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2019年07月17日 03:36:42

World markets are opening 2013 on a high note, after the U.S. Congress reached a deal to end the so-called ;fiscal cliff; crisis that threatened to send the world#39;s largest economy into recession.美国国会达成协议,避免了可能让世界最大经济体美国陷入经济衰退的财政悬崖,世界各地股市2013年开市第一天普遍上扬。Asian stock markets welcomed the development in the first trading of the new year, with Hong Kong jumping 2.9 percent, Sydney gaining 1.2 percent, and Seoul adding 1.7 percent. Markets in Japan and China were closed for public holidays.亚洲股市在新年第一天的交易中对来自美国的这项进展表示欢迎,香港恒生指数攀升了百分之2.9,悉尼和首尔股市分别上涨了百分之1.2和百分之1.7。日本和中国股市因节日闭市。Early trading also surged in Europe. Britain#39;s FTSE 100 rose 1.8 percent, while Germany#39;s DAX 30 and Paris#39; CAC 40 indexes both jumped 1.9 percent in morning deals.欧洲股市开市初期也大幅攀升。英国富时100指数上升了百分之1.8,德国DAX 30指数和巴黎CAC 40指数在上午的交易中都上涨了百分之1.9。Late Tuesday, the House of Representatives cleared a deal to avoid 0 billion in spending cuts and tax increases, endings weeks of quarreling that had overshadowed global markets. Observers say the deal will provide short-term certainty, but will not do much to address investor concerns about the future.星期二晚上,美国国会众议院通过了议案,避免了5千亿美元的削减开计划和增税计划,从而终止了几个星期以来一直阴影笼罩着全球股市的美国财政争辩。观察人士说,协议的达成只能提供短期保,但并不太能解决投资者的未来担忧。 /201301/218174自贡pcd纹绣学校美国已发现的猪流感病毒和在墨西哥引起致命传染的是同一病毒.猪流感是什么东西?我们将如何应对?这里解答你的所有疑惑.  The swine flu virus in the U.S. is the same one causing a deadly epidemic in Mexico. What is swine flu? What can we do about it? WebMD answers your questions.猪流感是什么?       和人一样,猪也会得流感.有4种不同的A型猪流感病株常在猪之间传播 .最近几种猪流感病毒属于H1N1和H3N2亚型.猪罹患流感后一般不会致死.最新爆发的这种感染人类的猪流感病毒很不同寻常.它有可能已从猪,鸟和人流感病毒中获取了基因片断.并且已从本来不会在北美出现的欧亚猪流感毒株类型里获取了基因. What Is Swine Flu?      Like humans, pigs get the flu. Four different type A swine flu strains commonly circulate among pigs. Most recent swine flu viruses have belonged to the H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes. Pigs typically get sick but usually don't die from swine flu.      The new swine flu virus infecting humans is very unusual. It's somehow acquired genes from swine, bird, and human flu bugs. And it's also got genes from Eurasian swine flu viruses that aren't supposed to be in North America. /200911/88490资阳韩式半永久化妆术培训成都/华丽思妆影学院韩式定妆眉毛切眉术培训

南充绣眉学习班成都/伊莱恩形象培训学校学习绣眉纹眼多少钱Believe it or not, Apple shares can go down. 信不信由你,苹果(Apple)的股价也是会下跌的。 The stock is selling off this afternoon, one day after the tech juggernaut surpassed Microsoft as the largest U.S. company ever, measured by stock-market value. 苹果股票周二下午遭到抛售,而一天前,这家科技巨头刚刚超过微软(Microsoft),成为史上市值最高的美国公司。 Shares are down 1.8% at 3.32, reversing earlier gains. The stock hit a fresh all-time high of 4.88 in midday trading, but started selling off as word circulated that a research outfit called Oracle Investment Research had downgraded Apple to hold from buy. (We#39;ll admit, we had never heard of this firm until today when news of the downgrade starting sping across Twitter). 苹果股价周二下跌了1.8%,至653.32美元,扭转了之前的涨势。周二午盘,苹果股价创下历史新高,达到674.88美元。但是,受研究机构Oracle Investment Research将苹果股票评级从买入下调至持有这一传闻的影响,投资者午后开始抛售苹果股票。(我们承认,评级下调的消息周二起在推特(Twitter)上被转发之前,我们从没有听说过这个研究机构的大名。) ;The hype concerns us,; Oracle#39;s Laurence Balter wrote in a note to clients, as he compared the current frenzy to when Microsoft and Cisco Systems previously were market-cap kings. 该机构的巴尔特(Laurence Balter)在给客户的报告里写道:炒作令我们担忧。他认为眼下这股投资苹果的热潮有点像微软和思科系统(Cisco Systems)登顶市值冠军宝座时受到的礼遇。 He cut his price target to 0 from 0. 他将自己对苹果股价的目标值从670美元调低至650美元。 Balter expressed concern about Apple#39;s potential latest endeavor into the television business. Apple is seeking to shake up the TV market with a device that can carry live television, although it remains to be seen whether cable operators will bite. 巴尔特对苹果可能进军电视机业务的最新尝试表示担忧。苹果目前正设法通过一个播放电视直播节目的产品来重组电视市场,但有线运营商是否会;上钩;尚不得而知。 ;We believe entering the low margin world of television set top boxes and TV is fraught with margin danger,; Balter says. 巴尔特说,我们认为进入机顶盒和电视机这个低利润率行业存在利润率危险。 An Apple downgrade doesn#39;t happen all that often, especially as most of Wall Street remains bullish. Last week Jefferies Group boosted its Apple price target to 0. And at least two analysts have predicted this year that Apple would top ,000 a share, which would represent a 50% gain from Monday#39;s closing level. 苹果股票评级遭下调的事情并不经常发生,特别是在大多数华尔街人士对苹果信心满满的时候。上周,杰富瑞集团(Jefferies Group)将苹果目标价上调至900美元。至少有两位分析师已在今年预测称,苹果股价将突破每股1,000美元,这意味着苹果要在周一收盘价的基础上再涨50%。 One of those analysts is Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, who earlier today published a note calling Apple a ;trillion-dollar baby.; Apple surpassing the market value of Microsoft#39;s 1999 peak removes ;a key sentiment barrier; that had been keeping a lid on the stock in recent months, he says. And now investors should think of Apple#39;s market cap in ;trillions; and not ;billions.; 美资券商Topeka Capital Markets的怀特(Brian White)就是这样一位分析师。周二早些时候,他发布了一份报告,并将苹果称为;万亿美元宝贝;(trillion-dollar baby)。他说,苹果打破了微软在1999年创造的市值纪录,这会移除近几个月来遏制该股的关键性情绪障碍。怀特说,如今投资者应该用;万亿美元;这一数量级来畅想苹果未来的市值。 He has an ,111 price target on Apple, which would carry its market cap above trillion. 他认为苹果股价会增至1,111美元,届时苹果市值将突破1万亿美元大关。 Another bullish theme to keep in mind is valuation. Apple is much cheaper than previous companies that had high market caps. Companies including Cisco Systems, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Intel and Microsoft at one time had market caps that approached or topped 0 billion. But they also had P/E ratios that topped 60. 还有一个需要牢记的看涨主题是估值。苹果现在的股价远远低于那些曾拥有庞大市值的公司。思科系统、埃克森美孚(Exxon Mobil)、通用电气(General Electric)、英特尔(Intel)和微软等公司的市值都曾逼近或超过5,000亿美元。不过,它们的市盈率也都曾超过60倍。 Apple#39;s forward-year P/E ratio is 14.8, according to FactSet 据FactSet统计,苹果的预期市盈率为14.8倍。 ;None of these companies delivered the annual [earnings] growth that Apple has achieved over the past seven years,; White says. 怀特说,上述这些公司没有一家的年利润增速能比得上苹果过去七年的表现。 Apple also doesn#39;t dominate its broad sector like Microsoft, Intel or Cisco did at their peaks. Microsoft held more than a 90% market share for PC operating systems at one time, Intel had 80% of the PC processor market and Cisco had more than 70% of the networking market, White notes. Apple, on the other hand, only holds a fraction of the mobile market, while dominating the tablet market. 苹果目前并没有在其主营领域处于配地位,而微软、英特尔或思科系统都曾在巅峰时期获得过这一地位。怀特在报告中指出,微软曾一度控制着个人电脑操作系统逾90%的市场份额,英特尔曾占有80%的个人电脑处理器市场,思科在网络市场中的份额也曾达到70%以上。反观苹果,它占移动市场的份额仅为很小一部分,尽管在平板电脑市场处于配地位。 So while there are many reasons to be bullish, the big question is how long can Apple keep up the dominance? The bigger it gets, the harder it is to keep growing at a speed that will keep pleasing Wall Street. 虽然看涨苹果的理由有很多,但目前一个很重要的问题是:苹果的这种配地位还能保持多久?这个地位越巩固,苹果就越难保持令华尔街满意的增长速度。 Balter of Oracle Investment cited a famous e in his report: ;Anything that can#39;t go on forever…will end.; 巴尔特在报告中引用了一句名言:任何事情若无法永远持续,则必将终止。 /201208/196394雅安眉毛的画法培训学校哪家好Tech Spotlight科技之光Give a nod to the growing demands of the DIY community, Fujitsu has announced a new option for consumers looking to assemble their own computers. Going beyond simple “plug-in” components and kit computers, the program actually invites users into the factory for engineer-led building sessions.由于看好组装电脑增长的需求,日本富士通公司宣布,为那些想要自己动手组装电脑的消费者提供一个新的选择。超越简单的“插件”组件和流水线式的组装电脑,这个程序实际上邀请用户进入工厂与厂商进行会话。Building your own computer is one thing, but some creative engineers are trying to reimagine the way we interact with devices. One prototype suggests that in the future, we may be using our houseplants to browse the web.组装自己的电脑是一回事,但是一些颇具创造力的工程师正在试图重新打造用户与硬件接触的方式。未来的一中模型中,我们甚至可能通过室内盆景来浏览网页。Meanwhile, the world of architecture continues to be redefined by technology. The latest advance is 3D printing that allows designers to“print” structures using a stone spray.与此同时,建筑界也被包裹在科技的改造进程之中。最新的装备是3D打印机,它能通过建筑设计师喷洒石灰喷剂来显示建筑构造。Our sister site Tree Hugger delivers all the freshest news on environmental news and culture. Here are items from the past week we thought you’d dig, even if you’ve never recycled.我们的友谊网站Tree Hugger发布环境和文化的最新消息。以下是过去一周的内容。The World of Design设计的世界At the other end of the spectrum of architectural innovation is this wildhouse design that uses whole ears of corn as its siding.在科技设计的对立面,建筑设计中最新的成就是这幢用玉米穗做护墙板的屋子。And speaking of wild, there is nothing more out there than innovative tree house designs—especially when they do without floor supports of any kind!而说到自然,没有比这三幢屋子的设计更接近自然的了,它们没有地面,也没有屋角的撑。Of course, all eyes were on London this week—thanks to the Olympics—and the city has used design to ensure there is plenty to see. One of the more whimsical and unusual objects is agiant lion sculpture made from scaffolding.当然,得益于奥运会的举办,本周以来所有的人都聚焦在伦敦。当地政府采取了一个疯狂的设计模式,即在狮子雕像前搭建脚手架,以保所有的人都能看到奥运会的相关场景。Food for Thought食尚之道Late night Olympics viewing sessions are leaving lots of people groggy the next day. A new entry in energy drink market promises the perk of a Red Bull without all the artificial ingredients.熬夜看奥运的日子使很多人留下了第二天浑身无力的状况,解决这一问题的办法是饮用一罐无添加剂的红牛饮料。For many, a late night leads to a mandatory bloody mary. A great way to spice up that classic restorative cocktail is with sometop-shelf homemade tomato juice.对于大多数人来说,熬夜之后的周身疼痛几乎难以忍受,最好的解决办法是在滋补鸡尾酒中加入家庭装自制西红柿汁。Finally, this week Tree Hugger offers a solution for those of us who can’t stand the heat but also don’t want to get out of the kitchen. These no-cook recipes for cool kitchens will quickly become summer staples.最后,本网站为那些不能承受厨房热气而又想在厨房大显身手的朋友们提供解决办法。这些不需要厨房加热的凉菜将很快成为夏季的主要食物。 /201208/195180阿坝州林教头纹绣培训学校哪家好

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