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Blue Jasmine 蓝色茉莉上映 --7 :3:37 来源: Blue Jasmine 蓝色茉莉上映一年一度的伍迪艾伦来袭,这次的Blue Jasmine 蓝色茉莉描述的是一位沦落的阔太(Cate Blanchett饰),影片用穿插叙述的方法描绘了她前后天上地下的生活片段当一个原本富有的女人丧失了原有的一切,生活该怎么办?So sharp is the reversal of tune Woody Allen's female protagonist in his latest film, "Blue Jasmine," that the Manhattan socialite's possessions are reduced to a faint echo: a Chanel jacket, designer suitcases, a clutch of anti-depressants.She does manage to retain a regal bearing and a posh accent. But the most part, Jasmine, played by Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett, has lost everything including her mind, thanks to her husband's financial and marital misdeeds and her own hapless ways.After making a number of films in Europe, Allen didn't have to go far to find the inspiration "Blue Jasmine," which opens in US theaters on Friday. As Blanchett says, after the financial crisis and a string of fraud cases like Bernie Madoff's epic swindle, there are many Jasmines walking the streets of Allen's Manhattan."I found the whole story surprising and painful and yet not surprising at all considering what's happened to a lot of people psychologically and financially," said Blanchett."You sit in a park and invariably you will see someone mumbling to themselves and sometimes they will be very well heeled.""Blue Jasmine" is the Australian actress' first film with the prolific director, known creating memorable female characters like Diane Keaton's Annie Hall. While Jasmine may be memorable, and Blanchett, , has received favorable reviews the role, she is far from being a heroine or even a likeable character.Rather, Jasmine is a cautionary tale of what happens when a woman builds her life around a wealthy husband, unaware of the house of cards in which she lives.In flashbacks, Allen serves up sumptuous glimpses of her mer life: a beautiful apartment complete with hunter green walls, a vast beach house, elegant dinners in designer dresses. Meanwhile husband Hal, played by Alec Baldwin, takes up with young women and negotiates dodgy deals while Jasmine looks the other way until it all unravels swiftly, leaving her in a heap Blue Jasmine 蓝色亲爱的朋友们,欢迎走进“话说地道美语”课堂,我是Juliet随着生活方式的多元化趋势,“朝九晚五”的工作模式已不能完全概括现代人的工作状态夜班司机、小时便利店员工、自由职业者……越来越多的人群加入到“熬夜族”的行列那么这类人叫做“熬夜族人”,“熬夜族人”的工作和活动用地道美语怎么说呢? 下面我们来听Tom和Jerry的一段对话Tom在周末用了天的时间才完成老师布置的作业,而Jerry这两天都在网上冲浪,玩游戏,那么最后Jerry的作业究竟做完了吗?我们就来看一下Tom: How is it going with your assignment?Jerry: I pulled an all-nighter to write this assignment, and I aced it. 在对话中,Tom问Jerry:How is it going with your assignment? 你的作业做得怎么样了?这句话中的How is it going with...是一个碰到友人轻松愉快的友好的问候短句用于问候身体状况或是事情进展如何?短句介词with后面可以跟something(物),也可以跟somebody(人)例如:How is it going with your business?近来生意还好吗?How is it going with your family? 你家人近来好吗?那么,我们回答说“好”,就是“Fine, thank you.”我们回答说“不怎么好”,就是“Not so good..”我们回答说“和往常一样”,就是“Nothing much.”“The same as usual.”我们回答说“马马虎虎啦”就是“Just so so.” 紧接着,Jerry回答Tom: I pulled an all-nighter to write this assignment, and I aced it. 我是熬夜写成了这份作业,并且得了优异的成绩我们来看这个句子的一个词all-nighter它是由all-nighte演变而来All-night是一个形容词,是通宵达旦的意思我们都知道在形容词后面加上er就会变成跟这个形容词意思有关的名词all-nighter就是通宵达旦性质的工作;通宵达旦性质的活动我们来看个例句:I almost fell asleep during the test after an all-nighter熬夜后我在考试时几乎睡着了这句话中的all-nighter是指通宵性质的活动——整夜在学习She likes to stay in the coffee house which is an all-nighter. 她喜欢待在通宵经营的咖啡店里这句话中的all-nighter是指通宵性质的工作 Jerry的回答中有个短语pull an all-nighter是“开夜车”“熬夜”“挑灯夜战”“熬更打夜”的意思、我们来看个例句:I pulled an all-nighter to study my math exam.为了应付数学考试,我学了一个通宵I pulled an all-nighter to finish my proposal. 我一整晚没睡,来完成我的提案Jerry的回答中pull an all-nighter后面紧跟了一个动词不定式短语to write this assignment,它在句中做目的状语“and I aced it”后半句中的ace是个slang(俚语),它是get high scores,取得考分,成绩优异的意思例如:I aced the test. 我这次考试得了满分Ace a text是to do extremely well on a test,考试得满分,考试取得异成绩的意思And这个连词在此句话中表“递进” 亲爱的朋友们,当今社会的“熬夜族人”的行为叫做all-nigher,开夜车叫做pull an all-nighter那么今天的学习就暂告一段落,有关“熬夜族”的话题我们下回继续,敬请关注下期课堂Thank you! Listeners, see you! 若您对本期课程有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为:6353,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com我会在第一时间给你解答疑惑 07,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 控制你的坏脾气Take a walk.散散步Exercise in itself can be a great stress reliever,as your body releases endorphins as you walk. 锻炼本身就是一种很放松的方式,因为当你的身体在你走路的时候会释放出激素Remove yourself from the situation that has aggravated you, take a walk and get the chance to clear your mind and gain new perspectives. 让自己走出那样的情况会让你更生气,让自己走走,给自己一个机会去理清自己的想法,获得新的观点When you feel y to deal with the situation, walk back with a clear head.当你感觉自己准备好处理这样的情况了,就能头脑清醒的走回来aggravate vt.加重,使恶化; 使恼火; 激怒例句:Pollution can aggravate asthma.污染会使气喘加重更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 359366

Scottish actor Gerard Butler, 'True Blood' hunk Alexander Skarsgard, Tron's Garrett Hedlund, Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill and Britain's Prince Harry completed the top ten, although Harry's older brother Prince William failed to make the list at all.

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