-long border with the world’s largest economy.墨西哥与美国,世界上最大的经济体接壤,边境线达3200千米之远。It is almost inevitable that America will be Mexico’s largest trading partner (America currently accounts for more than 70% of Mexican exports and more than 50% of its imports) .几乎不可避免,美国将成为墨西哥最大的贸易伙伴 (现今墨西哥出口量超过70%销往美国,进口量超过50%源于美国。)Deep familial and cultural ties across the border shrink the distance between them even more.美墨两国间深厚的家族和文化渊源进一步缩短了两国间的距离。Mexico cannot help but be critically dependent on its neighbor’s economy.墨西哥只能紧紧地依附于其邻国美国的经济。And America unquestionably benefits when Mexico, which has the world’s tenth-largest population and 15th-biggest economy, is more prosperous.毫无疑问,当墨西哥这个拥有世界上第10大人口、第15大国土的国家更加繁荣昌盛时,美国也会受益更多。A richer Mexico would buy more American goods and services and provide more ideas, talent and innovation.更加富裕的墨西哥会从美国购买更多的商品和务,并为之提供更多的想法、人才和革新。It would also be better placed to manage migration, and a stronger diplomatic partner.墨西哥也许可以更好地处理移民问题,成为美国更为强大的外交伙伴。Eliminating tariffs on Mexico would not instantly transform it into Canada, but the notion that higher trade costs between the two economies would serve American interests better is, at best, short-sighted.免除墨西哥商品的关税不会使墨西哥立即转变为加拿大那样的国家,调高美墨两国之间的贸易成本会对美国更加有利的观点,充其量只是一种目光短浅的看法。No wall can insulate America against events to its south, and Americans’ own well-being is intimately linked to the welfare of their around 125m Mexican neighbors.没有哪一堵墙可以将美国的事件与南方的墨西哥隔绝开,毕竟美国自身的经济状况与拥有1.25亿人口的墨西哥邻国的福祉紧密相连。It is hard to blame Americans for seeing globalization as a zero-sum affair.美国人将全球化视为一场零和弈也并不完全是他们的过错。Stagnant pay, rising inequality and government complacency as industrial regions suffered long-term decline have obscured the benefits of trade and created fertile ground for populists.工业区逐年衰落,停滞不前的薪酬、加剧的不平等和政府自满遮盖了国家从贸易中取得的利益,也为民粹主义者的嘲讽创造了契机。As a result Americans feel let down by NAFTA.因此,美国人对北美自由贸易协定倍感失望。Yet NAFTA has itself been let down by American leaders, who neither made the case that higher living standards are a positive-sum game, nor allowed the benefits of growth to be broadly shared.美国领导层同样对北美自由贸易协定失望不已,但是他们既没有认识到该协定是一个可以同时提高本国人民生活水平的正和弈,也阻止了其发展成果广泛共享,北美自由贸易协定在实施过程中也受到很多阻碍。If the upshot is the disintegration of the North American economy, those on both sides of the Rio Grande will be worse off.如果说这份贸易协定带来的结果是北美经济的分崩离析,只怕美墨两国情况都会更加糟糕。 /201702/493612

What are you going to do to further improve your English? 你以后将做什么来提高你的英语?除了日常的英语课程以外我相信还有很多办法能够帮助我们更深一层地来提高英语。跟大家分享一位网友的plan:1. I will review what is learnt and preview what will be learnt in class just as I have done in the past.我会review去复习已经学过的知识。Review就是复习的意思:Before the examination we have a review of the terms work. 考试之前,我们复习一学期的功课。同时呢还要preview 预习。说到这里要跟大家说一些词汇的知识。View本身呢就是“见解、视野”的意思,也就是要用眼睛去看的东西。那么前缀re-有重复的含义,review也就是重复地去看,自然也就是复习,而前缀pre则有预先这样的含义,预先地去看preview那也就是预习了。Please do the preview and review work. 请做好预习和复习的工作。温故而知新,是一个非常好的学习习惯。2. English Corner is a good place for me to practice my oral English and I decide to visit there more frequently.英语角是一个锻炼口语的好去处a good place to practice oral English。拿深圳举例,我去过一些免费的英语角,每周六下午5点到7点会有一些人聚集在一起用英语聊天,开始水平可能不怎么样,但是要想提高口语就一定要开口说,不要怕说错,because the first thing is to make people understand you, then try to express yourself well. 先让别人懂你说的意思,等到到了这个水平,再多花些功夫去把语法什么的描述正确。还要提到一个词,frequent-频繁的,经常的,比如说:My girlfriend writes frequent letters to me. 我的女朋友频繁地给我写信。其实我想关注的是这位男士有没有同样去reply frequently频繁地回复呢?Frequent是形容词,而frequently就是副词。English Corner is a good place for me to practice my oral English and I decide to visit there more frequently. 英语角对于我来说呢是一个锻炼口语的好去处,我决定常去那儿瞧瞧。3. I will try to keep a diary about what I and what I experience to practice writing.这位网友还分享说她会把每天所读到的和所经历的都有写日记的方式记录下来,这样就可以练习写作。Thats true. 的确如此。Try to do sth. 尽力去做某事,keep a diary写日记。有朋友可能会问try to do 和try doing有什么区别?这两个短语他们的含义是有些不同的。try to do意思是“努力去做某事”“尽力干…”,表示想尽一切办法要把事情办成。比如:Im trying to learn English well. 我决心(尽力)学好英语。 Try doing意思是“尝试着干某事”“试着(用什么方法)去做某事”,表示一种试着、做做看的做法。试比较:I tried knocking at the back door, but nobody answered. 我试着敲了敲后门,但没人回答。今天给大家分享了一些关于英语学习小小的tips,其实我个人还有一些小方法,比如说对于经常记不住的单词,我就会把他们放在PPT里,然后设置成电脑桌面,这样每次打开电脑就再复习一次。还有一个tip就是在路上一个走的时候自己用英语跟自己对话,这样也是锻炼到口语的。Ok,今天跟大家分享的就是这么多了,其实英语学习也并不难,关键是要培养起对他的兴趣,然后找到适合你自己的方法。希望今天的学习对你有所启发,本期节目就是这样了,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:喜欢你(英文版)- 杨宇本节目属 /201601/420887

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