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Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama: pollNearly 60 percent of American voters say they lack faith in President Barack Obama, according to a public opinion poll published on Tuesday.The results of the Washington Post/A News poll are a reversal of what voters said at the start of Obama's presidency 18 months ago when about 60 percent expressed confidence in his decision making.Confidence in Obama is at a new low but the poll found that his numbers are still higher than lawmakers of either major party four months ahead of the November congressional elections.Asked how much confidence they have in Obama to make the right decisions for the country's future, 58 percent of respondents said "just some" or "none."Sixty-eight percent expressed the same sentiments about Democrats in Congress and 72 percent said the same of Republicans.The Post said problems in the housing industry, sluggish job growth and other economic issues may have taken a toll on Obama's approval rating.Just 43 percent of all Americans, including a third of Democrats, now say they approve of the job Obama is doing on the economy, while 54 percent disapprove.The survey also found wide anti-incumbent sentiment with 62 percent of voters saying they were not inclined to support their current representative.All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs in the November 2 election as well as 36 of the 100 Senate seats.Democrats now control both houses of Congress, but a slight majority of those polled said they would prefer to have Republicans in control to serve as a check on Obama's policies.The poll of 1,288 people was conducted July 7-11 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.Vocabulary:take a toll: be damaging or harmful, cause loss or destruction(产生负面影响,造成重大损失)incumbent: holding an indicated position, role, office, etc., currently(在职的,现任的)up for grabs: available to anyone willing to expend the energy to get it(提供的,可供争夺的)inundated: to overwhelm as if with a flood; swamp(淹没,洪水般的扑来)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109068The global economy全球经济Another year of living dangerously又是如履薄冰的一年Turmoil in the Middle East and disaster in Japan arouse economic angst. Central banks must not make it worse 中东的骚乱和日本的灾难引发经济上的忧虑。各国央行一定不能恶化事态THIS was supposed to be a stress-free year for the global economy. By January the financial crisis had faded and Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis seemed less acute. America’s economy was resurgent. Investors piled into equities and sold some of the government bonds they’d bought for troubled times. If there was a worry, it was that emerging economies would grow too quickly, inflating commodity prices. 人们原本认为全球经济今年将会没有压力。一月份时,金融危机已经消退,欧洲的主权债务危机似乎不再那么严重,美国经济也在复苏。投资者大举买进股本,卖出一部分他们为艰难时期做准备而购买的政府债券。如果说有什么担心的话,那就是担心新兴经济体过快增长会推高物价。The year without crisis is not to be. First, Arabian upheaval put oil markets on edge. Then earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear accident clobbered the world’s third-largest economy. How much of a setback to growth do these twin crises represent? And how should economic policymakers react to them?没有危机的一年没有如愿出现。开头是阿拉伯世界的动乱把石油市场推向边缘。接着,地震、海啸和核事故冲击着日本这个世界第三大经济体。这两场危机对经济增长将会产生多大的阻碍作用?经济决策者应当如何应对?Japan’s share of world output has been shrinking for decades, but at 9% it remains large enough for the hit to the country’s growth to subtract noticeably from global output. Then there are the ripple effects on the rest of the world. Japan is a large—in some cases the sole—supplier of intermediate goods to the world’s electronics and automotive industries, from the hardened glass on Apple’s iPad to gearboxes in Volkswagens. Many makers of such parts have had to slow or halt shipments because of damaged roads, power cuts or the loss of components from their own suppliers. The effects have sp well beyond Japan, causing shutdowns from South Korea to Spain. Still, the history of such disasters is that much of that lost production is eventually recovered and reconstruction delivers a fillip to subsequent growth. 日本在世界产值中的比重这几十年一直在下降,但是9%的份额依然足以使这次灾难对日本经济增长形成的冲击对全球产值产生明显的影响,而且对世界其他地区还会产生涟漪效应。日本是世界电子业和汽车业中间产品(从苹果iPad的硬化玻璃到大众的齿轮箱)的主要供应国,在有些方面甚至是唯一供应国。由于道路损坏、电力紧张或来自其供应商的零件短缺,这些部件的生产厂家已经被迫减缓甚至停止发货。影响已经波及到日本之外的地区,导致从韩国到西班牙的许多工厂停产。不过,在以前的这类灾难中,损耗的产能多数最终得以恢复,重建还刺激了之后的增长。Pinpointing the impact of Arab political turmoil is complicated by the fact that oil prices were aly rising thanks to a brighter global economic outlook. Nonetheless, a good portion of this year’s 25% increase seems due to worries over supplies. A rule of thumb holds that a 10% increase in the price of oil trims 0.2 percentage points from global growth. At the start of the year, the world looked likely to grow by 4-4.5%. A crude estimate is that the two crises will subtract between a quarter and half a percentage point from that. 由于全球经济前景更加光明,油价已在上涨,这使得阿拉伯政治动乱的影响难以明确。但是,对今年25%涨价幅度的相当一部分担心是在供应方面。概测法(拇指规律)表明,油价每上涨10%,全球经济增速就会减少0.2个百分点。年初时,世界经济似乎将会增长4-4.5%。粗略估计,阿拉伯和日本的这两场危机将使增速在4-4.5%的基础上减少0.25到0.5个百分点。That may not capture the full effect. Crises by their nature generate clouds of uncertainty (see article). Businesses postpone capital spending and hiring until the clouds clear. Investors seek the safety of bonds and lose their taste for equities. 这可能还没考虑到所有影响。危机的本质会产生不确定性,在云开雾散之前企业推迟资本出和招兵买马,投资者对股本失去兴趣而转向收益方面安全的债券。201104/131915Top Iranian leaders and officials say they have no intention of conducting negotiations with the ed States. Meanwhile, a strike by merchants appears to be continuing in several Iranian cities.Although top Iranian leaders say they will not negotiate with the ed States, that did not prevent foreign visits with Western officials by Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Foreign Minister Manouchehr Muttaqi. Larijani met with Western parliamentary leaders in Geneva, while Muttaqi addressed an international conference on Afghanistan in Kabul.In Tehran, Iran's Deputy Parliament Speaker said the ed States "humiliated and opposed the Islamic Republic," precluding any "reason for negotiation."Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast presented a similar line of reasoning at his weekly press briefing. Mehmanparast says Washington's pursuit of economic sanctions against Iran, in addition to what he claims is U.S. maltreatment of Iranians, mean there is no real reason to negotiate. As Iranian media continued to focus on international issues, the economic crisis inside the country appeared to worsen, according to many analysts.Iranian television showed officials inaugurating new electricity plants and saying more gasoline is available, contrary to scattered reports from inside the country that gas stations are running low on fuel and that electricity brownouts are causing major disruptions.Former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani Sadr, who lives in exile in France, says an intermittent general strike in Tehran's bazaar reportedly began about 10 days ago. He says the strike began in response to a new 70-percent tax on merchants by the government, and the strike has continued despite major government concessions.Bani Sadr says the strike is continuing because the country's economic crisis has been exacerbated by the government's bad policies. The former president says that merchants see a bleak economic future for Iran because of rising prices, lack of investment, lower oil revenues and the elimination of price controls. All of this, he says, also has been compounded by new economic sanctions imposed by the ed Nations and the U.S.Analyst Houchang Hassan-Yari of Canada's Royal Military College says Iran's economic situation is compounded by a growing religious opposition to the government. Pious bazaris, he says, are angry that religious figures they admire are being insulted and marginalized by the government."Through the association that the bazaris have with different religious leaders, they see clearly that those leaders are maltreated by the Islamic Republic, and the Islamic Republic is taking distance from the original ideas of the [1979 Islamic] Revolution, and the kind of society that it promised to create," said Hassan-Yari.Iran's merchants were an important part of the opposition movement that swept Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi from power in 1979. Abolhassan Bani Sadr, who was Iran's first president after the Islamic Revolution, says the power of the bazaar has diminished since that time, but that that it still carries considerable weight.尽管伊朗高层领导人表示不会与美国谈判,但是他们并没有阻止议长拉里贾尼和外长穆塔基与西方官员在国外进行接触。拉里贾尼在日内瓦与西方国家议会领导人会晤,穆塔基则在喀布尔举行的阿富汗问题国际会议上发表讲话。 伊朗副议长在德黑兰表示,美国“羞辱并反对伊斯兰共和国”,从而排除了“任何进行谈判的理由”。 伊朗外交部发言人迈赫曼帕拉斯特在每周例行的媒体吹风会上发表了相同的讲话。 他说,华盛顿对伊朗进行经济制裁,以及美国对伊朗人采取粗暴态度,意味着没有切实理由来开展对话。 许多分析人士说,伊朗媒体继续将焦点对准国际事务的同时,伊朗国内的经济危机似乎正在恶化。 伊朗电视台显示,官员们为新发电厂举行落成典礼,说目前有更多的汽油供应。这和来自伊朗国内的零星报导完全相反,那些报导称,加油站的汽油不够,而电力不足造成了严重混乱。 流亡法国的伊朗前总统萨德尔说,据报导,大约10天前,德黑兰市场开始了断断续续的罢工。他说,这次罢工是回应伊朗政府征收70%商品税的新政策。尽管政府做出了重大让步,罢工仍在持续。 他说,罢工仍在继续,因为政府糟糕的政策使伊朗的经济危机更加恶化。萨德尔说,由于物价上涨、投资缺乏、原油收入下降,以及取消价格控制,商人们认为伊朗的经济前景黯淡。萨德尔指出,除了所有这一切,现在又加上了联合国和美国对伊朗施加的新经济制裁。 加拿大皇家军事学院分析人士哈桑认为,宗教界日益增长的反政府情绪也影响着伊朗的经济形势。他说,虔诚的商人对他们崇敬的宗教人物被政府侮辱和边缘化感到愤怒。 他说:“通过结交不同的宗教领袖,伊朗商人清楚地看到,伊斯兰共和国没有善待宗教领袖,伊斯兰共和国正在背离1979年伊斯兰革命的初衷,背离它承诺要创造的社会。” 伊朗商人是1979年将巴列维赶下台的反对派运动的重要组成部分。萨德尔是伊斯兰革命后伊朗的第一任总统,他说,市场的影响力自伊斯兰革命以来已经减弱,但仍然有相当的份量。201007/109703

There is unlikely to be a tweet out of the Spain players at the World Cup after coach Vicente del Bosque banned them from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook during the tournament.The 23-players in the European champions' squad, including striker Fernando Torres, midfielder Xavi and goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas, met up at the Las Rozas training facility outside Madrid on Monday.A spokeswoman for the Spanish soccer federation (www.rfef.es) said Del Bosque had told them they were not allowed to use the sites at any of the team's training camps or at the World Cup in South Africa starting on June 11.There are several examples of soccer players and other athletes getting themselves into trouble using the sites.England striker Darren Bent apologised to Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy last year about comments on Twitter relating to his transfer to Sunderland and his account was closed down.Real Madrid's Brazilian playmaker Kaka said this season he was going to shut his wife's Twitter account after Spanish media reported she had used it to criticise the La Liga club's coach, Manuel Pellegrini, for not giving her husband more playing time.【Notes】striker: (in football) a player whose main job is to attack and try to score goals(足球)前锋midfielder: 中场球员201006/105611

McCain Looks to Regain Momentum in US Presidential Race奥巴马势不可挡?麦凯恩欲转乾坤  Republican presidential candidate John McCain campaigned in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado Friday, hoping to turn his political fortunes around with only 10 days before Election Day. 共和党总统候选人约翰·麦凯恩星期五在落基山的科罗拉多州竞选,希望在大选举行前的十来天里能够扭转政治乾坤。At a rally in Denver, John McCain warned that the middle class would suffer economically if Barack Obama is elected president next month along with a Congress with an expanded Democratic majority. 在丹佛举行的竞选集会上,参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果奥巴马下个月当选总统,而同时民主党扩大在国会中的多数席位,美国的中产阶级将会受到经济上的损失。McCain also cited the prediction of Obama's vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden, that Obama will be tested by an international crisis early in his term if he wins on November 4. 麦凯恩还援引奥巴马的副总统候选人,参议员拜登的预测说,如果奥巴马赢得11月4日的美国总统大选,他将在总统任期的初期就受到一场国际危机的考验。"I will not be a president that needs to be tested," he said. "I have been tested, and Senator Obama hasn't!" 麦凯恩说:“我不会成为一个需要经过检验的总统。我一直在经受检验,而参议员奥巴马却没有!”Protestors briefly interrupted McCain's speech. McCain responded that voters want Americans to stop shouting at each other. 示威者短暂地打断麦凯恩的讲话。麦凯恩回答说,选民希望美国人不要大声攻击对方。"You know, a lot of times the people come and yell, and they yell about the war in Iraq," he said. "I want to tell you, my friends, we will bring our troops home, but we will bring them home in honor and victory, we won't bring them home in defeat!" 麦凯恩说:“你知道,有很多次人们到这里来,大声喊叫。他们针对伊拉克战争大声叫嚷。我要告诉你们,我的朋友们,我们将会把我们的部队撤回来,但我们将让他们把荣誉和胜利带回家中,我们不会让他们把失败带回家中!”McCain is looking to regain momentum in Colorado and several other so-called swing or battleground states that will determine who wins the election. 麦凯恩正在科罗拉多州和其他几个所谓的摇摆不定或者竞争激烈的战场州恢复前进动力,这些州将决定哪位候选人入主白宫。Several recent polls suggest Obama has big leads over McCain in several important states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 最近的一些民意调查显示奥巴马已经在若干大州领先于麦凯恩,包括宾夕法尼亚,俄亥俄,密西根和印第安纳州。Obama was off the campaign trail Friday, visiting his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. His wife, Michelle Obama, filled in for her husband during a campaign rally in Ohio. 奥巴马星期五中断了竞选,去夏威夷探望他生病的祖母。他的妻子米歇尔·奥巴马在俄亥俄州的一个竞选集会代替丈夫发表讲话。"I come here as a wife, who, first and foremost loves her husband, and I've watched him perform and grow, and I know, after being so close to him and seeing his abilities up close, I know in my heart, with absolutely no hesitation, that he will be an extraordinary president," she said. "That I know." 奥巴马夫人米歇尔说:“我以妻子的身份来到这里。我首先爱自己的丈夫,我亲眼目睹他的表现和成长,我知道,由于我如此接近他,能够在近距离看到他的能力,我从心底明白,并且毫不犹豫地认定,他将是一个非凡的总统。我对此一清二楚。”Obama leads McCain in the latest national polls by an average of seven points. But political experts have really taken notice of several recent state polls that seem to show Obama surging. 奥巴马在最新的全国民调中平均领先于麦凯恩7个百分点。政治专家们的确对最近几个州的民调显示奥巴马大受民众持感到印象深刻。"Right now, it is a near landslide for Barack Obama," said Allan Lichtman, a presidential scholar at American University in Washington. "A round of new polls have come out in battleground states showing Barack Obama with unstoppable leads in every state that John Kerry won in 2004, and very big leads in a lot of states that President Bush won in 2004." 李奇曼是美国首都华盛顿的美利坚大学的专门研究总统的学者。李奇曼说:“现在,对奥巴马来说,领先优势是压倒性的。从竞争激烈的几个州传来的最新一轮民调结果显示,奥巴马在克里2004年曾经赢得的几个州里的领先地位势不可挡。在美国总统布什2004年赢得的几个州里也大幅度领先。”But many analysts also caution that McCain could close the gap in the final days of the campaign, especially if something unexpected occurs either at home or abroad. 但许多分析家警告说,麦凯恩可能在最后几天的竞选活动中缩小差距,尤其在国内或者国外发生某种异常事件的情况下。"I continue to believe that some sort of unexpected global crisis in the last 10 days would certainly help McCain," said Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News and a guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "I don't think Russia is going to invade Poland or Georgia or the Czech Republic, but something like that, were it to happen, would remind voters, I think, that McCain has the overwhelming edge in experience in national security and foreign policy matters." 纽约“每日新闻”的德弗兰克作为嘉宾参加美国之音新闻节目的时候说:“我仍然认为,在最后十天发生某种意想不到的全球性危机将有助于麦凯恩。我并不认为俄罗斯会入侵波兰或格鲁吉亚或捷克共和国等,但类似的事件如果发生,我认为将会让选民想到,麦凯恩在国家安全和外交政策的经验方面具有压倒性的优势。”Both candidates will target a small group of undecided or so-called battleground states in the final days in hopes of securing the number of state-by-state electoral votes needed to win the presidency. 两位候选人在竞选的最后日子里,都将会把重点放在竞争激烈的州内一小批尚未拿定主意的选民身上,希望能够逐州争取当选总统所需要的选举人票。A candidate needs 270 electoral votes out of a total of 538 for victory. 在总统竞选中获胜需要538张选举人票中的270票。200810/53927Thousands of people have attended Christmas Eve celebrations at the birthplace of Christianity in Bethlehem. 数千人在基督教诞生地伯利恒参加圣诞夜庆祝活动。Christmas Eve began with festive marches through Manger Square by Palestinian boy and girl scouts. The celebrations took place outside the ancient Church of the Nativity, where tradition says Jesus was born.由巴勒斯坦的男女孩子们组成的童子军带领着游行队伍穿过马槽广场,开始了圣诞夜的庆祝活动。庆祝活动是在古老的圣诞教堂旁举行,据说,耶稣就是在这里诞生的。Bethlehem is in the Palestinian-ruled West Bank, and religion mixed with nationalism. Manger Square was decked out with Christmas trees and lights and Palestinian flags.伯利恒地处巴勒斯坦统治下的西岸,这里居住着不同民族,有着各种不同宗教信仰的人。圣诞树、灯和巴勒斯坦旗帜装饰着马槽广场。Religious observances began with the arrival of the Latin Patriarch, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land.宗教仪式是以天主教会驻圣地领袖拉丁大主教的到来开始的。Priests and monks in white robes held a procession into the Church of the Nativity leaving a trail of fragrant incense. Pilgrims from around the world looked on, including Paul Edelman from the U.S. state of Iowa. "Just the festivities, the idea that this is the birthplace of Christ, and you get to see all the historic places and share it with people from around the world; it's a very nice experience," he said.教士和修道院士身穿白袍列队进入圣诞教堂,身后留下焚香的芬芳。来自世界各地的朝圣者观看宗教仪式,其中有来自美国俄亥俄州的保罗·艾戴尔曼。他说:“我们欢庆的是,这是耶稣诞生地,你要参观所有历史遗迹,并跟来自世界各地的人一起分享这个经历,这真是一个非常好的体验。”Palestinian police with assault rifles patrolled the streets but the atmosphere was calm. A lull in violence brought a big turnout of tourists; some 70,000 are expected to visit Bethlehem this week. 佩戴攻击步的巴勒斯坦警察在街道上巡逻,不过,城市气氛平和。由于暴力活动的停息,大批游客涌来,估计这个星期会有大约7万人参观伯利恒。Palestinian shopkeeper Nadia Hazboun said the security situation in the West Bank is much better than a few years ago, when there was fighting with Israel and militants ruled the streets. "It was bad, now it is good. I told you, before anybody take the law in his (own) hands. But now the law (is) with the police. We have security, we have calm, we have now the best situation in Bethlehem," he said.巴勒斯坦人纳迪尔·哈兹伯恩是一个商店的店主,他说,西岸的安全局势比几年前好得多,那时,巴勒斯坦正在跟以色列打仗,武装分子在街道上为所欲为。他说:“那时的情况真糟糕,现在不错了。过去谁都能给别人治罪,但是现在只有警察才能执法。我们这里安全、平静,我们现在有着伯利恒最好的时光。”At the same time, the Palestinians complain that Israel's separation wall at the entrance to Bethlehem casts a dark shadow over Christmas. Israel erected the wall to stop a wave of suicide bombers, but Bethlehem Mayor Victor Batarseh says the town of Jesus' birth has become a prison. "We need bridges of love and understanding between the people, not walls of hatred," he said.与此同时,这位巴勒斯坦人抱怨说,以色列在进入伯利恒的通道处设立的隔离墙给圣诞节投下阴影。以色列为了阻止一波又一波的自杀炸弹袭击者树起了这道墙,但是伯利恒市长维克多·巴塔尔萨说,耶稣诞生的城市变成了一座监狱。巴塔尔萨市长说:“在人民之间,我们需要的是爱与理解的桥梁,而不是仇恨的高墙。”Batarseh, who is a Christian, said Bethlehem still brings hope at Christmas, with its eternal message of peace on earth, goodwill toward men.巴塔尔萨是一名基督徒,他说,伯利恒向全球传递永恒的和平信息,向人类传播友好意愿,伯利恒仍在圣诞节给人们带来希望。12/93306Liverpool and China利物浦与中国Here comes the yuan人民币驾到A city’s bid to revive its fortunes through the local and the global利物浦努力通过本地特色和全球投资重振其经济Sep 3rd 2011 | LIVERPOOL | from the print edition AT THE new Museum of Liverpool (above), a sleek limestone affair of Danish design, the city’s Chinese community, which began with an influx of sailors at the start of the 19th century, gets an exhibit to itself. The emphasis seems a little odd, until you consider the city’s regeneration strategy, which rests on a characteristically 21st-century mix of the local and the global. The aim is to use Liverpool’s storied past to attract investment from around the world—and from China in particular.在一座丹麦风格的优美石灰石建筑——新建的利物浦物馆里(上图),城市的华人社区开了一个展览会。利物浦的华人社区兴起于19世纪初期大量中国水手涌入城市之时。如此强调这件事,似乎有些奇怪,除非你仔细考虑过城市的复兴策略。利物浦的复兴策略的基础是一个典型的21世纪本地特色与全球投资的混合体。这个策略的目的在于:利用利物浦赫赫有名的历史吸引来自世界各地的投资,尤其是中国。Liverpool has been through tough times. Once an imperial entrepocirc;t, the city built its wealth on the exchange of slaves, cotton and commodities. But the end of empire, the rise of air travel and the advent of shipping containers slashed maritime employment after the 1960s. Manufacturing failed to compensate for the losses, even if a cultural efflorescence led by the Beatles accompanied the economic woes.利物浦曾经历艰难困苦的时期。从前,作为帝国的贸易中心,利物浦通过交换奴隶、棉布和日用品创造财富。但是在19世纪60年代之后,大英帝国的衰落、航空交通的兴起和集装箱船的出现这种种因素使航海业的员工被大幅裁员。即使披头士在经济萧条下引起了一场文化繁荣,制造业仍无法弥补这种损失。Many problems persist. A city that held 856,000 people in 1931 now houses just over half that number. In the suburb of Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club, an aborted regeneration scheme has bequeathed row after blighted row of boarded-up houses; gardens are overgrown with weeds and poppies sprout on street corners. The proportion of people on state benefits is twice the national average, as is the proportion of Liverpudlians who lack formal qualifications. Health is poor and life expectancy is low. Only two-thirds of residents work—41% of them in the public sector, which puts the city at especial risk in an era of government austerity.很多问题继续存在。一个在1931年人口为85万6千的城市,如今的居住人数却只有那时的一半多一点。利物浦足球俱乐部的所在地安菲尔德郊区曾实行过一个复兴策略,但最终流产,遗留下来的是一排又一排门窗被木板钉住的房屋,景象一派衰颓;住宅的花园里野草丛生,街头角落处罂粟疯长。安菲尔德郊区领取政府救济的人数比例两倍于全国平均水平,利物浦没有正式文凭的市民比例也是如此。健康状况相当不堪,平均寿命也不高。只有三分之二的居民有工作——其中41%在政府部门上班,在政府采取紧缩财政措施的年代里,这种情形会使城市的处境特别危险。201109/152524

The internet in China中国互联网Bashing Baidu打击百度State television fires on China’s Google国有电视台向中国谷歌开火Aug 27th 2011 | from the print editionLAST year Google remembered its motto (“Don’t be evil”) and stopped co-operating with China’s censors. Since then, Google has found it much harder to do business in mainland China. The chief beneficiary was Baidu, China’s leading search engine. Its share of internet searches, aly vast, grew to a dominant 75%.去年谷歌牢记自己的信条(“永不作恶”)以致终止了和中国审计的合作。自此以后,谷歌发现自己很难在中国大陆做生意了。其中主要的受益者就是百度,中国领先的搜索引擎。它的巨大的网络搜索份额已经达到垄断性的75%。Robin Li, Baidu’s Chinese-born, American-educated co-founder, is only 42 but one of China’s richest men. That makes him a target, despite his scrupulous efforts not to upset the ruling Communist Party. Since August 14th Baidu has been the subject of a series of damning investigative reports on CCTV, the main state-run broadcaster. Using undercover cameras, CCTV exposed Baidu employees apparently helping firms circumvent laws that bar unlicensed companies from advertising online. The reports also suggested that the lack of transparency in Baidu’s advertising system could lead advertisers to overpay. A Baidu spokesman refused to comment.中国出生,接受美国教育的百度联合创办人——李彦宏只有42岁就已经是中国最有钱的人之一。尽管他低调谨慎以免招惹到执政的共产党,但是这还是让他成为了目标。自从8月14日以来,百度已经成为了cctv(主要的国营媒体)开展的一系列调查恶性事件报道中的材料。cctv利用隐藏好的摄像头揭示了百度的雇员明显地在帮助一些公司绕开法律(禁止没有许可的公司在网上做广告)。这些报道还提到百度广告系统的不透明导致广告商们付过多的钱。百度的发言人拒绝发表。It was not the first time that CCTV has bashed Baidu. Reports in 2008 made similar allegations, prompting Baidu to apologise publicly. The latest attacks go further, though. It might seem a bit rich for the state broadcaster of a secretive, authoritarian country to chide Baidu for murkiness. And it certainly surprises some China-watchers. Baidu has done all it can to comply with the government’s whims. It is also a national champion: its shares are listed on New York’s NASDAQ exchange, and foreigners can’t get enough of them.这不是cctv第一次抨击百度了。在2008年的报道中也有类似的指控,促使百度发表公众道歉。尽管这一次的攻击已经相隔渐远了,但还是能认为对于一个不公开,专制的国家所有的电视台来说,对百度的暗中交易的批评次数好像有点多了。而且这确实令一些中国的观察者感到惊讶。百度已经做了它所能做的一切来迎合这个政府的意愿。在另外一个方面它也是这个国家的领先者:它的股份在纽约的纳斯达克陈列着而且外国人渴望得到这些股份。201109/152195Obama expectations Determined to tackle the recession, Barack Obama may delay some campaign pledges. CNN's Jim Acosta reports."This recession could linger for years."Now the change is in him. Just days from inauguration, Barack Obama is striking a different tone, this orient campaign rhetoric, "America, this is our moment. This is our time." has given way to grim reality. With the country mired in an ugly recession, the president-elect is calling for national sacrifice, warning there could actually be more job losses this year than last. The economy is also forcing Mr. Obama's team to reconsider some campaign pledges."I don't believe in running up debt for the next generation."Such as reining in deficit spending and scrapping the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans before they expire in late 2010."We have tried the George Bush's way, and it hasn’t worked."Some of the new verein is aimed at attracting Republican support with the incoming president's economic recovery plan. But that could set up an early battle in the now heavily Democratic Congress."I want a repeal of the tax cuts for the highest income people in America.""There would be a tax increase for those richer Ameri..."" This isn’t a tax increased, this focus of the tax cuts should be on America's middle class, the backbone of our democracy. We've gotten really the moil shaft in the past eight years."Mr. Obama is asking for sacrifice from Congress as well. Some political observers say the economic crisis raises the stakes."This strengthens of Barack Obama's hand with the Congress and with the public. It's so urgent. That is going to be very, very hard I think for people who don't like partial of this package devote against it.”Mr. Obama is now in the business of managing expectations, warning Americans the country not only needs hope, but hard work. He calls the task ahead, a heavy lift.Jim Acosta, CNN, Washington.01/61540Afghan, Pakistani Representatives Hold Jirga on Taliban Conflict巴阿部落领袖及政府代表开始会谈A suspected U.S. missile strike has killed 20 people in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal regions. The attack came hours before Pakistani and Afghan tribal leaders and government representatives began two days of talks about the Taliban insurgency in both countries. 被怀疑是美军发动的一次导弹袭击在塔利班控制的巴基斯坦部落地区造成20人死亡。袭击发生几个小时之后,巴基斯坦和阿富汗部落领袖以及政府代表开始就两国境内塔利班反叛武装问题展开为期两天的会谈。Residents of South Waziristan said the early morning missile strike hit the home of a Taliban commander outside the main town, Wana. Local residents reported some foreign militants were among the dead. 南瓦济里斯坦的居民说,清晨发射的导弹击中了主要城镇瓦纳郊外一名塔利班指挥官的房屋。据当地居民报告,死者当中包括几名外国激进分子。Since late August, more than 12 such missile strikes have hit targets mainly in the North and South Waziristan tribal agencies, which are considered key strongholds of Taliban factions that also operate in Afghanistan.  去年8月以来,这类导弹袭击共发生了12次以上,主要目标是南、北瓦济里斯坦的部落特区。据认为那些地区是同时也在阿富汗活动的塔利班派系的主要聚集地。During the same time, Pakistan's military has been engaged in heavy fighting in the Bajaur tribal agency, where the army claimed this week that more than 1,500 militants and 73 soldiers have been killed since the operation began.  与此同时,巴基斯坦军方在巴焦尔部落特区与激进分子展开了激烈战斗,军方这个星期说,这次行动开始以来,已经有1千5百多名激进分子被击毙,73名士兵阵亡。Despite the increase in U.S. missile strikes and the intensified efforts of the Pakistani military, there is also growing support for using negotiations and diplomacy to resolve the Taliban conflict.  尽管美军增加了导弹袭击频率,巴基斯坦军方也加大了行动力度,但也有更多的人持通过谈判和外交途径解决与塔利班的冲突。Last week Pakistan's parliament passed a resolution supporting peace talks as the government's top priority. This week, a group of Afghan tribal leaders, clerics and government officials arrived in Islamabad for talks with their Pakistani counterparts on the Taliban insurgency.  上星期,巴基斯坦议会通过决议,持政府将和谈作为优先重点。这星期,一些阿富汗部落领袖、神职人员和政府官员抵达伊斯兰堡,就塔利班反叛武装问题同巴基斯坦方面展开两天的会谈。At the start of the two-day meeting traditionally known as a jirga, Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said both countries acknowledge that the Taliban insurgency must be resolved through diplomacy.  会谈开始时,巴基斯坦外长库雷希说,两国都承认,必须通过外交途径解决塔利班反叛武装问题。"There is an increasing realization that the use of force alone cannot yield the desired results. For lasting success, negotiations and reconciliation must be an essential part of the process" Qureshi said. 他说:“人们越来越认识到,只靠武力不能取得预期的结果。为了持久的成功,必须使谈判和妥协成为这个进程的重要组成部分。”Since the last Pakistan-Afghanistan jirga held in Kabul more than a year ago, relations between the two countries have worsened and the Taliban insurgency has strengthened. Afghan officials have accused elements of Pakistan's intelligence and military institutions of helping insurgents plot attacks in Afghanistan. 自从巴基斯坦和阿富汗各方一年多以前举行上一次会谈以来,两国关系有所恶化,塔利班反叛活动有所加强。阿富汗官员指责巴基斯坦情报部门和军方机构中有人帮助反叛分子策划在阿富汗境内发动袭击。Despite the difficulties, officials in both countries say there is now more support for working together to negotiate an end to the conflict. Unlike last year, representatives from Pakistan's tribal agencies are attending the talks, citing the minor but hopeful progress that was made during the last round.  尽管存在这些困难,两国官员都表示,现在人们更加持展开合作,通过谈判结束冲突。与去年不同的是,巴基斯坦部落特区的代表现在也参加了会谈,表示自上一轮会谈以来取得了微小但有希望的进展。Some critics in Pakistan say the talks are meaningless unless U.S., NATO and Taliban representatives attend. But the leader of Afghanistan's delegation, former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, said searching for common ground at this stage is the best way forward.  巴基斯坦一些批评人士认为,除非美国、北约和塔利班的代表也出席,否则这些会谈毫无意义。但是阿富汗代表团团长、前外交部长阿卜杜拉说,在目前阶段,寻求共同立场是取得进展的最佳途径。"Through the decisions of the peace jirga and the discussions that we have here we will explore those opportunities further and hopefully what we decide here will help us to expedite the process of dialogue and reconciliation," Abdullah said. 他说:“通过和平会谈的决定以及我们在此展开的讨论,我们将进一步探索那些机会,但愿我们在这里做出的决定将帮助我们加快对话和妥协的进程。”The talks among 50 officials and tribal elders from both countries are expected to continue through Tuesday. 预计,这50名官员和部落长老的会谈将持续到星期二。200810/54264

US, North Korea, Reach Deal to Salvage Nuclear Accord美国北韩达成一致恢复执行核协议 The ed States has reached an agreement with North Korea to resume implementation of the six-party accord to end that country's nuclear weapons program. The Bush administration said Saturday it is removing North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism in return for new assurances from Pyongyang on verifying its nuclear activities.美国与北韩达成协议,恢复执行六方会谈达成的终止北韩核武器项目的协议。美国政府星期六表示,准备把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上拿掉,作为平壤重新允许核查北韩核项目活动的交换条件。The agreement, the product of weeks of high-level diplomacy, ends a dispute over verification that threatened to scuttle the deal under which Pyongyang is to scrap its nuclear program for aid and diplomatic benefits.这份协议是经过几个星期的高层外交努力达成的,从而终止了在核查北韩核项目活动问题上的纠纷。这场纠纷险些破坏先前的协议。根据先前的协议,平壤同意废除核项目以获得援助和外交好处。Bush administration officials say that as a result of the talks, including a Pyongyang visit by chief U.S. delegate Christopher Hill a week ago, North Korea has agreed to a series of measures that represent "significant cooperation" in verifying the declaration of its nuclear program made in June.布什政府官员表示,作为多次会谈的结果,包括美国首席谈判代表希尔上星期访问平壤,北韩同意采取一系列措施,在允许核查北韩今年6月提交的核项目活动清单问题上,表现出“明显的合作”。State Department spokesman Sean McCormack says the deal means Pyongyang is being removed from the U.S. terrorism blacklist, and North Korea in turn will reverse steps it has taken recently toward restarting its disabled Yongbyon reactor complex.美国国务院发言人麦科马克表示,这个协议意味着正在将北韩从美国的持恐怖主义国家黑名单上拿掉,作为交换,北韩将停止最近重启宁边反应堆的工作。"The secretary of state this morning rescinded the designation of the DPRK as a state sponsor of terrorism, and that was effective with her signature. North Korea has stated it will resume disablement of its nuclear facilities. This demonstrates that the six-party principle of action-for-action is working," he said.他说:“国务卿赖斯星期六早上将北韩自持恐怖主义国家的名单上拿掉,她签了字,使这个决定生效。北韩已经声明将继续核设施的去核化工作。这明六方会谈以行动换取行动的原则有成效。”North Korea had accused the ed States of reneging on a promise to remove it from the terrorism list when it made its declaration June 26. The ed States said delisting was always dependent on Pyongyang providing an acceptable verification plan.北韩原来指责美国违背承诺,在北韩6月26号提交核项目活动清单以后,美国并没有将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉。但是美国当时表示,将北韩从名单上拿掉永远取决于平壤能否提供一个让人接受的核查计划。Administration officials who briefed reporters said the agreed verification plan - to be adopted by all six parties to the negotiations at a Beijing meeting in a few weeks - includes all terms, among them visits to undeclared North Korean nuclear sites, that the ed States sought from the beginning.向记者通报情况的美国官员说,六方会谈国家几个星期内将在北京开会批准的核查计划包括所有美国从一开始就在争取的条件,包括允许在未经通知的情况下进入北韩核设施。Critics of the Bush administration, among them former U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations John Bolton, have accused the State Department of softening verification demands to try to keep the nuclear deal afloat and claim a foreign policy triumph.包括前任美国驻联合国大使尔顿在内的人对布什政府提出批评,指责美国国务院降低核查要求,以便让这个北韩核项目协议继续存在,以便用来宣称外交政策上的胜利。There were similar comments Friday from Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.共和党总统候选人麦凯恩星期五也发出类似的。McCormack said the deal achieved "every single element" of the administration verification agenda, which he said was driven not by domestic political considerations but U.S. national interests. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克表示,这次协议包括了美国政府核查纲要的“每一项内容”,他说,这不是出于国内政治考量,而是出于美国国家利益的考量。"The secretary and the president wouldn't take these kinds of decisions if they didn't think that these decisions would help us - the ed States - ultimately get to the goal of de-nuclearizing the Korean peninsula. Again, without compromising on principle," he said.他说:“如果国务卿和总统认为这些决定不会帮助美国最终实现朝鲜半岛去核化的目标,他们就不会做出这样的决定。再说一遍,我们没有在原则上妥协。”Candidate McCain and others have also suggested that removing North Korea from the terrorism list undercuts Japan, which has been pressing Pyongyang to account for a number of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea in the 1970s and 80s.共和党总统候选人麦凯恩和其他人同时认为,将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉会打击日本。日本一直督促平壤说明北韩上个世纪70年代和80年代劫持的日本公民的去向。McCormack said the ed States "wholeheartedly" supports Japan's position on the abduction issue and will never forget the suffering of the Japanese victims and their families.He noted that even after terrorism-related sanctions against North Korea are lifted, it remains subject to numerous sanctions related to its 2006 nuclear weapons test, proliferation activity, and human rights record.The White House said President Bush made the same points in a telephone call to Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso Saturday morning. 白宫方面表示,布什总统星期六早上与日本首相麻生太郎通电话时也强调了这些情况。Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama, in a written statement, called the agreement a modest step forward. He said the decision to remove North Korea from the terrorism list is an appropriate response, as long as there is a clear understanding that if Pyongyang fails to follow through on its obligations there will be "immediate consequences."美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马发表书面声明说,这个协议是向前迈了一小步。他说,只要各方都很清楚,如果北韩不遵守应尽的义务,就会“马上出现后果”,将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉的决定就是适当的。200810/52604奥巴马接受访谈时出手打死苍蝇奥巴马之前不久在白宫接受电视采访时,发现屋内飞有一只苍蝇,就亲自用手把它拍死。  Well, you know, when we first got into the room, there was just a very large fly that was circling, and we didn’t quite know what to make cover it, tried to get it, tried to get it out of the room. We thoughtit was out of the room but when I was talking I noticed it circling around the president. It was quite persistent. He put his, er, he put his hand up in one… Let’s take a, take a list. I think we've got the a little bit sound here. P: hey, get out of here.G: that’s the most persistent fly I’ve ever seen. Nice!P: now, where were we?G: Yeah.P: That was an pretty impressive one. I got the sucker. What do you think, Gibson?G: that is very good. It’s right there.P: it’s right there. You wanna film that? Here it is. 06/74871Paulson, Bernanke Defend Financial Rescue Strategy美财经官员在国会为救市措施辩护 In testimony to Congress, the U.S. treasury chief and central bank chairman have strongly defended their management of the 0 billion financial and credit market rescue program. The officials faced tough questions from lawmakers about how government money is being used. 美国财政部部长和美联储主席在国会作时为他们对7000亿美元金融和信贷救市项目的管理工作进行积极辩护。议员们针对这笔政府资金的使用情况向这两位官员提出了尖锐的问题。U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have faced criticism the original intent of the financial rescue program as approved by Congress in September has shifted. 美国财政部部长保尔森和美联储主席伯南克面对批评的声音,因为有人说国会9月份批准的金融救市项目的初衷已经被改变了。Mr. Paulson revealed last week that billions of dollars approved by Congress is now going to prop up capital liquidity and lending capabilities of banks and other institutions, rather than to purchase troubled assets they hold. 伯南克上周透露,国会批准的这笔资金现在将被用来增加和其它机构的资本流动性和贷款能力,而不是用来购买这些机构手中的不良资产。Under questioning before the House Financial Services Committee, Paulson said negative developments in U.S. and global market conditions since Congress approved the rescue program outstripped the effectiveness of initial 0 billion amount approved by Congress, forcing the change in direction. 保尔森在受到众议院金融务委员会的质询时说,自从国会批准救市计划以来,首批拨出的3500亿美元资金已经不足以解决美国和全球市场形势进一步恶化所造成问题,这迫使政府改变救市资金的使用方法。"It is clear that an effective mortgage asset purchase program would require a massive commitment of TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program] funds," he said. "In September, before economic conditions worsened, 0 billion in troubled asset purchases would have had a significant impact. But half of that sum in a worse economy simply is not enough fire power." 他说:“显然,要想让按揭资产购买项目发挥作用,就必须向不良资产救助项目中投入大量资金。今年9月,在经济情况进一步恶化之前,把这7000亿美元用在不良资产救助项目上是可以发挥巨大作用的。不过,在经济进一步恶化后,只用3500亿美元救市可谓杯水车薪。”Paulson said actions so far had strengthened the financial system, prevented further harm to the U.S. economy, and preserved for President-elect Barack Obama the flexibility he will need to deal with future challenges. Committee chairman Democratic Representative Barney Frank said lawmakers are unhappy with how banks and institutions have used money from the government program, and their failure to significantly expand lending to home owners. 金融务委员会主席、民主党众议员弗兰克说,和其它机构使用政府资金的方法,以及它们没有大幅增加对房屋所有人贷款规模的做法都令议员们感到不满。"The fundamental policy issue is our disappointment that funds are not being used out of the 0 billion to supplement mortgage foreclosure reduction," he said. 他说:“七千亿美元救市计划中的资金没有被用来减少房屋抵押权被收回的现象。我们对此感到失望。这是最根本的政策问题。”Lawmakers have pointed to media reports that banks have used money from the government assistance program to purchase other banks, and pay investor dividends and bonuses to executives.  议员们还指出,有媒体报导说,一些用政府救市项目中的资金来并购其它,或者用这些钱来给投资者分红、给高层发奖金。Representatives of some major institutions told Congress last week that executive compensation will be sharply reduced in light of economic conditions, and defended their efforts to expand lending. Ranking panel Republican Spencer Bachus said Paulson deserves credit for recognizing the need to shift strategy. 金融务委员会首席共和党议员巴克斯说,保尔森意识到需要改变战略,这是值得称赞的。"[If] conditions on the ground change, then you must be agile and adjust, and I hope we all understand that," he said. 他说:“如果具体情况变了,那么你就必须灵活地调整策略,我希望我们都能明白这一点。”In their testimony, Bernanke and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman Sheila Bair said while capital injections reduced pressure on and provided some stability to banks, credit conditions remain unsatisfactory. 美联储主席伯南克和联邦存款保险公司主席贝尔在作时说,虽然资本注入减少了的压力,并给带来了一些稳定,但是信贷市场的环境仍然不容乐观。"Overall credit conditions are still far from normal, with risk sps remaining very elevated and banks reporting that they continued to tighten lending standards through October," Bernanke said. 伯南克说:“从总体上看,信贷环境还远没有恢复正常。信用风险差价依然过高,则说它们在10月份继续收紧信贷标准。”"The financial system is now more stable and interest rate sps have narrowed substantially, however credit remains tight and a serious threat to the economic outlook," said Bair. 贝尔说:“金融系统现在稳定一些了,利差已经大幅缩减,但是信贷依然紧张,这是对经济前景的一个严重威胁。”Bair pointed to continuing increases in the number of U.S. home foreclosures, saying that government efforts are "falling behind the curve." In his testimony, Treasury Secretary Paulson said the Bush administration remains opposed to using funds from the government rescue program to help the three major U.S. automakers avoid collapse. 财政部长保尔森在作时说,布什政府依然反对使用政府救市项目中的资金来帮助美国三大汽车制造公司免于倒闭。House and Senate lawmakers are considering a billion plan to help auto manufacturers. 美国众议院和参议院的议员们正在考虑是否动用250亿美元帮助这些汽车制造公司。200811/56571

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