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浦江县妇幼保健院QQ浙江金华市二院诊疗中心At least an hour of physical activity a day may be required to offset the harmful effects of sitting at a desk for eight hours, according to the latest study to highlight the perils of a sedentary lifestyle.根据最新关于久坐不动的生活方式的研究报道,每天至少一个小时的身体活动才可能抵消八小时坐办公室的有害影响。The World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline, adopted by Public Health England, recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week but research, based on data from more than one million people, suggests that is insufficient for many.在世界卫生组织(WHO)方针的指引下,英国公共卫生建议, 基于超过一百万人的研究数据显示,每周150分钟的锻炼对大部分人是不够的。A team of international experts found that the risk of dying during a follow-up period of two to 18 years was 9.9% for those who sat for eight or more hours a day and engaged in low activity, compared with 6.8% for those who sat for less than four hours a day and were active for at least one hour a day.国际专家小组发现, 在随访两年到18年的期间内,对于那些一天久坐8小时或更长时间、身体运动量低的人来说,死亡的风险为9.9%,相对于一天坐的时间小于4小时、身体运动至少一小时的人而言,这个指数为6.8%。But they also found that the increased risk of death associated with sitting for eight hours a day was eliminated for people who did a minimum of one hour of physical activity a day.但他们也发现, 死亡风险的增加与一天坐8小时有关,一天至少做一小时运动的人能降低死亡风险。Lead author Prof Ulf Ekelund, from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences and Cambridge University, said: ;You don#39;t need to do sport, you don#39;t need to go to the gym. It#39;s OK doing some brisk walking, maybe in the morning, during lunchtime, after dinner in the evening. You can split it up over the day, but you need to do at least one hour.;来自挪威体育科学院和剑桥大学的首席作家乌尔夫-埃克隆德教授,说:;你不需要做运动、不需要去健身房。在早上、午餐时间期间、晚餐之后做健步走就可以了。一天内你可以分开做,但至少需要一个小时。;译文属 /201608/462036金华皮肤病医院整形中心 Yoga cafes, like yoga, are booming in India. They#39;re great places to meet new people, have a dialogue, and get some advice while you enjoy good food.和瑜伽一样,;瑜伽餐厅;正在印度兴起。这里是人们在享受美食的同时,结交新朋友、聊天并获得建议的好地方。While some people practice yoga on an empty stomach, it#39;s good to fuel up before stepping onto the mat.有些人会空腹练习瑜伽,但在练瑜伽前填饱肚子也很不错。The Yoga House in Mumbai is a quiet and cozy retreat where food is served on copper plates, keeping ancient traditions alive.孟买的;瑜伽之家;是一个安静舒适的场所,这里保留了印度古老的传统,用铜盘盛装食物。You can enjoy the ;Yogi#39;s Breakfast; with oats porridge and a shot of multivitamin juice.你可以享用燕麦粥配一杯多种维生素果汁的;瑜珈修行者的早餐;。Om Made Cafe in Goa has a variety of sugarcane juice blends to reboot and rehydrate your system after a tiring class.果阿地区的;Om Made Cafe;提供多款甘蔗混合果汁,使你在一堂累人的瑜伽课之后能补充能量和水分。;We started out as a yoga studio; however people would often ask for what to eat before and after the sessions. People would always complain that going on a diet would mean giving up on their favorite foods. Our concept is based on the four pillars of Healthy, Tasty, Satisfying and Affordable,; says an owner of a yoga cafe.一家瑜伽餐厅的老板称,;起初我们开的是一家瑜伽工作室,然而,人们总是询问他们在课前课后应该吃什么。他们总是抱怨节食意味着放弃最喜爱的食物。我们的理念基于健康、美味、满足和实惠这四个原则。; /201608/457996Something might be bothering you throughout the day - but you won#39;t know what it is! If you don#39;t figure out what it is, it could drive you crazy. Retrace your steps. Has anything or anyone crossed your path today that reminded you of an upsetting event in the past? If so, this could easily bring about this reaction - but you need to know what it is before you can relax.某件事会困扰你一整天--但你却不知道是什么!如果你想不出是什么,你会发疯的。想想之前发生的事情。今天有没有遇到一些人,他们让你想起了过去的烦心事?如果是的话,你很容易就会有这样的反应--但在你放松之前,你得知道是什么困扰你。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You can do no wrong today. In fact,you may find, however, that you would rather be seen up on center stage. This is fine as well, just as long as the choice is yours. Independence is a key theme for you today, and you will find that the more you can break free, the better off your general mood will be.今天你不能做错事。事实上,你可能会发现你宁愿站在舞台中央被人仰视。只要是你自己做的决定,那就是OK的。对你来说,独立是今天的重要主题,你会发现越自由,心情就越好。Your finance horoscope财务运势Your creative talents should be operating at an all-time high today, and you might actually be offered an opportunity to earn some money using them. Your excitement and enthusiasm are likely to ensure that you#39;ll do the best you possibly can, earning a lot of approval from those around you. Your intuition is also operating at a high level, which can greatly boost your imagination and your relations with others. Enjoy your day.今天,你的创造性才能得到了充分发挥,实则可能会有人给你提供机会,让你用你的创造才能赚些外快。你的很有可能确保你尽可能的发挥,让你得到周围人的赞赏。今天你的直觉也十分灵验,这会大大激发你的想象力,也会加强你与其他人的关系。好好享受这一天。Your love horoscope爱情运势The planetary energies are asking you to take a good look at your attitude towards trusting yourself and others. You tend to be suspicious and jealous by nature, and this has gotten you into trouble before. Most people are much more straightforward than you give them credit for, and if you continue suspect those whom you love and care about, you#39;re bound to drive them away. Keep this in mind.行星能量要求你好好审视自己在信任自己与他人方面的态度。你天性喜好怀疑、嫉妒他人,之前也让你有过麻烦。大多数人比你想象的要更加直接,如果你继续对所爱之人、所关心之人有所怀疑,那么他们肯定会离你而去。确保记住这一点。Your career horoscope事业运势You probably won#39;t need any caffeine today! Your energy levels should be high, and you#39;ll be y to tackle any challenges that come your way. If you want to make some changes to your immediate work setting, now is the time to do it. If you supervise others, you might want to distribute tasks in a different way. Or you could just need a small change, like adding some plants to your physical workspace.今天也许你不需要喝咖啡了!你的能量满满,已准备好迎接遇到的任何挑战。如果你想要改变自己的工作状况,那么现在是时候这样做了。又或者你只需要小小的改变,比如在你的工作区域再放些植物。译文属 /201608/462114义乌妇幼保健院的营业时间

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浙江金华丽都是正规的 An elderly man from Somerset, England had perhaps just a bit of a surprise when he discovered that the crown shoved under his bed in a dirty cardboard box is actually worth about 0,000 to 0,000.英格兰萨默塞特一位长者发现,他床底下一个脏兮兮的纸板箱里藏着一个价值约15万到30万美元的,这还真蛮令人惊讶的。The wreath is about 2,300 years old and believed to be ancient Greek—dating from roughly to the Hellenistic period, the time following the death of Alexander the Great (300 E).这枚花冠可以追溯到2300年前的古希腊,即亚历山大大帝离世不久后的希腊化时期(公元前300年)。The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, possesses many items from his grandfather, who was a well-seasoned traveler. He decided to have appraisers from Duke’s of Dorchester—a nearby auction house—look at a few of the items he had inherited.One of the appraisers, Guy Schwinge, was present at the man rifled through a box filled with crumpled newspaper to bring out the delicate crown.这名男子不愿透露姓名,其祖父是名资深旅人,他从祖父那儿继承了不少物品。他此番决定去附近一家名为“多切斯特公爵”的拍卖行找人看看他继承的几样物品。其中一名鉴赏家圭·斯文哲就亲眼目睹了这名男士从塞满报纸的盒子里拿出精巧的。Despite its age and unusual method of storage (besides being stored under the bed, bits of dirt in the gold suggest it was once buried), the wreath is apparently in marvelous condition.尽管有些年岁了,储藏方式也不同一般(除却放在床底下不说,从金冠上的尘埃可以看出一度被埋起来过),但显然一看就是质地绝佳。Of course, being found in a cottage with no provenance to speak of makes it a challenge to know much about the wreath at all.当然,在一间名不见经传的小屋里发现,也给人们进一步了解这枚花冠带来了困难。#8204;Crowns made of real plants—like branches of laurel, myrtle, oak, and olive trees—that were given to victors in athletic and artistic contests worn in ancient Greece for religious ceremonies.However, the golden versions were so delicate, they were only worn rarely, for special occasions.由月桂、橡树、桃金娘还有橄榄树等真实植物制成的在古希腊是颁给艺术运动竞技的王者的,在宗教场合佩戴。然而,金冠精密又脆弱,所以尽在特别场合戴。As to how the owner’s grandfather got ahold of such a rare artifact, no one’s quite sure. The family believes he probably picked it up during his travels.至于主人的祖父是从何获得这一稀世珍品的,无人能知晓,家人认为大约是旅行途中所得。 /201606/448578义乌市去蒙古斑价格金华市丽都医院几楼



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