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湖州曙光整形美容医院注射美白针怎么样湖州光子嫩肤价格A: I'm checking out in about half an hour.B: Whenever you're y to check out, I'll be y, sir.A: Great! As you know however, the day in New York has hardly begun.B: You're right. It's only 9:00 a.m.A: Theree, I think I'll explore New York some more. But I need to store my bags.B: Sir, our storage facility is merely an hour. You also need to leave a deposit.A: My luggage isn't enough of a deposit?B: Untunately, it isn't. VISA or MasterCard will suffice, though.A: Well, then. Let me put on my thinking cap a moment.B: Better hurry, sir. Remember you have to check out in less than half an hour.湖州激光脱毛价格 Conversation A: Can I help you?B: Yes, Im looking a pair of trousers.A: What size are you?B: Im a large.A: OK, try these on in the changing rooms.B: Thanks. A:我能帮您吗?B:我想买一条裤子A:你穿多大号?B:我穿大号A:那你去试衣间试试著条裤子吧B:谢谢 196湖州祛痣最好

安吉县人民医院激光脱毛多少钱We all know that most celebrities arent quite what they made out to be. Whether it TV chefs spitting out racial slurs or actors trying to be world record drug-takers, it not really a surprise when they misbehave. After all, they are only human. However, there are some people who have such a saint-like reputation that it is almost unbelievable them to be anything other than good. But even the best of humanity can be the worst of humanity.我们都知道大多数名人的真实面目并不是他们对外公开的样子,无论是电视上的明星表现出的种族歧视,还是国际巨星被曝吸毒,当他们做错事情时并不值得大惊小怪,毕竟他们也是人很多人有着圣人般的美称以致于如果他们做了什么不好的事我们就会觉得不可思议,但是我们都知道人非圣贤,孰能无过?.Sir Roald Dahl.罗尔德达尔Roald Dahl is one of the most popular and best selling British authors of all time, writing many classic children books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda. However, though he brought joy to many children with his books, he did not start out writing stories kids. His early works include stories involving seven-foot penises, and even in the children books, there are themes of violence and horror.罗尔德达尔一直都是英国最受欢迎的畅销书作家他写过很多经典的儿童读物,比如《查理与巧克力工厂和《玛蒂尔达虽然他的作品给小孩带来了很多乐趣,但是他刚开始写作时并不是只写小孩读物的,他早期的作品中的一些故事会涉及到七英尺的小弟弟,即便是在他的儿童读物中,也会有暴力和恐怖的主题While these tales may be surprising, they are not in any way a sign of a hidden evil. that, Dahl political views should be looked at. When he was younger, Dahl held the not-uncommon-at-the-time view that Africans should be exploited wealth. Dahl was also opposed to the creation of Israel and thought that Jews asked what they got, claiming ;There a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity … even a stinker like Hitler didnt just pick on them no reason.;虽然这些故事听起来让人惊讶,但是正如其中隐露出来的邪恶那样,达尔的政治观点应该受到推敲,当他年轻的时候,他一直都持有这样一个观点:非洲人应该被剥削,达尔也反对以色列的成立,他也认为,犹太人的性格容易引发仇恨,即便是像希特勒这样令人憎恶的人选择迫害犹太人是理所当然的9.General George Patton9.巴顿将军General Patton was a great military leader, who won several major victories against the Axis ces. Victories come at a cost though, and there are claims that Patton ordered the killing of captive Germans and Italians.巴顿将军是一个杰出的军队领袖,在对抗轴心国的战役中他率领军队取得了好几场主要的胜利,战争的胜利是付出了代价的,巴顿下令杀死了很多被俘虏的德国人和意大利人But while those killings may be a result of the chaos of war, his treatment of his own soldiers was not. During the Campaign in Sicily, Patton visited a soldier suffering from shell shock, and his response was to slap him twice. In defense of Patton, some say PTSD was not yet recognized and in a war situation, a general has to be tough to keep order. However, that does not excuse cruel treatment of the men he had a duty to protect. Patton also had little respect the citizens he was fighting . During the Bonus Marches, Patton said the deaths of a large number of First World War veterans would be ;an object lesson.; The America he fought was a pure Nordic ( Aryan) America without any disrupting Jews and blacks.虽然那些杀戮可以视为混战带来的后果,但他对待士兵的方式却都出自本意在西西里战役中,巴顿将军走访了一个受到弹震症的士兵,他却扇了他两耳光为了保护巴顿,一些人说创伤后应激障碍并没有被确认,且处于战争状态中,将军必须要有一个强硬的态度来维持秩序然而这并不是残酷对待士兵的理由,他是有义务来保护他自己的士兵的巴顿将军对于自己国家的人民也不尊敬,在Bonus战役期间,巴顿将军说一战期间大量老兵的伤亡是一个血的教训他认为他所为之奋战的美国应该是一个单纯的日耳曼民族,与犹太、黑人无关的8.Abraham Lincoln8.亚伯拉罕·林肯Abraham Lincoln was the th President of the USA, and is seen by many as one of the best to ever hold the office. Preserving the Union and freeing the slaves earned Lincoln his place in history, though emancipation was little more than a political trick. Lincoln even admitted as much, saying ;If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.; To him, freeing slaves would not only cause problems in the South, it would provide extra troops the North and improve relations with Europe so as to keep the British and French out of the war.亚伯拉罕·林肯,美国第十六任总统,他被认为是美国最有作为的总统之一虽然在当时解放只是美国政府的一个政治伎俩,但他在维护联邦统一、废除黑人奴隶制上的巨大贡献为他在美国历史上赢得了很高的声望尽管这样,他甚至曾承认,说;如果我可以不解放任何一个奴隶就可以解放联邦,那么我会那样做;对林肯而言,解除奴隶制,不仅仅造成南方叛乱,而且使得北方增派更多的部队,同时能够增进与欧洲国家之间的关系,使得英国、法两国不会介入这场战争中The fact that Lincoln was not intent on freeing slaves is shown when only slaves in the South were freed, yet those in the North remained in chains. Lincoln also did not intend on making ex-slaves equal citizens, saying there was ;no (reason) … to introduce equality between the white and black races.; Lincoln did not stop with mere tricks to preserve the Union. He was willing to turn the Union into a dictatorship by revoking the Writ of Habeas Corpus, allowing him to imprison anyone deemed an enemy of the state, and hold them indefinitely, without trial.在当时,仅仅南方的奴隶被解放,而北方的奴隶都还在囚禁中,这表露出林肯并非决心致力于废除奴隶制,而且他并不赞同解放前的奴隶应该与公民享有平等的地位,他是这样说的,;没有理由……在白种人和黑种人之间介绍平等;他并不仅仅用这些伎俩维护联邦统一,甚至希望通过废除人身保护法令来把联邦变成专制独裁的政府,这样就能够使得他把其认为是国家的敌人放至监狱,并不加审判地囚禁起来7.Sir Winston Churchill7.温斯顿·丘吉尔爵士Winston Churchill is often viewed as the best UK Prime Minister in history, and his legacy is well deserved. Many credit Churchill strong leadership Britain continued resistance to Germany, which may have stopped them from winning World War II. However, Churchill would defeat the Nazis at any cost, and we mean any. After the British evacuation at Dunkirk, Churchill was worried that the French Fleet would fall into German hands. A joint French-German Fleet would be a serious threat to the Royal Navy, and Churchill thought the risk should be dealt with.温斯顿·丘吉尔常常被认为是英国历史上最伟大的首相,而这一切都实至名归很多人把丘吉尔对英国的伟大领导归于对德国的抵抗,如果不是这样他们很可能在第二次世界大战上输掉战争然而丘吉尔不惜代价战胜纳粹党,我指不惜任何代价英国在敦刻尔克撤退后,丘吉尔便担心法国的舰队会落入德军手里,可想而知,法德联合舰队对于英国皇家舰队而言是多大的威胁,于是他认为必须要解决这个风险With that aim, he ordered the attack at Mers-el Kebir in North Africa. Over 00 Frenchmen were killed, and the attack caused distrust between the two nations. The French troops that fought the Americans in North Africa were likely influenced by Mers-el-Kebir to fight the Allies. Churchill was also the main advocate an attack on the Soviet Union. This new war would have killed more people than the war in Europe, but was worth it to Churchill to stop what he saw as a worse regime than Hitler.为了避免德法联合的风险,他命令进攻位于北非的米尔兹比克港,进攻不仅歼灭了超过00名法国士兵,而且也加强了德法两国互相之间的不信任而此时在北美战场上攻打美国的法国军队也受到了影响进而攻打盟国同时他也是主张攻打前苏联的倡导者, 虽然这个新开辟的战场上造成的死伤人数比欧洲战场更多,但是比起希特勒组建了更糟糕的政权,丘吉尔的作为显得更有价值6.Nelson Mandela6.纳尔逊·曼德拉Nelson Mandela was like the granddad of world politics. His giveness of Apartheid leaders and his overall peaceful outlook on life, gave the impression of a wise and caring leader. But back in the day, Mandela was the leader of the terrorist group Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation,) which was responsible many innocent deaths. To add to that came the waves of violence committed by the black populace, which is still going on today. In fact, Mandela group was so bad, he was even refused a defense by Amnesty International bee he went to Robben Island.纳尔逊·曼德拉可以说是世界政治学的鼻祖他是原谅了种族隔离制度的领导者,而且能够平静地看待生活,这些都使他给人一种睿智和心怀天下的感觉但是,曼德拉曾经也是恐怖组织民族之矛的领导人,而这个组织曾造成许多无辜者的死亡此外,这组织还是黑人暴力浪潮的罪魁祸首,并且该浪潮影响至今事实明,曼德拉领导的组织是 非常不可理喻的,他甚至在前往罗本岛之前拒绝国际特赦组织对它们的抗议翻译:哈利小王子 杜琪 来源:前十网安吉县妇幼保健院激光点痣多少钱 第七讲: 在餐馆中 Lesson 7: In the Restaurant 各位朋友好,欢迎您收听初级旅游业英语第七讲,我是澳洲广播电 台的节目主持人马健媛这套共二十六讲的教材有助于在旅游及 务业工作的人员和说英语的顾客沟通 这套教材的每一个单元包含旅游务业中一个重要组成部分的英语 对话,如果您一开始无法完全听懂对话的内容,请不要着急,因为 在后续的课程中我们会反复讲解和练习这些对话 在每个单元结束时您都可以听到完整的对话内容,也许到时您会惊 喜的发现自己可以听懂并重复这些对话的许多内容并且可以灵活地 运用呢 第七讲: 在餐馆中 Lesson 7: In the Restaurant 在第七讲中,您可以学习到如何询问是否有问题以及在出现错误后 如何道歉您还记得吗,我们在这一课之前听到的对话情景是客人 蒙纳和杰克正在一家名叫金莲花的餐馆中就餐,酒店的接待员利奥 向他们两个人推荐的这家餐馆如果我没有记错的话,杰克点了脆 皮鱼配美味姜汁,蒙纳则点了蒜味鸡,但是她要求菜里面不要放辣 椒现在就让我们一起来听听餐馆的务员琴给这两位客人端上了 什么样的菜肴吧 Jean: Your Crispy Fish, and… … your Garlic Chicken and vegetables. Mona: Oh dear. Jean: Is there a problem? Mona: There seems to be some mistake. I asked no chillies. This chicken has chillies. Jean: Oh, yes. I see. I’m sorry. I’ll get you another one straight away. 琴: 您点的脆皮鱼来了,这是您点的蒜味鸡和青菜 Jean: Your Crispy Fish, and… Page of 7 …your Garlic Chicken and vegetables. 蒙纳: 噢,天哪 Mona: Oh dear. 琴: 请问有什么问题吗? Jean: Is there a problem? 蒙纳: 好像有些不对我点菜的时候要求不要放辣椒,但是这 份蒜味鸡里有辣椒呀 Mona: There seems to be some mistake. I asked no chillies. This chicken has chillies. 琴: 噢,是这样非常抱歉我立即就给您重新上一份同样 的菜 Jean: Oh, yes. I see. I’m sorry. I’ll get you another one straight away. 请注意听琴在询问客人是否有问题时是如何说的 Jean: Is there a problem? 琴: 请问有什么问题吗? 在同样的情况下,她还可以这样说: Is everything OK? 请问有什 么问题吗? 或者也可以这样说: Is everything alright? 这两句 英语表达的是同样的意思请注意听并跟着重复 Is there a problem? Is there a problem? Is everything OK? Is everything OK? Is everything alright? Is everything alright? 接下来请注意听琴是如何向蒙纳表示她可以立刻改正这个错误,解 决客人提出的问题 琴: 我立即就给您重新上一份同样的菜 Jean: I’ll get you another one straight away. Straight away 在这里表示的意思是“立刻,现在”, 还记得吗, 在第二节的对话中,当蒙纳要求为她的房间提供一个熨斗时,利奥 是这样说的: Page 3 of 7 Leo: I’ll see to it right away. I will see to it right away. 我立刻就处理这件事情短语 “ straight away” 和“ right away” 非常有用你可以使用这 两个短语让客人明白你对他们提出的要求或者问题非常重视,并且 会立刻就采取相应的行动现在让我们一起来练习一下,请注意听 并跟着重复 Straight away. I’ll see to it straight away. I’ll get you another straight away. Right away. I’ll see to it right away. I’ll get you another right away. 接下来请听对话的录音,在琴讲完之后,老师会给你时间重复她的 句子 Jean: Your Crispy Fish… Jean: ...and your Garlic Chicken and vegetables. Mona: Oh dear. Jean: Is there a problem? Mona: There seems to be some mistake. I asked no chillies. This chicken has chillies. Jean: Oh, yes. I see. Jean: I’m sorry. Jean: I’ll get you another one straight away. 各位听众朋友,您现在收听的是澳洲广播电台为您制作的“旅游英 语”节目 第七讲: 在餐馆中 Lesson 7 : In the Restaurant 请继续收听在餐馆中的对话,请注意听新的生词和表达方式及其中 文翻译 Page of 7 Jean: There was a slight mix up in the kitchen. We’re very busy tonight. Here is your Garlic Chicken without the chillies. I apologise any inconvenience. Mona: No worries. Jean: Would you like anything else to drink? Mona: No, thanks. Jack: I’m right, thank you. 请注意听对话的内容及中文翻译 琴: 厨房里有些忙乱我们今晚非常的忙这是没有放辣椒 的蒜味鸡给您造成了不便,我很抱歉 Jean: There was a slight mix up in the kitchen. We’re very busy tonight. Here’s your Garlic Chicken without the chillies. I apologise any inconvenience. 蒙纳: 没有问题 556湖州长兴县做激光去毛多少钱

湖州复合彩光祛斑哪家医院好 1. How much does it cost by ship? 坐船去要花多少钱?. When will the ship leave Honolulu? 这艘船什么时候出发去檀香山?3. Do I need a reservation to go there by ship? 我坐船去需要预定吗?. The ship was due to sail the following morning. 这艘船定于第二天早晨启航5. Cruises offer a different kind of travel experience. 乘船游览提供一种完全不同的旅游体验6. On ship I fleeted time by ing detective stories. 在船上我读侦探小说来消磨时间7. The swing of the ship makes many people seasick. 船的摇晃使许多人晕船8. Do you like traveling by air better than traveling by ship? 与乘船相比,你更喜欢坐飞机旅行吗?9. I don't like traveling by ship because I'm afraid of being seasick. 我不喜欢乘船旅行,因为我担心我会晕船. I think it is more comtable and much cheaper to go there by ship. 我想乘船去那儿更舒也更便宜重点讲解:Honolulu:火奴鲁鲁,即檀香山,美国夏威夷州的首都和最大的城市fleet:使(时间)飞逝,消磨 56湖州吴兴区做双眼皮埋线多少钱湖州二院疤痕多少钱



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