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湖州中心医院治疗狐臭多少钱南浔区割双眼皮多少钱Got a job in your searching for another one? You are not alone. A new study from career builder found that 69% of full-time workers regularly search for a new job and 30% say they shop around every week. So why the constant job hunt? Well, there’s easy access online posting other resources. We spoke to Caroline, she’s a career coach with six figure start. Caroline suggests subtly pushing your online profile, put your Linkedin page in your email signature that way youre effectively sending out your resume without the actual attachment. Also doing online search for yourself. You need to be aware what employers can and cant see about you. And if facebook once being the first thing that pops up, you may wanna think about adjusting your privacy settings. Also go ahead and set up an alert that way when your name is mentioned, youll be the first to know it. And finally check out the job boards but look beyond those postings even if a posting is out of date, it can great for research, use requirements listed to tweet your resume and write a stronger cover letter. For top tips, Im Alison Kosik in New York.已经有一份工作,你还在找一个更逞心如意的工作?你并不孤单,有许多人在此行列。一个职业构建组织的新的研究表明,69%的全职工作的工人都在定期寻找新工作,并且30%的人称他们每周也都会在人才市场转一圈。那么为什么要不停地四处奔波找工作呢?网上求职比其他方式都更加简单方便。让我们和卡洛琳来沟通一下,她是一名职业教练,起薪6位数字。她的建议是,有技巧地提高你的网络形象,将Linkedin网页放在你的邮件签名中,这样,你将有效地发送你的邮件,而不需要任何实际的附件。同时,你自己也可以做网上调查。你需要知道,什么样的老板会看或者不会看你的邮件。如果你的Facebook马上就火了起来,你可能得考虑调整一下私人设置。同样,你得进一步注意网民是如何、何时提到你的,你应该是第一个知道这些反馈信息的人。最后你不要检查一下工作公告信息,但是还要看一下过期的公告,也很有必要研究一下,利用其中的要求完善你的简历,并附上一封更有说力的附信,以上便是一些诀窍。我是纽约的Alison Kosik。 201211/208877湖州如何治黑眼圈 Who were the first farmers on Earth? You might think it was the Babylonians or another group in the Middle East. But humans are newcomers when it comes to the fine art of raising food. Leafcutter ants of arid and tropical regions of South, Central and North America have been farming for fifty million years, long before modern humans existed.谁是地球上的第一代农民?你可能会想到古巴比伦人或是中东的另一族群。但是谈到种植作物的艺术,人类还只是菜鸟而已。切叶蚁在美洲南部,中部和北部干旱的热带地区发展农业已有五千万年的历史,比人类的进化的历史还长。Leafcutter ants have large jaws to cut through plant and tree leaves, but they do not eat leaves. Instead, they carry leaf pieces back to their five million or so nest mates. Here is where the farming begins. Foraging ants hand their leaves over to smaller ants who rush them off to one of many football sized chambers. The leaves are then chewed into smaller and smaller fragments until they can be added to a fungus culture garden.切叶蚁用大下巴切碎植物和树叶,但它们并不吃树叶。相反,它们把碎树叶拖回容纳着500万同胞的巢穴。这就是农业的起源。外出觅食的蚂蚁将树叶交接给更小的蚂蚁,它们则将树叶碾到足球般大小的隔间里。然后将树叶咀嚼成更细的碎片,直到可以将其添洒到真菌花园里。Fungi feed off the leaves and grow bodies called gongylidia which are then distributed around the colony, especially to growing larvae. Fungus may not sound too appetizing, but the white fluffy growths are much more nutritious than leaves. We use a similar process with cows. They are fed grasses which we cant digest to create milk and meat. The leafcutters not only grow crops, they also protect them. While we use man-made pesticides, leafcutters use antibiotics made by their skin bacteria to ward off invasive mold. They also physically remove foreign fungi growing in their gardens. Their system of agriculture is one to be admired. It certainly has passed the test of time.真菌以树叶为食,长出躯干来(叫做结节丝),随后四处蔓延,分散在茁壮成长的幼虫的“殖民地”里。也许菌类听起来并不让人垂涎三尺,但是那白绒绒的幼虫比树叶营养价值高得多。我们养牛的过程与此类似。我们喂牛吃草,草不能产奶但牛可以。切叶蚁不仅种植作物,还悉心料理它们。我们用人造杀虫剂来保护农作物,而切叶蚁则用自身皮肤上的细菌分泌的抗生素来阻止霉菌入侵。它们也会除掉长在花园里的异类真菌。它们的农业系统令人惊叹,当然也经得起时间的考验。原文译文属!201207/191673长兴县人民医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

湖州曙光整形美容医院去抬头纹怎么样BEFORE the European Union summit on January 30th, Italyrsquo;s new prime minister, Mario Monti, will have visited the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the British prime minister, David Cameron, whom he saw on January 18th. Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, has been to see him in Rome. And the French, German and Italian leaders plan a pre-meeting just before the summit.欧盟峰会将于1月30日召开,在此前夕,意大利新总理马里奥bull;蒙蒂将访问德国总理安格拉bull;默克尔和法国总统尼古拉bull;萨科齐。此前,他还于1月18日访问了英国首相戴维bull;卡梅隆。欧盟理事会常任主席赫尔曼bull;范龙佩也将在罗马与其会面。此外,法、德、意三国领导人还计划在峰会召开前举行一次预会。It is a far cry from most of the second half of last year, when Europersquo;s leaders did as much as they could to avoid being caught in a photograph with Mr Montirsquo;s scandal-tainted predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi. Italy, it seems fair to say, is back at the top table. And that could have far-reaching effects on the euro crisis. For, as he is making increasingly plain, Mr Montirsquo;s ideas on how to resolve it are significantly at odds with those of the Germans who have until now been doing most of the ordering;and choosing pretty thin gruel.这可真与去年下半年的情况大不相同,那时,欧洲各国领导人竭力避免与丑闻缠身的西尔维奥bull;贝卢斯科尼(蒙蒂的前任)同台亮相。而现在,似乎是时候说,意大利又重回贵宾席了。这可能对欧元危机产生深远的影响,因为蒙蒂正愈发清晰地表明在如何解决危机的问题上他与那些德国人的想法大不相同;;到目前为止,德国主要是作为发号施令者(此前德国一直认为只有欧元区各国统一标准、严守财政纪律,才能克欧元区管理存在的结构性缺陷;;译注),却没有给出什么有效的解决措施。;Adherence to fiscal discipline is a necessary condition for growth,; he told an audience at the London Stock Exchange on January 18th. ;It is not however a sufficient condition.; His message to Mrs Merkel and Mr Sarkozy is that the EU must move from reliance only on austerity towards some growth-stimulating measures. This was a view repeated by Standard amp; Poorrsquo;s, the rating agency that downgraded nine euro-zone countries, including Italy, on January 13th. Unlike his colleague from France, also downgraded, and the European Commission, Mr Monti did not criticise Samp;P: indeed, he shared much of its analysis.1月18日,蒙蒂在伦敦券交易所对一名在场观众说道:;遵守财政纪律是保经济增长的必要条件,然而,只有这一个条件是不够的。;他将向默克尔和萨科齐表示,欧盟不能再仅仅依赖于紧缩方案,而应采取一些刺激增长的措施。而这正是标准普尔反复提到的观点一致;;标普是一家评级机构,它在1月13日下调了包括意大利在内的9个欧元区国家的信用等级。与欧盟委员会以及同样被降级的法国同僚不同,蒙蒂并未指责标普:事实上,他认同很多标普所做的分析。Mr Monti, who served as the EUrsquo;s commissioner for the single market and then competition between 1995 and 2004, is a rare creature: an Italian economic liberal. He is not a proponent of harrying Berlin to reflate to boost domestic consumption. But he would like to see the Germans do more to liberalise their own services, to bolster the EUrsquo;s single market (indeed, he wrote a report for the commission in May 2010 advocating further liberalisation).蒙蒂在1995年到2004年间曾先后担任欧盟内部市场专员和竞争委员会专员,他是一名罕见的意大利经济自由主义者。他并不提倡迫使德国政府再度采用通货膨胀的方式来拉动内需,却想要看到德国努力使其市场自由化,以促进欧盟统一市场的发展。(其实,他在2010年5月就写了一份报告给欧盟委员会来提倡进一步的自由化)。In London this week Mr Monti pledged to back a British effort to complete the single market, and thus to improve competitiveness throughout the EU. Although he believes it is unrealistic to expect Mr Cameron to go back on his refusal in December to sign up to the proposed fiscal compact between EU members, he is keen to involve the British as much as possible.本周蒙蒂在伦敦承诺将持英国为构建完整的统一市场所做的努力,从而全面提高欧盟的竞争力。卡梅隆曾在12月份拒绝签署欧盟成员国之间的财政条约。虽然蒙蒂觉得,要想让卡梅隆改变主意,恐怕不太现实,但他热切期望英国能够尽可能多地参与进来。Speaking before his visit to London, in his office in Palazzo Chigi in Rome, Mr Monti says: ;The more the UK feels distanced from European construction, the less others are able to benefit from the full influence of the many good things that the UK can help us all to achieve, and therefore there are many areas where I think it would be beneficial to have the UK fully at the table.;出访伦敦之前,在坐落于罗马基奇宫的总理办公室中,蒙蒂说道:;英国可以帮助我们各国达成许多具有全面影响的积极措施,而英国越是被排除在欧洲市场建设之外,其他国家能够从中得到的利益也就越少,因此,我认为英国的全面参与会使我们在诸多领域获益。;201201/169393湖州自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好 湖州曙光整形医院祛疤多少钱

湖州福音医院减肥瘦身多少钱Still in Books and Arts;The Dead Sea scrolls;Voice of reason;文艺;死海古卷;理性的声音;The Story of the Scrolls: The Miraculous Discovery and True Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. By Geza Vermes.《古卷的故事:死海古卷的神奇发现和真正意义》。格左·维尔麦希著。 Within a century or so of Christianitys emergence, Jews and Christians were having heated disputes over certain prophetic passages in the Hebrew scriptures. They were arguing not only over the meaning of those verses, but over their precise wording. Each side suspected the other of doctoring manuscripts in order to support its own interpretations.在基督教出现后一个世纪左右的时间里,犹太教徒和基督徒们就希伯来语圣经中某些预言性的章节进行了激烈的辩论。他们不仅就那些经节的意思,也就那些经节准确的字词进行争论。每一方都怀疑对方篡改了手稿以便持自己的阐释。At least until the late 20th century, it was almost impossible for modern scholars to throw any light on the substance of these disputes: in other words, to say which party was correct in its claims as to which wording was the oldest. There are clearly some small but significant differences between the Hebrew used by most Jews for at least 1,400 years or so—the Masoretic text—and the Septuagint, a translation into Greek made for Hellenistic Jews in Egypt about 800 years earlier, using a Hebrew original which has been lost. But nobody could really explain the source of these differences. Was it the case that the translators deliberately set out to mislead, or did later editors alter the Hebrew?至少在二十世纪晚期以前,现代的学者们几乎不可能弄清这些争论的实质内容:换句话说,几乎不可能断定哪一方对于哪一个用词最为古老的看法是否正确。大部分犹太人使用了至少1400年左右的希伯来语圣经——即马所拉本圣经——和七十士希腊文圣经之间显然有一些细微但重要的不同之处。(七十士本圣经是为讲希腊语的在埃及的犹太人所作的希腊语翻译,成书时间较马所拉本圣经早大约800年,其所用的希伯来语原文现已失传。)但没人真能解释这些不同之处的来源。是翻译者们有意去误导读者,还是后来的编辑者改动了希伯来语圣经?Debate about this and many other delicate matters was transformed by the discovery, starting in 1947, of nearly 900 documents, in a series of caves in the desolate landscape east of Jerusalem. The scrolls, the first of which was found by a young goatherd, are a mixture of biblical and quasi-biblical texts, plus some previously unknown writings, all apparently possessed by (and perhaps produced by) a dissident Jewish community just before and during the time of Jesus Christ.关于这一点和其它许多微妙问题的争论因为将近900份文件从1947年开始陆续被发现而改观。发现这些文件的地点是位于耶路撒冷以东荒凉地带的一组岩洞。最先发现其中一册古卷的是一个年轻的羊倌。古卷中既有圣经上的文本也有类似圣经的文本,还有一些先前不为人所知的著作;这些卷册显然是由一个持异见的犹太人群体拥有(或许也制作),拥有(制作)的年代略早于并贯穿耶稣基督的时代。The analysis of such ultra-sensitive material requires calm judgment—and Geza Vermes, a retired Oxford professor, is widely credited with having the coolest head among the scholars who have devoted their careers to studying the scrolls and sharing their insights. Some of his writing is controversial. He has, for example, strong personal opinions on the “historical Jesus”, and like anybody who enters that field he has attracted both admirers and detractors. But in this short personal memoir, he sticks mainly to the known facts about the scrolls, and the arguments they have caused. On this matter, he is careful and fair-minded.分析这样极度敏感的材料需要心平气和的判断——而在专事研究死海古卷并与他人分享见解的学者中,格左·维尔麦希这位牛津大学的退休教授被广泛的认为是头脑最为冷静的一位。他所写的文字有的也具争议性。比如,他对“历史上的耶稣”持有强烈的个人观点;和其他任何进入该领域的人一样,他也吸引了崇拜者和诋毁他的人。但在这本短小的个人回忆录中,他基本上只讲述了关于那些古卷已知的事实和古卷所引起的争论。在这件事上,他小心谨慎,公平持正。It may help that his personal story stands at the tragic interface between Christianity and Judaism in the 20th century. As the 85-year-old Mr Vermes recalls, his Hungarian Jewish parents died in the Holocaust, even though the family, which was not religious, had converted to Catholicism in the 1930s. Young Geza was saved by the familys Catholic contacts and went on to study in western Europe. Ordained as a Catholic priest and educated at Catholic universities, he later reverted to his Jewish roots. As a lifelong analyst of the scrolls, whose efforts to maximise scholarly access have been gratefully recalled by younger biblical scholars, such as Britains Philip Davies, Mr Vermes is well placed to dissect the precise significance of this unique discovery, and to assess the many theories it triggered.他亲身经历了基督教和犹太教在二十世纪悲剧性的关系,这可能对他有所助益。现已85岁的维尔麦希回忆说,他匈牙利裔的犹太双亲都死于大屠杀,虽然他们一家——他们并不笃信宗教——之前在一九三十年代都皈依了天主教。年轻的格左被其家庭交往的天主教徒所救,接着去了西欧学习。他被授予了天主教神父的职务,也在不同的天主教大学受过教育,但后来他还是回归了他的犹太传统。作为一位毕生分析死海古卷的专家,他努力让尽可能多的学者能够接触这些文本——比他年轻的圣经学者们(比如英国的菲利普·戴维斯)回忆起他的这些努力时都心存感激——由他来剖析这一独特发现的精确意义和评价这一发现所引发的多个理论非常合适。One popular conspiracy theory held that the Catholic scholars who did the initial analysis of the scrolls kept their conclusion secret because it challenged the Christian faith. Mr Vermes, who was close to that research effort, finds good reason to criticise it for slowness and carelessness—but no ground to assert a conspiracy. Nor does he accept oversimplified theories that directly link the community which gave rise to the scrolls with the advent of Christianity. The manuscripts are relevant to the study of Christian beginnings, but they are not the whole story.根据一个流传甚广的阴谋论的说法,对死海古卷进行了最初分析的天主教学者们对他们的结论秘而不宣,因为该结论挑战了基督教的信仰。维尔麦希先生对于那次研究有近距离的了解,他有理有据的对该次研究的缓慢和粗疏做了批评,但他不认为阴谋论的说法有根据。他也不接受那些把留下了死海古卷的群体和基督教的出现直接联系起来的过于简单化的理论。那些手稿对关于基督教起源的研究有用,但它们并非事情的全部。For Mr Vermes, the Dead Sea scrolls provide both reassurance and difficult questions for believing Christians and Jews alike. The reassuring news for Jews is that the scrolls, comprising versions of the Hebrew scriptures in use about 2,000 years ago, are mostly pretty close to the later Masoretic version.在维尔麦希先生看来,死海古卷对于虔信的基督徒和犹太教徒来说,都是既安顿了他们的信心,也提出了不易回答的问题。让犹太教徒安心的消息是这些古卷包含了大约两千年前人们所用的不同版本的希伯来语圣经,而这些版本和后来的马所拉本圣经大体上相当接近。Although Mr Vermes does not spell this out in detail, there is also some intriguing news for Christians: certain “Old Testament” passages which they hold dear—but which are mysteriously absent in the Masoretic version—do feature in the scrolls. They dont seem to have been late Christian inventions. The challenging thing for both faiths to accept is that multiple versions of the Hebrew scriptures appear to have been in circulation for a very long time—to a degree that casts doubt on the existence of one original set of words. Indeed, the very idea there was a single Ur-text from which later versions diverge either more or less is hardly tenable, as Mr Vermes persuasively argues.虽然维尔麦希先生没有细说,关于死海古卷也有对基督徒来说颇有意思的消息:“旧约”中某些他们珍视的段落——但是这些段落却神秘的没有出现在马所拉本圣经中——确实在死海古卷中就有了。它们看上去不像是基督徒后来编造的。上述两个宗教可能都难以接受的是希伯来语圣经的多个版本看来都已经流传了很长时间,以致于让人怀疑是否真的存在一个原初的文本。其实,就如维尔麦希先生让人信的论的那样,认为先有一个单一的原始文本,后来的版本或多或少的脱离了该个原始文本的这一想法是难以站住脚的。Many believers in revealed religion, especially those who regard text as the primary medium of revelation, will find that hard. But if they do accept it, it will be much easier for believers in different religions to have civilised debates without coming to blows. As someone who has significantly advanced that cause, Mr Vermes can look back on a life well lived.许多相信启示宗教的人们,尤其是那些把文字视为启示之主要媒介的信徒,会觉得这难以接受。但是如果他们真的接受了这个观点,不同宗教的信徒间将更容易进行文明的争论而不用彼此挥拳相向。作为有力的推动了这一事业的人,维尔麦希先生的生命没有虚度。 /201303/232284 浙江省湖州隆鼻手术多少钱湖州妇保院做丰胸手术多少钱



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