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济南的妇科医院哪间比较好Finance and Economics;Japanese banks in Asia; Lending a hand;财经;亚洲日本;伸出援手;Japans biggest banks help pick up the slack from retreating Europeans;日本大型捡起了欧洲人撂下的担子;There are two, potentially overlapping, ways in which Asias export-driven economies could suffer from the euro crisis. One is from the slowdown in trade to Europe. The other is the drying up of finance, from trade credit to syndicated loans, extended by euro-zone banks. On neither score is Asia as vulnerable as it was after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, argued Iwan Azis of the Asian Development Bank, at The Economists Bellwether conference in Tokyo on May 16th. One of the reasons is that Japans mega-banks have lumbered off their home territory to pick up some of the slack left by the departing Europeans (see chart).欧元危机可能给亚洲的出口导向型经济带来两方面的影响(有可能是相互交叉的):一方面是对欧贸易额减少,另一方面是资金不足,这是欧元区延长了贸易信贷和银团贷款的期限导致的。5月16日,在东京举办的经济学家领导人会谈中,亚洲发展的lwan Azis认为,尽管如此,亚洲经济却再也不会像2008年雷曼兄弟垮台之后那般脆弱。其中一个原因是,日本的大型逐渐跨越本国领域,捡起了打退堂鼓的欧洲人撂下的一些担子。This is good news not just for Asias exporters. It also shows a rare stroke of boldness by Japans big three, Mitsubishi UFJ Group (MUFG), Sumitomo Mitsui, and Mizuho. After pulling back from lending to Asia following the 1998 financial crisis, and then suffering more than a decade of deleveraging by their deflation-sapped customers at home, they can almost smell the predicament of their European peers. Ken Takamiya of Nomura Securities says that in Australia, for instance, the mega-banks lending has recently overtaken that of BNP Paribas and Société Générale, two retreating French banks. It is the same story elsewhere in Asia, he thinks.这不仅仅对亚洲输出国来说是好事,同时,也是日本业三巨头——三菱日联金融集团(MUFG)、三井住友、瑞穗少有的一次大胆出击。自1998年金融危机之时三巨头停止像亚洲放贷,之后又连续遭受十几年通货紧缩国民减债的困境,他们几乎可以嗅到如今的欧洲同行的窘迫。野村券的Ken takamiya表示,譬如在澳大利亚,日本大型的贷款近期已经超过了呈下滑趋势的两家法国——法国巴黎和法国兴业。他认为,在亚洲其他地区也是如此。Some of the banks trumpeted their ability to buy discarded European assets abroad, as well as making fresh loans in Asia, when they released reports on May 15th showing a sharp increase in profits last fiscal year. These profits largely reflected the sale of big helpings of Japanese government bonds, but foreign activities help. Mr Takamiya says returns on overseas assets at MUFGs biggest bank generate about 2.5%, versus less than 1.5% at home.这些大型中,有些在5月15日的报告中展示其在上一财政年度收益剧增,并吹嘘自己购买废弃欧洲资产及在亚洲发放新鲜贷款的能力。这些收益极大地反映出日本政府公债的重要作用,但外事活动也的确有所帮助。Takamiya先生指出,三菱集团最大的拥有的海外资产产生的收益占总收益的2.5%,相比之下,国内资产的收益只有1.5%。There are, however, some impediments to growing further in Asia, and especially to catching up with Western competitors such as HS and Citigroup. Firstly, although the mega-banks have huge deposits—MUFG has the second-biggest stash in the world—they lack matching-currency funding to make non-yen loans, and are thinking only gingerly about sping branch networks across Asia, analysts say.然而,日本大型在亚洲的发展道路会遭遇一些阻碍,尤其是想要赶上其西方竞争对手(如汇丰和花旗集团)。首先,据有关人士分析,虽然这些大型有巨额的存款——MUFG储蓄量为世界第二,但他们缺少货币配对基金来提供非日元贷款;而且对于在亚洲扩展分网络一事,他们表现得小心翼翼。Secondly, their ambitions to be more innovative are modest for now. Rival bankers snort that Japans lending is “pure balance-sheet”, meaning they make large syndicated and project-finance loans that are often long-term and low-margin. They lack the more sophisticated and lucrative cash-management, foreign-exchange and other services of Western peers.其次,他们革新的雄心壮志仍旧是不温不火。作为其对手的业人士嗤之以鼻地表示,日本贷款是“纯粹的资产负债表”,即他们虽然提供大量银团贷款和项目融资贷款,却经常是长期性且低利润的。他们缺少了西方同行拥有的那些更为复杂、更能赢利的现金管理、外汇交易及其他务。Business at home is so lacklustre, however, that they may have little choice but to place bigger bets abroad. And even if prospects for growth in Japan did improve—GDP rose by 1% in the first quarter, beating expectations—the banks would still benefit from diversifying. So exposed are they to Japanese government bonds that Masaaki Shirakawa, the governor of the Bank of Japan, has said the big banks could suffer losses of up to ¥3.5 trillion (.5 billion) if yields rose by an admittedly lofty one percentage point. That would more than wipe out their combined profit last year.但是,国内市场太过乏味,日本大型不得不向国外市场押下更大的赌注。尽管日本国内经济增长前景的确有所改善——第一季度的GDP上涨1%,超出预期;但多元化经营仍旧会给他们带来诸多利益。日本政府公债对这些的影响过大,日本理事Masaaki Shirakawa表示,如果利率真的上涨了1%,这些大型将会遭受价值3.5亿日元的巨额损失。这比他们去年利润的总和还要多。 /201304/236755淄博市四维彩超价格 Business商业报道Myanmar gets y for business缅甸努力为外国投资做好准备Opening soon正在开放Big opportunities and big problems for firms in Myanmar对于投资缅甸的企业来说,巨大的机遇与巨大的风险并存IT DOESNT happen every day that a country of 60m people in the most dynamic region of the world is suddenly open for business,在世界上最有活力的地区内,具有六千万人口的国家一夜之间就放开了商业上的限制,这种事儿可不常见。argues Hans Vriens, a consultant in Singapore.新加坡国顾问汉森威尔森如此说道。He is describing the prospects in Myanmar, as the once isolated country moves from a military dictatorship to something less ghastly.他所描述的正是缅甸国内发生的变化,一个曾经封闭的国家从军官独裁之恐怖局势中解脱出来的过程。Rich in teak, minerals, oil, gas and much else, half a century ago Myanmar was one of the more prosperous countries in the region.凭借着丰富的柚树、石油、天然气和其他资源,缅甸半个世纪以前曾是东南亚区域内相对富有的国家之一。Decades of state socialism, oppression and sanctions put paid to that.但是国内数十年不成功的社会主义化进程,以及来做国外的压迫、制裁却使得这些优势消耗殆尽。But now Myanmar seems to be rejoining the real world. The army has relaxed its grip somewhat,不过现在,缅甸看起来又要重新回到世界舞台了。and the government is angling for foreign investment. Will the economy regain its former lustre?军方已一定程度上放松了对国家的控制,政府也尽力争取国外的投资。那么,缅甸国的经济能否重新恢复往日的光呢?Myanmars reforms may win diplomatic rewards.缅甸的改革也许可以赢来外交上的回报。America and the European Union imposed sweeping economic sanctions in the 1990s to punish the regime for stealing elections and jailing opponents.美国和欧盟曾在20世纪90年代向缅甸实行全面的经济制裁以对其无视选民的选举权利并且关押反对派人士的行为做出惩罚;These may be lifted.缅甸改革以后,这些制裁都有可能被取消,That would allow foreign firms, and particularly Western ones, to pour in.进而海外的尤其是来自西方国家的企业,将大量进入缅甸市场。Some countries are moving aly.有一些国家已经开始行动。America is allowing IMF and World Bank teams to visit the country in part to help the government modernise its sclerotic financial system.现在美国正允许世界货币基金组织以及世界的工作组在一些领域内访问缅甸以帮助该国政府扭转僵化的金融系统、实现现代化。The EU has abolished visa restrictions on leading government members and is expected to announce further relaxations in April.欧盟则已经针对主要的政府成员解除了签限制,并有预测指出四月份,更多的限制会被放宽。Western firms are excited by the countrys big population, abundant natural resources and palpable demand for modern products and services.缅甸国的巨大人口,丰富的自然资源以及对现代化产品和务的明确需求都让西方企业激动不已。Myanmars clocks stopped some time in the early 1960s, after the generals took over, so its citizens are hungry for just about everything.20世纪60年代军官独占统治权后,缅甸的社会曾经一度停止发展,因而现在,缅甸人民对即将到来的一切都如饥似渴。Few people own cars and the gleaming malls and supermarkets that infest much of Asia are largely absent.目前缅甸国内几乎无人拥有汽车,大多数亚洲国家内都成批出现的豪华购物中心或豪华超市也都在缅甸国内不见踪影。Mr Vriens says investors see opportunities everywhere, from finance to hotels to food processing.威尔森先生说投资者在金融,酒店乃至食品加工等各个领域内都可以看到机会。Myanmars new government is embracing Western investors.缅甸的新政府非常欢迎西方国家的投资者。During the years of sanctions, the main large investors were Chinese firms keen to extract oil, timber and other natural resources.在多年制裁后,现在主要的大规模投资者是将目光放在石油,木材等自然资源上的中国企业。Few of these firms did much for local workers, or paid much heed to the environment. Now Myanmar has other options.但是大部分这些企业都既不关注当地环境,也没有帮助改善当地工人的生活状况。现在,缅甸国有其他选择了。To make the country more attractive to foreign investors, the government is trying to rush through broad reforms of its legal and economic system in just a year.当国政府正努力加紧在一年内完成从法律系统到经济系统的广泛改革。New land and investment laws are being drafted, special economic zones created and advice solicited from all quarters.新的国土与投资法律正在起草之中,经济特区已划好,更多的建议也从不同的地区被征集。Officials are painting the country as the strategic nexus between China, India and South-East Asia,中国、印度与东南亚是当下世界范围内增长速度最快的三大市场,with easy access to the three fastest-growing markets in the world.凭借着通向这些市场的绿色通道,缅甸官员正努力将缅甸建设为中国、印度与东南亚之间的战略纽带。However, it will still be a hard place in which to do business.但是,当下缅甸依然不是投资的理想环境。First, the exchange rate is rigged.首先,该国汇率受到操控。The official rate is 6 kyat to the dollar;官方利率是6缅元对1美元;the more realistic black-market rate is about 800.但黑市上的利率却是800:1,这一比率更真实。The country lacks a proper banking system.其次,该国也缺少真正的系统。In the new spirit of openness, officials concede that corruption is endemic.在开放的战略下,官方终于承认腐败现象在地方盛行。That is putting it mildly:如下事实以温和的方式表述了现状:Transparency International, a watchdog, ranks it 180th out of 183 countries. Building a functioning legal system could take a long time.监管机构透明国际,将该国在全部183个国家中放到了第180个位置。显然缅甸国想建立起真正发挥作用的法律系统还尚需时日。A few firms have done well in Myanmar for years, despite sanctions.尽管制裁政策的存在,依然有一些企业对在缅甸的国商业投资上表现不错。Total, a French oil firm, is used to doing business in nasty places.道达尔,一家法国石油公司,就曾经在使人不悦的土地上成功投资。DHL, a German delivery company, has profited from the absence of a reliable postal service.敦豪快运公司,一家德国物流企业,也曾经在缺少可靠邮政务的情况下顺利盈利。But these are exceptions.但是这些公司都是特例。If Myanmar wants to join the broad-based Asian boom, it will have to keep reforming for years to come.如果缅甸想要在亚洲广泛的增长局势中分一杯羹,它还需先经历多年改革才行。 /201305/242085济南省附属医院预约四维彩超

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