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泉州晋江市医院可以做引产吗泉州新阳光女子医生有哪些“美国高考”ACT考试遭泄题 香港韩国考试全部取消 -- :00: 来源: 6月号,本是被称为“美国高考”的美国大学入学考试ACT的考试日子因ACT在中国内地不设考场,不少内地学生远赴香港和韩国参加ACT考试然而,在考试前几个小时,学生收到ACT通知,紧急取消6月号在中国香港地区和韩国的考试 An examination students in South Korea and Hong Kong hoping to study at US colleges has been cancelled after "credible evidence" emerged that it had been leaked in advance.韩国和香港参加美国留学的考试竟然因有“可靠据”显示遭泄题而被取消Administrators of the ACT test took the decision just hours bee some 5,500 students were due to sit it.ACT考试的主办方在距离开考仅剩几小时时,宣布了这个决定The ACT is one of two entrance exams available to international and domestic students wanting to go to a US college.国内外想要到美国上大学的人,都必须参加ACT考试,或者另外一项考试This is not the first cheating scandal to hit the tests in East Asia.这已经不是发生在东亚的第一起泄题丑闻The other entrance exam - the SAT - was cancelled in South Korea in because some of the questions were leaked.另一项“美国高考”——SAT,年在韩国也由于泄题被取消考试The ACT test was due to be held at 56 test centres in both South Korea and Hong Kong on Saturday morning.ACT考试原定于6月日上午在韩国和香港的56个考点开考The Associated Press said teachers at some of Seoul’s private "cram schools" said they were not notified until about an hour bee the students were due to sit the test.据美联社消息,首尔的私人“补习班”老师们表示,直到开考前一小时他们才接到通知取消考试ACT Inc, an Iowa-based non-profit organisation that was operating the test, said it took the decision after receiving "credible evidence that test materials intended administration in these regions have been compromised".运营本次考试的ACT公司是一家总部设在爱荷华的非营利机构该公司表示,在收到“可靠的据表明这些地区的考题遭泄露”后,他们马上做出了决定The organisation said in a statement that all students would get a refund but would only be able to resit when the tests are held again in September.该机构在一份声明中表示,会将考试费用退给学生,在今年9月再安排一次考试泉州处女膜修复术哪里做得比较好 微软裁员,智能手机业务或已到尽头 --7 :: 来源: 日前,微软宣布计划削减1850个工作岗位,此举将作为微软收缩旗下智能手机业务的一部分The firm also said it would post a 0m (euro 66m) writedown, part of which is to cover redundancy payments.据微软表示,此举将给公司带来9亿5000万美元(约合6亿600万欧元)的减计收入,其中一部分将被用来付员工的遣散费用A union official suggested the firm had cancelled plans to manufacture further handsets of its own, although this has not been confirmed.尽管未被实,但是据一名工会官员透露,微软已经撤销了对自主手机的进一步生产计划The move comes just two years after the US company paid .bn Nokiarsquo;s handset business.就在这一举措仅仅两年前,微软还付了7亿美元来购买诺基亚的手机业务Last week, a study indicated Windows-powered handsets ed less than 1% of global smartphone sales over the first three months of the year.据上周的一项研究结果表明,在今年前三个月的全球智能手机销量中,Windows系统手机占比不到1%Microsoft is also in the process of selling its Nokia-branded feature phones business.微软目前也在经营其他业务,销售贴牌诺基亚的功能手机Microsoft said up to 1,350 of the job cuts would be made in Finland as a result of the latest announcement.根据最新公布的消息,微软表示将在芬兰裁员,最多50人;My understanding is that Windows will go on as an operating system, but there will be no more phones made by Microsoft,; said a union representative.一名工会代表说道:;我的理解是Windows 会作为一款操作系统继续销售,但是微软不会再生产手机了;A statement issued by Microsoftrsquo;s chief executive did not make clear if this was indeed the case.微软CEO发表的声明并没有表明是否的确是这么一回事;We will continue to innovate across devices and on our cloud services across all mobile platms,; said Satya Nadella.萨蒂亚;纳德拉表示:;在设备和各移动平台云务上,我们将继续创新;The company has promised to provide more inmation when it posts an earnings update in July.微软承诺等到7月份披露盈利报告时,他们将提供更多(相关的)信息But one expert said he still believed it still had plans new handsets.但是有专家表示,说他仍然认为微软有新手机计划;The writing has been on the wall some time about Microsoftrsquo;s remaining smartphone operations in Finland,; said Ben Wood from the CCS Insight consultancy.来自咨询公司CCS Insight的本;伍德说道:;根据市面上的这些信息,我们可以对微软在芬兰遗留的智能手机业务有一个了解;;But Nadellarsquo;s vision Windows is predicated on delivering the operating system to any screen, whether its a watch, a giant TV or a phone.;但是对纳德拉来说,Windows 的目标是把这款操作系统移植到每一个设备上,无论它是手表、大电视还是手机;So, Microsoft will continue to support smartphone licensees - including Alcatel, Acer and HP - as long as it can.;微软将继续持对对阿尔卡特、宏碁和HP的手机授权,时间越长越好;;And I think we will eventually see a Surface-branded phone emerge as well.;我想,我们最终也会看到微软推出Surface手机;;But that will be so Microsoft can show what the art-of-the-possible is business-targeted devices - similar to what it has done with its Surface tablets and laptop - rather than trying to sell tens of millions of s itself to consumers.;;但是在这之前,微软必须要学会如何在商用产品上实现艺术可能(这有点像微软在Surface平板和笔记本电脑上的做法),而不仅仅只是向消费者出售上千万数量的设备;黑科技:手机贴手机就能充电 --31 ::19 来源:chinadaily Seeing the 'Low Battery' alert on your smartphone is enough to send anyone into a frenzy. But a group of researchers have developed a solution that not only lets you power your own device, but allows you to share your charge with others in need - without using a power pack. 手机显示电量不足时我们就会莫名感到焦虑一组研究人员已经找到了解决办法,不仅可以让你自己给自己的设备充电,还可以在没有电源组的情况下将自己的电量分享给需要的人Called PowerShare, this technology consists of flexible coils and docking aids embedded in a smartphone or smartwatch to transfer power to devices just by touching them together. 这款名为“能源分享”的设备主要由软线圈和对接工具组成,将其贴在智能手机或智能手表上,只要把另一只手机贴上去就可以“借”电来充There are a number of products on the market that provide Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) smartphone users that power their phones without the need of an outlet. Although power packs and mobile hand generators are good back-ups, they can be bulky and a nuisance when traveling. 市面上可供智能手机用户在无需电源插座的情况下充电的无线输电设备不在少数虽然一些电源组和移动手摇发电还可以起到救急作用,但是对于旅行者来说笨重又麻烦Once the technology is placed inside a smartwatch or smartphone, simply tap it with another device and watch it charge. 只要在智能手表或智能手机应用此项技术,两种设备轻轻碰触便可进行充电The creators estimate that around seconds of charging would give users one minute of talk time and two minutes would generate enough power to watch four minutes of a . 发明者估计,用户只需充电大约秒便可通话1分钟,充电分钟可看视频分钟The average Wireless Power Transfer gadget consist of at least two coils, one located in the power transmitter and the other in the power receiver, reports LiveScience. 美国生活科学网报道说,通常无线输电设备至少包含两个线圈,一个在功率发射器中,一个在功率接收器中As electricity moves through the power transmitter coil, it creates an electromagnetic field that sends a charge to the next coil. 当电流穿过功率发射器中的线圈时会产生电磁场,向接收器输送电量To develop PowerShare, researcher experimented with a variety of different power transmitters and receiver coils. 为了研发“能源分享”设备,研究人员对多种不同的功率发射和接收线圈进行试验In order to recreate the magnetic shielding, they used ferrite plate and copper tape placed on the back of coils – this hindered transmitted energy from getting close to human tissue. 他们将铁酸盐板和铜带置于线圈背部形成磁屏蔽,这样可以避免传输的电量过于接近人体The researchers also found that flexible coils can be used in the system and are ideal smartwatch straps. 他们还发现这种软线圈正好适合,是智能手表带的最佳选择'Our design emphasizes safety, minimizes m factor, presents flexible coils and shows real world power transfer up to 3.1 volts,' said the researchers. 研究者表示:“我们的设计以安全性为主要考量,最小化外形因素,以软线圈为材料,真正实现了电力传输高达3.1伏特However, just like most new technology PowerShare does have its limitations – twice as much energy needs to be transmitted as is received. 然而,与大多数新技术一样,“能源分享”也有自身的局限性,即接收的电量只有发送电量的一半Vocabularyhand generator: 手摇发电机electromagnetic field: 电磁场来源:英国每日邮报翻译:吴丹编审:yaning泉州短波治疗盆腔炎多少钱

福建省晋江市中医院口碑咋样啊安东尼、杜兰特领衔美男篮梦十二队 -- 18:53:5 来源:chinadaily 卡梅隆;安东尼和凯文;杜兰特将领衔美国男篮梦十二队出战里约奥运会 Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant are to lead the US Olympic men's basketball team in Rio. 梦十二队阵容在纽约哈姆莱的一所学校首次亮相这梦之队没有包括勒布朗;詹姆斯在内的顶级球星上周,勒布朗;詹姆斯退出国家队詹姆斯曾带领克里夫兰骑士队击败金州勇士队获得了NBA总冠军 The Olympic team made its debut at a school in Harlem, but it is without a number of top players including LeBron James, who removed his name from Olympic consideration last week. James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals. 纽约尼克斯队球员卡梅隆;安东尼表示,梦十二队还是那值得期待的梦之队他表示,“虽然那些有天赋的球员不在了,但我依然确信这梦十二队和以往的梦之队一样我们不像以往拥有那么多的篮球巨星,但是我认为这是个很棒的团队,他们渴望胜利,他们期待着上场” New York Knicks player, Carmelo Anthony, says the team will still be one to watch. ;As far as the talent goes and the level of play, I'm pretty sure that that's still going to be the same. We don't have as many of the big names guys that we've had bee. But I think, so far, this is a great group of guys and they're hungry. They want to play.; 在梦十二队中,只有安东尼和杜兰特曾是年奥运会获得过金牌的梦十队成员安东尼还出征过年和年奥运会,他还是美国第一个出征过次奥运会的男子篮球运动员许多运动员因惧怕寨卡病毒而退出奥运会,至今没有NBA球员对安东尼的决定提出过表彰 Anthony and Durant are the only two members returning from the gold medal winning team. Anthony also played on the and Olympic teams and is poised to become the first U.S. male basketball player to play on four Olympic teams. While a handful of athletes from other sports have pulled out of the Olympics due to Zika fears, no NBA player has yet to cite the virus his decision.泉州新阳光女子医院 [时尚]你染了未? 女生夏季最潮发色 -- 18::18 来源:sohu 夏季来了! 女生们是时候换个新发色迎接盛夏, 快来看看哪些是今季最潮最热的必染色调 西瓜发色 Watermelon Hair 鲜艳的绿色和甜美的粉红色结合起来, 将会是今季最大胆的颜色组合之一, 这发色令人很想吃西瓜啊! Combining vivid greens with sweet pinks is one of the most daring color combos of the season, giving hair an appearance that's good enough to eat. 柔和的魅力色调 Pastel Glamour 柔和的色调配合迷人的造型是预测可能大热的发型 Pastel shades mixed with glamorous styling are anticipated. 烟熏紫丁香色 Smoky Lilac 烟熏紫丁香色是从深紫色转变到淡雾的熏衣草色,长发女生更适合这发色 Smoky Lilac hair transitions from a deep grayish purple down to a pale, foggy lavender, looks especially lovely on longer hair. 玫瑰金色 Rose Gold 漂亮、飘逸的粉红玫瑰金发拥有如此耀眼的发色, 即使没有任何化妆,也可以让你看起来明亮动人 It is a pretty, ethereal shade of pink-tinted blonde. It's so radiant, it lights up your whole look- even if you're not wearing any makeup! 朦胧灰的柔和色调 Dusty Pastel 今季创意色调的用法较柔和, 没有以前的大胆, 发色整体给人灰朦的感觉 Creative colors being used in a softer, less bold way, almost a dusty look.泉州带无痛避孕环需要多少钱

泉州哪个妇科医院好点广东自贸区:容错机制为发展护航 -- 18:5:8 来源:chinadaily 7月1日起,广东省十二届人大常委会第二十六次会议表决通过的《中国(广东)自由贸易试验区条例将正式开始施行 The regulation on the development of a pilot free trade zone (FTZ) in Guangdong, the southern Chinese province, is set to take effect from July 1st, . 《条例从适用范围、管理体制、投资开放与贸易便利、高端产业促进、金融创新与风险监管、粤港澳合作与“一带一路”建设、综合管理与务、法治环境等方面对广东自贸试验区的建设和发展做了全面规定,并从7月1日起实施除此之外,《条例中对建立容错机制方面的规定有所突破,使之成为可操作的务实法律条款 《条例总则第四条规定:“在自贸试验区进行的创新未能实现预期目标,但是符合国家确定的改革方向,决策程序符合法律、法规规定,未牟取私利或者未恶意串通损害公共利益的,对有关单位和个人不作负面评价,减免相关责任” The regulation, effective from July 1, outlines the principles relating to investment, trade, high-end industry development, finance and rule of law in the pilot zone. 为了突出粤港澳合作和对接“一带一路”,建设这一区域特色,《条例专设了相关条款,其内容包括促进粤港澳人才流动、持三地青年创新创业以及探索实施三地查验信息互换等等 It sets specific items regarding cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, encouraging talent flows, entrepreneurship and inmation exchanges between the three. 除此之外,《条例中还创新性地引入第三方评价机制第三方评估机构或市场主体将会对政府及其相关部门的持和配合情况打分,评价情况将纳入该部门的年度考核中 The regulation also introduced a third-party evalution mechanism government work. 年8月中国第一个自贸区终于落户上海年,我国成立了三大自贸实验区,分别是天津自贸区、福建自贸区以及广东自贸区 China's first pilot free trade zone was established in Shanghai in . Three more FTZs were added in in the northern coastal city of Tianjin, Fujian Province in the east, and in Guangdong Province. 比尔·盖茨推荐的夏季5本必读书单 --30 18:: 来源: 这个夏季,小伙伴们是否还在发愁看什么书呢?比尔·盖茨来发福利啦,5本推荐书籍,让你炎炎夏季不再苦闷,你还在等什么呢? Here in Seattle, summer is a gift you earn by gutting out nine months of rain and gloom. The skies are clear, there’s hardly any humidity, and the nights are cool. Best of all, you sometimes get the chance to sit outside ing a great book.在西雅图,夏季是自然馈赠的礼物摆脱了9个月的阴雨连绵,天空一片晴朗,空气干燥而清爽,而夜间则很凉快最棒的是,你常常可以坐在户外去读一本好书This summer, my recommended ing list has a good dose of books with science and math at their core. But there’s no science or math to my selection process. The following five books are simply ones that I loved, made me think in new ways, and kept me up ing long past when I should have gone to sleep.今年夏季,我的推荐书单中有很多是以科学和数学为核心不过,在选择过程中,我并没有用到任何科学或数学推荐以下5本书只是因为我喜欢这些书,这些书给我带来了新的思维方式,让我在夜间捧卷时欲罢不能As a result, this is an eclectic list—from an 800-page science fiction novel by a local legend to a 0-page nonfiction book on how Japan can get its economic mojo back. I hope you find at least one book here that inspires you to go off the beaten path when you get some time to yourself this summer.,这是个主题很宽泛的书单,其中既有来自西雅图知名作家的800页科幻小说,也有0页的非小说类图书——介绍日本经济如何奇迹般复苏我希望,这个夏天你有时间读书的时候,这里至少有一本书能带给你新的灵感①Seveneves---by Neil Stephenson《七大家族——尼尔·斯蒂芬森著I hadn’t any science fiction a decade when a friend recommended this novel. I’m glad she did.一位朋友向我推荐这本书的时候,我已有年没有读过任何科幻小说我很庆幸自己没有错过这本书The plot gets going in the first sentence, when the moon blows up. People figure out that in two years a cataclysmic meteor shower will wipe out all life on Earth, so the world es on a plan to keep humanity going by launching as many spacecraft as possible into orbit.小说从第一句开始,就直奔故事情节,月球爆炸了人们发现,一场灾难性的流星雨将在两年后横扫地球,摧毁一切生命,全世界一起制定计划,将尽可能多的飞船发射至太空,确保人类的延续You might lose patience with all the inmation you’ll get about space flight—Stephenson, who lives in Seattle, has clearly done his research—but I loved the technical details. Seveneves inspired me to rekindle my sci-fi habit.关于航天飞行的细节信息,你可能会感到无趣但生活在西雅图的史蒂芬森明显进行了研究,而我很喜欢其中的技术细节Seveneves重新唤起了我对科幻小说的兴趣②How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking---by Jordan Ellenberg《魔鬼数学:数学思维的力量——乔丹·艾伦伯格著Ellenberg, a mathematician and writer, explains how math plays into our daily lives without our even knowing it.爱伦伯格是一名数学家和作家他在本书中解释了,数学如何在我们不知情的情况下影响日常生活Each chapter starts with a subject that seems fairly straightward—electoral politics, say, or the Massachusetts lottery—and then uses it as a jumping-off point to talk about the math involved. In some places the math gets quite complicated, but he always wraps things up by making sure you’re still with him.这本书的每一章都有非常直观的主题,例如选举策略,或是马萨诸塞州大乐透等,然后作者以此为出发点解释了其中的数学道理在某些地方,数学原理变得很复杂,不过他的讲解方式能确保你跟上他的思路The book’s larger point is that, as Ellenberg writes, “to do mathematics is to be, at once, touched by fire and bound by reason”—and that there are ways in which we’re all doing math, all the time.正如爱伦伯格在书中写道,本书更主要是告诉大家,“数学就是让你被点燃的同时,又被理性包围”,而通过各种方式,我们实际上每时每刻都在接触数学③The Vital Question---by Nick Lane《至关重要的问题——尼克·莱恩著Nick is one of those original thinkers who makes you say: More people should know about this guy’s work.作为一名原创思想家,莱恩给人的感觉就是:应当让更多人知道这家伙的著作He is trying to right a scientific wrong by getting people to fully appreciate the role that energy plays in all living things. He argues that we can only understand how life began, and how living things got so complex, by understanding how energy works. It’s not just theoretical; mitochondria (the power plants in our cells) could play a role in fighting cancer and malnutrition.他试图让人们充分理解能量在所有生物中扮演的重要作用,以此来纠正科学上的误解他认为,只有理解了能量的作用,我们才能理解生命的起源,以及生物为何如此复杂这不仅仅只是理论,正如线粒体(人体细胞中的能量源)在对抗癌症和营养不良方面发挥着重要作用Even if the details of Nick’s work turn out to be wrong, I suspect his focus on energy will be seen as an important contribution to our understanding of where we come from.即使莱恩作品的细节最终是错误的,我也认为,他对能量的关注将对了解我们来自何处做出重要贡献④The Power to Compete---by Ryoichi Mikitani and Hiroshi Mikitani《竞争的力量——良一谷浩史和三木谷浩史合著I have a soft spot Japan that dates back three decades or so, when I first traveled there Microsoft.30年前左右,我由于微软的工作而首次前往日本时,当时的日本令我感触良多Today, of course, Japan is intensely interesting to anyone who follows global economics. Why were its companies—the juggernauts of the 1980s—eclipsed by competitors in South Korea and China? And can they come back? Those questions are at the heart of this series of dialogues between Ryoichi, an economist who died in , and his son Hiroshi, founder of the Internet company Rakuten.今天,对任何关注全球经济的人来说,日本都非常有趣为何日本企业,那些80年代的巨头们,在与韩国和中国的竞争中逐渐落败?它们能否重振雄风?这些问题就是书中三木谷良一和他的儿子三木谷浩史一系列对话的核心三木谷良一是一名经济学家,于年去世,而三木谷浩史则是互联网公司乐天的创始人Although I don’t agree with everything in Hiroshi’s program, I think he has a number of good ideas. The Power to Compete is a smart look at the future of a fascinating country.尽管我并不完全赞同三木谷浩史,但我认为他提出了许多好的想法通过《竞争的力量这个巧妙的窗口,你可以一窥日本这个奇妙国度的未来⑤Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind---by Noah Yuval Harari《智人:人类简史——诺亚·尤瓦尔·哈拉瑞著Both Melinda and I this one, and it has sparked lots of great conversations at our dinner table.梅琳达和我都读了这本书,它也引发了我们在餐桌上的许多很好的交流Harari takes on a daunting challenge: to tell the entire history of the human race in just 00 pages. He also writes about our species today and how artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and other technologies will change us in the future.哈拉里完成的是一项很有难度的挑战:用短短00页讲完人类的整个历史他也讲到了人类的现状,以及人工智能、基因工程和其他将给我们的未来带来改变的技术Although I found things to disagree with—especially Harari’s claim that humans were better off bee we started farming—I would recommend Sapiens to anyone who’s interested in the history and future of our species.尽管有些东西我并不赞同——尤其是哈拉里认为人类在开始农耕之前情况更好,但我仍要向所有对人类历史和未来感兴趣的人推荐《人类简史一书泉州新阳光和180医院那个好洛江区儿童医院口碑怎么样

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