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A pair of R-rated new releases ruled the North American box office, demonstrating that adults are still eager to head to the movies when presented with attractive options.两部最新上映的R级电影在上周末的北美票房排行榜上占尽了风光,这说明如果有吸引人的片子可供选择的话,成年人还是很愿意去影院看电影的;Ted,; from Comcast Corp. Universal Pictures, and ;Magic Mike,; from Time Warner Inc. Warner Bros. Pictures, respectively earned .1 million and . million, according to early studio estimates. It the first time two R-rated movies have both opened over million in the same weekend, according to Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution.根据早期票房估计,康卡斯特公司(Comcast Corp.)旗下环球影业(Universal Pictures)出品的《泰迪熊(Ted)和华纳公司(Time Warner Inc.)旗下华纳兄弟影业(Warner Bros. Pictures)出品的《魔力麦克(Magic Mike)分别获得了5,万美元和3,9万美元的票房收入华纳兄弟负责影片国内发行的总裁费尔曼(Dan Fellman)说,同一个周末上映的两部R级电影票房均超过,0万美元的情况尚属首次出现;It one the books,; said Mr. Fellman.费尔曼说,这将载入史册R-rated films tend not to perm as well as films that are open to a wider number of patrons. instance, this year top-grossing film, Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios ;The Avengers,; is rated PG-, as are the coming superhero films ;The Amazing Spider-Man; and ;The Dark Knight Rises.;R级电影的票房表现往往不如受众面更广的电影例如,今年票房收入最高的电影──由Marvel Studios和华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)制作和发行的影片《复仇者联盟(The Avengers)的分级是PG-,与即将上映的两部超级英雄电影《超凡蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man)和《蝙蝠侠前传3:黑暗骑士崛起(The Dark Knight Rises)分级相同;Ted,; about a man and his foul-mouthed talking teddy bear, is the first live-action feature from writer-director Seth MacFarlane, best known creating the animated television show ;Family Guy.;《泰迪熊讲的是一个男人和他会说话但脏话连篇的泰迪熊的故事,也是该片导演作家麦克法兰(Seth MacFarlane)第一部自编自导的非动画电影麦克法兰最知名的作品是动画剧集《居家男人(Family Guy)The opening of the roughly million film, which was financed by Media Rights Capital and sold to Universal, is the biggest debut an original R-rated, non-sequel since ;The Hangover,; which opened at million. Overall, it is the eighth-highest opening an R-rated film and third-highest opening an R-rated comedy, according to the box office division of Hollywood.com.《泰迪熊的制作成本大约为5,000万美元,由Media Rights Capital出资拍摄并出售给了环球影业该片是《宿醉(The Hangover)之后上映周末票房最高的R级原创非系列电影《宿醉上映周末的票房为,500万美元根据Hollywood.com票房部门的数据,从整体上看,《泰迪熊的上映后票房收入在R级电影中排名第八,在R级喜剧电影中排名第三Relativity Media LLC is also a partner in the film.Relativity Media LLC也是该片的合作方之一Nikki Rocco, Universal president of distribution, credits much of the success of ;Ted; to the film clever marketing campaign and the film itself, as indicated by the broad audience demographic that bought tickets. According to exit poll data provided by the studio, ;Ted; appealed primarily to males, who made up 56% of the audience, and ticket-buyers over the age of 30, who made up 5% of the audience.环球影业负责影片发行的总裁罗科 (Nikki Rocco)认为,该片观影人群范围很广,从中可以看出,《泰迪熊的成功应主要归功于巧妙的营销策略和影片本身环球影业提供的观影后的调查数据显示,《泰迪熊吸引的主要是男性观众,男性观众的比例为56%,年龄超过30岁的观众的比例为5%In second place, the male stripping drama ;Magic Mike; grossed . million from ,930 locations. The film was directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum as a male exotic dancer living in Tampa, Fla.上周末北美票房榜上排名第二的是讲述脱衣舞男经历的《魔力麦克,该片在,930家院线共获得了3,9万美元的票房收入该片由索德伯格(Steven Soderbergh)执导,钱宁#86;塔特姆(Channing Tatum)在片中扮演一名居住在佛罗里达州坦帕市(Tampa)的脱衣舞演员 1888Barely a month as prince, and little George is aly racking up the miles.作为王子差不多一个月了,小乔治已经走过了数英里The royal baby and mom Kate have joined Prince William at a four-bedroom farmhouse looking out over the sea in Anglesey, in north Wales, which the couple has called home about three years.这位皇家宝宝和妈妈凯特已经和威廉王子在北威尔士的安格尔西岛上一套能眺望到大海的四居室农舍里聚到一起,这对夫妇已经近3年称这里为家了The littlest royal is believed to have been driven the 70 miles from the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, west of London, earlier this week.小皇室被认为是本周早些时候从伦敦以西巴克勒伯里的米德尔顿家驱车70英里来的He had stayed about three weeks at his grandparents home where Kate mother Carole has been helping in the early weeks. Carole also made the trip.他已经在他的祖父母家呆了大约三个星期,最初几周凯特的母亲卡罗尔一直在帮助卡罗尔也加入了这次旅行On Wednesday, William thanked locals saying theyd never known anywhere as ;beautiful and welcoming as Anglesey.;周三,威廉感谢当地人说他们还不知道有什么地方能像“安格尔西岛一样美丽和热情”Residents are hoping that the couple will venture out. ;I would love to see them – and to even catch a glimpse of them with a pram would be breathtaking,; commy worker Jean Owen says.居民们希望这对夫妇能外出“我希望能看到他们,甚至瞥见他们与一个婴儿车会令人叹为观止,”社区工作者琼欧文说 57;Merkel amp; Obama; goes viral默克尔奥巴马合影走红A photograph of German Chancellor Angela Merkel chatting with US President Barack Obama has gone viral.一张德国总理默克尔与美国总统奥巴马交谈的照片近日在网上迅速走红Merkel was pictured with her arms outstretched. And the image immediately drew comparisons with Julie Andrews character in 1965 film ;The Sound of Music;.照片中的默克尔张开双臂,而这张照片立即让人们联想到了朱莉·安德鲁在1965年的电影《音乐之声中饰演的角色Twitter pranksters jumped on the opporty to mock the world leaders, using the photograph as a canvas on which to place unrelated movie characters and incongruous props.推特上的恶搞者们抓住了这个揶揄世界领导人的大好机会,把这些照片当作画布,在上面添加各种不相干的电影人物和不协调的道具They took advantage of the Merkel stern expression and Obama incredibly relaxed pose, making the pair look as characters in the film.他们充分利用了默克尔的严肃表情和奥巴马无比放松的姿势,把这两位领导人;变身;为电影角色 3806

Video games are getting bigger and bigger every year. With the mass production of "crap-ware" coming out, there are still a few games released that really change how people game. Whether its a serious game, or more casual, these games really made an impact on the game industry. 的发展是一年比一年壮大随着大规模的发布,其中也会有一些游戏改变着人们的方式,不管这是严肃的,还是轻松的它们深深地影响着行业 1. Super Mario Bros 超级玛丽 Any disputes here? This game from Nintendo started gaming. I know there was the atari and other systems prior to, but Mario made all games what they are today. 它在这里排第一,应该没有什么争议,这款游戏是任天堂开始起家时,做出来的产品在这之前有雅达利和其他的游戏,但是超级玛丽却成为了今日的经典游戏 58

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