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Crikey! That is bad. What does it mean?哎呀!不好。那是什么意思?Just keep listening for now.现在继续听他怎么说吧。…so, this calls for action. I’m going to have to…所以要马上行动起来,我将要……Oh no, not me Mr Socrates, I’ve been a loyal employee, I couldn’t face being unemployed.不,不要是我,苏格拉底先生,我是忠诚的员工,我不能面对被解雇。Tom, calm down.汤姆,冷静。I’m not talking about redundancies yet.我还没有说裁员。Gosh, well that calls for another biscuit.天啊,再来点饼干。My plan is… we’re going into Europe.我的计划是我们去往欧洲。You mean we’re moving to Europe?你是说我们搬去欧洲?No, no Anna. I think he means we’re going to sell plastic fruit to the European market.不,不,安娜。我想他的意思是我们在欧洲市场销售塑料水果。Oh right! Great. Mr Socrates, I’ve lots of experience with Europe.好的,太好了,苏格拉底先生,我有很多欧洲的经验。I had a holiday in Spain once… twice actually.我在西班牙度假过一次……实际上是两次。Well we’ll have to make sure our phones can make international calls.我们要保可以打国际电话。I think you’re gonna need some help with this, so I’m bringing in my best marketing executive, Rachel.我想你们需要一些帮助,所以我带来了我最好的市场总监,瑞秋。What she doesn’t know about selling to Europe, you don’t wanna know.她知道有关欧洲销售市场的一切。She’ll be here in a few weeks’ time.几周后,她就到这儿了。Do you know if she prefers tea or coffee… or orange juice perhaps?你知道她喜欢茶还是咖啡或者也许是橙汁? /201703/491118Script:That’s Ratatouille, he is a rat, he cooks, he wants to be a chef. But what really matters is what Disney wants from Ratatouille? The answer is your money. So they are doing a different kind of marketing. Forget about kids' toys, they are going after you. Julia Boorstin is "On The Money" live in Los Angeles. Julia?Melissa, Disney is opening its big Pixar film of the year Ratatouille on 3,500 screens tomorrow. The story of a rat cooking in a fancy French restaurant actually makes more sense than you'd think.Ratatouille’s original story sticks out in a summer crowded with sequels. I can’t cook, can I? But you, you can.And pixar's animation continues to amaze.It’s incredibly high quality, great storytelling. It's made for kids and for families. The hope is it's part of family entertainment which is the whole market of Disney's brands.Disney’s and Pixar's brands from Pirates to Toy Story are known for huge consumer product potential. But Ratatouille’s Remy, the rat chef, may be at a disadvantage in that department. There is tough competition this summer from a crowd of other kid-friendly movies, Transformers, Harry Potter, Shrek and others. And rat dolls may not have the appeal of Pixar’s Toy Story fair. Some of our consumer product people are nervous that it’s easy to sell cars to American kids, maybe harder to, for, you know to imagine children at night cutting up with our French rat. So Disney is taking a different approach, targeting adults. With kitchen and cooking ware both at mass retailers and luxury kitchenware chain Sur La Table. Taking its consumer products in a new direction, for the first time, it is selling fine wine and cheese at Costco. Ratatouille shard named Burgundy, a pet project of Pixar chief, John Lasseter, who owns a nap of vineyard. It’s a very logical extension, and I think maybe in our growth of the fact it is very crowded at the Toy Isle. And maybe we had to come up some creative ways to lavish franchise.And what of the movie’s performance? Some analysts say they expect it to underperform Cars by 10 to 15 percent. And if it does?Even if Ratatouille underperforms Cars, and let’s say it does, and I think the estimates we have are in the 200-million-dollar range at the box office domestically, and maybe another 200 overseas. You are still gonna make, you know, maybe 250 million dollars, or 300 million dollars in ultimate profit. Because the expectations are so low for products, like this Ratatouille wine and cheese, there is some room for some upside surprise in how well they perform. Melissa, I think these are actually pretty cute, don’t you think?Absolutely, I know you are gonna tell us how that wine is as well. Thanks a lot, Julia.The cheese is good. Notes:Pixar: Pixar Animation Studios is an American computer animation studio based in Emeryville, California (USA) notable for its seven Academy Awards. It is best known for its CGI animated feature films—such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Cars.200807/44525

high-sounding ------ 冠冕堂皇的(形容词,非正式)英文释义(adjective, INFORMAL) Describing something that sounds much more impressive and important than it really is. 例句My friend has some high-sounding title in our company, but he doesnt do much work and hes paid very little.我的朋友在我们公司里有一个冠冕堂皇的头衔,但是他的工作不多,薪水也非常少。 /201611/471200

Applying procedures申请程序A: Im going to apply for a patent but Im not sure how to prepare the application. Would you please help me?A: 我想申请专利,但不知道如何准备,你能帮我吗?B: Sure, glad to help. First you need submit a request, a description and a claim. The description is particularly important. If necessary, it should be supported by drawings.B: 当然,很高兴能帮忙。首先,你需要提交一份申请书,一份说明书和一份要求书。说明书尤其重要,必要的话,说明书应配有插图。A: How long shall I have to wait for the approval?A: 获得专利我要等多长时间?B: Well, examination takes time. The Patent Office will announce the result and notify the application within 18 months. Even then you still dont get the patent certificate.B: 哦,专利审查需要时间。专利局会在18个月内公布结果,公告专利。即使到那时,您也拿不到专利书。A: Why?A: 为什么?B: The Patent Office needs 90 days to wait for any possible opposition. Only when everything is OK will the patent be registered.B: 专利局还需要90天时间看看是否有异议。只有一切都没有问题时,专利方可注册。A: I see. But I have another question. I dont know the reason why the duration of protection is only 15 years?A: 我明白了,我还有一个问题。我不知道专利的保护期为什么只有15年?B: This is only for one of the patent rights. For invention the duration of protection is even shorter, only for 5 years protection.B: 只有一种专利权保护期限是15年,发明专利保护期限是15年。至于实用新型和外观设计专利,保护期更短,只有5年。A: Does every country specify the same duration of protection?A: 每个国家规定的保护期限时候都一致?B: No, 15-year protection is the minimum protection any country will grant its patentees. In some countries, the patent right duration for invention is 20 years.B: 不是,各国都对专利人给予了最低15年的专利保护。在一些国家,发明专利的保护期是20年。A: What are the criteria for granting patent rights?A: 授予专利的标准是什么?B: They are similar to those in other countries: novelty, inventiveness and praticability.B: 标准和别国相似,都要求具备新颖性,创造性和实用性。 /201601/421861

  US Warns of Further Sanctions Against Iran美国警告对伊朗实施更多制裁The ed States says major world powers will have no choice but to pursue new sanctions against Iran in the absence of a positive reply to their offer of incentives for it to halt uranium enrichment. The State Department says a written response to the offer is expected Tuesday. 美国说,在伊朗对国际社会向其提出的激励方案不做出肯定答复的情况下,世界主要大国别无选择,只能对伊朗实施新的制裁。向伊朗提出激励方案是为了促使它停止浓缩铀活动。美国国务院说,预计伊朗将于星期二就国际社会的提议做出书面答复。With a two-week deadline for an Iranian reply having passed over the weekend, senior diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany conferred by telephone and renewed their warning of further sanctions against Iran. 在上周末国际社会给伊朗设定的做出答复的两个星期期限过去后,安理会五个常任理事国和德国的高级外交官举行电话会议进行协商,并重新提出要对伊朗实施新制裁的警告。The so-called P Five Plus One offered Iran an enhanced package of incentives in June, including aid for a civil nuclear program, if it dropped a uranium-enrichment project the ed States and European allies believe is weapons related. 所谓的5加1国今年6月向伊朗提出了更进一步的激励方案,其中包括为伊朗的民用核项目提供援助,但前提是伊朗必须放弃浓缩铀项目。美国和欧洲盟国相信,伊朗的浓缩铀项目同核武器有关。Iran was non-committal about the offer at a July 19 meeting in Geneva and was given an additional two weeks to respond.  在7月19日的日内瓦会议上,伊朗没有对这个提议做出肯定的表态,因此国际社会再给伊朗两个星期的时间做出答复。In a talk with reporters, Acting State Department Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili has told European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana Iran will give a reply in writing on Tuesday. 国务院代理发言人加莱戈斯对记者说,伊朗的核谈判代表贾利利对欧盟首席外交代表索拉纳说,伊朗将于星期二做出书面答复。Gallegos said the major powers are disappointed at the lack of a response thus far, and he made clear that if Tuesday's reply is not positive, Iran can expect more sanctions: 加莱戈斯说,世界主要大国对于伊朗迄今为止仍未做出答复表示失望。他明确表示,如果星期二的答复不是肯定的话,伊朗将面临更多的制裁。"We remain committed to both tracks of the P Five Plus One dual-track strategy," said Gonzalo Gallegos. "Accordingly, we agreed in the absence of a clear, positive response from Iran that we have no choice but to pursue further measures against Iran as part of this strategy. Iran has a clear choice: engagement or isolation. The P Five Plus One incentives package contained everything Iran needed to pursue a modern civil power nuclear program which Iran's leaders claim is their aim." 加莱戈斯说:“我们仍致力于5加1的双轨战略。因此,我们商定,如果伊朗未能对有关提议做出清楚、肯定的答复,作为我们战略的一部分,我们别无选择,只能对伊朗采取新的制裁措施。伊朗有一个明确的选择,那就是,要么接触,要么孤立。伊朗领导人宣称他们的目的是发展民用核项目,5加1激励方案包括他们在这方面所需的一切。”The U.N. Security Council has aly approved three sanctions resolutions against Iran. The P Five Plus One, in the incentives plan, offered to suspend sanctions, if Iran suspended enrichment and returned to negotiations over the future of its nuclear program.  联合国安理会已经批准对伊朗的三次制裁决议案。在激励方案中,5加1提出,如果伊朗停止其浓缩铀活动,并重新就其核项目前途举行谈判,他们将终止对伊朗的制裁。EU diplomat Solana and Jalili had what a European spokesman described as an inconclusive telephone discussion Monday. 欧盟外交官索拉纳和贾利利星期一举行了电话磋商。欧盟发言人说他们的谈话没有得出结论。Iran has insisted that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful and that it has a right to pursue an enrichment capability. 伊朗坚持说,它的核项目完全用于和平目的,伊朗有权谋求浓缩铀的能力。Tehran submitted a document to Solana July 19 that is understood to have proposed several rounds of ministerial level negotiations while avoiding any promise to halt enrichment.  德黑兰7月19日向索拉纳提交了一个文件,据信这份文件提出要举行几轮部长级的会谈,但回避在停止浓缩铀活动的问题上作出任何承诺。U.S. spokesman Gallegos said P Five Plus One political directors will confer by telephone again soon, presumably after submission of the Iranian paper to Solana. 美国发言人加莱戈斯说,5加1的政治主管们不久将再次举行电话会议,可能会在伊朗向索拉纳提交他们的声明之后。The U.S. political director is Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, who attended the July 19 meeting with Jalili, despite the absence of U.S. diplomatic relation with Iran. 美国的政治主管是国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯。尽管美国和伊朗没有外交关系,伯恩斯还是参加了7月19日同伊朗谈判代表贾利利举行的会谈。200808/45488



  The big, big boss, based in America.在美国的最大的老板。Hellooo? Ah, good afternoon Mr Socrates, I mean, er morning, ha ha, where you are its … yes, no, n yes …. Im not sure.你好?Socrates先生下午好,我是说早上,你在哪……是的,不,是的……我不确定。Mrs Kumquat … did she?Kumquat女士,她这么做了吗?… well, it was very unfortunate …. purple, yes …. totally unacceptable …. I will.太不幸了……紫色,对,完全难以让人接受……我会的。If youd like I could …. Mr Socrates? Hello? Mr Socrates? Oh, hes gone.如果你想我可以……Socrates先生?你好?Socrates先生?他挂了。Right where was I? Tom, great work. Anna, Im disappointed.好的,我说哪了?汤姆,干得好。安娜,我很失望。No, no, Anna, great work, I want you to take charge of the Imperial Lemon presentation.安娜,干得好,我想让你负责皇家柠檬的报告。Tom, if you speak to a client like that again there will be disciplinary action.汤姆,如果你再这么跟客户说话就会受纪律处分。Mrs Kumquat was so angry she even emailed Mr Socrates. Ok, that’s it.Kumquat女士很生气,她甚至发邮件给了Socrates先生。好的,就是这样。 /201612/483614The male usually leads. If the female is sufficiently impressed, the pair seal their relationship with a vocal duet. King Penguin rookeries are very busy places. Every morning at about 6:00, the adults leave their chicks, cross the glacier stream and march down to the sea. They like to take an early morning bath, getting rid of the smelly mud and grime of the crowded colony. For an hour or so, they wash in the surf. These penguins seem to have a fairly easy time of it, surrounded by an ocean laden with food, and with year-round access to their breeding beaches, but they are one of the few of Antarctica's inhabitants that have achieved independence from the factor that governs almost everything else -the advance and retreat of the sea ice.King Penguin and albatross live only on the frontier of the Antarctica. They never go closer to the pole than the edge of the sea ice. But next week, we will. As spring really takes hold, we will follow the retreating sea ice to the shores of the continent, and then go up onto the great icecap, to the very heart of the Antarctica where life in the freezer faces its greatest challenge.New Words amp; Phrasesduet:A composition for two voices or instruments.二重唱;二重奏grime:Black dirt or soot, especially such dirt clinging to or ingrained in a surface.污垢,灰垢200809/47157

  Three out of four Americans do have cell phones. But new research from Britain has found that they could be well breeding grounds for germs and A's Heather Nauert right here with us back from the news desk this morning. I gotta tell you, I'm gonna be making calls, like this: hello, can you hear me now?Totally speaker phone.Ohh!This is a gross one. Of course we all expect certain places where we would find germs and bacteria, in kitchens and bathrooms, for instance. But now we learn that when you put your cell phone up to your ear, you may be getting a lot more than a ringtone.Hello mom. We've seen George Bush chat away, not to mention Paris Hilton and don't forget Maxwell Smart, the secret agent who used a shoe for a phone. It may sound like a dirty proposition, but actually his shoe phone could be cleaner than your cell phone. That's disgusting.What do you think is dirtier, the sole of your shoe, a doorknob, or a toilet seat, or your cell phone?Definitely, toilet seat.Actually he is wrong, your cell phone is filthier.So what's your reaction when I tell you that?Er, a little disturbing, I think I'm gonna be, er, doing a little more of this.New research out of the UK found mobile phones are technological Petri dish for tens of thousands of germs. Germs multiply in warm places. Between the heat the phones generate and the germs on your face and hands, you've got a breeding ground.You put it in a warm place, you hold it in your hand, you put it in your pocket like I have to do, it's nice and warm. Bacteria like that. They can grow under those conditions.Believe it or not, the filthiest phones can sp the ded staph bacteria which can cause everything from skin infections to meningitis. And where do these germs come from? Your hands and face.Usually right down here, coz the mouth comes here in this area too, and so you usually find more there.Microbiologist Chuck Gerba recently tested 25 mobile phones and found the staph bug growing on nearly half. So we brought some of our own phones in for testing, the results were shocking, especially the one from our soundman.Sony has the dirtiest phone I have ever tested. He has somewhere between 10 and 15 million bacteria on, on this phone. If there's ever a new life form that's gonna evolve on this planet, it's gonna be on your phone.If you're worried about germs roaming on your cell, Motorola has come up with a clever tactic. Some of their phones have an anti-microbial coating, which prevents bacteria from growing, in the meantime, keep your phone to yourself.You're not only sharing the phone, you're sharing germs at the same time. So, anything that becomes mobile you take with you or you share with other people is a way germs get move from one person to another.So everybody wants to know what on earth do you do to keep this clean, they just say take this anti-mi..er, this wipes, wipe it off , (Antimicrobial) that's the best you can do. As for this new Motorola phone that comes out, we can't verify that the technology actually works. But the company says it does.All right, so it doesn't it hurt your phone to do this?It doesn't hurt your phone, but if you spray it, of course, with a Windex or something,(Oh, yeah) you are gonna ruin your phone.It can get into the little holes. /You can get the little hopesOkay, thank you...I mean, you think about it, nobody really ever cleans their phones, so…No, no one would ever do it.No? We have one more thing to worry about.Okay, thanks, Heather, I think...200810/52210Hello, welcome back to Tip Top Trading where Anna is going downstairs to speak to warehouse manager, Mr Ingle.你们好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,安娜正往楼下走准备跟仓库经理英格尔先生谈谈。You’re looking a bit nervous…你看起来有点紧张……I am. Denise says if I speak to him in the wrong way, he might bite my head off!确实。丹尼斯说如果我说话的方式不对,他可能会咬掉我的头(发怒)!Relax Anna. It’s just an expression to mean he might be a bit aggressive.放松,安娜。这种表达只是说他可能会有点生气。You’ll be fine, just use the right polite phrases… oh, and smile!不会有事的,只要使用正确的礼貌用语,并且微笑!OK, I will. Oh look here I am…好的,我会的,看,我到了。Mr Ingle, are you there?英格尔先生,你在那里吗?I’d be most grateful if you could give me some…我会很感激的,如果你能给我一些……Oh, what’s that smell… and smoke… Mr Ingle!这是什么味,还有烟……英格尔先生!Mr Ingle. You’re smoking!英格尔先生,你在抽烟!Well… it’s my lunch break… so I’m allowed to smoke a cigarette, aren’t I?这是我的午休时间,所以我可以吸烟,不是吗?Really? Are you sure?真的?你确定?No, he’s not Anna! Smoking inside a public building is illegal – it’s against the law.不,他不行,安娜!在公共场合内吸烟是违法的。It’s dangerous too - you’ve got to do something about this.这还很危险,你得做点什么。Oh right. Mmm, er, Mr Ingle, you mustn’t smoke… it’s wrong.好吧。英格尔先生,你不能吸烟,这是不对的。 /201702/490898

  That must have been very inconvenient for you.这对你来说肯定很不方便。And then promise to fix the problem.然后保解决这个问题。Say: You have my word that we will sort this out.比如说:我们保把这件事解决好。We can do something to make up for the inconvenience.我们可以弥补给您带来的不便。It wont happen again.绝不会再发生。800,000 plastic pineapples! Thats totally unacceptable.80万个塑料菠萝! 太难以让人接受了。I didnt even have anywhere to put them and pineapples are so much bigger than grapefruit!我甚至没有地方搁它们,而且菠萝比葡萄大那么多!It must have been very inconvenient for you. It certainly was!这对您来说一定很不方便。 当然了!When he took my order, your colleague Tom told me that Tip Top Trading was the most reliable firm in the industry!你的同事汤姆在接受我的订单时说Tip Top Trading是该行业最值得信赖的公司!You have my word that we will sort this out.我们保把这件事解决好。Well remove the pineapples and have your grapefruit sent via express delivery this afternoon.我们将把菠萝弄走,今天下午就通过快递把葡萄送给你。Good. Thank you.很好,谢谢你。And we could include some of our latest edition imitation oranges to make up for the inconvenience.我们还可以送一些最新版本的仿真橘子来弥补给您带来的不便。Oh! Well, that would be nice!好的,那太好了!Tip top Anna! Excellent work and excellent words.做得好,安娜!出色的工作和出色的语言。Theyre made with revolutionary premium faux orange, laser curve definition technology...you will be the first to have them!它们由革命性优质的人造橘子制成,含有激光曲线定义技术……你将是第一个拥有他们的人!Wow, now thats good customer service!这才是好的客户务! /201612/483608


  G8 Promises Help for African AgricultureG8承诺为非洲提供农业援助 Leaders from the world's largest industrial nations are promising more food aid and agricultural assistance for Africa to help ease the impact of rising food costs. Some non-governmental organizations say increasing demand for biofuels is partly to blame for higher food prices. 世界上最大的八个工业化国家领导人承诺向非洲提供更多的粮食援助和农业援助,以帮助纾缓不断上涨的粮食价格对非洲的影响。一些非政府组织说,对生物燃料不断增加的需求是造成粮食价格上涨的部分原因。G8 leaders say they are concerned that the steep rise in global food prices could push millions of people back into poverty. 八国集团领导人说,他们担心全球粮食价格急剧上升可能迫使数百万人再度陷入贫困。 So they have pledged more than billion in food aid since the first of the year and are calling on other donors to join them in providing seeds and fertilizers for the upcoming planting season. 因此他们从今年年初以来已经承诺提供一百多亿美元的粮食援助,他们还呼吁其他捐助国加入他们的行列,为即将来临的播种季节提供种子和化肥。G8 leaders say they will support improvements in agricultural infrastructure including irrigation, transportation, storage, distribution, and quality control while assisting in the development of food security early warning systems. 八国集团领导人说,他们持改善农业基础设施的建设,包括灌溉、运输、贮存、分发,及质量控制。与此同时,他们还将协助为粮食安全建立一个预警系统。At their summit on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, G8 leaders promised to work with the International Monetary Fund to help food-importing countries and vowed to boost investments in African agriculture to double the production of key food staples within ten years. 在日本北海道举行的八国集团首脑会议上,与会各国领导人承诺与国际货币基金组织一道努力帮助粮食进口国,并表示决心要增加对非洲农业的投资,从而使主要农作物产量在十年内增加一倍。Global food prices were a big part of talks between G8 leaders and heads of state from South Africa, Algeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana. 在八国集团领导人和南非、阿尔及利亚、埃塞俄比亚、塞内加尔、坦桑尼亚、尼日利亚和加纳领导人的会谈中,全球粮食价格问题是他们磋商的主要问题之一。 The ed Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says 37 countries are most affected by rising food prices. Twenty one of them are in Africa. 联合国粮农组织说,食品价格上涨对37个国家的影响最为严重,这37个国家中有21个在非洲。Charles Abani is with the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, a coalition of groups campaigning to raise living standards in the developing world.  查尔斯.阿巴尼是由若干团体联合组成的“呼吁消除贫困全球行动”组织的成员,这个组织致力于提高发展中国家的生活水准。"Families are forced to make choices between food and education, food and health, and this crisis really exacerbates the situation on the ground," he said. 他说:“一些家庭被迫在食品和教育,食品和健康之间作出抉择。这场危机的确使实地的局势恶化了。”Rising world food prices are the result of a number of factors including higher transportation costs, drought, and increased demand from a growing middle class in China and India. There is also more land under cultivation for biofuels, including ethanol. 世界粮食价格上涨是多种因素造成的,包括运输成本的提高、干旱,以及中国和印度日益增长的中产阶层需求的增加。其它原因还包括更多的土地被用于种植可以转换成乙醇等生物燃料的农作物。The non-governmental organization ActionAid says biofuels are responsible for as much as one-third of the recent increase in food prices. ActionAid's Carol Kayira says that is bad for Africa. 非政府组织“援助行动”说,造成近来粮食价格上涨的责任,生物燃料要负三分之一。援助行动组织的卡罗尔.卡伊拉说,对非洲来说这是一个坏消息。"Africa is being earmarked as the source of biofuels in the future, that Africa would develop if they implement the biofuels or if they grow biofuels," she said. "And for us in Africa, we are saying no. First of all, we need more research on biofuels. Secondly, we are saying we are aly having difficulties to produce our own food to feed ourselves, so if you come in Africa and then you are taking out the basic resources that we require for food for biofuels, you are making the problem worse." 他说:“非洲被指定为未来的生物燃料的来源,如果非洲实施生物燃料的计划或者种植生物燃料,非洲将会得到发展。但是对我们在非洲的人来说,我们的回答是‘不’。首先,我们需要对生物燃料进行更多的研究。其次,正如我们指出的那样,我们在非洲生产出能够养活自己的粮食已经相当困难。所以,如果你到非洲来,然后大谈什么用我们最基本的资源粮食来生产生物燃料,你们这样会让问题更糟 。” G8 leaders say they will ensure that the sustainable production of biofuels is compatible with food security, in part, by accelerating the development of biofuels from non-food plant materials and waste. 八国集团领导人说,他们将确保可持续生产的生物燃料能兼顾粮食安全,做到这一点的部分方式是通过加速开发用非粮食类的植物和废物来生产生物燃料。Joseph Suuna is the general secretary of the advocacy group PELUM, which promotes ecological land use management. He says growing demands for biofuels in the developing world are disrupting African agriculture. 约瑟夫.苏纳是一个宣扬土地利用必须促进生态环境的“普卢姆”(PELUM)组织的秘书长。他说,发展中国家对生物燃料日益增加的需求正在破坏非洲农业。"As a global community, irrespective of whether the immediate people who are dying may be in Africa, this is your problem as much as it is an African problem," said Sunna. "Just as a tsunami in Asia is an African problem is an American problem, so is anything to do with food in Africa." 苏纳说:“作为一个全球社区,不管人们地处何处,如果他们在非洲死亡,那么这个问题不仅仅是非洲的问题,也是大家的问题。就像当年的海啸不单是亚洲的问题,同时也是美洲的问题一样。非洲粮食危机也和大家息息相关。” In their statement on food security, G8 leaders vowed to form a global partnership on agriculture and food involving developing country governments, donors, the private sector, and civil society. 八国集团领导人在关于粮食安全的声明中誓言要在农业和粮食问题上建立一个全球夥伴关系,这个夥伴关系包括发展中国家的政府、捐助者、私营企业和民间社会。The World Bank says increases in the price of wheat, rice, and maize cost developing countries more than 0 billion last year. Oxfam International says food inflation has wiped out five percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Mozambique and Eritrea, and ten percent of GDP in Senegal, Haiti, and Sierra Leone. 世界说,小麦、稻米、玉米的价格上涨导致发展中国家去年损失3千200亿美元。国际乐施会说,粮食通货膨胀已经抵消了莫桑比克和厄立特里亚5%的国内生产总值,塞内加尔、海地和塞拉利昂10%的国内生产总值。200807/43678

  India to Raise Infiltration, Terrorism in Bilateral Talks with Pakistan印巴星期三将举行第四轮双边对话 The foreign ministers of India and Pakistan are meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday, May 21, for the fourth round of the so-called composite dialogue process. It is the first high level bilateral talks between the two countries since the civilian government took over in Pakistan in March. Indian officials say they will raise the issue of alleged infiltration and "cross border terrorism" with Pakistan.  印度和巴基斯坦两国外长将于5月21号星期三在伊斯兰堡会谈,举行第四轮复合对话程序。这是巴基斯坦今年3月民选政府执政以来两国首次进行双边高层谈判。印度官员表示,他们将向巴方提出巴方人员渗透以及越境恐怖行动等问题。A week before Indian foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee was to travel to Islamabad to hold talks with his Pakistani counterpart, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, serial bomb blasts in crowded markets shook the Indian city of Jaipur killing more than 60 people.  在印度外长穆克吉即将前往伊斯兰堡和巴基斯坦外长库雷西进行谈判的一个星期前,一连串的炸弹爆炸发生在印度城市斋浦尔拥挤的市场,造成60多人丧生。The same day the Indian army said that Pakistan had violated a 2003 ceasefire along the Line of Control in Kashmir by firing at one of its posts. Pakistan denied the allegation.  同一天印度军方说,巴基斯坦违反了2003年的停火协议,在克什米尔的区隔控制线附近向一个岗哨开。巴基斯坦否认这项指控。In Kashmir, where India claims an insurgency was at its end, officials say that there is a sudden increase in infiltration on the borders, allegedly abetted by Pakistan.  印度声称克什米尔的暴乱接近尾声,印度官员说,武装人员突然加强了越境渗透行动,据称是受到了巴基斯坦的唆使。Eight people were killed in a gunfight between suspected militants and troops in the Samba sector of Indian administered Kashmir last week. Officials blamed recent infiltration for the attack. On Saturday, Indian police killed six rebels in a major gunfight in the Tral area of southern Kashmir.  在被怀疑的激进份子和印控克什米尔桑珀尔地区的印度军队之间上星期进行的战中有8人丧生。星期六,在克什米尔南部一个地区,印度警方在一次重大战中击毙了6名叛乱份子。The developments are likely to dominate bilateral talks on Wednesday that are the first since the civilian government in Pakistan took over in March. Earlier, the two countries held three rounds of dialogue since initiating a peace process in 2003.  这些事态的发展很有可能主导巴基斯坦民选政府3月执政以来星期三首次举行的双边会谈。自从2003年开始和平进程以来,印巴两国已经举行了三轮对话。Unlike in past incidences, where India has been quick to blame Pakistan based groups for the blasts, this time it showed restraint. However officials said the issue of what India calls cross border terrorism and infiltration will come up in the scheduled talks.  与过去印度迅速抱怨在巴基斯坦的组织开火的情况不同,这次印方表现出克制态度。然而印度官员表示,他们所称的越境恐怖主义和渗透行为将在计划的会谈中提上议事日程。India's foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon will be meeting his Pakistani counterpart a day ahead of the talks between the foreign ministers.  印度外务秘书梅农和巴基斯坦同等官员将于两国外长会谈的前一天见面。Talking to reporters in New Delhi after the Jaipur blasts last week Menon said. 上个星期斋浦尔发生爆炸以后梅农在新德里对记者说:"For us the fact of infiltration itself is a problem. We will deal with it on the ground and also bilaterally with Pakistan. We will raise it with them," Menon said.  “对我们来说,渗透本身就是一个问题。我们要就地采取行动,也会通过和双边努力来解决这个问题。我们会提出这个问题的。”Menon however refrained from blaming Pakistan for the blasts. 梅农对爆炸的指责有所控制,没有直接指向巴基斯坦。"I wont jump to conclusions. We are still in the process of investigating and looking at it. Once we come to certain conclusion then we will decide what we do," Menon said.  他说:“我不会仓促下结论。我们还在调查阶段并在急速观察。一旦我们得到某种结论,然后才会决定作什么。”The Pakistani side has however expressed optimism about the talks and played down Menon's remarks. Pakistan's foreign office spokesman said Thursday that they were very positive about the talks and hope to make further progress on many issues including Kashmir. 巴基斯坦方面对会谈表达了乐观的态度,并对梅农的谈话作淡化处理,巴基斯坦外交部发言人星期四说,他们对会谈持非常积极的态度,希望在克什米尔和很多问题上都取得进展。200805/39476

  East Timor President Slams International Troops Over Assassination Attempt东帝汶总统批国际部队抓刺客不力  East Timor's president has criticized Australian-led forces for failing to capture the rebels who shot him outside his home in Dili last month. For the first time, Jose Ramos-Horta has described how he walked into an ambush and watched as a gunman lifted his rifle to shoot him. Mr. Ramos-Horta says that international peacekeepers were too slow in their attempts to catch his attackers.东帝汶的总统批评澳大利亚领导的国际部队没能抓获2月在首都帝力他的住宅外向他开射击的反叛分子。东帝汶总统拉莫斯.霍尔塔第一次描述了他如何走进埋伏圈,看到伏击者举向他射击的情景。霍尔塔说,国际维和部队追捕袭击者的行动过于缓慢。Jose Ramos-Horta almost died when he was shot by rebel soldiers in East Timor last month. 东帝汶总统霍尔塔2月在东帝汶受到反叛分子袭击时几乎丧生。He is now recovering from surgery in the northern Australian city of Darwin and on Friday, he spoke about the attempt on his life. Mr. Ramos-Horta says he looked into the eyes of one of his attackers as the man prepared to fire at him, and then he turned to flee before being shot.他目前正在澳大利亚北部的达尔文进行手术后的疗养,他星期五谈到了针对他的刺杀事件。霍尔塔总统说,当刺杀者准备向他开的时候,他和刺杀者之一对视了一下后转身逃跑,但还是中弹。The president says help was slow to arrive as he bled in the street outside his home. He says he believes ed Nations police had obstructed those who were trying to rescue him.东帝汶总统说,当时他躺在住宅外的街道上流血,救援人员迟迟没有赶到。他说,他相信,联合国的警察部队阻拦了那些试图抢救他的人。There was criticism, too, for international troops, whom Mr. Ramos-Horta accuses of not doing enough to keep his attackers from escaping.国际维和部队也受到批评。霍尔塔指责国际部队行动不力而让刺客潜逃。"I would say that Australian-led forces could have promptly surrounded the entire town, closing all the exits, using helicopter, sending immediately elements to my house to get the information on the ground," he said. "They would have captured them within hours, because for many hours after the attack on my house they were still in the hills around my house."霍尔塔说:“我认为,澳大利亚领导的部队完全可以迅速包围整个城市,封锁所有出口,动用直升飞机,并派遣紧急部队到我家就地了解情况。这样他们完全有可能在几个小时里内拿获犯罪分子,因为这些犯罪分子在袭击后的好几个小时仍然在我家周围的小山上。”Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says that overall, Mr. Ramos-Horta was complimentary about the effort to protect him and his country. The defense minister noted that Mr. Ramos-Horta had acknowledged that the foreign troops can not act without coordinating with officials from the East Timor government or the ed Nations office there.澳大利亚的国防部长费兹吉本说,总的来说,霍尔塔总统对澳大利亚向他和他的国家提供的保护是满意的。这位国防部长还指出,霍尔塔总统曾经表示,国际维和部队在没有东帝汶政府或当地联合国官员的协调下不能采取任何行动。In addition, Fitzgibbon says, given the gravity of his injuries, the president could not objectively judge whether the response from peacekeepers was timely.Despite the criticism, Jose Ramos-Horta has been full of praise for Australian soldiers whose donated blood helped to save his life. 尽管提出了批评,但是霍尔塔总统仍然赞扬了为他献血挽救他生命的澳大利亚军人。The ambush was the work of rebels led by a former military police chief, Alfredo Reinado. He was killed in the attack but his key lieutenants escaped into the mountains that surround East Timor's capital, Dili.对霍尔塔的伏击是前军警领导人雷纳多领导的反叛分子所为。雷纳多在伏击中被打死,但是他的副手逃进了首都东帝汶周围的山区。So far eight fugitives have surrendered, and the hunt for others continues. 到目前为止,已经有8名逃犯自首,捉拿其余逃犯的行动仍在进行。The attack on Mr. Ramos-Horta coincided with an ambush on the home of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, who escaped unharmed.当袭击霍尔塔总统的同时,总理古斯芒的住家附近也发生了伏击行动,而古斯芒安然脱险。Clashes between army mutineers and units loyal to the East Timor government in 2006 prompted Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Portugal to send peacekeeping forces. 2006年,军队叛乱分子和效忠东帝汶政府的部队之间的冲突导致澳大利亚、新西兰、马来西亚和葡萄牙向东帝汶派遣了维和部队。Reinforcements sent since the February attacked have boosted Australia's contingent to about 1,100 soldiers and police officers. The assassination attempts in February on the tiny country's most senior leaders have highlighted East Timor's volatility six years after independence from Indonesia. 发生在2月的针对这个小国的最高领导人的刺杀阴谋显示,东帝汶从印尼取得独立的6年后,局面仍然动荡不安。200803/32674

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